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  1. Hearthridge

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Elder Scrolls: An Empire in Ruins [OOC]

    __________________________________________________ Cyrodiil, Tamriel | 19th of First Seed 3E 433 OOC | IC __________________________________________________ The Oblivion Crisis had been foretold, recorded in the Elder Scrolls of eons past. From the fires of the Deadlands, the kyn of Mehrunes...
  2. Cactae_Mae


    :pumpkin:Hello! :pumpkin: So, I've come with a new post, since my last one comes off more like a corpse to me at this point. Anyway, here are some things about myself, that you should know I suppose before you reply to this post. Also, it's discord only. **Just gonna put this here, I am...
  3. saturnia pavonia

    Southern Hospitality

    Abandon cotton fields, dense fog and the smell of the murky swamps were almost overstimulating to a stranger. The closest airport by the little town was still a solid two hours and, after countless cab drivers seemed to deny Ryn, an ignorant Uber driver looking for a break and some quick cash...