colonization (sci-fi)

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  1. happydeath

    Light Hearted Sci-Fi Roleplay -- S.S Destiny: Universal Exploration -- (?Open Roleplay?)

    The year is 3538, humanity has advanced greatly in the field of technology to the point that the long awaited dream of having space stations and interstellar travel eventually became a reality. Soon after the construction of a warp gate was completed and large distances could be reached with the...
  2. Mariposa

    Utopia/The Idealist Network (colonising new world)

    Hello! I've not been around for some time as an active member but have been sort of lurking and reading forums. Occasionally something grabs my interest but it seems the few RP's I choose to follow don't get very far. Thus why I bring forward an idea I've been working on for some time now...
  3. neobendium

    The Deep- OOC

    The year was 3037. Humans had expanded their horizons far into the cosmos in their search for proof that they weren't alone in the universe. So far, they had been majorly unsuccessful- all they'd found were formerly-habitated planets reduced to nothing but ruins. Now desperate in their search...