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  • I'm slow af. I have my share of bad days and there will be times when I won't reply.
    Please don't say I didn't warn ya.

    It's been awhile Iwaku and I miss yer damn face. It's also been awhile since I've roleplayed, mainly due to supernatural forces that kept me locked away in a swamp. But I've broken free and with my mobile hotspot data, I'm ready to give roleplaying another go.

    A lil' about me and what I like to write

    - Multiple characters and viewpoints

    - 3rd person, past tense pov

    - Worldbuilding, plotting, discussions... I like to create and bounce ideas back and forth.

    - Writing is a stress-reliever, if at any point I feel pressured into replying, I'll gladly step away. Feel free to poke every few days, but remember I have a busy life and I extend this energy for pure enjoyment purposes.

    - I like purple prose and long-winded posts as much as I like short and sweet action movers. The key, I've found, is balancing the two based upon what our story needs. I'd like a partner who shares this train of thought.

    Favorite Genres

    - Fantasy (Modern, Urban, Supernatural/Paranormal, Dark)

    - Science Fiction

    - Science Fantasy

    - Post Apocalyptic

    - Western

    Word bank

    Witches. Psychics. Magic. Superpowers. Wasteland. Horses. Dragons. Knights. Blood. Ancient. Gods. Spirits. Flowers. Swampland. Spells. Centaurs. Magic university. Grimoires. Magical intoxicants. Adventure. Vampires. Fairies. Iron. Guild. Kings. Queens. Empires. Aurora. Amethyst. Potion. Hallway. Key. Curses. Ancestry. Bloodlines. Hatchlings. Halflings. Elves. Horror. Mist. Swords.

    Sorry, but I only write OC's in fandom roleplays, absolutely no canon characters unless the story we create calls for them pls. D:

    - Harry Potter
    (I'll be honest, I'm a terrible canon stickler for the HP Universe. Sorry in advance! To any who's interested in doing something HP-esque, I have my own Potterverse that I've been fleshing out for ages. We could write about American aurors!)

    - Charmed

    - The Golden Compass

    - Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere (Mistborn and Stormlight Archive 1-2)

    - A Song of Ice and Fire

    - Black Clover (anime)

    - Firefly

    - Pokemon

    - The Walking Dead

    - Netflix's She-Ra

    - My Little Pony

    I'm looking for 2-4 like-minded partners.
    Reply here, shoot me a message on Iwaku, or add me on Discord: rissa#3339
    As you can see, there are no actual prompts listed; this is because I like creating the basis and concept with my partner. I find that our ideas and level of hypeness coalesce when our roleplay idea is created together.



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can sincerely vouch for dis crazy lady. write with her and all yo dreams will come true.
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Fantasy and maybe Pokemon are my interests and letting you know here.