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I generally like a little bit of everything, but my favorite would be Romance and Drama.
:brokenheart:Hi There!:brokenheart:
Well, it's been a while since I actually posted anything, but here I am. In short, this week I've got spring break so I'm free as a bird. Sure I got my finals coming up and I'll be graduating soon, but that doesn't mean I don't exactly have time for role play. It means that I actually need some distractions and outlets to get some steam out of my head and such, ya know.

:violet:About my Stuff:violet:
I'm still a student, so I have my own responsibilities and my own work to do. Despite all those, I still manage to write up posts quickly and reply fast. My preferred platform to use is discord, as I just find it the easiest to use and most comfortable so I rather just stick to it.
My post lengths can vary from two, or three paragraphs to around seven. It really depends if I am writing the starter, since in my opinion the starter should be long, to set the proper atmosphere and overall feel for the role play.
Now, a little weird statement from me, but I very much prefer to write with people over 18, as I'm an adult now too and it just feels more comfortable ya know. Yeah that would be it for now. I gotta add that I prefer playing female characters, so keep that in mind.

:candycorn:Now For The Plots!:candycorn:
  • Norse Mythology and Vikings - This is something that I've been craving for a long time now, as three people started this role play with me, but eventually ghosted me from one day to another...
    Anyway, the basic plot revolves around a smaller viking settlement in which the people are doing quite well. The chieftain is an older man who's seen many things, but nothing like this. One day a visibly foreign young woman, or girl (her age is a little hard to determine) runs into the camp and collapses, which puts the chieftain in a strange position. Many people just want to get rid of the girl as it's not their problem, but many others are interested in what could have happened to her. Still, the choice is in the chief's hands, who decides on letting the girl stay in his home and let his sister take care of her. This would be the basic plot in short. I've got some plot twists and some other details planned, as well as a written up starter so if you're into Norwegian mythology, vikings and drama then this is for you.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 - I am a huge fan of the game, both the first one, the one with the zombies and the new one holds a very special and a dear place in my heart. Now, I didn't quite play the new one myself, I've only seen gameplay videos of it, but I am in love. I know the basic plot and such, but in all honesty I would like something different for Arthur, as he is literally the best character in the game I swear to GOD I love him so much. So, yeah, I am mostly looking for someone to play Arthur, or anyone really. I don't have a fix plot in mind, but I'm up for anything red dead related.
  • Sweet Romance Plots - Basically, there are multiple ones which are sweet romantic dramas so I decided to put them under one thing. I'll only list the pairings and I'll explain the plots in private.
    The boss and the new intern; Girl next door and a bad guy on the block; The figure skater and the hockey player/ the ballet dancer and the boxer; The singer and the mob boss; The test subject and the doctor; Summer camp..?
  • The Old Man and His Farm - After a literal wave of a bad month, the man has succumbed to softening up and deciding that this wasn't the time to be stubborn. What more, loneliness wasn't good on him either, so what could he do? He had his farm, sure, he had his bees too and everything, but then again his wife was gone. Not to mention his son wasn't exactly on speaking terms with him.. So, he did what he was suggested he do for a long time now. The man decided to put up a room in his home for rent. He was doubtful anyone would take it as he lived an hour away from town, but much to his surprise the room was soon filled as a young woman moved in, surprising him even more. So, this one is more of a slow burner with some angst, an obvious age gap and drama involved. I originally got this idea when I read the History of Bees, which was an interesting read, but oh well... And I really happened to like the character of the old guy who was a bee keeper. That's it, really.

    Yeah so far I've only got these quick ones in mind, but I will add some more plots in the future. Right now I'm mostly craving these ones. So, yeah. If you're interested feel free to slide in my dms. Cheers, mates.
Hey! I'd be up for doing some sweet romance :3 hmu on discord if you wanna use that as the platform. my user is wxnderfully#2036
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Hey! I'd be up for doing some sweet romance :3 hmu on discord if you wanna use that as the platform. my user is wxnderfully#2036
Sure, I hit you up!
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Still open!
Hey! I'd be interested in doing the Norse mythology and Vikings one. I'm Icelandic so I'm quite well versed in the lore.

I don't have discord, but feel free to send me a direct message if you're interested:))
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Still open peeps!
Still open!
Still open!
Still open and am after exams, so I'm free af
Still open since i was ghosted once again
Still open, all scenarios are open, i am open minded for anything
Still open so someone pls hit me up im desperate