Tabletop may refer to:

Table Top (Arizona), a mountain in Arizona, U.S.
Table Tops, a free newspaper for Australian Army troops in World War II
Table Top Mountain (New York)
Tabletop, New South Wales
Table Top, New South Wales
Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa
Tepui, flat top mountains in South America
Tabletop runway, a type of runway
TableTop (web series), an Internet-based show about board games
The general concept of tabletop games, which encompasses several classes of games that can also be referred to individually as "Tabletop", including:
Traditional role-playing games, as opposed to role-playing video games
Board games
Card games
Tabletop wargaming
Tabletop football

Table computer or a table PC — a full-featured large-display portable All-in-One computer with a battery for family use, which can either be used on a table's top or carried around the house.
"Tabletop", a song on the Doubleclicks' 2014 album Dimetrodon

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