parody (fandom)

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  1. Pahndora

    Silly Salad [firejay1 x Pahn]

    A silly fairytale roleplay between @firejay1 and @Pahn
  2. C

    PARTNER REQUEST Ooah's Search for Serious Parodies (Faux JRPG, Pseudo Fairytales or Generic Superheroes)

    Whelp, that title ended up a mouthful, sorry about that... First of all, I'm Ooah, and I'm one of these roleplayers that have burst of inspiration followed by hiatuses of varying length. That's right, I'm THAT one. The one who looses interest for pretty bullshit reasons and need time to work it...
  3. T

    Let's mix cliches, stereotypes and medieval fantas

    Hey there Iwaku! I finally got away from the my painful kidney stone filled Saturday with a few ideas for rps in my head. This one is a sort of affectionate parody we'll craft together and try to make sense of until the hopeful end. Like the title said, I must warn that there would be plenty...
  4. Stormsong12

    Alice Human Sacrifice

    IC Thread ~ BY INVITATION ONLY - Alice Human Sacrifice IC *´¯`*.¸¸.*´¯`* ωεℓcσмε тσ ωση∂εяℓαη∂ *´¯`*.¸¸.*´¯`* You think you know what wonderland is..? Go ahead, enlighten me. I'll sit here while you make yourself look like a fool. Are you done? Good. Anyways, moving on. Wonderland is...