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(this thread is the continuation of a deleted thread from a different site.)

One of the first things Kanae had learned about Izuku during their first year at U.A was how openly expressive he was. His heart was always on his sleeve, much too large for one body to possibly contain. His feelings were always obvious. His smile shined brighter than the sun; his tears cascaded like waterfalls when he cried. He rambled the ear off of anyone who'd listen in his excitement, and he'd explode into a crimson, stammering mess when embarrassed. Always so open, so animated, so alive. Though he was often scolded for being a crybaby during their years spent as heroes-in-training at U.A, she could never see it as a fault the way others did. His compassion, his capacity for empathy and emotion, was his strength. His greatest gift. More powerful and more meaningful than any quirk in the world, even his own. It was that part of him that made him the greatest hero, that part that made him special. He should cherish it, now and always. So she noticed immediately, that he stopped listening to her the moment she rested his daughter in his arms for the first time. Not that she could blame him; she had been in the same position, just a little while earlier. She carefully watched his face, the emotions swirling like a kaleidoscope in his emerald eyes, tears threatening to swell in them again, and gently leaned to rest against him. "You don't have to force yourself to not cry, y'know. It's okay to feel what you're feeling; no one here's going to judge you for it. Even if they tried, I wouldn't let them." She assured him with a smile, eyes closed in contentment. Both of them were overwhelmed with emotion, and it was only natural, wasn't it? They were parents now. The little family of four they'd been waiting for was finally complete. How could they not feel this way?

Shouta needed to keep reminding himself that this was normal. The feelings overwhelming him were normal. With the birth of their daughter, their entire worlds had changed. Everything was different now. Kiko's birth was always going to change everything, even if he had no way of knowing to what extent. Maybe it was startling to him, the permanency of it all. He was a father now, and from this point on, he'd never not be a father ever again. This was a core aspect of his existence, and from this moment on, it always would be. The childless Shouta Aizawa was ultimately dead, now, much like the unmarried Shouta had died at their wedding. Those versions of him were dead, replaced by who he was now; a father and a husband. Someone who would dedicate his entire life to the little family they'd created together. They'd guide his every action. Every mission he went on would be laced with the concern of making it back to his family, to make sure he wouldn't make a widower and a single parent out of his wife. To make sure Kiko would know her father. He looked down at her, his entire body tensing a bit when she seemed to curl into him. As if she knows she'll never have a safer place to land. He knows she's a baby and this is just what babies do, he knows this, but he lets himself believe Kiko already knows he'll never let her fall. She sleeps like it, like she already knows, and Shouta can't help but marvel at this tiny human that already trusts him more than he thinks he's ever trusted anyone. He doesn't say any of this to Akemi when she asks how he's feeling -- he doesn't know how to, if he's being honest. He can't bring himself to say anything. He has nothing to say, and he feels terrible about it, but he knows she'll understand. He's grateful to her for that, for this, for everything.
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When Akemi didn't get a response, she didn't push. What else was there to really say? They were both parents now and they would never not be parents ever again. It was almost a daunting fact but at the same time, it wasn't all that scary. They had a whole child to take care of a raise now but they also had each other to support each other and make sure the other was taken care of. Both Shouta and Akemi had each other and Kiko had both of her parents and if Akemi knew her husband, she knew he would fight tooth and nail to make sure Kiko grew up with both a mother and a father. Watching as Kiko curled into her father, Akemi fully believed she knew who her father was. After all, babies could hear voices from the outside in the womb. She knew she was in her father's arms where she was safe and loved. Oh how loved she was despite having only been a member of the world for a few minuets. "If you need a break, just let me know, okay?" Akemi asked, not expecting a response in kind this time but rather, just letting Shouta know that if he needed to hand Kiko off to take a moment to gather himself, he could. For now, Akemi was happy to watch father and daughter bond for the first time. Sure they'd both have plenty of other moments to bond together but this was their first meeting and first meetings were special between a parent and child. Akemi was more then happy to let Shouta hold his daughter for as long as he wanted to and was just as happy to watch, falling in love with him all over again as he stared in complete and total awe of their child.

Izuku never once felt bad about letting his emotions show. Even when scolded for it by teachers growing up he never truly felt bad about it. If anything, he was proud of the fact he was so open about his emotions. It helped that his mother was the same way; so open with her own emotions and had never once made Izuku feel bad about being open with his. He did get better about crying as he got older but every so often, he would revert back to that cry baby from his first year at U.A. Ask anyone who had spoken to Izuku long enough or was saved by him during a serious moment and they could probably tell you he had a few tears in his eyes. If it hadn't been for Kanae leaning to rest against him, Izuku would have continued to be lost in his own little world while holding his daughter. As he listened, really listened to her speak, Izuku watched as his vision blurred before the tears started to fall. All happy tears of course and he had to carefully shift the baby to rest in one arm so he could reach up and clear them as fast as he could so none of his tears landed on Koharu. "I love you. So much." Izuku spoke with a broken, but happy voice as he turned his head to press a kiss to Kanae's head before turning back to Koharu to adjust her once again so she was back in both arms. He really did need to make the call to his mom and All Might that the babies had arrived and everyone was doing okay. But first, Izuku wanted to be selfish and just be in the moment. He wanted to relish in the fact he was a father now. A doting soon to be husband and an ever loving father. Besides, he was sure no one would blame him for wanting to take a little time to be with his new family before making those calls. And if they wanted to give him grief, there were plenty of people in the whole world who'd be willing to back him up.
"I love you too-," Kanae answered, interrupting herself with a yawn. She was exhausted; it had to have been around four in the morning when she went into labor, so it'd probably be good for her to take a nap. Still, she didn't want to. She didn't want to do anything but sit here with her twins, and the one person who was just as in awe of their existence as she was. She could do this forever; holding them, feeding them, watching them sleep. This moment was perfect. How could she blame Izuku for not wanting to leave it? So when it was clear that he wasn't leaving their side anytime soon, she wasn't going to argue. The rest of their family could wait. They dedicated everything they were to helping others, but even they deserved the right to be selfish sometimes. She glanced down at Mamoru, then over Koharu, sleeping peacefully in her father's arms. Neither of them had much along the line of hair; what little they could see was dark, but both of their parents had dark hair, so that wasn't saying much. Neither of them had their eyes open yet, so eye color was impossible to tell, too. They both had a face full of freckles -- a mixture of both hers and his. Still, Kanae knew deep in her soul that Koharu was going to be the spitting image of her father as she got older. She turned her attention back to the one in her arms, a little smaller than his sister. Mamoru would probably take more after her, though their father's genes would certainly be strong in both of them. Probably just in different ways, she thought.

Little by little, the shock & anxiety buzzing at Shouta's nerves dissipated. The stormclouds in his mind parted, the longer his daughter lay sleeping soundly in his arms. More and more, it became easier to think of this as normal, as if she'd always been here. Before long, it would become easy to forget, what life was like when she wasn't. He looked down at her, and he'd never get tired of looking. He offers his wife a small hum in response, not taking his eyes off of Kiko for even a moment. "She really is beautiful," He didn't realize he had started speaking until the words were already out. Not that he needed to point this out, and not to her mother, of all people. He was kind of shocked she came out so cute. He's always thought newborns weren't cute until they were at least a month old, if he were being honest. Not that he had much interaction with them, since he didn't have many friends or colleagues who were parents. The only times he ever interacted with children this young was when he was rescuing them from some terrible calamity. He was probably being biased, seeing how this was his kid, but he didn't think he's ever seen a newborn this adorable. For a moment, he turned his attention back to his wife. "How are you feeling? Do you need anything?" He asked, though she seemed alright. It amazed him, how well she handled everything. Of course, this was her job, so she was almost certainly more prepared for this than most women would be. Still, she was pretty incredible.
Just a few minuets old and already had her father wrapped around her little finger. It was an adorable sight for Akemi as she watched father and daughter. If she wasn't so tired and content to just lay there and watch, she'd be taking so many pictures of Shouta and Kiko meeting and bonding for the very first time. But there would be plenty of time for pictures later. This was an imporant moment for the three of them and if anyone knew that, Akemi was the one who knew. "She is, isn't she?" Akemi let out a breathy chuckle that was quickly followed by a yawn. It made sense just how exhausted she was even with the pain meds still running through her system. Once they wore off, she was going to be sore. Kiko really was the spitting image of newborn adorableness, though that could very much just be a parent's bias talking. Her eyes flickered up to Shouta when he turned his attention to her and she gently shook her head. "I'm okay. Just tired." Akemi did push a human being out of her body after all. "Skin to skin contact with father and daughter is just as good as skin to skin with mother and daughter too if you're curious." She added on, eyes flickering back to the sleeping bundle in his arms. Kiko was pretty out of it already despite having done nothing but scream her lungs out when she was first born and was currently in a deep sleep with a few sleeping baby noises escaping her.

"Tired?" Izuku asked even though he knew the answer. Kanae had done an incredible thing, something Izuku would never have the ability to do in this life and that was give life. She gave birth to two of the most beautiful babies he had ever seen. Now he was the kind of guy who would cry at the sight of any baby but these were his kids. His babies. Of course he was biased. The fact that he was a dad now had him ready to burst into tears again. His mothers words about how Izuku should take his time when it came to announcing the fact his twins were finally in the world rang through his head again. At first, he figured he could snap a picture of their hands or something and then get to the bonding right as they were born but now that the bonding and first feeding had started, he didn't want to leave. He didn't want to put Koharu down. She was so small and adorable and she was in his arms. He didn't want to leave Mamoru, who was feeding from his mom for the first time and in his own world in Kanae's arms. His babies, who both had dark hair and freckles dancing all over their faces, were so imporant to him in this moment. "Have I told you how proud I am of you?" Izuku asked, glancing at Kanae with tears threatening to spill from his eyes again. With how emotional he was being, he could almost hear the trolls online asking if he was the one who gave birth and if he was going to be honest, if it meant Kanae didn't have to be in pain once the pain meds wore off then he would gladly give life to his two babies without question.

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"Tired? Where in the world would you get that idea?" Kanae mused, tone sarcastic yet light-hearted. She found herself yawning again shortly thereafter, as if to emphasize the point. "Might as well get used to the feeling. Who knows what our sleep schedules will look like for the next year or two, at least. What are the odds that we're lucky enough for both of them to be heavy sleepers?" Even if they were, it's not like her anxiety would be doing her any favors. Early on in her pregnancy, her search for reading materials landed her on an article about SIDS late in the night; she ended up shaking Izuku awake in a panic. It was an exceedingly rare occurrence, as he was quick to reassure her, but she knew that for the first year she'd find herself checking on them multiple times a night, just to make sure they were still breathing. If only for her own sake. There was no reason to think about that now; they were here, as healthy and safe as they possibly could be. An impossibly tiny hand wrapped around one of her fingers as her son ate his first meal. She almost started crying again at how precious it was. At how precious they both were. Hearing the slight crack in her fiance's voice, she figured he was much the same. "And you'll keep telling me, I'm sure..." She joked, letting out a noise that was somewhere between a laugh and a sob. Soon enough, Mamoru was done with his meal. She made sure to burp him properly, and almost as if on queue, the bundle in Izuku's arms began to gurgle in frustration. "Guess she knows it's her turn, heh... Here, trade me." She pressed a quick, gentle kiss to her son's head before carefully handing him off to his father, Koharu quickly taking his place in her arms. It would probably be a little awkward at first, figuring out how to hold them so she could feed them both at once, but she had plenty of time to figure that out later.

Shouta couldn't stop staring down at the tiny being in his arms. He didn't want to. A part of him was almost afraid, as if she'd vanish the moment he tore his eyes away. There was once a time in his life that he thought he'd never be in a situation like this; a perfect wife and a perfect child, the family he thought he'd only dream of. The thought of waking up alone was too much to stomach, so he vehemently pushed those thoughts away, once again focusing in on her. He listened to his wife, offering a small nod just to show he wasn't totally ignoring her. She was right, though; Kiko had him wrapped around her finger from the moment he laid eyes on her. How could he not be? It was almost impossible to believe, that he had any hand in making something so perfect. Still, it was undeniable that he was hers. Both of theirs, really, but especially hers. As of now, Shouta Aizawa's entire life belonged to his wife and daughter, and he hoped to god Akemi could end up being the stern one in this situation. He's spent a lot of his life working with kids -- even tiny and cute ones, like Kiko and Eri -- and he liked to think he had the resolve to not give in, no matter how much he loved or cared for them. This one, though? She was probably going to be an exception. If is this how he felt now, after only less than a couple hours, he couldn't imagine it getting any better over time. Sorry, Akemi. When it comes to discipline, you're on your own. "... That's good to hear. I don't want to hog her all to myself, though. You're the one who did most of the work in bringing her here..." He trailed off, glancing up at his wife. Fewer things in life made a husband feel more useless than watching his wife suffer the difficulties of pregnancy, knowing you're the reason this happened but not being able to do a damn thing to help. Even if it was worth it, in the end.

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Oh Kiko was going to be a daddy's girl for sure. Spoiled beyond belief. Akemi could already tell. Shouta hardly let his eyes wonder away from Kiko for too long and it was adorable. It had her wondering if she was going to be the one to dish out the groundings the most in the family but then again, she could only imagine the sight of their baby toddler running towards him on her little legs after he had gotten home from a long day at work. For his sake Kiko, don't grow up too fast. Akemi prayed, hoping time would slow down for the two of them to enjoy Kiko this little. "She'll ask for me when she wants me." Who a baby wanted more was really up to the baby themselves and Akemi had to wonder if she would grow to prefer her father more then her. Then again, that didn't sound too bad. "We should probably call my dad and let him know she's here and both of us are doing good." She hummed, reaching for her phone just as Kiko started to squirm and gurgle in her father's arms. "Now she wants me." Akemi giggled, grabbing her phone to set down by her with one hand while the other reached up to unclasp her hospital gown. She didn't blame Kiko for wanting to spend as much time as possible in Shouta's arms; they were good cuddling arms. The best arms to be held in and loved in. The safest arms for any new born carrying the Aizawa blood to be in. "I'll give her back when she's done."

Of course Kanae was tired. She did just push two tiny human beings out of her body after all. She was bound to all kinds of exhausted and, in a few hours, sore. But the sore part could be fixed with pain meds when the time comes Izuku figured. For now, he was more then happy to hold his daughter in his arms while his son enjoyed his first meal. It seemed only yesterday the two of them were in their apartment and Kanae was holding the positive pregnancy tests. Now, months later, the twins were in the world safe and sound. His eyes glanced at the sight of Mamoru wrapping his impossible small hand around Kanae's finger had the tiny thread of sanity snapping again as fat tears started to fall from his eyes. How were babies, his babies, able to be so small and adorable? "Uh-hu." Izuku agreed, knowing he was never going to shut up about how proud he was of Kanae for doing something he would never be able to do. The fact he was the reason she was in the bed in the first place and she had to do all the work sucked. But it was worth it. "Oh." Izuku hummed when Koharu started to gurgle in his arms. "Okay okay sweetie. Let's go see mom." He whispered, standing up carefully and passing the baby girl off while taking his son into his arms. "There we go." He hummed, pressing a kiss to Kanae's head before sitting back down and glancing down at his son. "Hey there buddy." He coo'ed, back in awe at how small and precious his son was. "Oh my god he has your nose." Izuku gasped softly after a moment, looking at Kanae with tears back in his eyes. Who knew all it took for the number one hero to turn into an emotional mess was his babies?

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Izuku Midoriya was the perfect man. Kanae wasn't being biased: she was simply stating a fact. It was no less true than saying that gravity kept their feet planted to the ground. Everything about him was wonderful. His strength, his tenderness, the way he moved, the way he talked, the way he expressed himself. The way his arms -- those same arms that regularly fought off villains & lifted large cinder blocks off of people -- held his babies so delicately, yet firm enough that they could trust him to never drop them. How he was so full of love and adoration for them that the smallest things broke the dam behind his eyes... It shouldn't be possible, for a man like him to exist. It shouldn't be possible, that she got a man like this to fall in love with her, to propose to her, to start a family with her... She had to be the luckiest woman in the whole world. Even more so now, with the two tiny ones he's gifted her. She looked down at her daughter, now in her arms in place of her son. There was still a lot of anxiety and fear within her, but she knew one thing for certain: she would do anything to be the mother they deserved. She'd give them something better than what she had, even if it killed her. She looked up at Izuku, almost in his own world as he held his son. "Oh, yeah, I guess he does..." She felt tears welling up in her own eyes as well. It seemed they'd never stop crying at this rate, but she supposed there was nothing they could do about that. That's what they get, for being two softies that started a family together. "Koharu's going to look just like you, in almost every way. I can feel it..."

Shouta nodded, still a bit uncertain. It seemed odd to him, that their daughter would develop an immediate preference for one parent over the other. Especially when the parent she preferred wasn't the one who carried her for nine months and went through the slow, agonizing process of giving birth. Of course, Kiko has always known him -- he's spoken to her on plenty of occasions, so she would recognize his voice -- so maybe it wasn't so strange, after all. Oh, well. He was probably jumping to conclusions. It was impossible to say for certain, since Kiko wouldn't be putting those preferences into words anytime soon. Right as he thought that, he felt the bundle in his arms start to wiggle in her confined blanket. He handed off his daughter without hesitation. It was incredible, the way that human bodies could sustain the lives of their own in this way. His wife was capable of something he would never in a million years be able to. The ability to create life... The feat was impressive. Godlike, one might argue. He wasn't a spiritual or religious man, but he figured she was the closest thing to a god he's ever believed in. Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration. This ability was nowhere near unique to her, after all. Countless people have done precisely what she just did. Still, hers was the only one that fascinated him like this. "Do you want me to make the call?" He asked. It's not like he's got anything else to be doing, and he had a decent relationship with his father-in-law. Surely he wouldn't mind, so long as he received word that his granddaughter was here, safe and sound.

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Akemi let her hospital gown fall to reveal her chest as she reached for Kiko, cooing softly at her daughter as said child started to get fussy. A hungry response and it had something in Akemi screaming to sooth her child despite already moving to help Kiko latch on. She had helped so many mothers help their babies latch on that while it felt second nature to her, it felt weird to be doing this with her own child. "Yes please. And please remind him to take his time getting here." She nodded, glancing up at Shouta once Kiko was nursing. Her father and her husband had a decent relationship with each other. Being a retired fireman, Shun knew and respected the effort Shouta had put into being a hero. Even more so after learning the Erasure Hero was underground. Not to mention having been married to a Pro Hero himself, Shun knew how hard it was at times for Akemi; waiting up at night wondering if Shouta was going to come home. Shun had given Shouta this speech a father would give to any of his daughter's boyfriends back when Shouta and Akemi were dating and then again shortly after they got engaged but beyond that, Shun liked Shouta. Naturally, to hear that his daughter was pregnant with his first grandchild brought up a lot of emotions. Both happy and sad emotions. But overall, Shun was excited to hear that he was going to be a grandfather. Knowing her father, Akemi wouldn't be surprised if she later heard from Shouta that he was already on a train heading their way.

Parts of Izuku were a little worried that he was getting dehydrated from all the crying he was doing over his perfect babies and perfect fiancé, but the thought never stayed in his head for too long. Then again, it was probably going to become very much a thing where if Izuku thought for too long about his family, his kids and fiancé, he would probably start crying. How could he not thought? Kanae had just done the most amazing feat he would never experience in this lifetime. She had given birth to not one but two babies. Giving birth to one baby was impressive on it's own but more then one? Izuku would forever look at Kanae with respect and adoration. How could he not? Despite all of her own fears and anxieties, she had become a mother. Now Izuku wanted nothing more then to hold the three of them close and keep them safe from the world. As much as he wanted to go out there and work even harder to make the world a better place, he was also dreading the day his paternity leave would end and he'd have to leave the three of them at home. He had already decided that he wasn't going to go out on international missions until Koharu and Mamoru were old enough to have a basic understanding of what their parents did for work. But until then, Izuku was going to cherish this time with his family. "You think so?" Izuku asked, glancing at Koharu as the idea of his daughter being his mini me sprung even more tears to his eyes. This was exactly what he got for being a guy who wore his emotions on his sleeve and a new, first time father. "Can we get them Deku onesies?" He asked, almost pleading for his babies to get oneies of his hero costume. As if he hadn't already special ordered oneies of Kanae's hero outfit. But the idea of his babies in oneies of his hero costume? Hadn't struck until Kanae mentioned his daughter might grow up to look like him. Which brought up an even more important question; his children in All Might oneies?

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Soon, Kanae and the twins were deemed healthy enough that they could go home. Leaving the hospital was a bit of an ordeal in of itself, considering her husband's status as no. 1 made him a celebrity. With that kind of fame, publicity was inevitable. Izuku was careful with how much of his life he shared with the public, always so understanding his loved ones' need for privacy. The world had been aware of the impending arrival of his newborns for some time now, and while a lot of people would have loved to get a good look, Kanae was insistent that they remain out of the spotlight as much as humanly possible. Izuku had to keep what he posted about them minimal, even on his private social media accounts. Some might call her overprotective, but she didn't think she was being unreasonable. Izuku was a celebrity because he was a hero -- meaning he had made more than enough enemies throughout his career to legitimize her concerns. Most others were respectful of that as well, but there were always paparazzi agencies that were more concerned with their own self-interests than they were any sort of basic human decency. Even with Izuku's frequent reassurance, the new mother still felt anxious about leaving the hospital, even after security checked the surrounding area three times. One could never be too careful, especially when it came to the safety of her little ones. Now, days later, the family of four was safe at home. "They'll sleep a lot for the first few days, then never again. Enjoy it while it lasts!" She had been warned by the friends of hers that have already went through this. Even when they were awake, they were too small to do much but wiggle around, or cry for attention when needed. They were still adorable, so she didn't mind. Having several months left until her maternity leave was over, she spent her days holding them, caring for them, watching over them as they slept. This is where she found herself now, as Mamoru and Koharu napped away in the afternoon. She stood over their cradles, watching them sleep peacefully. She'd never get tired of this sight.

Important milestones in Shouta's life always left a somewhat bittersweet taste in his mouth. Though nothing could ever mask the overwhelming joy he felt at the birth of his daughter, he was still a man worn down by the path he walked as a hero. He's seen the worst humanity has to offer, and those aren't things so easily forgotten. It's far from the first time he's felt this way; his graduation from U.A, his first day as an actual pro, the day of his wedding, every birthday he's had since Shirakumo-- (It was here that he had to push these thoughts to the background, before they overwhelmed him. The arrival of his daughter brought him and his wife such unbridled joy; he didn't want to allow the past to dampen it. His daughter wouldn't be this little forever, so he needed to savor every moment.) Fortunately, it seemed like Kiko was already in tune with her father's emotions; it seemed like every time he started to become overwhelmed, he felt the bundle in his arms squirming and fussing, demanding his attention. Suddenly, all the worries that plagued him would vanish as if they were never there, and all that existed was her. He really was so lucky. Though most wouldn't noticed the slight shifts in Shouta's expression, those who truly knew him would notice the impossibly tender gleam in his eye as he looked down. The love was so overwhelming, for a moment he couldn't breathe. His connection with her worked both ways; he seemed to know exactly what she needed when she was crying for something. They would never need words to understand each other, it seemed. "Oh, you're hungry? Well, let's go find mom then..." He slowly rose to his feet, taking extra precautions to not stumble. Even years later, sometimes it was still a struggle, moving around with a prosthetic. He had read about phantom limbs in the past, how amputees sometimes feel the sensation of what was lost as if it were still there. Ha, how funny. He's never been a fan of poetry. Still, that was simply all the more reason to treasure what he had left, wasn't it? He looked down again for a brief moment, before walking off to find Akemi.