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usually from 4 PM to 9 PM. I can notify if I have a special case on a specific day
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Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy, Magical Realism, Low fantasy, AU, Action, Adventure, Scifi, Slice of life,
Editor's notes: I kinda stole from KatherinWinter, but they weren't using their thread, and I wanted to save these to reuse for my own RPs, so... sorry not sorry. 😼
I'm Chara.I have been bored as of late and I would looooooooooove to do some kind of roleplay with people here.
Reply to me if you're interested.
Discord: realfurswapchara
my time: Pacific Time - Time.is
bluestar sub-post

level: intermediate
Roleplay group size preference: 1 on 1, small (3-5 people)

Writing style: Breif / Fairly descriptive. (A paragraph / few lines. maybe more if I'm hyperfixated.)
Fandoms: SCP Foundation, Rain World, Undertale/Deltarune, Undertale Yellow, Changed, Doodle World, Kaiju Paradise, Super Animal Royale, Cult of the Lamb, Underverse, Pokemon, Merc Fleet.

My preferences in general are:
-Don't you dare try to make it a star thing unless I agree on what your proposal is
-you could do short replies, but I want stuff I can work with to parry off.
-I highly suggest you tell me when you're going to be away from the RP so I can know not to bother you.
-I sometimes will go impatient and occassionally will spam. this is just a tradition between me and my friends, so tell me if I'm being annoying so I can stop.
-be somewhat descriptive. I've got hyperphantasia, and prefer to be able to visualize scenes.
-I usually play furry characters or characters from games, but I can adapt if need be.
Besides all that, I'm pretty much a wild card who can change to whatever you'd like. so, DM away!

Generes I like: Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy, Magical Realism, Low fantasy, AU, Action, Adventure, Scifi, Slice of life

Themes I've enjoyed:

Unique ideas, Werewolves, Transfur, Furry, Change versus tradition, Creation, Dedication, Free will, Friendship, Future, Hard work, Humankind, Hope, Human nature, Identity, Individuality, Morality, Necessity, Overcoming, Perseverance (action), Purpose, Relationship, Sacrifice, Science, Self-preservation, Society, Survival, Sympathy, Trust, Truth, Societal shift.

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May I join?
still actively seeking, want to get moar partners & Groups
Sent you a message! :3
now updated with Doodle World type info for ppl who want pokemon X doodle world rp
reup because I'm gettin' drowned out. still wide open
plenty open still
one of my friends has had their data expunged for reasons I won't get into. they're very personal.
A new idea has arrived!
Currently on vacation, expect slow responses for next week or so.
still up here lol