Politics (from Greek: πολιτικός politikos, definition "of, for, or relating to citizens") is the process of making decisions applying to all members of each group. More narrowly, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance — organized control over a human community, particularly a state. Furthermore, politics is the study or practice of the distribution of power and resources within a given community (a usually hierarchically organized population) as well as the interrelationship(s) between communities.
A variety of methods are deployed in politics, which include promoting or forcing one's own political views among people, negotiation with other political subjects, making laws, and exercising force, including warfare against adversaries. Politics is exercised on a wide range of social levels, from clans and tribes of traditional societies, through modern local governments, companies and institutions up to sovereign states, to the international level.
It is very often said that politics is about power. A political system is a framework which defines acceptable political methods within a given society. History of political thought can be traced back to early antiquity, with seminal works such as Plato's Republic, Aristotle's Politics and the works of Confucius.
Formal Politics refers to the operation of a constitutional system of government and publicly defined institutions and procedures. Political parties, public policy or discussions about war and foreign affairs would fall under the category of Formal Politics. Many people view formal politics as something outside of themselves, but that can still affect their daily lives.
Informal Politics is understood as forming alliances, exercising power and protecting and advancing particular ideas or goals. Generally, this includes anything affecting one's daily life, such as the way an office or household is managed, or how one person or group exercises influence over another. Informal Politics is typically understood as everyday politics, hence the idea that "politics is everywhere".

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  1. SylvanVarain

    War Never Changes. Men and Women Must.

    The lovechild of my stories compiled together into one strange little former slave. A forewarning to any who might've clicked on this post- this is a story that heavily invests into the responsibilities and obligations of a medieval Lord. That means dealing with the day-to-day duties of...
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    Transported to another world to overthrow the monarchy?!

    Isekai - the (overused) trope in Japanese fiction where an ordinary high-schooler is transported to a fantasy world with video game mechanics. If the character is a boy, they become super OP and gather a harem. If the character is a girl, they accidentally screw up the otome plot and gather a...
  3. neptune


    for @Mr. Pink and @neptune "Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage." --H. L. Mencken an index of world information and character things to come
  4. Excession

    Heavy Is The Crown

    It is the beginning of history. Imperus, eldest of Great House Djuka, has crushed Their rebellious daughters and brought an end to the War of Three Dragons. But with the other tyrants eliminated, what will be the fate of Imeria under the conquering king? The other Great Houses await the...
  5. Blackwater

    A Tale of Two Kingdoms

    A Tale of Two Kingdoms Two countries fight continuously, surrounded by rumors of war. A prince and a princess are finally 21. Engagements have been broken and new ones placed in hopes that war can be avoided. The kingdom of Helios will offer their princess to help calm the storm. When the...
  6. VerbalAbuse

    Revolution 909

    "Stop the music and go home, I repeat, stop the music and go home." Music is powerful; emotions can bubble up, minds can change, ears can shatter, and a high enough decibel can kill a man. As music grows increasingly political, every government on the planet faces the possibility of revolution...
  7. firejay1

    The Shackles of Legitimacy

    ((A continuation of interactions between Kyne Sand and Taria Baratheon @Greenie from the GoT alternate universe RP A Season for Snakes. @Shizuochan is welcome to lurk and maybe interject with his character Gaheris Tyrell where appropriate.)) Bored and worried were not a combination of emotions...
  8. Kat

    knives and scars [kat x eight]

    There was no doubt that the incredibly foul stench of grease and oil would make her puke sooner or later. Nasira made sure she’d wiped down every nook and cranny of the two person table she sat at; you never knew when employees were using rags with expired sanitizer. The red leather chair...
  9. Kat

    knives and scars [kat x eight]

    Nasira Kattan, 29 years old, Multi-unit Massage Parlor Manager, Multi Million Dollar Heiress Aarash Kattan, 67 years old, Crime Boss Raj Kattan, 31 years old, Nasira's Protective Older Brother, Heir to Crime Boss Theo Sudhan, 35 years old, Aarash's Cool, Unbiased Advisor Videka Kattan, 47...
  10. The_Queer_Alien

    Lunio OOC and Sign Ups

    Setting in another Galaxy, there is another Planet almost parallel to heart. This Planet is called Lunio. The countries of Lunio are alternate versions of Earth's countries, only they have different names and there are a few changes from Earth's version of the culture, the geography is also...
  11. K

    Bella Ciao

    Enzo Armani Dearest Rizzo, I appreciate you writing me back, I treasure any letter sent by a friend. It has been a long journey since the Great War, plenty has happened. As I heard in your last letter, you are now in Rome. That is wonderful! I too am in Rome. My music career has had it's...
  12. kaleidoscopique

    1919: A Family Affair (IC)

    OOC thread! Welcome to my AU take on the BBC show Peaky Blinders! No knowledge of the series is required. OCs are welcome + encouraged. *Please post in OOC thread if interested in joining!* England, 1919 The war has ended. Birmingham’s working class have returned to the drudgery of...
  13. kaleidoscopique

    1920s Gangsters-OOC + Characters

    IC thread: click me! Welcome to my AU take on the BBC show Peaky Blinders! No knowledge of the series is required. OCs are welcome + encouraged. *Please post in OOC thread if interested in joining!* England, 1919 The war has ended. Birmingham’s working class have returned to the...
  14. kaleidoscopique

    1920s Gangsters - read me!

    Hi all! I’m new to this site, though certainly not to RPing. You can call me Kay. Please bear with me as I learn to navigate iwaku. The setting: The war has ended. Birmingham’s working class have returned to the drudgery of factory jobs, but men still wake sweating and screaming and wondering...
  15. Silvir

    Academical and political story idea.

    Not sure why but lately i was reminded of an old RP i was in a few years back which had an very interesting premise. But i personally lack some of the self-confidence to make it and then run it >.< Sci-fi/Fantasy Nations in space An Academy where prominent and powerful families sent their...
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    Lords and Legions | Medieval World Discord RP

    Lords and Legions War… Since the dawn of time, man has torn themselves apart by war. Nations crumbled, monarchies toppled, and bodies littered the streets of all lands. This barbaric lifestyle leads to an age of suffering for all who live and breathe. Eventually, four ancient leaders decided...
  17. saturnia pavonia

    Flawed By Design

    " 'What is this fucking loser doing? Doesn't he know this is essentially financial suicide?' " Quoted Sara as she laid out on the office couch, her phone held tight. " 'LOL I guess I have to burn my shirt', 'wow he isn't even a pretty monster', 'no wonder he hid behind that stupid anime picture...
  18. ScrubLordSten

    Clan Rising: The Hashaco is Born - Teaser

    Family, to me it truly means everything. Yet what happens when someone tries to rip your family apart? What consequences are there for those in power who put brother against brother for mere amusement? My name is Cathiras, I'm a General for the Dronstal Queendom of Kilu. I have first hand seen...
  19. C

    some open ideas!

    Hey everyone! I'm Cress, I'm new here. Well, new-ish. I'm a Figment transplant looking for some new partners, so I thought I'd throw out some ideas! I can match post lengths, I'm cool with all gender pairings both romantic and platonic, and I love going super in-depth with my characters. I'll...
  20. -QT-

    The Walking Dead: Culling - S1

    IN CHARACTER THREAD (IC) Welcome to The Walking Dead: Culling - Season 1 This roleplay will take place in an alternative Walking Dead universe, where Created Characters will battle it out for survival. This roleplay is meant to be very dramatic and full of realism - some of the key factors...