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Containing or focusing on characters with the ability to transform their physical appearance.
  1. DarkMoon

    Twisted Fates RP(Texan & Moon)

    (Me) Serria Anderson - 17yrs - Human - Open Serria sat in their camp, thinking about Ashely going into her old town. She doubted her sister was still there...doubted she was even still alive. But some small part of her still couldn't bring herself to go back. When she had first gotten the free...
  2. DarkMoon

    CHARACTER INDEX OUT OF CHARACTER Twisted Fates Characters & Chat(Texan & Moon)

    Scientists discover a dire wolf completely intact in Antarctica. They dig the large beast free of it frozen chambers before moving it into one of their facilities to unthaw it and start studying it. Little do they know that this beast is carrying a disease that will bring about ruin to the...
  3. Apparition

    Mostly Seeking Fantasy—Horror, High, Dark etc.

    Hi! I'm Apparition! My pronouns are he or they and I'm in my twenties; I only one-on-one RP with people who are 18+. I don't usually communicate using Discord with people I don't know well but feel free to PM me anytime! Throw all your ideas at me! They won't hit me, considering that I'm a...