Based on or borrowing elements from the Undertale video game.
  1. Rune The Soul Eater

    ALWAYS OPEN Glitchtale - The Soul Eaters Origins

    This roleplay is mostly focused around a glitchtale based fan character. Rune is a soul eater that can only survive for a short time without a soul, but its when he hunts that he gains more power from souls he collects. His past is connected with bete noire (or amber, as he calls them that due...
  2. NogginNoodles

    Did It Hurt When You Fell? || Undertale RP

    TW: Dark themes will be present in this roleplay. They will not be stated outright, but they will be referenced. Please note this beforehand. It was weird. It was weird being on the surface again. That is what Frisk thought of as they laid there on the couch and stared into the ceiling above...
  3. Orestes

    Calling for Undertale or Fnaf!

    Good day to you! I'm Ore (Tes is also acceptable). She/her pronouns only, please. Forums are an unfamiliar writing tool for me, but I've roleplayed off and on since Quizilla was a common fandom name, from Email to Tumblr to Twitter and a scattering of others. My hyper-fixations are Undertale -...
  4. GalaxyGirl11

    Fandoms Roleplay Partner Search (Canon X OC) (Mostly looking for School Spirits)

    FANDOMS LISTUPDATED 8/2/2023 [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] credits | inspired by MaryGold
  5. pvllingteeth

    looking for long-term fandom partners!

    here are some of the fandoms i'm in & am willing to try RPing. doubling up is encouraged!! i tend to prefer canon/oc pairings, but sometimes i don't mind doing oc/oc. whether or not i'll do canon/canon relies heavily on the fandom, so look below for more info. FANDOMS I WILL NOT DO...
  6. Mira-Charma13

    Mira's Endless Search for Partners! (Current Craving: Five Nights at Freddy's)

    ABOUT ME Hi there! My name is Mira! I'm 29 and I live in Pennsylvania. I love video games, true crime shows, tiny houses, and animated movies, and I'm an animal lover as well. I've been writing and role-playing for more than a decade and thoroughly enjoy it. I frequent Discord and would be more...
  7. RaccoonGoon

    Looking to Write! (Huge Invader Zim craving!)

    EDIT: Original pairings are closed for now! Still open for Undertale or Invader Zim c: Hello! I've recently started writing again, after a long, long hiatus. After popping in to stalk for a while, I've decided to move to this RP site from another - so please don't mind the emptiness of this...
  8. X

    roleplays wanted

    Roleplay Pairings and Rules Hello everyone~ let's get on with the roleplay requests that I want to do. It will most likely be that I won’t find anyone to roleplay with when it comes to fandoms, and as sad as that is...I’ll probably still be able to find someone to RP OC X OC roleplays. Okay...
  9. << Anyone up for a roleplay? >>

    Well heyo! I am looking for someone to do an undertale roleplay with. Now as much as I hate to write these I’d better get them out of the way. Rules 1. You need to have at least decent Grammar though I won’t get upset if you make a couple of mistakes here and there as I do too 2. I need...
  10. Mira-Charma13

    Mira's Endless Search for RPs! (Craving Undertale)

    Hi, hi! Your friendly neighborhood Mira here! ...for RPs! :D I'm looking for some awesome people to write with! A few things you should know before writing with me... RP Preferences +Redstar? If you're interested in doing a Redstar RP with me and you're eighteen or older, please ask me for my...
  11. * PARTNER SEARCH * | MxM |

    Soo, this is a Undertale MxM Partner search. I've been in the mood for something like this but haven't exactly got around to it until now. · This basically takes place in Snowdin’s Forest with a 5’9 skeleton named [PICK AN OC DOWN BELOW], He was standing around in the snow in search...
  12. L

    rp search | anime + undertale

    lilacvomit's partner search! hello my name is bry! i'm a high school graduate and im on summer break right now! i used to roleplay on flipnote hatena until it was closed down. a few months ago i met someone who roleplays in the literate format and i've became obsessed! i hope i can roleplay...
  13. S

    A New Face in the UNDERGROUND

    FLOWEY tried to 'restart' at his previous save file but he could not. That must have meant a new human was in the UNDERGROUND. He could 'reset' as long as there were no humans. He'd discovered this once FRISK had left, but now that things had been set back to the way they were, he was here...
  14. S

    Do You Wanna Have a Good Time?

    Now that I've officially punched you in the feels. I'm Sans, Sans the Skeleton. I'm currently looking for roleplay partners. Originally I was going to go on the hunt myself, but I pretty much love doing nothing so I decided to throw a bone and see who would bite. I'm a poor college student with...
  15. T

    New friends and RP buddies needed! Read below!

    Hi. I'm a 16 year old girl who people call bunny.I am looking for a roleplaying friend, someone decently literate and open to most anything (OC's welcome and will be used) I am a big fan of Undertale, Homestuck, Steven universe, many anime and different side fandoms. However, I would also like...
  16. U

    Looking for roleplay partner who would roleplay st

    Is anybody interested in roleplaying steven universe or undertale with me? If we roleplay undertale i'll be undyne, if we roleplay steven universe i'll either be lapis or smokey quartz, feel free to roleplay with me! =D
  17. Z

    Undertale roleplays

    Hello, it's been a while since I've been here, I just kind a disappeared and it seems the site has changed a little bit. Anyway, I'm sort of looking for a specific rp but I have a feeling I won't find it since I've searched on DeviantART, and then Tumblr, which you would think I may find what...
  18. K

    Seeking Cross-Fandom Kingdom Hearts RP!

    It happens to be this roleplay in particular: FIRST RESPONSE - Exploring a New World PM me if you're interested! Here's a few things you might like to know before we get started. * Let's keep this going longterm and plot together to make it more interesting! I like talking to my RP partners...
  19. RafaDark

    For Undertale fans I Present you UNDERTALE: THE HYBRID PROJECT

    OPEN SIGNUPS - UNDERTALE: THE HYBRID PROJECT (OOC & SIGN-UPS) I'm needing some RPlayers and I know it was a mistake of putting this now because I forgot in this site you needed to do an ad to call RPlayers to your RP *Takes a deep breath* So please join ^^ If not I'll just RESET IT ALL =)
  20. RafaDark