Conspicuous Chapter I: Lawyer’s Directory

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It has likely been a while since I’ve written a plot or story.
This one in particular is a little different for me since I rarely write crime plots so I’m extremely excited to be posting after a while.
I will reply with my character's information since I don't want this particular post to be too overwhelming.

This is a (b x g) or (b x b) roleplay.

Genres: Crime, Romance, Mystery, Tragedy, Action

!! WARNING: Acts of violence, aggression and strong language will follow.
Some of these topics may be sensitive to some readers. Please be advised.




In the year 1980, an undercover detective(b or g) works on some of the most difficult unsolved cases assigned by the government after the FBI finds a strange pattern in recent crimes. The far-fetched spike in criminal activity traced back to Egypt according to an agent stationed at the FBI headquarters in Cairo. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is located on the Nile River. Found nearby is the site of the iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx. A trove of antiquities including some of the most royal mummies could be found there.

Over the years, the likelihood of high crime rates were rare. Most crimes were petty, including but not limited to theft and pickpocketing. However, most recent criminal activity reports were otherwise far from petty. More crucial, violent crimes other than motor vehicle theft and bank robbery were reported in Cairo. Police began to see increased incidents of murders, gang violence and kidnappings compared to the previous decade. These statistics were far too abnormal and sudden. Some citizens firmly believed that these cases were not caused by the average citizen but by law enforcement.

As an array of rumors floating around the city pursued the growth of fear and panic of many, the murders continued to spiral. When the detective takes a plane trip to Egypt to collect evidence, she/he is introduced to one of the top lawyers (b x ) in the city by a local police officer. As an undercover agent, the detective feigned being a journalist who wrote stories about Egypt’s judicial system. Egar to volunteer as an example for the story, the lawyer grants the detective access to information to his recent case: the murder of a woman’s father. In an attempt to gather a better understanding of criminal activity patterns, the detective agrees. Over the course of a couple of weeks, the two review old and new upcoming trials/cases. As the detective grows close to the lawyer, she/he begins to learn about his most disturbing tactics.

In an attempt to set up a personal interview with the lawyer, the detective makes another visit to his office. The detective soon discovered the office door slightly ajared and the room vacant. Curiously, she/he undertakes sneaking into the office where she stumbles upon a large, opened filing drawer. As she/he quickly read through the files, multiple, random profiles were found. These profiles seemingly somehow were stolen from the FBI office. Moderately unnerved and intrigued by his/her findings, the detective continued to search through files where she/he came across a small directory.

In the directory were the names of the most recent murder victims....
...including his/hers.

Loud sobbing began as a frantic middle-aged woman rustled through the drawers of her dresser. She would aggressively pull them open and close repeatedly in the means to find what she was searching for. The woman stormed throughout her bedroom, opening every closet, drawer, and box hoping for a new result to ease her overwhelming thoughts. Sobbing and hyperventilating, the distressed woman continued for almost 30 minutes.

Her long, curly, auburn hair now messy and filled with strayed, loose strands. She appeared desperate but soon found herself giving up as she sat at the edge of the bed. Her body slouched as her arms hung freely at both sides of the bed; her elbows rested on the cloth of the sheets. She then slowly lifted her hand up to her forehead where she rested her palm.

Incoming footsteps would merge with the distraught sound of her cries as an average height, tan male arrived at the bedroom entrance. The annoyed male would sigh as his steps finally came to a halt due to the exposure of minor destruction in the space before him. While holding a cup of steamy coffee in his hand, he parted his lips to speak. “You spend one day without meeting that damn lawyer and you act reckless,” he commented. Aware of his arrival, she ignored him as she proceeded to cry. With no response, he continued. “What is he?... S-So-Some kind of drug dealer?? You’re on that stuff again aren't you?? Huh? Are you kidding me?” He aggressively questioned, as he roughly placed his cup of coffee on the wooden table top next to him.

Even with assumption and accusation, she kept her silence, fiddling with her fingers in a nervous manner. He’s never been this truculent before but he knew something was wrong as for the past 3 weeks, his wife had been meeting with her lawyer nearly every other day. “ answer me!” He spoke through his teeth, agitated by the lack of response from the woman. In attempts to get her attention, he slammed the palm of his hand on the wall behind him. The thunderous thud startled the woman. “Stop it!!!” She screamed. “I’m tired of you letting your damn insecurities get the best of you!” She continued, sniffling and breathing heavily. “You don’t talk to me like that.” She lifted herself up and off the bed.

“But I…---”
“Don’t you dare... say... another word. Not a single one. I just lost my father, you piece of sh*t! And here you are---”
“---I know but...I…”
“Shut...the hell up!!”
With her eyes filled with salty tears, she approached the man. Her eyes made contact with his as silence conquered the room in that moment. She kept her gaze for a short while before her pupils shifted to the side. The male gently reached for her arms but she quickly slapped his hand away, moving her body from his space. “I’m sorry…” he said despondently.

“I don’t need you or your apologies...” She softly replied.



I. | MUST BE literate roleplayer (para, multi-para, novella; or at least 5 lines) This particular roleplay is multi-para. Absolutely NO one-liners.

II. | ABSOLUTELY NO godmodding, autohitting

III. | MUST read the plot before messaging/replying to me.

IV. | Please DO NOT slack off in the roleplay or I will stop replying (just let me know if you are no longer interested or want to give feedback, I'm open to criticism).

V. | Please be patient as I will with you, good replies may take some time.

If interested with a character in mind, you can reply here or send me a direct message with your character's information.

Thank you!​
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