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Modern Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Far Future Deep Space Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Historical Horror, Alternate History Horror, Greek Mythology, Post-Apocalyptic, and so forth. I really think I can play in any setting if the plot and the cast are interesting to me.

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Profiles are to be sent via PM to Villains. Accepted profiles are to be posted in the profile thread. Declined profiles will be given reasons why they have been declined, most of which are fixable. Feel free to do what was asked to fix a denied profile, and then resend it.
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[b]Crew Member[/b]
Full name:  
Birth Date:  
Last Known Residence: 
Crew Position:  [see list for available options]

[b]Visual Identification[/b]
Eye Color: 
Hair Color:   
Skin Tone/Color:  
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: [link to an image or give a written description]
Description: [link to an image or give a written description]

Personality: [give a written description]

► Weapons: [link to an image or give a written description]
► Combat Attire: [link to an image or give a written description]
► Accessories/Miscellaneous: [Personal effects, sentimental possessions, etc.]

[b]Fighting Style[/b]
➣ [General/Preferred Style]: [description of style] 
➣ [Weapon of Choice]: [description of weapon]
➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: [description of ability/affinity]

[b]Psionic Path[/b]
Path of [Name of the path]:
☆ [ability 1]: [ability description]
☆ [ability 2]: [ability description]

Relationship Status: Single.
Known Languages: [Race languages can be noted as (race name) standard. IE: Auroun standard, human standard, etc. The universal language is galactic standard]
Personal History/Background: [3+ paragraphs backstory. Feel free to write more than the expected amount.]


Employee 020561-AUR-F

Crew Member

Full name: Noonajirakoh Disoko E'vrio
Alias/Nicknames: Rio.
Gender: Female.
Species/Race/Breed: Auroun - Ixxin'lo stock.
Birth Date: August 4th.
Age: 32.
Last Known Residence: Ixxin'lo.
Crew Position: Psychologist.
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): GTG

Visual Identification

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 124lbs
Build: Toned, in-shape. Wide in the hips, narrow in the waist.
Eye Color: Silver with a bluish sheen.
Hair Color: White with silver highlights.
Skin Tone/Color: Naturally fair, but she has an artificial tan.
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Rio has an upside-down isosceles triangle tattoo in the middle of her back, shaded black. She also has a circular tattoo on each elbow, hiding Dream Tank ports matching the ones on the back of her neck. Dream Tank ports can be found behind her earlobes and hidden in her hairline at the nape of her neck.
Description: Rio


Sexuality/Preference: Demisexual/hetero-romantic.
Allies: GTG
Enemies: Anyone looking for the Key.
Likes: Quiet time, tea, reading, being active.
Dislikes: Snow, alcohol, nail-biting, poor hygiene, loud talkers.
Hobbies: Handball, sailing, hiking.

Noonajirakoh E'vrio has a placid demeanor meant to chase away questions concerning her well being. Rio is the first person to say she's fine, even when she isn't, and opening up to anyone is difficult. Even her previous life partner learned to give Rio space when she was feeling quiet, rather than actively attempting to further the conversation. Known to be abrasive when aggravated, Rio has a tendency to lash out at individuals who don't respect her boundaries. She has no concept of fear because, in her mind, she has already experienced the worst thing that could happen to her and whatever else might come to pass will pale in comparison.


Blaster Pistol: As with many blaster pistols, Rio's blaster has stun settings which are used to incapacitate a target instead of dealing lethal damage. Like all blaster technology, the blaster pistol fires cohesive bursts of light-based energy called "bolts."
Combat Attire: Rio's PK outfit.
Accessories/Miscellaneous: A simple holo-chip kept on a chain is her only sentimental accessory, but she does carry a data pad that she keeps extensive notes in. She wouldn't call her commitment to transcribing her journey a personal matter, but the data pad is important in its own right.

Fighting Style

"Street" Fighting: Kicking, biting, scratching. Rio isn't much of a fighter, but she knows that in a desperate situation, there are ways for even the untrained to fight back.
Long-ranged weapons proficiency: Rio has been trained to use various guns, though her preference remains with blaster pistols and other small arms she can easily handle.
Auroun Racial: Rio can speak telepathically with other Auroun.
Augmented: Rio has a mood suppressing chip to regulate her emotions and a memory enhancing chip to help improve her short-term memory as well as store key events in her subconscious.

Psionic Path

Path of the Dreamer:
Decoy Creation: The power to create a decoy or replica of the user.
Holographic Projection: Rio can project illusions to affect individuals within her line-of-sight.
Peacekeeper Ability - Mental Manipulation: Rio can alter, visit, or erase the memories and dreams of others so long as she is physically touching the individual, usually through the connection of a Dream Tank, so long as the target is unconscious or asleep. When this happens, the target is completely subject to her mental control.


Relationship Status: Widowed.
Family: Tobatukhai'o E'vrio (father), Ii'lyasakuraito E'vrio (mother), T'haiseon Obisk (Life partner - deceased)
Known Languages: Galactic Standard, Auroun Standard
Personal History/Background:
When Eon passed away, Rio let the universe conspire against her until she was no longer willing to fight, and in her darkest hour, a light appeared under the guise of opportunity.

It was in her best interest to run. Not just to run, but to flee - to escape in every sense of the word. Forsaking a world she knew for one she didn't, for the sake of her secrets. If only to continue to see the stars where they burned, bright death across the dark recesses of space, she left willingly. It started as a minuscule task, shrouded in pretentious talk of empowerment. A better Ixxin'lo, released from the burden of constant animosity and fear. Live for tomorrow. Rio had been a Peacekeeper since her adolescence, assigned to the profession because it was what suited her personality, and as she grew to appreciate her capabilities, she also learned to maneuver with the subtleties of the art.

Minds were meant to be deciphered; Noonajirakoh E'vrio broke them.

Her guardians lied to her when they set her on this proposed path of salvation. Why she was appointed the mission and the possession of the key, how the key might be used, and where their history as Auroun intertwined with the Gates - nothing but fabrications. A series of lies so sordid and contemptuous, she wasn't proficient in recalling their existence. Forces beyond her comprehension ensured she asked fewer questions than she wished to ask, as they knew she would have countless, but Rio thought only of the instilled obligation and what was at stake. Pretending to be the perfect vessel was required only for as long as the journey endured.

A departure done in secret would serve to provide no solace for her remaining family, but the guardians placed their agenda much higher on their list of priorities than Rio's emotional wellbeing. She was instead promised safe passage, but what use was safety when her heart could only mourn the emptiness of uncertainty? They put her on the run, a refugee with little in the way of value - a key carrying victim - and washed their hands of their methodical strategy. The Galactic Trading Guild intercepted her as was planned, the necessary flaw in the design of her escape, and to them, she issued her distressed message from the mouths of the high council on Ixxin'lo. The key, she expressed, was hers to offer to their cause... for a price.

And once more, Rio played with the minds of those in her propinquity for the gain of the galaxy. At least, this is how she handled these charges when her guilt reared a monstrous head.
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>>>Accessing Crew Database



>>>Opening Crew Member File #006

Crew Member
Full name: Anamari Lindara
Alias/Nicknames: Ana
Gender: Female
Species/Race/Breed: Tassi
Birth Date: 20th of February
Age: 26
Last Known Residence: Communications Sector, Leuck
Crew Position: Communications Officer
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): None

Visual Identification
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 145 lbs.
Build: Toned
Eye Color: Florescent Silver
Hair Color: White
Skin Tone/Color: White
Image of Anamari

Sexuality/Preference: Asexual
Allies: None
Enemies: None
Likes: Computers, Encrypted Messages, Deception, and Mice
Dislikes: EMPs, "Traditional" methods of communication, Snakes, and Hackers that aren't herself
Hobbies: Hacking, Creating Puzzles for herself to solve, Playing with her cybernetics, and tricking others.
Personality: Anamari described herself as a "fundamental, independent woman". She seems to have the disposition of someone who is almost always pissed off and dislikes being asked questions or bothered when she is seemingly busy. She does activities by herself frequently. Anamari seems agitated by the presence of other people and does not seem keen on interaction unless it is for her work, which can vary from simple communications to another officer or finding a way to disable enemy communications. Anamari does not care much for trust. She goes where the money is or she goes where better connections can be made. "I will betray anyone who doesn't give me what I want."

>>>Combat Details
► Weapons: Anamari has two gauntlets on her arms that act as energy shields for incoming bullets. Anamari carries an automatic energy-based assault rifle, which she uses for offense.
► Combat Attire: Her combat attire is her normal attire, which is normally a lab coat, a pair of shorts, and a white tank top.
► Accessories/Miscellaneous: Anamari has a set of flashbang grenades to blind enemies and a set of EMP grenades, given that she might have to destroy her station if the ship is invaded.

Fighting Style
➣ [General/Preferred Style]: Anamari is a highly defensive fighter. Mostly because she doesn't fight. She uses her shields to deflect bullets and provide cover for herself. Then she waits for an opportune moment to attack and obliterates her opponent.
➣ [Weapon of Choice]: Automatic energy-based assault rifle [Must be recharged after being used endlessly for 5 minutes.]
➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: Deception - Anamari does not usually get into fights for the sole reason that she tricks opponents before they have the chance to decimate her with their attacks. Her psionic abilities help with her ability to set opponents off balance.

Psionic Path
Path of The Dreamer:
☆ Heighten Emotion: When a target is in an emotional state, Anamari may take advantage of this and push them further into the threshold of that emotion. (Ex. An ally is angry because another ally was killed. Anamari uses this anger to turn into rage, causing them to move faster and deal more damage when using melee attacks.)
☆ Disguise Self: Allows the user to change their form into that of something they are not. What they change into must be something they've seen before. If it is from a photo, the disguise is only completed for what parts have been seen in the photo. This change can only occur for one hour before it is destroyed.

Relationship Status: Single.
Family: Estranged Mother and Father
Known Languages: Taasi Standard, Galactic Standard, Auroun Standard, and Zydrosi Standard.
Personal History/Background: Anamari's background follows a peculiar pattern. It seems that her family runs some sort of trading coalition with many of the others planets/civilizations within the universe. However, it is wondered why she has not partaken in this particular venture of her parents. She does not seem to be opposed to the idea of running some sort of business, but yet, they have not posed any positions of power to her or even offered her a job in the slightest. When she was younger, it seemed that she was trained to be a sly salesman of sorts and her psionic powers were curved toward deception as s result of this. Her parents were not home very much to greet her or otherwise socialize with her. This may explain why her attitude is so nonchalant and uncaring. But the most peculiar part is yet to come.

For the middle years of her life, there is a blank space of sorts in official documents. Between the years of 15 to 20, her life went completely unobserved. No movement in her house, no people moving in and out. Nothing. Why, you may ask? Well... Frankly, those of us who are conducting this file have no idea. She tells us that she trained for those five years, but we wonder whether that is the truth or not. If she was training, would it not be customary to have someone go outside to get food for you, or to get some sun every once in a while? It is wondered by those of us whether she would be fit to run on a ship with such a strange record such as this.

However, her skills are not doubted. Once she emerged from this period of seeming invisibility, she came out a new woman. She was equipped with technology in hand and knew how to use it well. She had showed off her skills of communication with some of the galactic ships who were... Less then convinced she was as skilled as she said. She had no reputation for space travel, thus these ships had no intention of bringing her along on these expeditions. Until her parents sent someone for her to work for. She traveled with that ship for 5 years before retiring from it. She had determined she had learned all she could from that ship, and she felt she was ready for a commanding position on another ship. And that is why she is now here with us.
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Crew Member

Full name: Sev Ornil
Alias/Nicknames: None...
Gender: Male
Species/Race/Breed: Kah'Saun/Sunskin/Highland
Birth Date: April 1, 2696
Age: 34
Last Known Residence: Orone
Crew Position: Chief Engineer
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): None, really, though he does favor the GTG, being he does run a business... The "Tender Hands" Messenger Service.

Visual Identification

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 257lbs
Build: Sleek, athletically muscular.
Eye Color: Dark orange.
Hair Color: Silverwhite mane, with steel-colored "quills".
Skin Tone/Color: Pale golden yellow.
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Faint scar on his left prime forearm, acquired during an air skimmer race. Not so faint scar on his back, acquired quite unexpectedly by a knife (he was caught in the buff)... nearly lethal. "Missed by that much!"

Description: Sev has a sleek dragonoid physique, trim yet athletically muscular... normal for his species. He has three dark orange eyes (his third eye is a bit smaller, and has no visible pupil), while his mane is silverwhite, with sharp, steel colored spines poking out. His hide is a pale golden yellow, and his striped markings (down spine from shoulders to tail's tip, and across the lower portions of his limbs) are a dark, rusty copper, with thin black highlights... those up near the back of his neck and shoulders leaving darker marks through his thick manefur. Ears are large and expressive and battish, and though he doesn't have wings, battish or otherwise, he has a secondary set of arms under his primary forelimbs... they are shorter and smaller than his primary arms, with only three non-opposed, clawed digits. Normally, these limbs are folded against his chest and hidden under his clothing. Sev's legs are digitigrade, four toes and a dewclaw on the inside of each foot. Hands have five digits, though his pinky fingers are rather small, though not quite vestigial. More useful for grooming than anything else, due to a longer, more curved claw than his other digits.

When heading somewhere, he tends to have a more relaxed, leaned forwards pace... efficient and purposeful. When in casual social situations, he tends to stand fully upright, if not leaned back a bit, his flexible tail allowing him to keep balance. Yes, a swagger to his moves, if you will. His clothing is for protection while he rides his air skimmer bike, and for socially related reasons (keeping his second set of arms a surprise... you know, bit of an ace-in-the-hole... oh, and for the pockets)... not for modesty. After all, he has nothing to be modest about! Having a third eyelid... nictitating membranes... he really has no reason to wear goggles, and doesn't much care for helmets, even one's properly made to fit his noggin. Besides, his head is pretty hard, anyway. His bones, very hard to break. Oh, yes, clothing! He prefers loose-fit pants that don't go very far past his knees, thick, snug (but not too snug) shirts, designed to accommodate his secondary arms... to hide them, yet allow their use when he wishes. Over this, he wears a vest with many pockets, a belt with many pouches, and a very sturdy greatcoat, cut to accommodate his tail, yet short enough not to foul or fry on his air skimmer's mechanicals. Under all of this, he wears... well, armored underwear, if you will, just in case. He favors olive drab and kaki, with a bit of dark gray, for contrast. Nothing flashy. On his belt, the pouches hold his valuables, first-aid kit, spare oil-charged cylinders for his pulsegun, various odds and ends, a pair of folding knives, a fixed-blade tanto-variant knife, and a simple, rugged, compact pulsepistol, fueled by pressurized oil-cylinders (bears some resemblance to a Babylon 5 PPG, with pretty much the same performance parameters, something he brought from Home). Sev wears no shoes, ever, not even on his air skimmer, though he does wear heavy ankle (and tail) bracers/greaves. Never any gloves, though.

Oh, and yes, there are times he goes around on all fours... can do so with the same comfort/ease as on twos.


Sexuality/Preference: Hetero/Female
Allies: Open to question. Though quite a few of them are past girlfriends/lovers.
Enemies: Only a few, but they're all dead.
Likes: Games, food, drink, company (especially female), music, dance, hot baths, fresh air, sunshine, swimming and body-fishing, scratches behind his ears, beautiful things, tinkering with machines, riding his air skimmer (flying), high places.
Dislikes: Clouds, rain, cold. Anything that messes with his freedom.
Hobbies: Many and varied, though, being dragonoid, then tend to involve collecting things. Or exploring nature, wherever he happens to be.

Personality: Free spirited, and an incurable romantic at heart, Sev is easygoing, friendly to a fault, but not foolish... not naive. In fact, very savvy. Holds no grudges, but won't allow fools to mess with his life and freedom. Not lazy, but not above a bit of underhanded work, so long as no one gets hurt in the dealings... neat and tidy, he doesn't like dealing with the mess. No, not that he isn't a risk-taker, just that he's a calculated risk-taker, and if he feels a venture is a fool's errand, he won't hesitate to say so. He also won't hesitate to defend himself... or to defend a lady's honor, even while he's attempting to "charm her up". Remember, incurable romantic, and not too fussy about species, either! And what better way to see the sights and meet the people in his neighborhood, than to personally deliver written communications and private packages? Especially when he'd figured out how to open and read them, then reseal them without anyone being the wiser... ahem! Yes, Sev is a voyeur, of sorts. A people watcher, ever curious, no respecter of privacy. A collector of experiences, if you will, always up for something new and different.

Always the optimist on the outside, but ever aware of reality on the inside, Sev remains open to possibilities, ever guards his freedom, even when risking the law, yet is loyal to his friends, to those he has learned to trust with his life. He exudes confidence, enjoys games, is willing to try any food or drink, loves company and music and dance and hot baths and fresh air and sunshine and warm weather, isn't too wild about clouds, rain or cold, and likes to be scratched behind his ears. Respects beautiful things, loves to tinker with machinery (and is very good at it, too), loves to ride and to fly and, really, loves to be in high places... no real phobias, and very few things make him feel uncomfortable.


► Weapons: Fixed blade tanto-variant knife, two folding knives, compact pulse-pistol. Teeth. Claws. Strength. Brains.

► Combat Attire: Always wears armored underwear when dressed, though he's not above fighting naked.

► Accessories/Miscellaneous: First aid kit, spare fuel cylinders for his pulse-pistol. His "wallet". Various odds and ends (tends to pick up things like rocks, feathers, bits of wood and metal, and stick them in his pockets). Oh, and he also has his air skimmer! A 22 year old, personally customized Topol Venger series "heavy" skimmer. Can't forget that.

Fighting Style

➣ [Anything That Wins/Anything that works]: Shoots, stabs, slices, bites, slashes... tends to come up with things on the fly. Though he prefers to avoid conflict. Despite his predatory nature.

➣ [Pulse-pistol]:

➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: Sev is skilled with both his knives and his pulsegun, and he knows how to "take care" of himself. Even with just tooth and claw. He's an opportunistic fighter, when necessary, able to rapidly adapt, and use things in his local environment to his advantage. And not above fighting dirty, in order to survive. Even though he prefers to avoid conflict.

Though Sev's species are techno, not magic users, their third eye has the odd ability to see the supernatural... the normally hidden spiritual plane of existence. In other words, he can see dead people, amongst other things. Has the ability to see supernatural forces. However, though this characteristic of his species has given them a very intimate base for their belief system, Sev... well, he left his family and hit the road due to "Religious Differences"... yeah, his father is a preacher, a Seer, to be more precise. A person who provides spiritual guidance to the people. But his son Sev saw things from a different angle, "worshipped" other things, and has wandered to the beat of his own drummer for some time now. Anyhow...

... that's pretty much it. Other than having the strength, agility, speed and endurance... hawkish eyesight, sensitive ears and nose, unusually rugged bones... and healing factors... all the factors normal to his kind... Sev is not all that remarkable or unusual, just a slight bit eccentric for one his age.

Oh, yes, more of note - when it comes to religion, you could think of him as being agnostic, to a point. Has no problem with religions, and is perfectly happy celebrating any holidays that don't involve ritual sacrifice. Or personal bloodletting. Stuff like that. Really, has no personal taboos, though his romanticism, respect for beauty and youthful hormones lead him to chase after females, even if he has no chance at intimacy (not that scoring isn't a goal to reach for... after all, being alive... and male... he enjoys the challenge... and the fun that comes with success).

Psionic Path

Path of [Mind's Eye]:
☆ [ability 1]: Has a literal "Third Eye" that can see into the spiritual realm, see the spirits of the living and the dead. As a "side effect", he can "read" when another being is using psionics, as well as the nature/path of said abilities. And can know where someone has died, or where a spirit has moved through an area/touched another being, by "seeing" the traces.
☆ [ability 2]: Can communicate with the dead (though he's not very good at it, despite his father's teachings).


Relationship Status: Single.

Family: Evry Ornil, his father, a Seer of Rapse'tet...
Kassa Allit, his mother, local medic...
Tepi, his elder sister, also a local medic, now...
Various friends and acquaintances (some savory, others not)....

Known Languages: Kah'Saun standard, Galactic standard, human standard... bits of others he's picked up.

Personal History/Background: Born in the droven of Rapse'tet, Sev grew up as most Kah'Saun grew up, though his father worked as one of the few Seers present in this small, rural community, known quite famously for the quality of its Highland nuts and foodgrass seed... not to mention the quality of their livestock. Yes, even though Kah'Saun possessed advanced tech, their Homeworld still retained much of its wilderness. Drovens by nature remained small and widely scattered communities, responsible for the care and protection of their local territories, at most no more than ten thousand strong, more often five thousand individuals or less... counting male, female and offspring. The small droven of Rapse'tet had a population around two thousand strong, focused on the growing of nut-trees, feedgrass and livestock, both for their own use and to sell or trade in surrounding drovens. A pastoral place, a way of life perhaps in contrast to their technical advancements and knowledge of the universe, and their dealings with other worlds beyond their own. Sev grew up in this place, but his eyes... his mind and his imagination... tended to wander. Many times, Evry found his son's mind wandering in his studies, never focused on any one thing. A concerned father, he tried to teach Sev... to instill in him a center, based on their people's beliefs and rituals, but his son seemed to have his eyes and his heart elsewhere, from the time he was very young till his maturation. Yes, Sev worked hard and learned well, but his heart never seemed to be in it. Even Rapse'tet, the droven of his birth, didn't have hold of his heart.

As sometimes happened amongst the Kah'Saun, Sev's spirit flew farther than others, touched the stars, and carried his heart to more distant shores. So, soon as he'd come of age, Sev... well, severed ties with his droven and with his Homeworld, and sought a life out in the universe at large, a wanderer from world to world for several years, before he heard the stories of Orone, sought and finally found his way there, where he set up shop and started a life. But he still had the Wanderlust, that desire to explore, to find more. Yes, he'd earned his first scar on Orone... during this time, he stumbled upon his second. Recovered from that near death, his perspective has turned back to home, to thoughts of a mate and offspring.

But in his last wanderings, life and circumstance have lead him to Spacestation Euphrates, and into the whole Gate/Key mess. If helping the GTG would lead to all this conflict ending, better for him, his business and his future family.
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Crew Member
Full name: Jalotaveiianh Macheis C'eira
Alias/Nicknames: Tavi, Doctor C'eira, Limpet
Gender: Female
Species/Race/Breed: Auroun, Cariot'lo stock
Birth Date: 2588
Age: 141 SY (and 9 months)
Last Known Residence: PSC Vendetta
Crew Position: Chief Medical Officer
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): Independently contracted to Galactic Traders Guild

Visual Identification
Height: 168cm
Weight: 58kg
Build: Willowy/Lean
Eye Colour: Crimson
Hair Colour: Ash Blonde
Skin Tone/Colour: Paler than her natural fair hue.
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: When bared, the top of Tavi's left arm bears a feather burning away at its tip, the tattoo inked in gold and coppery metallic ink. Beneath it is a second piece with spread wings, a Tallisti aerial raptor with a bloody fangsome smile; this one is inked in black and crimson. There are signs she was badly wounded at some point in her career, with a small puckered mark low on her stomach close by her fawn spots, while a starburst of raised scars high on the right hand side of her back show where the explosive round erupted moments before it went off.

Description: Tavi's ashy blonde hair is twisted into a dozen thin braids worn woven around her head. A circlet of silvery metal is visible in places at the core of the bound lengths of hair, pressed close against her head. Wherever she's been the last few years it hasn't had much sunshine and the skin on her face is pale even by Auroun standards. Her brows are narrow slashes above her cool red eyes, while her long nose and narrow chin accent the heart-shaped clarity of her face. From her collar on down to her knees she wears a loose white coat over a closecut charcoal bodysuit with silver veins that run vertically down the lining. The coat ends midway down her thighs, while her simple boots have a blinking red light on the outside behind each ankle.

Sexuality/Preference: Demisexual
Allies: Zephyr and Sushi of the Blood Raptors, Lara Petrresi
Enemies: Colonel Chalmers of the NGR, Alfakesh of the Blood Raptors
Likes: Zero-G Stargazing, Chocolate, Quality Non-Fiction (and low-quality fiction) reading.
Dislikes: Bureaucracy, Humans (as a rule) and Pets
Hobbies: Zero-G Ball, Dance and Medical Journals
Personality: In her professional life Tavi is quiet and controlled, unflappable in a crisis and a welcome oasis of serenity when all is going to hell around her. It isn't that she doesn't feel for her crew-mates, but that she's learned through ruthless practicality that she is far more use when she has steady hands than when she's wringing them. Off duty, her cool professional manner freezes over around any but her closest friends. She's rarely precisely rude (at least not when someone hasn't roused her ire) but makes no effort to put herself out there beyond the requirements of her position. She has no ambition for fame or glory; she wants the quiet satisfaction of a job well done, some recognition from her immediate superiors and a few personal luxuries for her own comfort. And if there's some way that her work can lead to an end to this whole galaxy-damned war? There isn't much Tavi wouldn't do for that, if she believed it.

► Weapons:
1. Aritec Z32b personal weapon, a light pistol that fires darts and can toggle between sedative and toxic rounds.
2. Monomolecular charged combat knife, activates with her palm on the hilt and generates a monomolecular energy blade out from the metal housing (approx 3-5 cm, tapering to a longer tip).
► Combat Attire: A lightly armoured charcoal jumpsuit of a similar cut to her usual wear, but a thickened coat of embedded synthfibre served to protect her from incidental flying fragments as well as light energy fire. No white coat.
► Accessories/Miscellaneous: An extensive e-library of xenomedical texts, a digital reader, an image cube and a personal music device. A medical kit she can take with her when required, although she usually assumes she will have the facilities of a medical lab. A panic bag under her bed. The silvery-metal alloy in the circlet on her head helps her to focus her psionic powers.
Fighting Style
➣ [General/Preferred Style]: Ranged: Defensive; precise well-trained shots from cover that favours keeping the enemy away until her psionic powers or her allies can deal with them.
Melee: Aggressive; a fluid moving fighting style that aims to bring her inside her opponent's reach with a series of punches, kicks and elbow-jabs. Her knife is generally held in a reverse-grip, used as a precision slashing instrument at an enemy's points of vulnerability.
➣ [Weapon of Choice]: If she absolutely has to choose, she would favour her melee fighting style. She rarely picks a fight though, so the range at which she finds herself attacked generally makes the choice for her.
➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: Disruption is generally her only combat-related special ability. She also has a racial special ability, allowing short-range telepathy with other Auroun.
➣ [Augmentation]: Tavi has a neural implant allowing her to record sensory information for later detailed review. She also has a biological implant allowing her to flush her system with a small menu of stimulants.

Psionic Path
Path of the Flame (Aru'Qes):
☆ Psionic Healing: Placing her hands on her patient, Tavi sends her energy and consciousness into its living body to reconstruct it microscopically to be the best living version of itself it can be.
☆ Disruption: Tavi focuses her mental presence into a glowing energy point, projecting it towards her target. When it implodes, it acts as a microscopic black hole for a few seconds and tears at the matter around it. Passing it through solid matter while still controlled can short out electronics or induce some kind of seizure (depending on what part of a living being she passes it through).
☆ Kindle: Tavi focuses her psionic energies at a sub-molecular level, vibrating a focused spot of matter until it ignites. Typically only effective on something flammable, otherwise only a single flash of light and heat.

Relationship Status: Single.
Wife (dec'd): Branwen Toland
Father: Mulushniev C'eira
Mother: Jaletannkah C'eira
Sister (dec'd): Simonthievh C'eira
Brother: Ebanniath C'eira
Brother: Decintefer C'eira
Sister: Artemeesian C'eira
Known Languages: Galactic Standard, Auroun Standard, Naki Standard, Human Standard

Personal History/Background: Born the middle child of five on the Auroun satellite of Cariot'lo, she spent her early years in an academic academy oriented to service in the Shan'dala resort complex on that pleasure world. Initially after the end of her education she worked in housekeeping before graduating to hospitality and medical with the appropriate training for each. There was a vast and varied galaxy out there, and the wealthy and famous from sectors around passed through her wing of the resort. It seemed that this would be her life for however many centuries it went on. Maybe she would make her way into management, maybe she would move to a rival resort complex offering better terms but at the end of it all what would she have to look back on? She shared these philosophical musings with her friends at work, and by her sixty third birthday a whole group of seventeen of them handed in their notice in favour of signing on with a startup mercenary outfit, the Firebird Security Company.

With all the contracts on Cariot'lo firmly in the grasp of more established outfits paid by the various casinos and resorts, joining a new outfit meant committing yourself to years or even decades at one fleaspeck post after another but each new sky and planetary vista was a delight to Tavi and her friends. Serving as a platoon medical officer, Tavi spent more time dealing with the locals and their employers' health concerns than in their sporadic brushes with combat. The Firebirds were never hugely successful, but with less than two hundred Auroun signed on they became a family. Finally they had an opportunity to make it to the big time in 2675 when a mining consortium from Herata IV hired them to secure a contested resource-rich area of an asteroid belt. Unbeknownst to them the rival firm had also retained a security company and the Blood Raptors caught them dead to rights when the Firebird flotilla crossed into controlled space. In 3.2 minutes Tavi's company lost all its senior officers, 2 vessels and 63% of its personnel before they could transmit their surrender.

There was a protocol for surrender that most mercenary companies adhered to, and the Blood Raptors were no exception. The minute the fighting was over, the more established outfit moved heaven and earth to rescue their erstwhile enemies and salvage their lifepods from the drifting sea of rock and gases. One of two surviving medical officers, Tavi spent the next 17 hours fighting the reaper amid the shattered wreck of her adopted family before the Raptors' hospital ship arrived. The FSC was a ruin, and as the survivors reviewed the casualty lists and finances it became apparent that it had no future as an independent outfit. Impressed by the conduct of at least some of their foes, the Raptors offered them an alternative to scattering to seek whatever individual employment they could find; they could sign on with the outfit that had destroyed theirs. After all, it was only the bloody business they were in. Many found this a hard decision to make, Jalotaveiianh among them, but the full-blooded support the Raptors had thrown behind the recovery of their rivals in arms helped her to decide. Along with almost thirty of the other survivors, Tavi would sign the book and become a Blood Raptor.

The Blood Raptors had their roots as a Naki outfit and their lead two companies still came exclusively from that powerful race, but they had long since thrown their ranks open to talented members of other species who would prove themselves and forswear all previous loyalties. Whatever you were, whatever you had done, once you signed the book you were a Blood Raptor plain and neat. It took a few years but Tavi settled in to Fourth Company where she served alongside Ku'rhom, Naki, Orsen, other Auroun and Humans. It was there that she first met the human woman she would come to love, it was among her Blood Raptor brothers and sisters that she wed her on the colony world of Aether and - shortly after the outbreak of the Gate Conflict 22 years ago - it was with the Fourth that she was shot through at close range while trying to save her wife from an NGR attack. She awoke two hours later in a three-quarter body gel sleeve aboard Vendetta, in time to stand with some assistance at the memorial ceremony that consigned her wife and six more of her squad to the sanctity of the void. She returned to her duties 72 hours later.

Over the past two decades Doctor C'eira has served with exemplary professionalism, abusing her Auroun stamina to push herself as far as she needed to take care of her patients on the rare occasions demand swamped all available supply of trained medical personnel. By 2720 she was the Chief Medical Officer of Fourth Company with primary responsibility for the health and well-being of the four hundred and eighty sentients under her. While the Blood Raptors have largely been employed by the FGA, she has had more than one personal clash with the new Naki commander of the company, Alfakesh, over their conflicting professional priorities. At the end of the day the commander made the final decisions but she won his grudging respect regardless. When agents of the Galactic Traders Guild approached her and made their pitch to hire her for an undisclosed mission of galaxy-shaking importance the Raptors in the loop largely laughed the matter off as a backhanded professional compliment, however they were not privy to the final details shared over a mug of caf aboard the station whereVendetta lay docked.

Tavi paid out her contract to the Raptors from her own savings and was on a civilian transport bound for Euphrates before the Company had a chance to pick up their collective jaws from the floor.
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Full name: Uluro Vin'Salhoum
Alias/Nicknames: "U", which works better outside of galactic standard.
Gender: Male
Species/Race/Breed: Ku'Rhom
Birth Date: 2687
Age: 43
Last Known Residence: Reseach Vessel Cheeekrrrreeessssteeesh
Crew Position: Navigator
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): Rhomso Party Loyalist

Visual Identification
Height: 8'7"
Build: Izkahshi slender, with wiry limbs and a toned core.
Eye Color: Maroon
Hair Color: Absent
Skin Tone/Color: Cobalt with Amethyst accents
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: The Izkah affects everyone differently, but certain patterns remain. Uluro has lost all hairs, sensation in skin of his thighs, and muscle density.
Description: With the long, pointed ears of Ku'rhom natives, the tall spindly body emphasized by viral effects, and features too drawn and lined for one of his age. Image for approximation

Sexuality/Preference: Straight
Allies: Rhomso Party (high government spending towards Izkah cure) , Keliho Exploration Company / tbd
Enemies: The Auric Society Party (Embrace physical degeneration and traditionalist psyonics / tbd
Likes: Psyonic Theatre, Manifestation Artwork, Taasi cuisine, quiet early mornings, handwritten things.
Dislikes: Naki spoken tongue, high humidity, poorly maintained equipment, unskilled pilots
Hobbies: Calligraphy, Shared dreams

Raised with a deep respect for Ku'rhom culture, Uluro has a distinct identity tied to heritage and law. He is disciplined, with a dry wit and a profound spiritual awe of the universe and her structure. Capable of both a hollow detachment and deep empathy, Uluro is quick to weigh and judge the character of those he meets. This is especially true of those incapable of Psyonics, a sort of blindness he pities. He carries a certain arrogance in himself and his people, seeing their struggles and achievements as uniquely honorable among all sentient species. Knowledge can be suffering, and Uluro knows the Izkah has robbed him of health and life.

► Weapons:
  • Plasma Accelerator Pistol (Slagbox - A handheld weapon that fires superheated non-magnetic projectiles at short range. Nicknamed for the heat it generates and its cornered barrel. Low kickback, high lethality, expensive, earth origin with Ku'rhom modified grip.)
  • Latching shock grenades (An Image targeted thrown weapon designed to spin and self correct it's trajectory before grasping onto a target to deliver electric shock)
  • Wrist mounted laser cutter

► Combat Attire: Impact dampening skin-suit, non-metallic full body protection with spinal reinforcing and good maneuverability.
► Accessories/Miscellaneous: Uluro carries a diamond pendant that serves as a sort of dog-tag. He also owns a Shell-carved face mask and a collection of Nanofiber robes and undergarments of Zydrosi make. Naturally, he has a cache of palliative medications in case of virus flare up.

Fighting Style
➣ [General/Preferred Style]:
Hit and Run - Uluro's psyonic abilities used to evade and outmaneuver hostiles, preferring powerful short range projectile weapons to disable or dismantle targets. He is not fast, or powerful, and his body is not capable of strenuous activities. In combat his necessary strategy is to end things quickly and with as much finality as possible.
➣ [Weapon of Choice]: Slagbox
➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: As a Psyonic, Uluro is sensitive to violent intent. Often he can sense danger before action is taken.

Psionic Path
Path of : Aru'Vinsade
☆ [ability 1]: Dowsing - Visualization through Umbra gives directions in three dimensional space
☆ [ability 2]: Phasing - Fade into subspace to pass through physical barriers and evade harm. Limited mass transfer to 2x body mass.
☆ [ability 3]: Teleportation - The psychic malleability of subspace can be lent towards instant switching of positions in material space. Limited mass transfer to 1.5x body mass.

Relationship Status: Unattached
Family: A brother and sister who he hasn't seen in years. On special occasions he sends and receives messages from them.
Known Languages: Ku'rhom Standard, Zydrosi Standard, Galactic Standard
Personal History/Background:

Growing up, he studied traditionally Psyonics and Physical Sciences in parallel. He has astrological knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of interstellar transit and trade, and the mechanics of subspace travel. As a student of the Au'Vinsade, Uluro committed himself to mental development and attunement of his being to the void outside of time. He was confronted with a clash of ideologies, namely between factions of Ku'rhom society that debate the meaning of the Izkah virus. Scientific minds seek a cure that seems forever out of reach. Spiritual leaders seek a harmony that tolerates the sickness as a reminder that the physical is subordinate to the mental. While finding Psyonics a core pillar of his identity, he cannot accept being sick forever or a philosophy that tells others not to seek a cure.

While schooling he became an active member of the Rhomso Party. He shares their dream of curing the Izkah virus and bringing an end to the suffering of all afflicted. It may be too late for the split destinies of the Quai and the Ku'rhom to be healed, but Uluro believes that a cure would offer freedom to both peoples, and perhaps a reunification.

A skilled graduate of the Au'Vinsade and Galactic Navigator schooling, Uluro has plied his trade as a navigator to vessels and corporations for a decade. For two years he studied cosmic interference outside a quasar observation station managed by Zydrosi. He served as a navigator aboard a fringe-mapping vessel on the edge of Orsen space. Most recently, he was Navigator to a CreksChessteek Noble Delegate's ship in continued relay between Herata IV and her trade partners.

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Full name: A'Llara Sarana Tamos Petrresi
Alias/Nicknames: Lara, Slaver Princess(derogatory), Scion of house Petrresi(condescending)
Gender: Female
Species/Race/Breed: Taasi
Birth Date: 2655-01-22
Age: 75
Last Known Residence: SS Legacy
Crew Position: Nurse
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): GTG

Visual Identification
Height: 175cm (5'8'')
Weight: 65kg (143lbs)
Build: Lithe and smallish compared to the average Taasi
Eye Color: Deep Purple
Hair Color: Dark Blue near the roots, turns violet and hot pink near the ends
Skin Tone/Color: Grayish blue with flicks of violet
  • Circular violet translucent mark upon the back of her left palm (only the circumference)
  • Rhombus shaped violet translucent mark upon her forehead
  • Series of knife/claw shaped marks upon her chest in front of her heart arranged in a top semicircle shape

Sexuality/Preference: Pansexual
  • Petrresi Family Members:
    • S'Malf Antin Tamos Petrresi (Older Sibling M)
    • Tamos Valora Entaro Petrresi (Father)
    • Sarana Antin T'Carro Petrresi (Mother)
  • Salthorn Interstellar Members:
    • Matilk Xianos (Director of Bureaucracy and Legal Department)
  • SS Legacy:
    • Captain Luminara Adrassi (Captain of FSS Legacy F)
    • Lieutenant Skarsgard Abraxis (First mate of FSS Legacy M)
    • Doctor Hans Anders (Chief Medical Officer of FSS Legacy M)
  • Others:
    • Jalotaveiianh Macheis C'eira (Chief Medical Officer of Vendetta F)
  • Petrresi Family Members:
    • Melana Sarana T'Carro Petrresi (Younger Sibling F)
    • Lucall Cat'ha Entaro Petrresi (Younger Sibling M)
Likes: Coffee, black no sugar; Honurable people, ones that can be trusted; High quality food and drinks, bit of a silver spoon; Alcohol, of all sorts and variety; Meeting and sleeping with as many different races/species, a whole galaxy of 'em; Xenoanatomy, with a hands on approach; Providing assistance and help where needed.

Dislikes: Synthesized food, fake coffee as well; Idealism, world's far from ideal; Hypocrisy, despite being guilty of it at times; Her honour being questioned, or worse sullied; Being manipulated or otherwise used without her consent.

Hobbies: Xenoanatomy, she studies the subject casually without pressure and beyond the necessary professional capacity. She often attempts to sleep with aliens she hadn't slept with yet in order to get a hands on demonstration of their physique in action and also because she doesn't care if others call her promiscuous. Enjoys roasting, grinding and brewing her own coffee and often tries new beans, new methods and ways of partaking in the beverage. Avid collector of unique pistol-type sidearms be they just an interesting design or incredibly rare, the only factor is that she likes the appearance.

Personality: [spacer]Lara tends to have a very cynical outlook on things but she doesn't let it affect her social skills too much and tends to make friends with all kinds of people. She cares deeply about personal and inherited honour hating when someone tries to badmouth her or her family for something that they consider to be wrong. Her outlook on slavery and indentured servitude is about as what you would expect from a Taasi and yet if you listen to her speak you will hear reason within it. In the end she knows it to be a cultural thing and keeps it out of conversations unless otherwise brought up. One exception to her hour is her promiscuous nature which she simply doesn't even care to argue or acknowledge as something that is strange. Having reached the level of technology where traveling the void of space is a day to day activity she finds the cultural aspects of monogamy to be severely outdated, at least until she falls in love and settles. Until then anyone is fair game.[/spacer]
► Weapons:
Energy based revolver shaped pistol she calls The Dominator because she forgot the real designation and was forced to think of something on the fly. Has a stun setting.
A monomolecular vibroblade that in her hands packs more bark than bite.
Spare pistol she tends to keep around. Uses cartridges for ammo and packs about a dozen per magazine.
► Combat Attire:

► Accessories/Miscellaneous:
  • Plasteel pendant with tiny animated photos of her parents smiling on one side and her older brother giving her the thumbs up on the other.
  • A Crew Photo taken when they first met aboard the Pyrrhus showing all of her new shipmates
  • Dataslate Tablet, for various purposes including comms.
  • Fully stocked medpack, everything you need to treat field injuries and stabilize critical wounds.

Fighting Style
➣ [General/Preferred Style]: Dueling/Quickdraw situations - Lara had become incredibly proficient with quickly drawing her sidearm and dispatching of an enemy in front of her. Whether it be a Duel to defend hers or someone else's honour or just a pre-fight situation her style consists in being the first to take the shot.
Maintaining Distance - In open combat Lara tends to take it safely occasionally taking pot shots unless she is sure that she can hit the mark. When combatants close the distance she keeps them away with a combination of a blade in the off-hand and her psychic ability all the while utilizing her pistol to deal actual damage.
➣ [Weapon of Choice]:

➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: Quickdraw McGraw - Her only ace in the hole, Lara is capable of drawing her sidearm within milliseconds and having it aimed at the most vulnerable part of her target.

Psionic Path
Path of Dreamer:
☆ Pain Deprivation: The subject's brain looses all pain input so long as the psychic's focus remains intact.
☆ Pain Induction: Target feels all the pain of a gunshot injury without any actual damage to the tissue.

Relationship Status: Single.
  • Tamos Valora Entaro Petrresi (Father)
  • Sarana Antin T'Carro Petrresi (Mother)
  • S'Malf Antin Tamos Petrresi (Older Sibling M)
  • Melana Sarana T'Carro Petrresi (Younger Sibling F)
  • Lucall Cat'ha Entaro Petrresi (Younger Sibling M)
Known Languages: Galactic Standard, Taasi Standard, Human Standard

Personal History/Background:

[spacer]A'Llara Sarana Tamos Petrresi was the second child of Sarana and Tamos Petrresi who chose to give her their given names as her middle names. From the moment she was born they paid close attention to her upbringing, their first child already 12 and in School being almost independent from them as far as social development went. A'Llara was a curious child always seeking out more information and more knowledge, she took great interest in other worlds and aliens as soon as she realized they were just there within reach of her. As she matured these feelings were lost in time making her quite a bit more cynical in the process. Parents wanted her to take over the Legal department of their company, Salthorn Interstellar. Merely an import-export company but on Xeii'yaw II that meant exporting primarily fuel and importing primarily slaves and indentured servants.[/spacer]
[spacer]It wasn't uncommon for someone to bring up that her family were nothing but slavers. Oftentimes these remarks could be dismissed with a clever remark but during high class events such as banquets and galas it wasn't right to just let such words fly around. Everyone had their ways of dealing with it. Lara's parents pointed out the mistakes in the accusers philosophy and their own hypocrisy as almost everyone there had indentured servants in their employ. Her brother would assault the other side with similar insults until they turned red in their face and left embarrassed. Lara in turn wasted no time with such games and upon the first insult threw down the gauntlet and challenged the party to a duel. Always prepared she radiated such confidence that half of them would back out of it just before having to take their places and those that didn't found that she had the reflexes of a wild animal. She never killed during these things, always wounding the accusing party, showing grace, style and mercy all at the same time.[/spacer]
[spacer]Having finished her studies she dedicated herself to Salthorn Interstellar ensuring the legitimate business is upheld both within the company and outside of it. S'Malf or Mal as she called him, was already in place as CEO of the company and looking forward to working closely with his younger sis. Their younger siblings however had to grow up with a bar set high by the two of them and they resented them greatly. More so than Mal they tried to sabotage Lara at every corner and get her disowned by the family. Later on these things grew into borderline assassination attempts, or so she thought back then not realising that is exactly what they were. It was apparent she wasn't welcome in their presence. When she was 50 when she decided to leave the company and sail away as a Legal Advisor to a small transport ship FSS Legacy, crewed primarily by humans. She took this position both to get away and ease the tensions between the two factions.[/spacer]
[spacer]As it turned out her help was unnecessary on the ship as the Captain knew everything she needed to know about Interstellar Shipping law and most of her time aboard the Legacy, Lara spent in complete boredom. Having already slept with every different type of being on board Lara needed a new past time and as luck would have it an outbreak of some sort of bacteria summoned her to the Medbay. She was apparently immune to it and while the bug was about as serious as a cold the patients there still needed attention. Dr. Anders took her aside at one point and commended her on her bedside manner and asked her to join the Medical Staff since he heard she was doing nothing better. For roughly ten years she studied more so in practice than theory of what it takes to be a Medical Technician or rather a Nurse. It sure beat sitting in an office and dealing with Bureaucratic messes that others made.[/spacer]
[spacer]Once during their travels FSS Legacy was docked at a GTG Station going through some maintenance and the crew had plenty of time on leave. Once more bored Lara gathered a small group of colleagues and started hitting all the bars and clubs she could. Before too long they ran into similar group, part of a Merc Outfit the Blood Raptors. Their ship Vedetta was going through repairs and as both groups were in a partying mood they hit it off well. Here Lara met Tavi and her wife Branwen. The two were adorable glued to each other on the dancefloor. The tall Human holding the tiny Auroun tightly as they swayed together like a single lifeform. Of course she immediately tried to get in bed with them but after being very quickly and cleanly rejected she turned to some of their more handsome and beautiful crewmates. Their time together was shortlived but spent having fun and enjoying each other's company, be it just causal conversations and complaints over the taste of new Nutripaste or more serious matters.[/spacer]
[spacer]The nature of spacetravel is such that the Legacy was often under attack as it was transporting fuel and being a smaller ship made her an easy target. Lara saw fit to join the defense of her new home each and every time. Legacy being a part of GTG meant Lara was on their radar when the new Crew had to be formed. She was approached by some higher members and made an offer to join this new ship after some more official training in medicine which she happily accepted. As it happened the senior officer in charge of training her was none other than her friend Tavi though quite a bit of time had passed and she seemed very much changed by it.[/spacer]
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Full name: Temk 52

Alias/Nicknames: Temk

Gender: Plant

Species/Race/Breed: Nimhishian

Date of Sentience:

Vine Age: 7

Emotional Age: ~22

Last Known Residence: Euphrates

Crew Position: Mercenary

Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): the Crew, GTG, any other Nim

Height: 5’ 6” - 5’ 9”

Weight: ~200lbs

Build: Sinewy androgynous build

Eye Color: Light Blue/Grey

Hair Color: Dark Blue

Skin Tone/Color: Very Dark Blue

Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: None

Description: https://orig00.deviantart.net/bcf4/f/2017/029/5/3/148_by_mcptato-dax5xay.jpg

A relatively simple 52 vine Nimhishian, Temk usually averages around roughly 5’ 7” depending on how their vines are nesting within them that day. Like other Nim, Temk is fairly blanked faced at all times. expressions manifesting slowly on their dark skinned faces.

Temk’s outer membrane is utterly devoid of binary features. Being neither male or female, Temk’s sense of fashion is utilitarian and generally androgynous. Temk’s wardrobe consisting entirely of one piece short form fitting jumpsuits. The only difference being variations in their bright primary colors.

That being said, currently Temk 52 exhibits a more feminine appearance toward binary species but continues to gain masculine features as their vine count increases.

Sexuality/Preference: Unsure

Allies: The Nim peoples, GTG, Euphrates Station Representatives

Enemies: Herbicides and herbivores

Likes: Fast paced ‘Thumping’ Music, penguins walking places in a hurry, talking to people

Dislikes: Being licked without asking, Computers, cold food and mushrooms

Hobbies: Temk loves musical instruments and does their best to collect and play (not always well) any they encounter.

Personality: Like other sub 70 vines, Temk is an a fairly perky, eager to seek out new experiences and generally wants to be the best Nim they can be. Almost to the point of being a pest, Temk 52 wishes to be involved in whatever new situations they can. When not actively being given a list of chores or objectives, Temk wanders almost aimlessly in search of anything new.

Being a sub 70 Nim, Temk is not allowed alone on flora bearing planets. All too often Nim under 55 will go AWOL and be found later on having infested swathes of territory as vines and not even sentient Luckily, Temk so far is loving their life as a sapient individual and seems to be supportive of trying to gain as many vines as possible inside their shell.

Easy going but generally slow to react when not given orders, there have been three cases of Temk inverting in dire circumstances. Moving rapidly and aggressively responding to provocation.

At the end of these provoked states, Temk reverts back to the wide eyed wandering self they usually are with seemingly no regret over the actions they took.

In the end, Temk is still struggling to understand and be understood by animal species, deciding a pleasant submission is generally the best strategy to follow for the time being.

► Weapons: Shrike Araments DP-88 Flechette Gun


► Combat Attire: Casual attire normally, combat gear being generally whatever is on hand and what they can get their vines on.

► Accessories/Miscellaneous: Temk has a cramped storage closet slowly being filled with musical instruments

Fighting Style

➣ [Up close & Lethal]: Relying On getting close to people during combat, Temk like other Nim, use the element of surprise at first, followed by breaking their own shell and flailing vines, overwhelming strength and their built in resistance to damage.

➣ [Excuse my aim]: Hands and weapons that don’t require much aim.

➣ [Radical Physiology]: This species form is malleable and essentially bundles of vines in a humanoid form. This means there are a great deal of unique properties in regard to the Nim as well as difficulties in being one.

Relationship Status: Single

Family: A half dozen bud-mates back on Euphrates, the origins of their vines.

Known Languages: Nim Standard, Galactic Standard

Personal History:

With the blooming population of Nim aboard the Euphrates space station, it was no wonder that Sehn’s date of sentience passed under the radar. ‘Born’ as a mere 48 vine conglomeration, it took a few years for their numbers to raise up before reaching a stable 52 vine count.

After coming to the conclusion that they’ve learned everything a Nim could learn aboard Euphrates, Temk illegally left the station and struck out on their own.

Finding pleasant work as a bodyguard, bouncer and hired muscle, The Nim carried on with their slow paced exploration of the galaxy at large before stumbling onto the opportunity where they could earn a fairly interesting contract with the GTG
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Suri Renarre El-Mahdy
Astrophysics, PhD, 2727
Department of Astronomy
Koulii Yunol Science Academy


Crew Member
Full name: Suri Renarre El-Mahdy
Alias/Nicknames: Su
Gender: Female
Species/Race/Breed: Human/Auroun
Birth Date: June 20th, 2701
Age: 29

Last Known Residence: Koulii Yunol Science Academy
Crew Position: Astrophysicist

Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): GTG
Visual Identification
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 145 lbs
Build: Athletic, Sturdy, Curvy
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: White; Pink Accents
Skin Tone/Color: Medium; Freckles; Auroun Fawn Spots
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Double Ear Piercings; tattoo of Planck's constant ( ℏ ) on her left wrist; tattoo of Stefan-Boltzmann’s constant ( σ ) on her right wrist; tattoo of "pixelated" planet and stars between/across her shoulders and back
Description: Suri

Sexuality/Preference: Pansexual
Allies: Dr. Sahria El-Mahdy; Koulii Yunol Astronomy Dept.
Enemies: None Known
Likes: The Stars, Music, Coffee, Chocolate, Old Tech, Spicy Food

Dislikes: Naki Cusine, Clingy People, Liars, Braggarts, War
Hobbies: Kickboxing, Reading, Fishkeeping, Galaxy-Gazing "Observation"
Personality: Suri is, generally, a friendly and open individual who enjoys conversing about almost anything. (Her favourite topics centre around astrophysics and theories of parallel universes.) Active in both her research and physical endeavours, Suri is somewhat energetic and can get very excited about her work and hobbies. She loves meeting new people and has a particular interest in non-human races, especially in intimate affairs. With a good (and occasionally lewd) sense of humour, Suri is patient, though she won't tolerate intentional ignorance or rudeness. Not one to hold a grudge, she'd rather throw a punch and move on.

Weapons: Anything On Hand
Combat Attire: Gym Clothes
Accessories/Miscellaneous: Necklace with a piece of rose quartz from Earth-- a gift from her mother.

Fighting Style
[General/Preferred Style]: Kickboxing
[Weapon of Choice]: Fists, Feet
[Special Abilities/Affinities]: Good Endurance; Resilient

Psionic Path
Path of The Fist
☆ [Psionic Strength]: [Used to fortify her physical body and prolong endurance]
☆ [Psionic Reach]: [Basically used to pull small objects toward her while working]

Relationship Status: Single
Family: Sahria El-Mahdy (Mother); Navolathirik Konarrah U'lthea (Father)
Known Languages: Galactic Standard, Human Standard, Zydrosi Standard, Some Auroun Standard
Personal History/Background: Born the daughter of an accomplished astronomer and professor, Suri's position in life was somewhat predetermined. It wasn't one she resented, but one she eagerly rose to meet and is grateful to her mother for pushing her to be her best. Raised by her mother in an academic setting, Suri spent most of her early years in and around universities. While she spent the majority of her time with her mother, she did and does see her father. Though her parents never married, they remain, friends—though her mother holds considerably higher academic acclaim.

From a young age, Suri was just as fascinated by the universe as her mother. Given ample opportunity for stargazing and study, she proved a quick learner and was eagerly tutored by most everyone in the observatory of the Galactic Academy of Maths and Sciences. Unsurprisingly, Suri excelled in her studies and schoolwork and was accepted into the Zydrosi Koulii Yunol Science Academy. After receiving her initial degree, she was taken on as an observation assistant as she worked through her Graduate and Doctoral programs. After receiving her PhD she remained at the academy as an assistant lecturer in Galactic Astronomy and Particle Physics.

Planning to remain at Koulii Yunol, Suri was somewhat hesitant when her mother recommended she accept a position with the GTG. It was with some reluctance that Suri left the academy, though she is excited at the prospects of extended travel. She, like her mother, holds that the conflict must end, and is eager to aid in whatever way she can. Ultimately, she believes that the galaxy, and universe, is too amazing a thing not to fight for.

Art: Joey Granger
Music: Garrett Bevins


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Full name: Vaastri
Gender: Male
Species/Race/Breed: Foa (Khalo)
Birth Date: 2705-07-29
Age: 25
Last Known Residence: Herata VI
Crew Position: Solider

Visual Identification
Height: 265 cm (8.7 ft tall)
Build: Tall and lither yet has a surprising amount of definition
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Russet with flecks of black throughout
Skin Tone/Color:
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Has multiple piercings of the the hoop variety in his ears, these are old pack symbols.

Sexuality/Preference: Hetrosexual

Allies: None

Enemies: Most Taasi as he abhor slavery and sees it as a dishonourable action.

Likes: Honourable people, hunting, the thrill of battle. Proving himself to those that look down on him. Giving his all to the group that he is a part off.

Dislikes: Dishonourable people, Slavery, Racism, Carrots, wasting time

Hobbies: He likes to research the legends and mythos of many different races, one such being the humans as it has a vast amount of warriors of legend that he finds interesting. He also likes to play games likes chess and checkers, while they are simple at first it helps him to think strategically and this allows him to perform as best he can on the battle field

Personality: Gruff to most people until he warms up to the Vaasti can be seen as a dickhead by most, while his race is a social one he has a hard time forming connections to other people due to what has happened in the past to him. Once they can his trust though he will become someone that will stand by them no matter what, he will give his all to protect them and to care for them if that is whats needed.


His armour is mostly designed to protect centermass, although it does have a helmet that provides a heads up display that shows friendly IFF tags.



A double sized vibroblade, designed to tear apart and rend flesh even if armour is in the way. They can be split apart to form into two single handed weapons when it is too large to use in certain areas such as the interior of a ship.



The 'Tearer(terror)' as it was named by his foes is a directed energy weapon, firing bolts of energy that act akin to plasma would they burn and melt most targets, this is not a take prisoners weapon. Each charge pack contain enough power to fire the weapon up to 100 times. Generally he will carry four to five charge packs at a time. this weapon is most useful in medium to long range combat.


The Disabler as Vaastri likes to call it is a short range electrically powered 'pistol' it is designed to disable machines and can be used akin to a taser to incapacitate a foe if needed, it contain enough energy to fire up to twenty times before needing recharged.

Fighting style

Melee-( No holds barred) while at first it may seem dishonourable to others, he fights with what ever he can, although he will resort to using his weapons most times. If they is a rock at his feet he will kick it at a foe to distract them and as such he will take any opportunity to end the fight quickly and efficiently.

Ranged-( all the dakka) he is more proficient in fighting up close and personal but that does not mean he is unable to fight in ranged combat. When using fire arms he prefers to lay down as much fire as possible in order to give his allies the chance to mve forwards and get into better positions.

Relationship Status: Single.
  • Harstar (Father)
  • Fenharst (mother)
Known Languages: Galactic Standard, Foa Standard, Human Standard, Avian standard

Personal History/Background:

Raised in the tundra's of his home world Vaastri knew that life was tough and that to survive you needed to give it your all. From a young age it was clear to him and to those around him that he was born for combat as he excelled in both hand to hand combat and the limited ranged capabilities that he could get his hands on.

When eh reached the age of 17 he joined his peoples military forces and slowly rose up the ranks, eventually he reached what was considered to be a good rank of corporal. it was here that he felt as if his home world held nothing for him as each day he would go through a basic cycle that never seemed to change.

Heading to the planets capitol after resigning from the military he met up with some representatives from the GTG and found out that they where setting up a crew to search out new gates. He saw his as a chance to be something more and to find out what he really was and quickly signed on.
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-Crew Member serial No.251c-8
>Full name: Miguel Chicote
>Alias-Preferred name: Keter-5
>Gender: Formerly Male, now identifies with no gender
>Species/Race/Breed: Martian Human based Cyborg
>Birth Date: 2590
>Age: 138
>Last Known Residence: Orbital station M2tV-12 "Galis" above Lomonosov Crater Colony.
>Crew Position: Ship Weapon Operator
>Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): GTG / Kaijen-Quim Robotics/ United Martian Defense Fleet

-Visual Identification
>Height: 1.6m
>Weight: 86kg
>Build: Kaijen-Quim Robotics Co. "Pathfinder" cybernetic naval chassis.
>Lens Color: Black
>Chassis Color: Red, Tan detailing.

>Sexuality/Preference: None, Asexual
>Enemies: Gura Dea faction.
>Keter-5 enjoys space walks, and is readily available for conversation on several subjects including space travel, latest engineering software releases, and cybernetics. With little to do to keep himself preoccupied besides diagnostics, he has taken it upon himself to tinker with different components of the ships and crews weapons when given enough free time.
-However, Keter-5 dislikes most anything to do with what he considers "Organic Affairs." Cosmetic care, Hygene, etc.
Personality: A lot can be assumed when anyone first sees Keter-5, but at the very least most find he's pragmatic and dedicated. Of course he's also serious, dutiful and secretly emotional, but in a way they're lesser traits and maintained by behaviors of being crude as well. His biting sarcasm is what has been well known about him. There's no sugar coating the effects caused by his uncaring nature, which is unfortunate in and of itself.
There's plenty people hate about Keter-5, but the fact he's insensitive is mostly the catalyst. Fair is fair though, Keter-5 is still a complex being with a good side. He's ambitious and adaptable among true friends, it's not like we're dealing with pure evil here.

Kaijen-Quim Robotics standard issue Kervejik Particle Dillanger, A combat cybernetic attachment for combat/espionage in mind, though weaker than mainstream plasma and ion weaponry, the concealment is near perfect for the non cyborg savvy.
Gagdos Arms, a Naki based Company, Kitresh Solid Energy Boarding Scattergun, excels in crew to crew close quarters combat, made for ship corridors. Firing energy enveloped scattered slugs it is well rounded against organic, robotic and lightly shielded enemies from close to half medium range, though damage output drops off significantly around 80 yards (240ft) due to spread.
Combat Attire: Although Keter-5 comes with a hardened Ortydymite service chassis, He can also transfer his brain from the standard service chassis into the Kaijen-Quim H.O.C.C Heavy Ordinance Combat Chassis built for prolonged and dangerous combat situations. The process of transferring anyones mind from one chassis to the next is time consuming in order to ensure no problems or rejection happen to the user.
Accessories/Miscellaneous: Though Keter-5 tries to distance himself from his past, he still keeps a single holo chip in his quarters that he is able to plug into and review the videos left within of his family, otherwise his quarters are sparse.

-Fighting Style
➣ [Aasimov does not apply]:
All Martians enlisted with the UMDF were trained in the martial art Telahl a well rounded martial art that focuses on undermining the users opponent by taking advantage of every opening in your opponent's defense. The primary focus lies on both knee strikes, grapples and it often relies on the agility and stamina of the defender.
The biggest strength of Telahl is being able to fully utilize your body's full arsenal of potential weapons. By profiting from the blocks of your challenger your opponent can become overconfident and leave an opening, further giving you leverage to work with.
On the other hand the biggest weakness of Telahl is that many moves are predictable to a knowledgeable opponent. If you face an opponent who knows your tricks your strengths quickly become far less viable.
➣ [Weapon of Choice]: If his standard Pathfinder chassis is equipped, then his standard Ortydymite plated fists is what he is striking enemies with.
The H.O.C.C chassis is equipped with a specialized plating developed for Orsen warhammers, Gahzgehauk ore (translated: Bastard stone).
➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]:
{Air not required*}- As a true cyborg, Keter-5 can survive for a limited time outside in the vacuum of space for a collected 5 minutes before total brain death due to lack of oxygen.
{Mind unto Matter}- Due to his cybernetics, massive portions of his body can be destroyed before termination of functions. However, if the brain casing and life support module are damaged major issues can occur including cortex corruption, rejection of replacement chassis, and death.
{Do you bleed?}- No matter how advanced systems are, the arms race against armored components is alive and well in this day and age. Armor piercing, E.M.P and Ion ammunition damages Keter-5's augmentations more than any other due to the complexity of the mechanisms and computing equipment compared to more mainline products.

Relationship Status: Single.

Father- Elisio Chicote(Deceased)
Mother- Ari Tromne/Chicote(Deceased)
Brother- Efrain Chicote(Alive)
Sister- Adrihel Xaiu'lo(Alive)
Known Languages: Galactic standard, Human standard, Auroun standard, Quai standard.
Personal History:
Born as Miguel Chicote of Mars, he is the oldest of his surviving family comparatively. His father a career Naval Corpsman and his mother a mining technician, he was well provided for as a child and was enamored by his fathers tales of space travel and exploration but was tempered by his mothers practicality. His two siblings were born a year apart from each other, he was 10 at the time and already being taught the spacefaring trade by his father. His mother however, had other plans for his future.
UMDF cadet training was grueling for the five years it lasted. that was when he found that his mother was gone, died in a mining tunnel explosion. He did not feel as sad as he had wished.
Well into his thirties, he was the ships weapon ensign on the UMDF Corybantes, the corvette class assigned to pirate suppression in the nearby debris fields. An altercation between the pirate mercenary crew known as "The Odd Jobs" took place during a routine sweep of a known pirate hunting area, a heavily one sided firefight broke out in which the ship of The Odd Jobs, then known as "Ace of Vagabonds", was destroyed. Several systems of the Corybantes were rendered DNR,'destroyed needing repair', including the gun battery system room where Miguel and several other ensigns were located.
Most of Miguels body was rendered into a charred heap after sustaining a breach hit, however he clung to life long enough for emergency cybernetic sustainment. His left arm was severed at the elbow. His left leg was rendered unsavable, suffering several fractures and heavy nerve damage. His body suffered heavy burn centering around his left side, reaching from his torso to his upper left leg. The procedure he underwent had its fair share of complications, needing emergency defibrillation on four separate occasions, multiple artificial organs were implanted to sustain him for transport to a medical facility better equipped for heavy trauma surgery. In the very end, Miguel had a replacement for his left arm, left leg, left hip, lungs, large intestine, left eye, ear drums, lower jaw and nose.
After the initial trauma and subsequent rehabilitation, it became apparent that Miguel was suffering to a newer phenomena introduced during the introduction to cybernetics known as E.A.S or Eastings/Auchensens Syndrome. A mental defect that makes the patient addicted to the aspect of becoming fully cybernetic. Being Diagnosed with E.A.S is not a detriment to any prior duties since it rarely effects the work ethic of the afflicted patient

The following audio was logged during Keter-5's interview as a potential GTG employee.
-Beginning playback...-
-Int: Keter-5, born as Miguel Chicote of Mars, is that correct?
K-5: Yes, you are correct.
Int: Former Ensign-Specialist rank on the Corybantes, Martian defense force. Thats commendable, but despite your record in the UMDF, what leads you to believe that you are capable for a role on our starship, let alone as the lead ship weapons operator? I see on file you are known to be abrasive towards others that aren't cybernetically altered, that doesn't bode well for long term crew synergy.
K-5: If this unit is put in charge of ship weapons systems, crew chance of surviving ship-to-ship combat increases by 35% compared to standard organic lifeforms.
Int: Your file states the last crew you were a part of suffered severe casualties, what does that say about your increase of crew survivability?
K-5: The casualties resulting during the attack on the UMDF Corybantes were inevitable, and mathematically impossible to prevent at this units previous position. Were this unit utilized by a more strategically savvy captain, casualties and damage to the ship and her crew will be quartered.
Int: Are you sure that your E.A.S did not effect your actions during the attack above Terra Cimmeria? You were diagnosed recently before the attack correct?
K-5: I... This units mental status was not, and will not be effected by the diagnosis of E.A.S. This unit strives so that the same mistake will never happen with another crew again.
Int: Tell me, Keter-5, what do you know about Gates?

Playback Ends...
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Johannes Dvali
Ace Pilot for Hire

Crew Member
Full name: Johannes Dvali
Alias/Nicknames: JD
Gender: Male
Species/Race/Breed: Human
Birth Date: January 1st
Age: 42
Last Known Residence: Talos Station
Crew Position: Pilot
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): GTG, anyone who hires him to fly.

Visual Identification
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 305 lbs including cybernetic enhancements
Build: Average build in excellent physical shape
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Color: Black with white scattered throughout
Skin Tone/Color: Fair skin with a light tan
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: No discernable tattoos or piercings, but extensive markings on his face from cranial/ocular augmentations.
Description: Johannes

Sexuality/Preference: Heterosexual
Allies: His crewmembers, any other names are kept close to his chest.
Enemies: None that he would give the time of day, but anyone who would oppose the GTG, as they are who is paying him currently.
Likes: Cybernetics, piloting, dogfights, staying active mentally and physically, seeing new places, sweet fruit, freshly cooked meals.
Dislikes: Psionics, drinking, impulsive actions, needless opulence, crowded confines, people distracting him while he's flying, idealistic thinking.
Hobbies: Tinkering with his cybernetics, keeping up with current events, creating and solving training simulations for pilots, martial arts, writing bad poetry.
Personality: A straight talker, a no-nonsense sort of individual, Johannes is open with his thoughts and opinions unless the subject matter would threaten an operation he's on. He is of the ideology that if everyone is honest with one another, even if it is to initial conflict, it would help to stop festering hatred that might turn explosive down the line. An ace pilot with countless missions under his belt, Johannes is proud of his skills and takes great offense to those questioning his actions on this subject. On that same note, though, he tends to dislike recognition for his accomplishments, when he does a good job, he knows it. Determined, assertive, and steadfast in his beliefs all describe Johannes.

Weapons: Bismark Machine Pistol / Arm Blades
Combat Attire: [xxx]
Accessories/Miscellaneous: A satchel around his waist is where he carries a tablet that contains a personal journal as well as diagnostic systems for whatever craft he is piloting, he also carries his old military tags along with several other small personal effects.

Fighting Style
[General/Preferred Style]: Johannes fights only to defend himself or the ship he is in command of piloting. If push comes to shove, he prefers hand to hand combat with his cybernetic augmentations and guile to keep himself safe.
[Weapon of Choice]: Each of Johannes's artificial arms have assemblers that take super-compressed boules of ceramic material comprised of carbon and silicon and instantly sinter them into graphitic lamellar blades that can also be fired as projectiles.
[Special Abilities/Affinities]: As a human, Johannes has no innate abilities apart from his own personal skill in his actions that would make him stand out from his fellow man. [spoili]However, he has undergone numerous mechanical enhancement procedures to raise him to a level above his kind. His cranium is almost entirely reconstructed: advanced oculars that provide supernatural vision and tracking, a storage unit that keeps a backup of his memories for flawless recollection of events, emotional dampeners that prevent distress even in the most stressful of situations, a central processing unit to increase his thought process and reactions. Each arm is a work of art designed for fast, precise motions, particularly when piloting. Beyond that, they are easily capable of shattering bone if a forceful blow is struck with them, not taking into account the blades they are capable of creating for martial combat. In a similar vein, his legs are cybernetically altered, but not fully recreated like his arms; instead, focusing on strengthened joints and muscle improvements. His upper torso has been augmented with a dermal weave of carbon nanotubes to help dissipate damage against kinetic and energetic attacks. Internally, his spine has undergone alterations to allow for movements at a pace that would damage them otherwise, and his heart has been augmented for improved ability.[/spoili]

Psionic Path
Unlike many that distrust the practice of psionic paths, Johannes has been told that he has the aptitude for learning how to perform psionic abilities, but chooses not to, instead, simply strengthening his mind to being affected by others.
Relationship Status: Single
Family: N/A
Known Languages: His linguist software lets him understand most well-recognized languages, but responding is anything but fluid as a natural born speaker would be. He was raised on the galactic standard and human standard.
Personal History/Background: Born on Earth in a military family, expectations were on Johannes even from his youth to serve proudly in the army of New Galactic Republic. Naturally, he did not disappoint, given a strict education by his parent's selection in schooling, he graduated with excellent marks and easily transitioned into the top NGR academy located on the surface of Earth's moon. It was there that Johannes discovered his true talent, sitting at the helm of controls for a starship.

Adaptive thinking, rapid problem-solving skills, razor-sharp wits, and unwavering confidence in not only his machine but his own actions, all of these served Johannes well throughout numerous tours of duty after he finished with the academy. His family was proud for sure, but Johaness was one to push himself even without the behest of his parents, and to do so he knew he'd need to leave the confines of his homeworld and explore what the galaxy truly had to offer him.

The ace pilot of the NGR was tested in the struggles of the Gate Conflict, but the victories came nonetheless; each sorite was almost assuredly a victory. Promoted from leading his own squadron, Johannes was saddled with the responsibility of commanding a small fleet of frigates and their respective fighters. He initially lamented over his raised position, feeling crippled by sitting back in a defensive position while ordering his men from a screen, but Johannes realized that he was offered an opportunity to shape the field of battle with his cunning tactics.

Contrary to many a bet made against Johannes's stellar record, the defeat that ended the now captain's illustrious career would not even occur on the battlefield, which in hindsight, Johannes occasionally found humor in. During a brief respite, while the fleet underwent repairs and refueling, Johannes found himself beset by a psiops unit after leaving a bar. All of his military training amounted to what would have been a child swinging a stick at an angry bull considering he was but a human. His squad faired marginally better, but they were cut down all the same. After capturing Johannes, their goal was as simple as breaking him physically and mentally until he spilled what secrets he knew.

Outside of the military tribunal, Johannes would not speak of the three long days he spent in captivity. The damage done to him required extensive augmentation and psychotherapy. While he was still an ace pilot and expert commander, he was hardly the same individual that signed up. Given an honorable discharge which he wouldn't fight even for a moment, Johannes moved into the private sector flying escorts for those that could afford his skills and services; the GTG keen to pick him up after seeing his record.

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Crew Member
Full name: Rek’Sai Imsahru
Alias/Nicknames: The shark
Gender: Female
Species/Race/Breed: Ku'Rhom
Birth Date: 12/05
Age: 48
Last Known Residence: Battleship Leviathan
Crew Position: Captian
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): GTG, Members of the Leviathan

Visual Identification
Height: 8’ 10”
Weight: 437lb
Build: Muscular for a Ku’rhom, about average if by human standards
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Maroon roots fading into lighter red at the tips.
Skin Tone/Color: ■■■■■■
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Deteriorating jaw due to the Izkah virus, vertical scar on her right temple, decaying flesh around the bottom of her rib cage.
Description: [spoili]

Sexuality/Preference: Straight
Allies: Members of the Leviathan, sparse connections within various GTG friendly stations. Mercenary band from Euphrates known as The Trident.
Enemies: The remaining crew of the Orsen run SS Inquisitor. The crew of the Naki run SS Warlock.
Likes: A fair bit of quiet time to herself, having a plan, things going to plan, relative order in terms of an organized workplace, revels in chaos on the battlefield.
Dislikes: Nosey people, people that invade her personal space, when things fall out of control.
Hobbies: Improving on the firing range, dueling/sparing with crew members, keeping tabs on her crew and a few other variables.
Personality: Driven, cold and at times dismissive when her space has been invaded or when she is tired. Blunt, rarely bullshits or takes bullshit from others. Extremely concerned with her piers perception of her in terms of her physical state and how the Izkah virus has affected her body.

Her approach to running the ship as its captain is rather hands off, provided her crew submits semi frequent reports on what they are working on and how it is progressing. The more reports she fails to receive the more involved she will be in managing what their tasks are.

► Weapons: [spoili]
► Combat Attire: [spoili]
► Accessories/Miscellaneous: Metal necklace she has wrapped around her forearm:

Fighting Style
➣ [General/Preferred Style]: Up close and personal. Rek’Sai uses a short sword and a parrying dagger. She may not be innately strong but using Psionics she is able to put a considerable amount of force behind her strikes. With Psionic Enhancement she is deceptive to duel as her weapons have a greater reach than the material plane displays. When in a tough spot she creates a barrier around herself to block incoming damage before it even touches her armor. When forced to fight at range she uses the Synapse assault rifle. While it is rarely effective, the automatic nature of the rifle allows her hit more shots when at close to medium range.
➣ [Weapon of Choice]: [spoili]
➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: Ku’rhom telepathy.

Psionic Path
Path of The Fist:
☆ [Telekinetic Combat]: Rek’sai is able to enhance her physical strength by using telekinesis to hit harder and dodge quicker.
☆ [Orbital Field]: Creates a barrier of energy around her body, enhancing the durability and protection from her armor
☆ [Psionic Enhancement]: Like the barrier she creates around herself, she surrounds her weapon with invisible energy, effectively extending the range of her weapons and piercing armor that offers little to no protection from energy weapons.

Relationship Status: Single.
Family: None she cares to keep in touch with.
Known Languages: Galactic standard, Ku’rhom Standard, Human Standard, bits and pieces of Auron profanities.

Personal History/Background: Throughout her life Rek’Sai has tried her best to ignore the impact the Izkah virus has on her body. As a kid she always tried to get into fist fights to prove that the virus wasn’t effecting her by showing off her strength. As she aged the virus made it self quite well known with her body. After so many fights in her adolescence her jaw was the first to show visible damage from the virus. Her jaw is riddled with pockmarks revealing the underlying muscles. The same Deteriorating flesh can be found around the bottom of her rib cage.

Rek’Sai believes the reason her people are so prone to the virus and have yet to be rid of it is their over reliance on their psionic powers. Where as the Quai have resorted to removing their body so that there is nothing to infect, she believes that the medicine to defeat the virus has already been found. Due to her race’s decrepit state their bodies just haven’t been physically strong enough to overcome the virus’s deterioration. Through daily workouts she has retained the strength that the virus is trying to drain from her. Unfortunately she hasn’t grown any type of significant muscle mass, however due to her efforts the Izkah has for the most part failed to weaken her strength.

As soon as she could leave her homeworld she did so to seek out a school of psionics that taught how to turn her mental prowess into physical strength. After traveling aimlessly from station to station she ended up on the Euphrates and fell in with a band of Auron/Human mercenaries known as the Trident. With a nack for navigating gained from her aimless wandering of the galaxy’s largest space stations she was a quick fit for the Trident’s flagship, the Leviathan. Aboard the Leviathan her Auron companions taught her how she could shape her psionic abilities so that her physical weakness could be covered up.

Most commonly, whenever a job was complicated it was by an Orsen or Naki outfit interested in only the value of what was being transported or otherwise guarded. These infrequent scuffles over the years helped Rek’Sai accrue a significant understanding of combat tactics as well as develop her own style of dealing with hostile threats. Her years serving the Trident as navigator and and eventually tactician reached the ears of those gathering a crew to pilot a ship that was to carry a VIP in the possession of a key to the mysterious Gates scattered across the galaxy.
Crew Member

Full name: August Chung-Stoianov

Alias/Nicknames: Augy, Gus

Gender: Male

Species/Race/Breed: Human

Birth Date:

Age: 28

Last Known Residence: Falkenhayn, second colony in Pegasus wing, NGR

Crew Position: Gate Historian

Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): Former subdirector of Room 37-C, Arbeitsgruppe Chung-Stoianov for NGR Securitate Bureau Department of Antedilluvian Xenotechnology. Harbors humanocentric views and despite his blakclisting longs to be accepted once again in the

Visual Identification

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 195 lbs

Build: Toned, muscular on the upper body. Skips leg work outs.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Skin Tone/Color: Artificially tanned

Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: None




Sexuality/Preference: Heterosexual

Allies: Some members remaining in NGR Securitate, Pai’wunakos – Deputy head of recruiting for GTG, who gave him the opportunity.

Enemies: Most of NGR Securitate, his family, FGA forces.

Likes: Reading, research, ancient xeno religions, tennis.

Dislikes: Aliens, honestly.

Hobbies: Work.

Personality: August is a man with two competing passions. On one hand, he’s a scientist on a quest to uncover the secret of the gate – a great endeavor which has drawn him since his days in NGR Securitate-Military Academy. On the other hand, he’s spent his entire life in the oppressive bureaucracy of the NGR, advancing equal parts through hard work and patronage, and still has the habits of a Securitate officer. He is outwardly humble, covering up an inner arrogance and low cunning learned from his years in “the Rooms” – the backroom desk offices of the NGR Securitate.

He is a mix of a polished professional exterior and a deeper and more spiritual character within: tfascinated by Auroun ancient religion but indoctrinated by his education to hate the Auroun, pursuing scientific advances but trained by his professional experience to care first about whether his position is secure.


► Weapons:

Standard Issue Gorchakov G-8 phase pistol:


Securitate Issue Vibroknife:


► Combat Attire: August’s hands are permanently replaced by cybernetic additions to speed up his typing, and allow him to easily gain hold of things by using them as magnetic pull levers. Usually this helps him handle research materials that are sensitive to touch from afar or change and fix the internal workings of machinery he is using, but the weak and short range pulse has some combat applications as well. They have the did effect of being more durable than normal fists, and expendable.

Fighting Style

➣ NGR Galactic Standard; All members of NGR Securitate bureaus regardless of role are taught basic combat skills with small weapons, including submachine guns, submachine railguns, pistols, and knives, involving fast movements, improvisation, and aggression.

➣ Pistol and Knife: The only weapons August carries are a pistol with 8 rounds and a small pocket knife for jugular attacks.

➣ Cybernetic Implants: Implanted since he was a child, August’s implants allow for accelerated thought and reaction speed and suppression of pain and hunger signals. Since leaving NGR employ, they have not underwent standard code patches, so this has had the adverse effect of August never knowing when he needs to eat or drink, and developing insomnia from being on edge in the night.

Psionic Path

Path of [Name of the path]: N/A


Relationship Status: Single.

Family: Father – Martin Stoianov, computer engineer for SAI Manufacturing Plant No. 3371. Died during an overdose of juvinient drugs three years ago. Mother – Chung Ying-wen: deputy director of Xenosterilization Camps Planck, Oppenheimer, and Gagarin. Awarded Lavrenty Beria Prize for Extraordinary Rehabilitation Management. Disappeared from public eye two years ago. Rumored to have been promoted to the Office of Border Affairs to organize and command penal battalions for armed confrontations with the FGA.

Known Languages: Human Standard, galactic standard.

Personal History/Background: August was born on NGR colony #3314, human standard designation Alteria-Makhdoom, known to the lower classes as A-M. On AM, August’s father was a computer engineer for Subalterior Artificial intelligence manufacturing plant No. 3371, and was a salaried employee for the NGR Subdirectorate for Technological Affairs and Lightspeed-Advancement. His mother, however, was the dominant member of the family, and held the higher rank, as project manager of the Bureau of Reformation through Civil Service, a euphemism for operating labor and concentration camps. Throughout her career, August’s mother, Ying-wen, served as deputy director of three of the planet’s major convict, labor, and xenosterilization camps – Camp Planck, Camp Oppenheimer, and Camp Gagarin. For her services, she was awarded the Lavrenty Beria Prize for Rehabilitation Management on the 3rd of October, 2651.

Through her connections, her bright son August was tdesignated by provisional second enhancement bureau to be 32nd in line for cybernetic enhancements on his 8th birthday, and was earmarked after an exceptional performance in NGR 5th milityar academy from grades 3 to 11 for employment in NGR Xenointelligence Bureau. August was designated from the start as a field analyst as opposed to an operative, but rapidly grew tired of analyzing maps, comm signals, and gate travel residue of rival fleets near the gates. His true passion had always been the fledgling field of Antedilluvian Technologies (AT) – known to the common man as Gate Sciences.

Connecting with Shi-Ying Leclerc, a primary director who shared August’s conviction in the importance of gate sciences, August was able to recruit a small team of three gifted analysts and one university professor, Dr. Dr. Hans Feldmar-Antonuci, to form the basis of a roster that the influential Shi-Ying Leclerc could use to leverage his superiors to create the bureau. After two and a half long years of politicking and bureaucratic maneuvering, the Antedilluvian Technology Subdepartment was created. He was briefly and incorrectly awarded by the faulty A.I. Confucius 3.0 the Joseph McCarthy Award for Counter-espionage – the correct award would have been the Indira Gandhi Prize for Exceptional Initiative in Shaping A Bureaucratic Structure. However, state promotion boards ranked the McCarthy award three stacks higher, so August did not object and the error went unnoticed until Confucius 3.0 was patched seven years later following the accidental depressurization of Orbital Cadaver Recycling Plant No. 3, which provided over 300,000 tons of recycled sentient meat to the overpopulated Earth on a daily basis.

August’s employ with the department would not last long, however. NGR had a number of competing agencies that had existed for decades, including the Civilain Gate Studies Wing, the Military Special Transportation Executive, and the Zoler-Dragomirov Works Gate Research Division. Ultimately, Director Leclerc was purged after expanding the department to 42 workers, in a show trial on allegations of conspiring with the FGA to undermine the NGR Second Feline Genetic Engineering Project, giving the FGA an unfair edge for 3.5 years in feline biotechnology. The real motive for the purge, August suspected, was a bribe by the CEO of Zoler-Dragomirov, Vidkun Zoler II, to the Office of Political Correction to remove a rival.

August was left jobless and unemployable after the department’s disbandment. All associates of Director Leclerc, executed by sedated body recycling – rare for a member of the dominant Human race in the NGR – were blacklisted from public employment, and work in the many oligarchs’ megacorporations. Meanwhile, no NGR intelligence officer, even a disgraced one – and especially a human – would ever be employable in the FGA. At a time when gate scientists were a hot commodity in both cold war governments, August was barred by his past profession from crossing into the other superpower’s employment.

It was in his moment of despair that August turned to the only paying employer available: the GTG. Boarding a vessel to unlock the key to the gate, August braced himself for an opportunity to pursue a lifelong passion, but also an opportunity to secure his eternal fame and win his way back into the favor of the NGR elite.
a language devotee.
still wondering at stars.
Eytelia Magnolistr'kh

ze, zir / he, him

demisexual homoromantic

Quai / Aquuada

relationship status: single.

*:・゚ free air you slip on, a cave EDGE, a black BOWL, breathing deep and slow, as your own splash ECHOES. ❜ ⁘✧

Full name: Eytelia Magnolistr'kh
Alias/Nicknames: Tee, Lia, Magnolia
Gender: Androgynous, Sex = Male, he/him or ze/zir
Species/Race/Breed: Quai, Aquuada
Birth Date: Jan. 1. 2637
Age: 93 yrs young
Last Known Residence: Pi Lum, Ang Rah Prime
Crew Position: Linguist
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): NGR, GTG

Visual Identification
Height: 7'5
Weight: 202.3 lbs
Build: Thin, elegant, spidery limbs and extremities
Eye Color: pale silvery blue
Hair Color: muted periwinkle
Skin Tone/Color:
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Glowing tattoo on forehead and chin. Web like markings of white and gold spanning zir torso and limbs. Multiple facial piercings. (will draw soon for ref)
Description: long pal

Sexuality/Preference: Demisexual Homo-romantically inclined
Allies: Zyca, his sister. The rest are yet to be discovered.
Enemies: Only petty rivalries up till now.
Likes: cuddling, chats with his sister, studying, late night gallivants, flirting
Dislikes: confrontation, having the wrong or no answer, waking early, fizzy drinks
Hobbies: studying recent interests, experimenting with food (preferably at odd hours of the morning)

Personality: To put it simply, Eytelia is what many would refer to as a nerd. He would gladly study a day away or engage in intelligent conversations, but this is not the sum of his being. Eytelia is also very carefree and enjoys a good slumber party and watching dumb films. He is very affectionate and is no stranger to impulsive decisions. This relaxed attitude does not impede upon his work however, not many can claim to be as passionate and dedicated towards their profession as him.

► Weapons: dagger & scythe, blaster
► Combat Attire: click the helmet is only worn when respiratory aid is needed or heavy combat is anticipated
► Accessories/Miscellaneous: a handful of tech gadgets with various uses and a pillow gifted from his sister some twenty years ago or so

Fighting Style
➣ [General/Preferred Style]: a self defense form of combat similar to Tai Chi
➣ [Weapon of Choice]: scythe, it's light weight and utilizes agility over strength
➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: excellent eyesight and mobility underwater

Psionic Path
Path of Dreamer: Aru'Edaph
☆ [Telepathic Linking]: To link minds with one or more persons. With significantly more effort a relay can be formed wherein each person can individually send their own thoughts to others linked.
☆ [Omnilingualism]: User can speak, write, understand and communicate in any language, including computer codes, languages they have never been heard before, sign language (even lip-reading), illegible words, and backwards speech and writing with little or no training. The user may even communicate with non-human animals or read body language.

Relationship Status: Single
Family: Upiorzyca (sister-alive, in frequent contact), Pytteris (mother-alive, in sporadic contact), Abji (father-deceased)
Known Languages: Quai Standard, Aquuada Standard, Ku'rhom Standard, Auroun Standard, Human Standard, Galactic standard, and many more
Personal History/Background:

His story starts in ennui; a simple life thrust into an even simpler city with no true purpose nor meaning. In the lay of temporary stays and monetized homes, the city of Pi Lum was no place for a restless youth with an intrepid heart. Eytelia could only bring himself to linger for two decades. Decades spent studying the languages of the universe and the artistry of space travel.

The next course he took was one of learning and fortuity. Eytelia studied under Kris'them, a master of telepathic psionics. He cultivated an understanding of politics, sciences, and self defense as well. When he gained notoriety and grew confident in his abilities, he left to join the NGR. However, it quickly became apparent that Eytelia did not belong there thus he abandoned the league and worked as a freelance translator for many years. A need for companionship and a more stable abode drove him to do what he'd never expected himself to do again. Aligning oneself with a faction—no matter its political leaning—is an invitation for imbroglio and grief best left stag.

Eytelia was of mixed heritage which was controversial in some circles and could lead to difficulties aboard a ship with a small crew forced to inhabit each other's space. He loved his grandfather dearly, but as a child he'd been prone to bouts of resentment for his involvement with another race and even now it was hard to repress foolish notions of asperity. It was a discrepancy he'd learned to accept and deal with however, and he had decided not to let any possible prejudice prevent him from happiness or pursuing his ambitions.

code credit JiHae​
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Crew Member
Full name: Austin Shima
Gender: Male
Species/Race/Breed: Cyborg Human
Birth Date: 4/10/2631
Age: 99
Last Known Residence: Cargo freighter
Crew Position: Duty Manager and Store Keeper
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): Whomever pays the bills

Visual Identification
Height: 5"7
Weight: 300 lbs
Build: Thin and average height
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: N/A
Skin Tone/Color: White
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Pristine condition
Austin Armoured.jpg Armoured

Austin Unarmoured.jpg Unarmoured

Sexuality/Preference: Heterosexual
Allies: Anyone who is nice to him
Enemies: Anyone who isnt nice to him
Likes: prolonged conversation, logical jokes
Dislikes: Shouting, violence, racism
Hobbies: telling jokes, chess,
Personality: Austin struggles to understand sarcasm or figures of speech. He is usually seen with a smile on his face and will usually walk away from confrontation unless necessary. He likes to keep storage organised before almost all else.

► Weapons: pneumatic gauntlets attached to his armour
► Combat Attire: As seen in appearance, only wears helmet when in combat
► Accessories/Miscellaneous: Glass Chess set that sits in his quarters.

Fighting Style
➣ [General/Preferred Style]: Hand to hand combat
➣ [Weapon of Choice]: pneumatic gauntlets to deal massive close range damage at high speeds
➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: Robotic limbs means efficient movement, eyes means good aim. Moves loudly as a setback.

True Cyborg, all parts are cybernetic apart from the brain.

Relationship Status: Single.
Family: None
Known Languages: Human Standard, Galactic Standard
Personal History/Background:

Austin was born into a program where poor parents were given money to allow their children to become cyborgs. As soon as he was born he was taken and had a new set of lungs and heart in place of his human parts. As he grew the parts were replaced and on occasion another human part would be replaced. He was kept happy as a child. Plenty of toys and company from other children under the system, though he preferred to be by himself at such an age.

Austin was given a basic education and by his 14th birthday had his legs and most of his organs replaced with cybernetics. This is when he chose his name, with inspiration from stories he was read and movies he had seen. At 16 him and the other cyborgs received combat training, his lack of enthusiasm left him distanced again from the others and he spent most of his time by himself.

Once he hit 21 he was now a full true android with the only human part of him remaining being his brain. He was at this point allowed to go out into the world and after denying an invitation to join the NGR military he found himself in various cargo ships, efficiently helping to insure everything reached its place safely and in time.

Austin was approached to join a crew that was looking for gate locations, keen to meet new people and find new adventure, he quickly accepted.
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the cybernetics specialist

T H E - B A S I C S
alias | Genie
age | 32 years old
d.o.b. | May 1st
gender | female
race | human
last position | Shersursai
allegiance | GTG

V I S U A L - I D E N T I F I C A T I O N

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 160 lbs
Build: Defined muscle with slight hourglass shape
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Dyed a white blonde
Skin Tone/Color: Fair

Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Rae has no other piercings save a small belly-button piercing that she is prone to take out, as it often chafes at her clothes. Her body is adorned in a series of criss-crossing, dark-blue inky tattoos in the style of “the ancient’s” symbols. She can’t quite remember what they mean - something related to equilibrium in one’s self. The tattoos spiral across her lower legs and forearms, connecting neatly across the small of her back and just stopping at the nape of her neck. They emit a slight glow in the darkness of shadow.

Description: Coming Soon


Sexuality: Heterosexual
Allies: GTG, Krullaht Gal-lukh (privately), Xeii'yaw II elected officials, Lt. Eren Walters
Enemies: NGR, Krullahts Rojur and Yokmursah of Shersursai, Orsen Warchief

Likes: gambling, traveling, playing cards, dancing, fights (for sport), classical human music, cherries, large pets
Dislikes: cold weather, politics, cryosleep, coffee, Orsen cuisine, staying up late, most outdoors activities
Hobbies: Robot mechanics, cybernetics - legal and illegal, study of alien culture, cooking


Rae is as blase as they come. Rather laid-backed in her mannerisms, she is not the sort of woman to get riled up easily. She is considered calm--perhaps too calm, in certain situations--by all who’ve worked with her, and tends to approach things with a lackadaisical demeanor. Even in the face of danger, she often appears unmoved by potential violence, although her shaking hands and voice often betray her. She carries herself lightly and her words even more lightly. She can hardly claim to live up to the insidious reputation her alias “Genie” has given her. And while she might seem a friendly, relaxed person, she is notoriously secretive, especially about her personal life. Rae maintains a elusive front about her past, and is known for giving minimal answers, and even outright lies when faced with things she’d rather not let people know. Her stories change and vary constantly, making people wary to trust her. The mistrust, of course, is mutual.


Weapons: Dual energy guns | Orsen knife

Combat Attire: In lieu of armor, Rae uses a self-made invention called “Shield-Pro”. Closely resembling the hologram disc, it is about 6 inches in circumference and usually adhered to the chest. Once pressed on a surface (ex: the skin), it will encase the subject in a protective, translucent, and energy-fused layer that absorbs the force of physical and energy-powered blows while protecting this subject from damage. She considers the product still in its prototype stage, as she has yet to fully test the limits of it. But so far it has carried the strain of several blows from an Orsen male as well as a plasma blast before breaking. For now, Rae only has one disc on her person--for emergencies only--but she plans to create more in her spare time. She has another concept in mind, a variation that would stretch the field to cover two targets. But she hasn’t had the time yet to tinker around and figure it out.

Accessories/Miscellaneous: Out of all the pretty baubles Rae has received from her work, she tends to wear a very simple necklace to adorn her neck. Rather homely in design, it is a deep green string of woven material, and more closely resembles a handmade piece rather than professional finery. It is obviously of Orsen origin, with some individuals with practiced eyes recognizing it as a symbol of union. Rae tends to remain elusive about where she got it, simply hinting at her many travels across the universe. She often disregards it completely as a worthless ornament; however, she is often caught touching it in a rather fond manner.

She also keeps a small device pinned to the top of her right ear to compensate for her lack of augmentations. It projects a small screen over her eyes to help her illuminate, zoom in, and outline the intricate details of cybernetic wiring. She primarily uses it for difficult augmentations such as full body repairs and internal affairs. Anything other than that can easily be performed with the naked human eye.

F I G H T I N G - S T Y L E

[General/Preferred Style]: Rae never set out to be a fighter. But in her line of work, she was forced to at least learn some way of defense. Her former friend Kion taught her a rough adaptation of sanshou. This type of fighting allows her to utilize her superior leg strength and catch her enemies off-guard, as well as using her own body weight to drive much of the force in her punches and throws. She certainly isn’t the best at it, by any means; but if push comes to shove, she at least has a decent chance of holding her own until she sees an opening to escape.

[Weapon of Choice]: When forced to fight, Rae prefers to keep it up-close and personal, fighting just within her opponent’s space so as to give them less leeway to hit her forcefully. She likes to keep a knife on her that she bartered from some Orsen craftsmen during her stay on Shersursai. It was made to cut through armor, something especially useful for someone in her line of work. Small and easy to conceal, it gives her the element of surprise in hand-to-hand combat, as well as allowing her to be armed at all times without anyone knowing. Rae usually keeps it strapped on along her leg for easy access.

[Special Abilities/Affinities]: None


Relationship Status: Single.

Omar Eul Seran - father (status unknown)
Falyse Eul Seran - mother (deceased)

Known Languages: Galactic standard, Human standard, Orsen standard, Taasi standard
Personal History/Background: [spoili]

Not much is known about Rae Eul Seran. An intensely private person, she has been rather successful in keeping secret her turbulent past from most of her associates. Even the NGA has only the barest mentions of her early life on her criminal file, with her current crimes taking the forefront. But before Rae became alias “Genie” - an interplanetary wanted criminal - she was simply a woman from the Euphrates space station. Born to two space-faring parents, she lived a rather independent life. Her mother retired from missions soon after she was born, but her father spent the early part of her life with her embarking on a Foa space mission. He returned home to be with her from age 2 to 7. Then, sometime after an Orsen attack was carried out on an Terran satellite station, Rae’s father was called to help assist with the fragmented team. It was the last time anyone would hear from him.

His spacecraft was determined missing after the satellite team reported never receiving the supply relief. The NGA suspected foul play, and a thorough, years-long investigation took place into the crew’s whereabouts. Rae was too young at the time to understand what was happening. She knew that her father was missing, yes, but it puzzled her as to what possibly could have happened to him. To Rae’s mother’s credit, she ignored her personal worries and tried to normalize her daughter’s life as best she could. She attended school as normal, and earned top marks in her class, eventually deciding to go against her mother’s wishes and pursue cybernetics with intent of space travels. She was a bright young girl, with a bright future ahead of her. But her time of obscurity would not last long.

After taking up cybernetics in college, Rae was recruited into the NGA. It was rare for someone as young as her to be signed on so quickly. But, given her notable aptitude for the subject, she was given the opportunity to prove herself. The girl herself held no great love for NGA or politics in general. She merely considered the NGA a convenient means of making a name for herself and her craft. And, rather naively, she believed that her position would allow her to search for her still missing father. The NGA had considered the crew dead after the ten year mark of their disappearance came and went. But Rae firmly believed that an enemy ship had intercepted the small cruiser and taken the fledgeling crew as slaves. And in order to find a slave, you had to consort with slavers.

It took two years before Rae was given a NGA-approved excuse to travel to the planet of Xeii’yaw II. Her original purpose was help give repairs to a group of war prisoners once they were released into their custody. The process of turning them over was lengthy. It took three years total, to be exact, as the Taasi were an arrogant bunch who demanded the humans agree to their terms down to the final detail. But Rae was nothing but pleased with the window of time she was given. While there, she did extraordinary augmentations on a number of slaves for some elected officials of Taasi in order to get their favor. The tactic worked. She was soon given access to slave logs and the open market, where she could continue her search for her father in full earnest. In exchange, she was asked to perform a number of cybernetic operations on unwilling participants, some these being illegal. It was a dangerous path she walked. The slave pits were not known for kindness, and anyone of the slavers could just have easily took her for himself. Soon she began consorting with Orsen merchants as well, something that immediately caught the attention of her human constituents. Halfway through her inquiries, news of her treachery was reported to her commanding officers’ ears, and she was arrested and loaded onto a small NGR cruiser bound for Earth.

It never arrived. It was a week before a search party found floating wreckage of the ship, with all members of the party gone. It was another week before bedraggled crew members finally returned home to NGR with grave news: an Orsen ravager craft had pillaged the ship, and taken the crew as slaves back to Shersursai. It was only at Rae’s pleading that the others had been sent home safely, but the simple fact that she was acquainted with the Orsen party enough to even convince them, disturbed the NGR greatly. Something large was at scale, and the only one who held the answers was conveniently tucked away on Shersursai. Whether she was even a prisoner or not was unknown.

Rumors have a way of reaching its intended ears. Varying tales of the infamous Genie began to spring up, some simply outlandish, and others not so much. Some claimed she was a terrorist working with the Orsen, while others swore she was a battered prisoner. Others, that she had taken one of the chieftains as a lover, or that she had been kidnapped by one. One that held the most ring of truth was that she had helped a Krullaht rise to power, upsetting the power balance between chieftains. This was easily verified by the Orsen warrant for her arrest, making her not only wanted by the NGR, but by the Orsen Warchief as well. But when it comes to the whole story, the real story, Rae has remained rather tight-lipped. Shortly after she left--or escaped, depending on which version she deigns to tell--she quietly joined the GTG, hoping to blend into the obscurity of the guild. She was rather surprised to receive the mission invitation. With any luck, she can keep a low profile and hopefully find a good place to lay low for a while.[/spoili]
All coding credits: @Machine

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Crew Member
Full name: Marica Kim
Alias/Nicknames: Mari

Gender: Female

Species/Race/Breed: Human

Birth Date: 25th of March

Age: 33

Last Known Residence: Republic of the Eastern Asianics

Crew Position: Scientist of Astronomy & Geoscience

Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): GTG

Visual Identification
Height: 1,71 meters (5'6)

Weight: 53 kg (116lbs)

Build: Slim build with some athletic traits

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown but she dyes it from time to time

Skin Tone/Color: Pale

Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: N/A

Description: Cheek Squeeze

Sexuality/Preference: Bisexual

Allies: All of her co-workers at GTG

Enemies: Anyone who bothers hurting anyone from the GTG and the FGA and the NGR

Likes: Candy (always carries candy with her for sharing), sleeping, space rocks, music

Dislikes: Nosy and rude people, chaos, smoking, drinking

Hobbies: Exercising, cooking, singing and dancing

Personality: For someone who is part of an organisation who has to protect a special key, Marica is very laidback. She usually tries to act calm in every situation and keep things easy and cool. She is very upbeat but has a bit of a temper when things don't go her way with her research. She tends to be very generous and kind to people even if she barely knows them and shares her candies with them and even lets people help her with her research if it's not too dificult. She also loves making meals for other crew members as it makes her feel very fulfilled and good hearted. However whenever needed, she can be ice cold and kill anyone or anything without hesitation. There is also the fact she has a mental scar of PTSD. This causes her to sometimes wake up screaming and trembling as if she was reliving the moment she saw before her.


Combat Attire:

Accessories/Miscellaneous: N/A

Fighting Style
[General/Preferred Style]: Marica likes keeping her distance when fighting. She knows she is quite fragile so she will try and avoid close quarters combat at all times. However when it comes to it, she knows basic martial arts so has some form of defending herself in close quarters combat.

[Weapon of Choice]: For long range combat Marica will stick to her trusty AR. She is trained in the use of firearms so can handle this piece of metal quite well. When it comes to close quarters she will either use her revolver if she needs some heavy fire powering or if she goes in for a surprise attack her shovel blade. (She also uses the shovel blade to gather samples from the soil or rocks from planets)

[Special Abilities/Affinities]: Marica has never had anything special about her next to her outstanding inteligence. She is a very quick and smart thinker who thinks in a strategic way rather than a bloodlusty way.

Psionic Path
Path of [Name of the path]: N/A

Relationship Status: Single.
Family: None. All family deceased
Known Languages: Galactic standard, Human standard
Personal History/Background: Marica was born in Seoul, one of the biggest cities in the Republic of the Eastern Asianics. Her mother was from there herself but her father came from the region around Osaka, a bit further up north. Marica's parents were extremely rich as they were both scientists working for the NGR where her mother helped with the advancements in research in psionics and her father helped with the advancements in cybernetics. Of course they got a nice and large salary which allowed their daughter to go to one of the most highly regarded schools in Seoul. She turned out to be extremely intelligent and she would easily be seen as someone with a very big future ahead of her as an employee for the NGR. Sadly, what Marica wouldn't know is the price her parents paid for allowing her to have such an amazing life.

Marica would eventually graduate her high school with ease and move over to a university where she specialized in Astronomy and Geoscience. She studies for many years and got the highest degree possible, a PhD in Astronomy and Geoscience. Her parents got her an internship at the NGR where she got to help and learn about the different things around the universe. It went very well and she was taught a lot, even some information they definitely wouldn't teach you at school. Life was good for this now adult woman and she appreciated life. But then things went downwards very, very quickly.

As important parts of the NGR, Marica and her family were targets for the FGA. Of course, this was their price to pay for them having such a life. And they knew this very well. One day, during dinner at her parent's home, they were attacked. As fast as they could they ran into the basement which they provided of escape routes for when events like this should occur. However, Marica's parents did the unthinkable and stopped Marica along with them. They gave her a card for a bank account and then said their goodbyes. Marica was able to escape while she saw her parents get shot in the head. After this, Marica led a life of fear and hiding. Until she met the GTG. She joined them as their Astronomist and Geoscience Researcher to hopefully make an end to this whole conflict.
(Extra: She holds her bank card still but will use it only in emergencies when absolutely needed.)
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