virtual reality

Taking place inside of a digital environment, especially an MMORPG.
  1. M

    More than just a game show

    "Welcome everyone to the 5th installment of The Mediocre! A game show whereby 7 contestants that stand within or even slightly below the threshold of mediocrity who will fight out and see who is the one that will leap through this hurdle we call being mediocre.". Lies. Betrayal. Deceit...
  2. B

    Digital Scions ( Cyberweird RP )

    The cyberrevolution has come and gone. Cloud interconnectivity and augmented reality are the norm. Quality of life has risen so much. Automation, robotics, virtual intelligences, drones, and more keep society flowing and healthy! Cyberware even offset the experienced effects of weather, and...
  3. Crow

    More female characters required for an Oriental Fa I was hyping this baby so much I didn't even realise! But yes, long story short, we need more female characters to balance the male ones right now.
  4. Crow

    [MMO-based Roleplay] Code Saga: Legends of Sekkaic

    I initially wanted to make this a 'VRMMO RP where the device gets stuck on your brain' thing, but nah. It must as well be a VRMMO RP, but... This was initially going to be a spiritual revival of this RP, with the second installment of the RP being based on that, but my tweaks around were too...
  5. J

    LiriON | VR-Fantasy-Game with Guilds and Stuff.

    Hiho, everyone! There's this Idea that's been floating around inside of my head for several days or maybe even weeks now. It's the Idea of making a fun roleplay centered around a virtual reality game with a completely made up string of letters for a name. LiriON / Lirion Online. It's a...
  6. Ehb

    Hisakawa Koukou - Hard Reset OOC/Signups

    The RP Where Resolute Bonds and Divides Will Shake The World... Hisakawa Koukou - The Fourth HaRD ReSET Format: Group RP RP Type: Modern, Japanese High School/Drama/Slice of Life/Near Future Expected Post Rate: 1-2 Per Week or More...
  7. Ehb

    Hisakawa Koukou - Hard Reset IC

    This is the In Character Thread for the Hisakawa Koukou - Hard Reset RP Loading Roleplay... Please Wait: [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] For convenience, here's a link...
  8. Dunruffle

    Inside The Game

    A digital figure flickered occasionally as it floated in front of a variety of screens. Each screen showed a different person as if viewed from their computer or TV. "hrmmm...yes..they should fit the bill." the faceless figure waved his hand and the screens all disappeared. A window appeared in...
  9. Dunruffle

    Inside The Game OOC/Signups

    Have you ever wondered what is like to live inside a computer/video game? What would change and what would stay the same? What if you had a chance to become the person you always wished you could be? To show others your prowess and skill? Well now you can. But once you are in, will you be able...
  10. Dunruffle

    Gaming World

    after watching SAO and reading The Gamer comic, i thought it would be interesting to make an rp that had gamers thrown into a virtual world and combat threats based on their type of play style/gaming expertise. let me know if you have any questions.
  11. I

    Legitimate Spaceship Crew! (OOC)

    Hiiiiiiii! I'm Pei! Rhymes with 'pay' which can be yours if you come work aboard my spaceship! The Feline Purrsuasion needs your patronage! And no that's not a new restaurant, it's a state of the art interstellar bombercraft I mean pacifistcraft and wow is it empty right now! I need you to...
  12. Peregrine

    Quiet Friendships (Peregrine x CJListon)

    "Chenara? Chenara Arbor?” Chenara lowered her phone and glanced up at the woman who was calling her name. She was slightly pudgy, with the round face that was always associated with friendliness and mothering. It wasn’t really surprising that she had been put in charge of getting the new...
  13. I

    Scenario: Exponential Invasion (IC)

    27092115581895342.3 KZZT! In that moment, five brave warriors were born. Compared to the newness of the moment, the vagueness of the past made reflection a difficult proposition. The five of them had been... called here, to the teacher's lounge. Students weren't allowed in there, but it...
  14. Crow

    Digimon: Digital Chronicles - Welcome to the Digit

    OoC It was yet another Friday in the Ikebukuro Prefecture for all who lived there, as the school day was coming to a close in the early afternoon. As of recently, 50 different individuals in Ikebukuro have had the application 'Digimon' installed in their smartphones. Where this...
  15. Crow

    Digimon: Digital Chronicles | OoC

    It is the year 2025. Within Tokyo's Ikebukuro Prefecture, 50 random individuals have found that a new application - dubbed 'Digimon' - has appeared on their phones. However, only those who own the application can see this application, and thus, those who have not been introduced to the...
  16. I

    Scenario: Exponential Invasion [M]

    Disclaimer: This Roleplay will include violence, death, and mature language, and may include drugs/alcohol use and sexual content and possibly other stuff I don't even know, and is thus rated M for Mature. Drip... drip... drip... The sound echoed off the faux marble walls with a maddening...
  17. Noctis the Devious


    OOC Thread Troll Thread Samantha Gray Reality Dome Highschool Grad. || Human- Rogue || Outfit Mood: Anxious Interaction: General Mention: General - x - On May 4th, 2034, the KIT team scheduled the opening day of their 10,000$ contest at the newly refurbished and newly renamed Reality Dome...
  18. Renose

    Soul Bound Online

    March 16, 2025 The Synchro Gear was unveiled to the public. What had been previously used for more private, secret projects was now unveiled to the public as a gaming console. It was truly the gaming console of the future. Single player games, multiplayer games, and even a few MMOs were all...
  19. Renose

    Soul Bound Online (An Online Reincarnation RPG)

    Link to Interest Check Link to the IC Plot/Premise The year is 2033 in the country of Japerica (note, Japerica is not Japan combined with America, it is just Japan with a interesting name, a running gag of mine from a very old RP) and technology has advanced greatly to the point where in the...
  20. Renose

    Soul Bound (An Online Reincarnation RPG)

    So this is an idea I have had for quite some time. Originally this was in the form of my Gamers RP that was based on the Manwha of the same name. After a long hiatus from the Forum scene, I have decided to come back and renew this idea and this will be the first in what I hope to be a series of...