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  1. SadistPoet

    [Characters] M.A/I.D Her Majesty's Assault/Intelligence Division

    M.A/I.D Broad Capabilities The current rank your character will be is known as "Maiden" (despite the RP initiating just before graduating) which is a graduate of Maidsong Academy. By achieving this rank, it can already be assumed your character is proficient at several things. Here is a bullet...
  2. axe2029

    My search for people whom know this XD (Valkryia chronicles)

    Alrighty so this is my first post on here. Gotta say a weee bit nervous but i wanna try this none the less. So. Heres whst this post is about i is looking for some people whom know the valkyria chronicles series. (So far i a have watched a lp of 1 and i am currently playing 4 so abit rusty on 2...
  3. Draugvan

    A game of war IC

    @Princess Ternos23 War fires spread ominously on the horizon, spilling smoke over a burned sunset. The plumes sighed hot red like bellows into the twilight heavens. Roj hardly gave it a thought. He glanced up now and then from the rabbit hole he poked with a stick. He was too young to be given...
  4. Peregrine

    Another Search To Add To The Pile

    Hello one on one roleplayers! I'm Peregrine. It's been about half a year since I've put up an interest check, but I've found myself with a bit of free time I'd love to fill with writing. I don't have any specific plots I'm looking for, but rather some ideas, concepts, and themes that have been...
  5. Villains

    Telluric | Recruitment Thread

    I N F O Hey. This is the official recruitment thread for Telluric. Please follow the rules, be respectful to your fellow writers, and have fun. 1. Please be 18 years of age, or older, if you intend to join. 2. Respect your fellow players. 3. If you wish to speak OOC with someone, please use...
  6. Villains

    Telluric | Profile Thread

    P R O F I L E S Anything in [brackets] is something you need to take out and replace with whatever it says to replace it with. Profiles are to be sent via PM to Villains. Accepted profiles are to be posted in the profile thread. Declined profiles will be given reasons why they have been...
  7. Villains

    Telluric || Interest Check

    I N F O Hey. I'm starting another big RP project and I'm looking for members. This will be a long-term roleplay with slow posting, intended to be as thorough and in-depth as players can provide. Quality over quantity, with plotting and universe building expected. Players can make their own...
  8. -QT-

    The Walking Dead: Culling - S1

    CHARACTER INDEX OOC THREAD Season 1: Culling Before “I’ve never broken down before. I took pride in that. You win, you fight and you lose, that simple; no in between. I never looked down the road because there’s nothing to see, zero visibility. I don’t want to be who I am now, I want to be...
  9. Juliette Augustine

    Akashic Arcana

    HISTORY & CONCEPT In 2001, the foundation of the world was forever changed when humanity rediscovered the ancient means of harnessing magic. Thought to be a mere fairy tale, it soon became a reality that men could manipulate the world around them. By introducing certain tools called Amplifiers...