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Magical girl, action, science fiction
This place was once Japan. Now its name is Henzai no Kuni.

The computer system Henzai controls everything - people are genetically engineered to best serve Henzai, all information is known by the program, commerce operates within its boundaries. While children are docile and adults are indoctrinated, you, a teenage girl, are able to resist Henzai's control somehow - perhaps your blossoming rebellious phase led you astray, or your family operates on the fringes. You found your way onto Umbra, a colorful darknet where the black market sells forbidden art, and virtual reality lets you be anyone you want.

A datamancer at Umbra glimpsed your brain when she told your fortune, and when Henzai launched an attack on Umbra, she recruited you as a Shadow to fight the program. As a Shadow, you can interface with the virtual world in a way tantamount to magic, you get a special weapon, and your outfit is pretty kickass too. You fight off the Henzai program with ease, but it will be back.

When you're not playing on Umbra, you don't have a job yet, but you do have your own goals - you might've taken up restoring electronics in Henzai's junkyard, keeping the top clique in school in line, or serving your religious group. Your responsibility could even be illegal in nature - expanding its black market, training your hacking capabilities, or tending to the infirm that Henzai has abandoned.

Trouble comes as the battle spills into augmented reality. Can you live one life as a magical girl and another as a teenager in a gray dystopia when both are in the same world? Will you rise above the program, or be captured? How will you be changed?


Semiweekly posting. Writer age 16+. All-female cast. We are currently seeking 1-3 players.

To join, introduce yourself in the OOC thread, and fill out the CS in the Character Index.

After you're accepted, discuss with the GM and other players how to integrate your character into the RP, and agree on your character's Kicker - an event that kicks off your character's story by requiring her to act now.

We hope to see you soon!
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