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Focusing on characters, settings, and/or culture from Japan.
  1. Diana


    MACHO CAFE IWAKU CHATBOX 2023-10-07T20:00:00-5 Fujimoto Hinata is an old woman, but she runs a very successful cafe. The theme? Macho Men! If you're a guy that doesn't mind being ogled by cafe guests, come on in and work for Fujimotosama! It's a very spooky season at the Macho Cafe. Everyone...
  2. Diana

    CHARP LOGS Macho Cafe (Charp Series Logs)

    MACHO CAFE Fujimoto Hinata is an old woman, but she runs a very successful cafe. The theme? Macho Men! If you're a guy that doesn't mind being ogled by cafe guests, come on in and work for Fujimotosama! So much has been happening at the cafe lately, that all the employees of Macho Cafe really...
  3. Reign

    ღ Reign's Characters ღ

    (Still a work in progress) These characters I've had for quite a while. Some if not most are pretty adaptable/adjustable depending on the rp, which can always be discussed prior to starting. I just have a few simple rules before starting an rp. The first main one is that I appreciate when the...
  4. J
  5. Ehb

    Aachen Rizen Compile - Ken No Matsuri Expansion

    Aachen Rizen Compile - Ken No Matsuri Story: A long time ago... Aachen Rizen Compile - Ken no Matsuri After being betrayed at the start of the sword festival, journey with Tsubaha Mori as the party braves the dangerous and cutthroat Festival of Swords. Beyond that, face a world of two...
  6. CrystalTears

    Rhapsody of the Sea

    Haeju Mizuchi Haeju swam around the water, perhaps a bit too close to the coast. They weren't allowed to go there for numerous reasons that his parents had pounded into his head over and over again. None of them stuck, and despite what they said, the coast had the best and prettiest rocks! He...
  7. Pahn

    Red Leaves in Winter

    Ruthie;Snippet; Red Leaves in Winterx This is an invite-only roleplay. If you are interested in joining, please send me a private message and do NOT post in this thread. Note: most of the invited players are not redstar roleplayers, so while sexual themes will be inevitably present, there...
  8. P

    Queensland Private Aca (A different take to School RP)

    (An idea inspired by GotW...in all honesty it might as well be an AU of it. But for the sake of people who don't know I'm explaining it and plus adding new stuff.) An unusual school that sits in the middle of Tokyo, Honshu Japan. The school has several alumni that have raised to the ranks of...
  9. MaryGold

    A Sweet and Sour Search

    Hi, I'm MaryGold. But you already know that. Should we skip the formalities and go straight to business? Yes. Welp, I am looking to do a few slice of life oriented roleplays. I don't like to think I am picky, but I am selective. I want the best from my partners and in return I will give them the...
  10. Ehb

    Aachen Rizen Compile - Ken no Matsuri [ OOC/Signup ]

    This is the Out of Character/Signup Thread for Kenno Matsuri. [ (First Wave) Interest Thread ] - [ In Character Thread ] Previous Entries [ Hymn of Origin ] [/spoiler]
  11. C

    Yokai High (Cammy and Crow)

    <Good morning. My name is Kaede Miyamoto-Watts. I have just moved to Japan from America. I am living here now with my father. Everything is very new and I am still learning Japanese, to speak and to act. Please forgive my rudeness if I make a mistake. I am depending on you all from today.> The...
  12. G

    Dao Ma's Partner Search

    Hello hello! Dao Ma here, and I'm currently looking into finding some one x one partners to fill my time and hopefully rejuvenate my brain. I am not exactly the best at one x one's (I'm more used to group rps), but there's just some things I'm craving that my normal rp preference just cannot...
  13. K

    Read me =D

    Hello friends! I am Kita returning once again to find someone or someones to aid in my quest for roleplay! I have a few cravings. I play female mainly, but I'm open to play males too. Here are some of my ground rules… •no doubling please •No one liners, please. I ask for at least a minimum of...
  14. Mollisol

    Neon Shadows // virtual reality magical girls // reboot

    This place was once Japan. Now its name is Henzai no Kuni. The computer system Henzai controls everything - people are genetically engineered to best serve Henzai, all information is known by the program, commerce operates within its boundaries. While children are docile and adults are...
  15. K

    The Smell of Sugar

    Tick tock, tick. The train was running late. On the platform, a tall and slender man waited alone, checking his wristwatch every few seconds and tapping his foot. Looking up at the terminal sign, which confirmed that the train was by now a full minute behind schedule, the man exhaled sharply...
  16. O

    Japanese Fantasy: Warring States

    Hello everyone. I'm checking to see if there's any interest in a light magic fantasy RP drawing heavily upon Japanese culture the Sengoku period. I'd like to try something different with this RP; it will employ a VERY rudimentary dice system (a single six sided dice will be used for everything)...
  17. MaryGold

    The Great Race (a Chinese zodiac rp)

    http://tarotprophet.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Chinese-Zodiac-Signs-Compatibility-Overview.png Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. "The 12 animals of the Zodiac had been decided and so concluded the great race." Or so they had thought ...
  18. A

    A Not-So-Unexpected Adventure

    Ah, uhm, hello! You’re welcome to call me Argent, or Gent if you please. I count myself among females, and yet I greatly enjoy playing male characters. I’m fairly new to these parts but I’ve been roleplaying for eleven years and writing solo for longer than that. However, I am somewhat rusty as...
  19. Mu

    An Eastern roleplay to-go! [two plots inc.]

    Hello, I'm Sen. I'm a junkie for anything East Asian related, please help me with my obsession! I'm a really slow replier. Okay, I 'm not that slow at replying. But unfortunately after some months of rust it takes a bit to get me going. I do have an interest in writing, I just need a good shove...