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Absyinthe's Quest

Main Proposal

I am on a quest to find more partners who don't mind that I am slow. I have a lot of real-life obligations, but I will always let you know if I can't reply for longer than a month. I am open to a lot of ideas, but my favorite thing to do is worldbuilding and creating a setting for our roleplays from scratch. I have a few plots that I'd like to play out if you don't have any ideas. You may send me a PM or comment on this if you'd like to create something awesome!

Plot #1

Any scenario in the Magic the Gathering setting. Open to discussion on specifics, but the point is play at least one well known character from the game.

Plot #2

YC and MC are close friends who dare eachother to explore an abandoned mine and when they do they discover a door to another world. Could be hell, could be something different.

Plot #3

YC is an ordinary person for the most part, however this all changes when they discover a staff of power randomly and then they are visited by MC which is basically Merlin. The goal is for MC to train YC in the ways of magic so they can defend the world in the future.

Plot #4

YC and MC are siblings that are brought to a great uncle's house where they find an old piano. At first, it doesn't make any sounds and seems broken. That is until we find a secret compartment on the piano that makes a sound when you put something in it. The two of us find all sorts of old artifacts around the house to put into the secret compartment. What we don't realize is that each object opens a portal to a new world (or location) to explore. Overall the idea is that we must find out why these portals opened and how to shut them down.

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