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i'm neptune and i'm looking to possibly knock out some cravings that have been floating around in my head for a while. i have to warn you that i'm garbage and i never come with fully formed ideas. i can offer you an aesthetic, some feelings that will (hopefully) inspire an eventual plot, and maybe even one or two characters. if you're the type of person who needs to know all the details right away then i am not the partner for you. if, however, you like that kind of plotting and want to throw all of our combined ideas at the wall to see what sticks then i encourage you to read on!

at a glance
advanced | quality over quantity | multiple characters | real person face claims | m/m | m/f | f/f | shitposting | memes | pinterest boards | spotify playlists | business in the IC | party in the OOC | short character sheets | sometimes i take a month to post | patient asf

looking for
adept writing | good flow IC | open communication | flexibility | patience | willingness to build worlds and plots | basically just someone who is friendly and wants to collaborate and will be nice to me lol

word bank
subplots | slow burn | angst | drama | terror | heartbreak | love triangles | closeted characters | age differences | sociopaths | blood | gore | body horror | space horror | cosmic horror | existential dread | american gothic | government experiments | alternative history | political drama | the cold war | dystopian | 1960s - present | near future | neon | vaporwave | grunge | drug use | alcohol use | drunk dials and texts | infidelity | secrets | polyamory | family dynamic | alien invasion | zombies | end of the world | monsters | cryptids | sci-fi | mechs | altered reality | parallel universe | apathy | fandom AUs

pacific rim | godzilla | evangelion | dc comics | stranger things | the purge | annihilation / the southern reach trilogy

my love of giant robots punching giant monsters in the face knows no bounds. i'm a big fan of the first pacific rim movie and would love to get something going in that universe. i'm thinking in the early days of the breach, maybe the first, ultra dangerous generation of jaegers and a pair of pilots who, despite being total opposites, are drift compatible. i'm open to pretty much anything as long as we agree to ignore the god awful sequel. bonus points if we can utilize the whole legendary shared universe and include godzilla somehow.​

i binged the third season of stranger things when it came out and then i saw an advertisement for american horror story: 1984 and now i desperately want to be spooked. i love a good slasher flick as much as the next person and would like to craft some kind of plot where our innocent characters get picked off one by one by some masked killer in the woods. maybe even in a cabin if that's your cup of tea. please make my bloody dreams come true with 80s tropes, fashion and bodies on meat hooks.​

i really love the concept of humanity trying to save itself from some catastrophe by taking to the stars, only to have their escape plan and vision for a better, brighter, future go horribly wrong. i'm looking for an exercise in futility; something where a space ship, an ark if you will, takes off from a dying earth and charts a course to a distant but habitable planet. maybe the ship gets sucked into a wormhole along the way or maybe it crashes on a different, more hostile planet than the one they intended. whatever happens, i want a big, horrible alien to tear these characters up and make them wish they'd stayed home.

i like nice stuff too...kind of. "california" by robert ellis is a sad little song about a woman packing up and moving onto greener pastures after the end of a relationship. shockingly, i have a character in mind for this. set in the 1970s, i'd like to guide this character and multiple others along a wild ride of trying to start over and make it big in hollywood while keeping the skeletons in their closet a secret. optional but encouraged: we go once upon a time in hollywood with it and involve a cult and some murders.

the least developed of my undeveloped ideas has to do with clones. or androids (think blade runner), i'm not set on either at the moment. i'd either like to do something with organ harvesting and an escaped experiment or someone buying an android to replace a lost loved one, only to realize that there's no substitute for human life.

he was the diplomat's son. it was '81.
it doesn't have to be 1981, but i'd love it if it was. i'm looking for a diplomat's son/local boy pairing that's set somewhere during a slow-simmering conflict. maybe he's a rebellious boy just looking for a thrill, or he's reserved and lovesick and gets caught up with the local boy. either way, the local boy is involved in an underground revolutionary organization and that puts the diplomat's son in an awkward position when all hell breaks loose.

please pm me if you're interested in something and thanks for reading!


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added a sixth plot and i'm still looking!
Omg!! I would love to do a Pacific Rim or a Zombie Apocalypse thread with you!!