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  • Hello and welcome to my search! You can call me Quin or Molli. I'm 23 years old, and in the midst of the hype for Persona 5: The Royal, I am craving a Persona RP.

  • Who is this search for?
    Partners of any gender. Partners who respect that I do not want to RP romance.

    What genders of characters?
    I play male and female characters. While I prefer that my partner plays male and female characters as well, I would not turn someone down if they only played one gender. I do prefer that there is a gender balance among the "party members".

    How frequently will we post? / What's the detail level? / Where?
    My posting requirements are flexible. We can RP on Iwaku or Discord, and discuss how detailed and frequent our posts will be before we start creating characters. Please note that I do not like exchanging one-liners, and even for quick posts on Discord, I write a minimum of one small paragraph per character per post. It is also important to me that your characters are thoughtfully-crafted and original, that all of our posts move the story forward somehow, and that you are confident in your writing ability.

    To make sure our writing styles will work well together, I will ask for a writing sample from you. I am willing to provide a sample of my own writing upon request.

    How many characters?
    I would like us to play 3-4 "party members" apiece for any of the plots, all sharing more or less the same level of focus in the story.

    Should you worry I'll ghost?
    I do not ghost. If I cannot continue the RP, I will let you know. However, sometimes I disappear for a few days at a time due to life. If I go dark longer than that, please poke me; I probably got busy and forgot to post!

  • I loved Persona 4, and I'd enjoy RPing an AU based off of it. Especially one where the tone is closer to that of Persona 5, with the characters hiding heavier issues in their Shadows. These include, but aren't limited to: mental illness, abuse, LGBT issues, grief. (We can talk about what heavy topics we do or don't want to include before we start RPing.) Optional: setting the RP in America rather than Japan. (The option is there because I have a better handle on America's cultural attitudes towards the listed issues than I do on Japan's.)

  • The small, gray American town of Ashwell features gardens, local businesses, a community college, and a host of twentysomethings who have lost their way. Also, the Velvet Cup, a bookshop and cafe with a barista in blue. (Some people are just there for the coffee, but others are there to put a request on a bulletin board for healing someone's heart.) Oh, and a slow-swallowing sinkhole on the west side.

    The dungeons are houses. Under the moonlight, some people's houses appear as haunted and worn-down, and are much bigger inside than they appear. Their inhabitants wander about at night, and will never get home unless someone clears their haunted house of Shadows and helps them confront their fears. Additionally, the sinkhole is a dungeon. Shadows, monsters people cast off in their minds, roam around in the depths. No good could come of climbing down into the sinkhole... unless someone needs a heart healed. This is Ashwell's equivalent of Mementos.

    The party members all have one thing in common: they've had near-death experiences, and cast off secrets in their mind to go with those experiences. Those secrets eat them up inside. At night, their houses appear haunted, and the other person flees outside until the morning. Their hearts can be healed by Persona-users going inside and fighting the shadows - and bringing the house's inhabitant in to confront their fears.

    Party members' Personas represent historical or literary tyrants, sinners, etc. Elements have been changed to Heat, Cold, Darkness, Thunder, Blood, Bone, Bless, and Curse.

  • Posting Expectations
    I am only willing to write detailed and involved posts for this plot - anything from 3 to 10 standard paragraphs. Don't be afraid to get detailed! Because we're putting a lot of thought into our writing, it's totally okay to take a day or three to post. Also, I'd love for this RP to have high "production value", although it's not required. By production value, I mean using BBCode to give the posts lovely visual style (like Persona games), giving characters costumes to wear in the dungeons, and possibly making a playlist for the RP as we go. (I would never turn down a partner solely because they did not code. However, it's cool if you know how to do that.)

    Residents of a peaceful rural town in rural Japan are seeing visions. Visions of a giant black obelisk falling into the Earth in a meteor's impact. A portion of those affected fall into depressed states and lock themselves away. As the town struggles with the apocalyptic visions, two teenagers get a cryptic text from their friend, who's been stuck at home caring for her shut-in brother. When they open the friend's door, they are transported onto an aged barge in a flooded, sunken landscape. They can hear their friend's voice through the crashing waves.

    As the two explore the area, they discover that it's full of monsters (Shadows). But they awaken their Personas, too. They also rescue a little fox from the flood waters, who says her name is Synnove. After the friends swallow their surprise, Synnove explains that this place is a cognitive world called a Wasteland. They're inside a representation of their friend's mind, which is terrified of losing her brother, seeing his visions come to pass, reaching the end of their memories together. Afraid there's no way back and no way forward.

    When someone is overwhelmed by fears of an ending, intense mental stress grips them, and their mind creates a post-apocalyptic cognitive landscape called a Wasteland. The only way to free the person is to make the crux of their Wasteland move again - in this case, the barge. But a boss stands in the way of that, often a Shadow version of that person who won't let the real version face their fear.

    To restore the Wasteland, the two human friends and Synnove will have to cut the chain anchoring the barge in place. How will they overcome the Shadow and help their friend confront her fear?

    After the Wasteland is restored and the friends return to reality, they can see a black obelisk hanging suspended in the sky. It looks far away. Nobody else seems aware of it. With every Wasteland they restore, it looms closer.

  • If you've made it this far and you want to play with me, that's great! Please PM me, and do not respond to this thread.

    Thank you for reading my search! I hope to hear from you soon.
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