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fantasy (of all stripes; high, low, modern, etc), post-apocalyptic, sci-fi / space opera, pretty much any "-punk" genre (steampunk, mythpunk, cyberpunk, etc.)



he / thae / they ♦ 23
writing samples

Howdy, I'm Courier! You can also call me Coyote or Achilles :3

I've got a whole mess of Transformers OCs that I'm always itching to develop and use. Most all of these characters were made with the Transformers: Prime continuity in mind, but all of them are compatible with the IDW comic's continuity. (Specifically, More Than Meets the Eye/Lost Light is what's got me on my TF kick again, so I'd be more than giddy to mess around during that time or with that in mind! Though I'm not done reading the series, so, no spoilers pls :'3 Currently just starting the Dark Cybertron arc, if I recall correctly.)
All that said, any of these guys could also serve as "continuity neutral," so to speak~

I'm not at all opposed to throwing canon characters in, but there's only a handful (mostly just from the TF:P cast) that I'm super familiar with writing :'D So I'll personally stick to mostly OCs, but potential partners are more than welcome to claim as many canons as they might like! Go wild, honestly~ I love canon-OC interactions <3

Once you've read through my rules/notes sections, feel free to shoot me a PM or leave a comment on the thread~


what to expect of me
  • I don't use Discord for roleplays or OOC chatting, sorry ^^"
  • 16+ to 18+ ♦ I don't mind roleplaying with minors, as I do not tend to tread into explicitly sexual topics, but I do like my darker/mature/more serious themes-
  • I like using forums best, but I'm def not opposed to private messages, for both planning and RPs!
  • I write in Third Person Close, Present Tense. ♦ I often slam out posts that are pretty beefy, around 10 or even 15+ paragraphs if I'm really in the zone, and around 5 or so when things are slow/chill, but I also tend to "mirror" my partner's post lengths (unless there's something specific I have in mind).
  • Offline late Fridays thru Sundays. ♦ I usually try to post in "bursts," where I'll reply/post multiple times in a single day. Though, I can't guarantee a super steady reply speed, as I'm still re-learning my commitment limits due to college burnout-
  • Down for short-term and long-term roleplays.
  • Media examples with tones similar to what I like to write about are FullMetal Alchemist, Our Flag Means Death, Borderlands 2, Life is Strange, and Night in the Woods.
  • Masculine & Nonbinary characters. ♦ Most characters I play are transmasc, masculine-aligned/presenting, nonbinary, or gender neutral in some way. This is mostly due to vague dysphoria reasons lol- That said, I do like playing specific fem & fem-aligned/presenting characters! I'm just a little more picky in that regard.
    • I usually limit myself to 1 - 3 "primary-focus" characters, but I have no preference for how many characters my partner uses! So long as you can keep up with 'em, use as many or as few as you like~ (I think the term here is "Doubles/Doubling" when it comes to playing more than one character, so, guess I'm double friendly! :D)
  • Romance/Shipping is optional. ♦ If it happens at all, I don't have a strong pairing type preference. Only thing I won't go for is CisHet romance :p (Note that I don't mean MxF. Bi4Bi / Pan4Pan / T4T / Ace4Ace is all a thing <3)
  • Ghost Friendly. ♦ I know how difficult it can be to maintain the energy to participate in this hobby :'D So don't ever feel bad if you have or want to drop, or if you need/want to step away, for any reason, be it with or without notice. Also chill if you just forgot! (My memory is beans, I totally understand <3)
  • I have ADHD so my time management is pretty garbo- I may not have enough energy/spoons to respond every day, but I'll do my best to shoot you updates if things get too quiet. I'm usually more than willing to try picking up month old roleplays, if I'm still interested in the subject!
  • This is Transformers specific, but I'm only loosely familiar with some fanon concepts (such as EM fields) and terms (servo = hand, pede = foot, optics = eyes, audials = "ears").

what i expect of you
  • Patience. ♦ Roleplaying is a hobby for me. I can't be online all the time, nor will I always have the energy to give same-day responses. I'll be patient with you, if you're patient with me
  • No One-liners. ♦ At least Intermediate or above writing level, and A few small paragraphs or more in terms of post length. Narrative style doesn't matter to me; whatever works best for you!
  • At least moderate OOC chatter. I like to get to know my partners, at a least a little!
  • Pre-Planning & Worldbuilding. ♦ I lovelovelove in-depth planning! I can work with on-the-fly narratives, but I really enjoy heavy brainstorming and world/character-building. I Will write entire novels worth of character analysis stuff, if you let me- That said, I don't enjoy when the prep is one-sided. I'll quickly become disinterested if I'm the only one providing or pushing ideas.
  • No coding necessary. ♦ While I enjoy spicing up my posts with coding, it's def not necessary for you to do the same unless you want to!
  • Also Transformers specific, I don't expect my partner to be super familiar with fanon concepts/terms either LOL
code by MaryGold ♦ deco by LEZIFIED


dynamics & themes

= neutral
= romantic or queerplatonic
= rivalry, antagonistic
= protective of
= could work for any of the above
/ = either or
(example: / = rivalry OR romance)
subject = primarily interested in

autobot / decepticon
bodyguard / criminal / deserter
cybertronian / human
(more coming soon, i just wanna get this posted ACFVGBSZD-)

Just. All of these pairing types.
but, Specifically "antagonist who's been redeemed by the aid & goodness of the hero" X "hero who is slowly descending down the same path that the antagonist just crawled out of."

Also these-

/points/ The character with a sad backstory who was (inadvertently or on purpose) taught not to get attached to others has fallen for the kindhearted, affectionate character who shows them genuine friendship for the first time in their life !!

The pining isn't unrequited, it is in fact Very mutual, they're just idiots.

World weary character who has become jaded/bored with their role, meets a plucky newcomer who is off the walls unconventional in every way possible.

Ride Or Die best friends.

"I wonder how I taste" meme; one character thinking about kissing whilst the other thinks about Chompin'.


characters & prompts
characters & groups with sparkles around them are ones I'm primarily interested in!

general plots/prompts
  • Mostly MTMTE inspired, with the simple premise of "Group of bots are on a journey to achieve a central goal, and shenanigans of varying intensities ensue along the way. People may or may not die. Fun roadtrip!" Could take place during any era (pre-war, pre-exodus, during the war, post-exodus, post-war, etc).
    • One plot idea I've got for this takes place during the war. A little bit Star Trek: Voyager inspired, a group of bots (preferably of mixed factions, as that would be the most fun) somehow get stranded leagues away from familiar space. Be it they got sucked through a wormhole, or a hyper-drive malfunction catapulted the ship Way Too Far, these bots have one goal in mind: get back to Cybertron.
unaligned/true neutrals
the rings crew
  • Match Boss - Kickbeat - Relic - Wild-Dive - Venture
    • Whether your character is an Autobot, Decepticon, or neutral, they're the unlucky sap who's ship is being boarded.
    • Pre-war plot; your character has managed to get into the Rings arena. What are they here for? Are they looking to be part of the fights, to bet on said fights, or are they working for the council/senate to dismantle the Rings network? Or maybe they're here as a Decepticon recruiter, looking for possible allies?
  • Darkshift - Halfpipe - Cataclypse - Boltspin - Breakshot - Crystellation - Seaglass
    • Your character is at a seedy bar in the middle of nowhere, with these rowdy bots at a table nearby. This bunch either...
      • Catches your character's eye for some reason; maybe one of them is doing (or about to do) something stupid, or they're playing an especially tense card game.
      • One (or maybe all) of them are staring at your character like there's a giant worm in their drink. Does your character have a known price on their head? Do they stick out in this bar in some way? Maybe there actually is a giant worm in their drink-
  • Shocks - Blastlane - Drop-Groove
    • Your character is part of the group that finds these three knuckleheads, serving as Blastlane's, Shocks', and Drop-Groove's first sentient contact in eons. Is your character with the Autobots, here to rescue this wayward squad? Are they with the Decepticons, here on a tip about an abandoned Autobot outpost? Maybe they're neutral, and just stumbled upon the outpost? Either way, the squad is rolling out the welcome mat.
  • Safeguard
  • Switchblade & Skiver
    • The twins are cornered. They have a hostage. Both of them are heavily injured, with one of them being flat out incapacitated, and the most coherent of the two is demanding a medic in exchange for the hostage. Is your character their hostage? Said hostage's rescuer? The demanded medic? Or are they here to help the twins?
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