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howdy-hey !! it's been a little while since i was here, so i figured i'd resurrect my account & get a fresh thread up and running. before i get into the meat 'n potatoes of this, please be sure to read through the introduction & expectations sections of my roleplay info!

here's the general cliff notes tho;
  • posting speed & frequency can be kind of all over the place depending on my energy levels, but i try to do at least 1 - 3 replies per week at the minimum!
  • i'm away over most weekends (late friday through sunday) for DnD commitments.
  • primarily looking for partners who are 18 or older. i just like roleplaying with folks around my age!
  • i am not looking for smut/sexual content; primarily because i'm not too confident in writing it just yet, and generally just not in the mood!
  • currently more down for short-term roleplays, but i could possibly be talked into a few long-term ones.
  • i don't use discord for roleplays or OOC chatting, sorry ^^" i'm old fashioned & just like forums better lol i'm more than willing to go into DMs or google docs if you prefer somewhere more private!
  • also here's some writing samples!

like it says on the tin, i'm on the hunt for some animal-character roleplays! not specifically furries/anthros, though those are not unwelcome ^^ i'm talking moreso Animal animals, the likes of The Lion King, RedWall, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, or even... shudder.. Warrior Cats- (i jest about that last one. mostly. i haven't been into Warriors or any of the other Erin Hunter-penned animal books in years asdfg)

i usually like to add a splash of the fantastical into all my roleplays, but that's not a hard rule! it really depends on the setting & story we want to craft~ i'm also open to my partner playing as a human/humanoid (such as a fantasy race of any kind), as i think creature-human interaction would be kinda neat to play off!

so, if anything here sound like your cup of tea, hit me up either via comment here or DM!

( this is currently a little barren, but i'll be updating it with links to characters, some storyhooks, more dynamics etc! )

  • soooon....
  • His Dark Materials
    • primarily with an emphasis on our muses' daemons.
    • possible jumping off point is we could have one player as the human, and the other as the daemon.
  • Golden Shrike (indie comic series about deer with bird familiars)
  • I Hope So (indie comic series about lions)
  • Wolf's Rain
  • Guardians of Ga'Hoole
    • do note i'm Very rusty on the lore tho ASDFDAGH-
  • Spyro The Dragon (Classic/Reignited)

= neutral
= romantic or queerplatonic
= rivalry, antagonistic
= protective of
= forbidden friend/relationship
/ = either or
(example: / = rivalry OR romance)
& = a mix of
(example: & = rivalry AND romance)
* subject * = preferred role/character​

  • unicorn & / dragon
  • unicorn / / wizard/mage
  • unicorn / / knight
  • dragon / "rival" dragon
  • guard dog household member
  • predator animal & prey or rival predator
  • ???
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Hello, I'm Cat (They/Them)!

I'm honestly not sure what to put as far as introductions go, since my post length and response times tend to vary greatly depending on my (irl) schedule and overall motivation, so I'll respond to your introduction cliff-notes:
  • I might knock out several large posts back-to-back in the same day. Similarly, it might take me all week to get a paragraph or two out. It really depends, but I'll try to keep you posted on what to expect if there is any drastic straying from a happy medium.
  • I'm free pretty much whenever, but I do have D&D on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so those are kind of dicey.
  • I am definitely older than 18, haha. It's been almost two decades now that I've been forum roleplaying, so I'm no stranger to cooperative world-building and managing multiple characters (main, side, and NPC).
  • No smut/sexual content is fine with me, though if any "steam" brews in a romance (which is an optional genre; I like to see where things go) I wouldn't mind a fade-to-black. However, I do prefer the inclusion of violent combat when needed; epic battles just wouldn't be the same with low-stakes.
  • I've never participated in a short-term roleplay before, but I've also never finished a long-term roleplay. I'm down for either one!
  • While DMs are my preference, I'm not against writing in a forum.
Now that that's out of the way. . .

Would you be interested in a semi-realistic wolf roleplay? I have a couple of characters I have been dying to write for, though only have original artwork for one at the moment.

If not, I'm also down for a feral cat roleplay. Or, heck, even a mix of feral and domestic; maybe something set in a rural community where there are humans and woodlands.

Aaand if the mundane doesn't suit your fancy at the moment, I've got a dragon character with a bunch of lore for his species that might fit a high-fantasy setting pretty well. He's currently a dragon-shifter, but I have no qualms making him simply a dragon.

Thanks for reading!

—Cat 🐾
oo, howdyhey! honestly we sound like a pretty good match (and i absolutely understand ya about post length depending on schedule & motivation; especially with sometimes mere sentences taking all day asfghdja- i'm pretty much the same way). & violence is always on the table for me >:] love me some fight scenes that leave characters extra bloody~
DMs also sound like a fine spot to me! i haven't used 'em for actual roleplays yet, but i'm always willing to try something at least twice ^v^

as for what interests me, you had me at wolves! i've had wolves on the brain for a good week now, so your timing is perfect~ it's been a while since i did a strictly realistic setting, but i'd be more than happy to dust off my wolfquest-acquired-knowledge for it.
i'll shoot ya a message so we can hash out more concrete ideas & share character info!