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I'm not entirely sure how this site works since I'm new to it (I joined in 2019 but I only started RPing here today)

I'm looking for an Obitine RP since I've been watching Clone Wars and I'm obsessed with them

I have two different RP starters which I'll put in spoilers below and you just tell me which one you're replying to

Obi Wan had been tasked with watching the duchess of Mandalore due to the Civil War that was raging across the planet, his master Qui-Gon Jinn had made sure to give him a list of things that may come up. They'd left the capital city of Sundari the day before and had spend the whole day travelling

And the two of them had done nothing but argue the whole time, Obi Wan had wanted her to know that he would do anything to protect her and she had argued that violence was against what she believed in. Which of course meant that as they headed into a cave that they would be staying in for the night, he started a fire. She was sitting in the corner of the cave as she ignored him. He sighed as he looked up at her "You can't ignore me, we're stuck together until you can go back home" He tried to sound reasonable

Obi Wan had been told by the Jedi Council that he had to go to Mandalore to find out what was going on in the planet. He knew why they'd sent him, because of his 'close friendship' with the duchess, not that they knew the truth or at least he hoped not, he did after all have feelings for her. Even though he'd managed to ignore them for years ever since he last saw her

He took a deep breath as he walked into the palace and made his way over to where Satine was sitting on the throne, he dipped his head in greeting before going over to her and holding out his hand for her, pressing a kiss to the top of her hand "You look as beautiful as ever" He told her, he certainly had never been the best at compliments, but the words had come out before he could even think to stop himself

I hope these work for you and you consider replying