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Hey peeps!

I've been thinking about putting together a RP for a while and I'm looking to find out how many people would be interested.

|| So Absinthe, what's the experiment?
I'm experimenting with using more traditional RPG elements in a forum RP setting. This will include character stats, dice rolls for certain events and a central NPC narrator updating characters on events that are happening. However, I want to keep things as easy as possible for people who aren't familiar with pen and paper games!

I'm also switching to creating a plot that unfolds around the characters, rather than trying to force characters into a narrative. If we get loads of gun slinging, fast driving, hard drinking maniacs, then prepare for loads of action! A small group of techies obsessively looking for a holy relic called an 'iPod'? Sure, get your questing boots on! I'm also extending this to the setting, within reason. Laser guns? Awesome! Miraculously intact muscle cars? Sure thing! 8 year old riding a giant T-Rex into battle... not so much.

|| Wait, is this one of those fandom RPs?
While loosely inspired by obsessive re-listening to MCR's Danger Days [Thanks for getting the gigs cancelled, Covid.] no prior knowledge of Danger Days or Killjoys is needed. Think bright colours, fast living and posing with a vending machine in roller skates and a crop top because someone said you couldn't.


Sound interested? Click the spoiler below for a taster of what our narrator, Doctor Death, has to say. If you're still interested, let me know! :D
Concerns, questions? Don't be afraid to shoot me a message or post here!

Breaking news, tumbleweeds! Some desert birdies have told your ol' pal Dr. Death that we have some newbies among us today. I'm counting on all you listeners out there to make 'em feel welcome, and to give them the low down to keep them from getting ghosted. You sitting comfortably children, time for Doctor D's story corner, to help bring these newly lost souls up to speed. The records of how the world fell have been lost to all but a select few, and heaven knows, they're not sharing. But who cares? I sure as hell don't. So time to introduce you to our main players.

The Echelon. The 'haves'.
Descendants of those that could afford protection, willing to pay whatever price they need to in order to stay 'safe'.
A veritable paradise, where every aspect is controlled to ensure the happiness and safety of its people. Take your pills, say your prayers, be friends with the right people and just don't ask where your neighbours went when they started asking the wrong questions.

Haven Slums. I'm guessing that's where you new folk have landed in from. As a reminder to out faithful listeners, here's the low down on Haven. Once, the Echelon needed staff, and they were housed here. Over time, automation took over most roles, and left the majority of people living here out of work. Those that can still work, work long hours in factories producing and maintaining the robots and machines that replaced them. Although they're told they're still protected by the walls, drug abuse, prostitution and violence are rife. An expensive pass, designed to almost be impossible to obtain, is needed to cross the border into Echelon. Any attempts to cross the border without a pass are punishable by death. A moment of silence for our friends who died trying to reach us too.

That leaves us. The Free. Unknown to the people of Echelon and Haven for the most part. Descendants of those that couldn't take shelter when the disaster came and runaways from Haven, turned into troublemakers, party animals and anarchists. A lawless society that over several generations has organised itself into a loose community in the remains of a decaying desert town. Partying, and providing various supplies
for those parties, is the main pastime and work for most of the Free. Live fast, die young is a way of living (and dying) out here.


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This sounds really interesting, I'm a beginner to this type of setup but I'm a pretty quick learner. So when this starts, I am more then happy to join!
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