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Howdy, Iwaku Peeps!

I've got a brand new RP cookin'! It's a multi-fandom RP based around character interaction, epic plots, deceit, drama, comedy... and all the other stuff that comes with the territory. If you've ever been in a multifandom, then you get the gist. This multifandom in particular will be reminiscent of the Murder Games from a few years back - only without all the traitor stuff. Bi-monthly/monthly RPs (which we call "Arcs"), side RPs, in-lore one-off stories, non-canon fun RPs, and even a few on-site sandboxes cookin'!

You can play ANY character ya want! From anything!

Wanna play Saitama from One Punch Man? Go for it!

How about Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls? Yup!

The Dude from the hit classic R-Rated Comedy, The Big Lebowski? I don't see why not!

Does any of this sound interesting to you? Then give us a look in our first of many roleplays, based around The World Ends With You and its sequel, NEO: The World Ends With You - It's So Wonderful! No prior knowledge about either game is required to join.
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Oh, and I should also clarify that OCs are allowed as well!​
May I join?