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Neuter Haunt is an inn, resort, tavern... A place where both demons and angels, along with other races, come to rest and socialize, but yes, fights and even death can happen.

The world has always been ruled by two sides. Darkness and light. So, to commemorate those two sides, I bring you this: Two clans, two sides. You choose one. Simple. One, prefers peace, help others, respects all foms of life (Coelum), the other simply loves chaos, wars, and death (Infernum).

The good side will have the angels exclusively, and the bad side the demons, obviously. These two are the most powerful ones, above any other race. But if you wish to be something else, any other legendary or mythical creature like were-animals, beasts, sorcerers, dragons, etc., you can, and just choose a side. Magic, elements bending, teleportation, shape shifting, everything is allowed. And to give it a bit of human touch, your character will have a human form it can shape into, so the other player can wonder what you really are, and stuff like romance can happen.

The background has three main places (Neuter, Coelum and Infernum), but this RP is located in Neuter, latin for neutral. Here both sides come and go to have a break from the caos in their world and their own chores. Coelum means heaven, the light creatures' home, and Infernum means hell, for the dark side. All characters can open a gate to their own world and to Neuter using their own blood.
Neuter Haunt is specifically a huge inn, hotel, or boarder house, with rooms, restaurant, bar, kitchen, swimming pool, library, etc., as big that its capable of having a dragon standing inside without breaking anything. Around the haunt there is a forest, a beach, and whatever place and room you wish out of your immagination either inside or outside the haunt. Just be creative and detailed.

In the haunt you can either relax, start a fight, chat, argue, fall in love, and do anything you wish (except sex which is not allowed in public, so fade to black and take it to PM). If two characters start fighting just roll a dice to select the winner, the looser can decide to either run away to their world, surrender, or even get killed by the winner after discussing it with the other party OOC. Dying is a good excuse to leave the thread instead of just stop replying. The entire personal of Neuter Haunt (chefs, cleaning, bartender, etc.) are non playable characters that can be controlled, killed, and replaced at your discretion. No one is the owner of Neuter Haunt.

To start just post two images as thumbnails, one of your human form (a real person face-claim) and your supernatural form (demon, angel, dragon, werewolf, etc.), then write your character's name, side (Coelum or Infernum), and race. Also write Recurrent or New if you want other characters to already know you IC or not. Obviously if you are New you will not know other Recurrent hosts. See my first reply as an example.
Speak in third person and past tense please, and always include your character's name in your posts somewhere so others will know who it is (Drac when to... instead of: He went to...). When your character speaks use "quotes", and italics when they are thinking. Be detailed and post at least a small paragraph, no one-sentence replies.
No god-modding please, all Iwaku rules apply, sexual stuff take it to PM. Finally, have fun and I hope you like your stay in Neuter Haunt. For any OOC just use parenthesis.
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53926323_542343936259696_6498262154225909760_n.jpg68908127_2414700158798200_3050923962809712640_n.jpg Name: Ragnar - Side: Infernum - Race: Demon - Recurrent

Ragnar opened the gate with a few drops of his blood and stepped into the Neuter realm. He was bored of the everyday chaos in Inferno, having to fight six idiots just today. He wanted to relax and he knew exactly where he could go. Hell wasn't going to froze if he left for a few hours. His footsteps left burning marks on the ground as he made his way to Neutral Haunt, the trees that were at his sides burned like matches. Noticing this, Ragnar huffed and shifted into his human form.
He walked inside though the front door and went directly to the swimming pool. Already shirtless and not bothering to take off his pants, he stepped into the water and sat down resting his back against the edge. He growled, the water being too cold for his taste. Smirking he started heating it until the water started to boil. This way other creatures wouldn't bother him while he was using the pool, unless they could endure the boiling water frying their skin. Sighing he laid his head back and closed his eyes after asking for a drink.
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Name: Nana - Side: Infernum - Race: Kitsune(Mischievous Fox Spirit) - New

A pair of porcelain-skinned feet treaded lightly in the direction of commotion and light. Following the feet were nine bushy tails, swinging exuberantly behind Nana as she excitedly approached what she soon discovered to be an inn by the name of Neuter Haunt.

"An inn, huh.." she remarked to herself, her hand resting on her elegant hip. "I think I may have to raise a little hell in this place~"

Pushing through the front entrance, Nana giddily peered at her surroundings. Various creatures and deities of all shapes, sizes, and delegations mingled and bustled before her.

"Excuse me?" she beckoned. "Might there be a soul around to guide me? I'd like to make a stay in this lovely establishment~!"
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c60ae82a64a6c83f9331fb5c939650ca.jpgcea67bb79a580ca0091f34791dd3b993.jpg Name: Kain - Side: Coelum - Race: Charr - Recurrent

A calmed silver gaze fell on the fox spirit as she spoke asking for a tour. A soft rumble of a contained chuckle vibrated in his throat. It was obvious she was new. No one asked for a tour since there was no guides. You came and found your own way around the huge inn. He was a bit lost at first with the size of it and the many rooms it held. Now it was easier, but he still spent more time at the library and restaurant. The beach was also one of his chosen destinations here in Neuter.

Kain was in his human form, hiding his true self from the others, although those that came often knew what and who he was. He was known in Coelum as a fair warrior, some residents of Infernum knew him as well, which wasn't that good either. Many held a grudge against him. He was strong and a magic user, getting him in enough fights to learn well how to survive.

Getting himself involved with one of Infernum wasn't a good idea, but he was also good and liked to help others. Maybe she would appreciate it even with the differences they had. He stood up and saved the small book he was reason in he inside pocket of his coat. He did the same with his golden glasses and approached the kitsune. "Good evening, miss. I'm afraid non of the staff in this place is conscious enough to be able to guide anyone. They have one task; cook, serve, clean, and such, more than that they are useless, kind of puppets. But, if you would like, I can give you a short tour." He smiled softly and bowed his head at her. "Kain Geist."
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Name: Nana - Side: Infernum - Race: Kitsune(Mischievous Fox Spirit) - New

Nana crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently, as it seemed no one had even turned in her direction. She was not accustomed to being—as she viewed it—ignored. Small blue flames began to flicker out from the tips of her tails; the common reaction to when her feelings became, for lack of a better term, fiery. One might say she was an easy read.

"I suppose, perhaps, a ravishing kitsune such as myself isn't welcome here," Nana pouted, her tails now wildly thrashing about. "I ought to—" she started, although quickly sealing her lips and relaxing her fluffy extremities. A man was approaching and, by the looks and smell of it, of Coelum kind.

Nana, despite her boastful and sly façade, was actually quite the shy fox. As a child, her father and siblings would shame her for her timid and friendly ways, resulting in her desperate and often far-fetched attempts to fit the typical Infernum kitsune persona. Most of the time during her adult life, however, she'd been a lone traveler, which allowed her to fool herself into thinking she had overcome her past fear of confrontation and—quite notably—men.

Boy, was she in for a rude awakening when the aforementioned Coelum man approached and politely offered her a tour, introducing himself as Kain Geist.

Nana relaxed her peeled back eyelids and straightened her back as desperate attempts to regain her, albeit fake, composure. "N-Nana. That is all. I possess no other name. As for the information you have provided about the inn staff, I o-owe you...gratitude. Furthermore, I suppose I shall...allow a Coelum to guide me, a naturally superior and ravishing Infernum kitsune." She paused for a moment after her speech, in a somewhat lapse of confidence. However, she quickly re-crossed her arms and tried with all of her might to assume a dominant pose, her body language almost screaming the words, "Hmmph! So there!"
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c60ae82a64a6c83f9331fb5c939650ca.jpgcea67bb79a580ca0091f34791dd3b993.jpg Name: Kain - Side: Coelum - Race: Charr - Recurrent

He had noticed, and above all felt, how her irritation rose when she was paid no mind by the other residents of Neuter Haunt. It wasn't uncommon. Those from Infernum didn't care about aiding others, not even their own kind, and the Coelum kind didn't dare or bothered to mix with Infernum unless it was for a fight. Even when his kind bragged that they didn't like fighting and only did it when circumstances called for it, they were constantly looking for a reason to draw their weapons against Infernum. He was too... Lazy to find and care about those reasons.

Now that he was closer to her, only a few feet separating them, he was able to notice those details that made a kitsune such a wonder and art of beauty. It was no surprise many males fell for their tricks and enchantments. He had to deal with a few along his years, yet he didn't seem to mind he was speaking with another one now. Just the fact that she was a kitsune didn't mean she represented the same danger for him, at least not for the moment. He hoped it stayed that way.

"Nana, easy yet beautiful to hear and learn. No need for your gratitude yet I appreciate it. It's no hassle for me to share some knowledge to a newcomer." He wasn't bothered by her choice of words, or strong composure she was showing as she spoke. He was very calmed and patient, his eyes always showing a gentle sincerity as he replies with the same soft voice. "I must thank you for your trust in the likes of me. It will certainly be a pleasure to share a moment with such ravishing kitsune, Miss. If you please..." He bowed his head again just slightly to show his respect and unwillingness to start a combat and extended his hand to the main room right before them.

"The reception. Here you may ask which way every room is, which bedrooms are available and even the quantity of guests at the moment, among other things." He walked to the right, staying besides her but also a few feet ahead to not stress her by being a possible threat behind her. "The restaurant is ahead, with any dish you might wish and desire. The staff might help you with a few options if you are unsure what to ask for." They continued to the stairs leasing to the upper room containing most of the bedrooms. All of them decorated differently to match the user's liking. "Before we continue, I must inform you, the place is bigger than what it seems. It took me a few days taking my time to see it all. If you desire to stop, please, don't doubt to tell me."
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: Nana - Side: Infernum - Race: Kitsune(Mischievous Fox Spirit) - New

Nana held an uncomfortably stiff position as Kain began to speak, although she couldn't help but to relax her shoulders as his words, which she had assumed would be at least a tad defiant, turned out to be soft and accommodating. A pang of guilt washed over her chest and her face portrayed it, even if only for a second until she reluctantly stayed true to her feisty persona. The memory of familial ridicule was deeply rooted inside of her, and she could only imagine the looks she'd receive if her family could see her now, melting before a Coelum man.

Following close behind Kain, Nana began to learn some valuable information about the inn. However, she couldn't help but to wonder if it were the inn she wanted to learn about, or the gentle man before her. He was chiseled and manly, but not a single feature posed a threat. "He's in human form," she thought. "What sort of being...or beast may lie beneath that tranquil exterior..?"

Her heart thumped each time he glanced in her direction. Nana was well aware that this man was of Coelum kind, and yet she felt a warmth and comfort between them. By this point in time, she had subconsciously decided that, even if this were a clever Coelum rouse to extort her Infernum self, she might just let it happen to continue to feed upon the new and euphoric feeling it gave her.

"...If you desire to stop, please, don't doubt to tell me." Kain's words struck her like an arrow through the heart. "Stop? Will he leave? Will I be alone again?"

"Uh—I um..." Nana stuttered, trying to remember how to look and sound like a proud kitsune. However, suddenly it felt wrong to deceive the man before her. A clarity fell upon her heart, although her brain still could not form a proper sentence, as she had repressed this timid part of her for so long.

"Please," Nana muttered, her eyes darting about, her cheeks a faint shade of red. She impulsively closed the gap between them, grasping Kain's shirt with a no-longer-clawed hand, as she had shifted to human form in her flustered state. She could not maintain eye contact with him, so she looked off to the side. "D-....don't stop."
c60ae82a64a6c83f9331fb5c939650ca.jpgcea67bb79a580ca0091f34791dd3b993.jpg Name: Kain - Side: Coelum - Race: Charr - Recurrent

If he noticed the way her features changed with his own words he didn't made it obvious. He couldn't be rude or indifferent, no matter the creature or side, it was just who he was and he never thought of changing. He walked slowly to give her time to see every room they passed by and his words were always soft and inviting. His velvety voice was made to lure and confide and not to fear.

When he asked her to inform him if she wanted to stop it wasn't because he wanted to. It was a simple show of respect in case she grew bored or tired and desires to leave. He would understand and wouldn't think any less or her. He wasn't expecting such a change after he did thou. His silver eyes looked at her as she shifted into her human form. It wasn't that she shifted that surprised him nor the hand gripping his shirt as if afraid he would vanish, but this new shy side of her.

Her red cheeks made him smile gently. Not mockingly but in and endearing way. She seemed younger with this new attitude and way more beautiful. He offered his arm for the taking so they could continue. "As long as you desire, Miss Nana." They continued their tour, he explaining the different bedrooms and how the cleaning and room service worked.

They moved to another floor exclusively for the library. Thousands of books, from the origin of every race and species to the most difficult spells of magic. "My personal favorite in Neuter Haunt. You could spend decades and wouldn't finish all the books contained here." He enjoyed very much to read and learn, telling her that if she ever wished to see him again and he was here and not in Coleum, she could start at the library and there was a greater chance to find him.

They walked downstairs once more and they entered the swimming pool that was in the middle of a beautiful garden. "A sauna, hot tub, and a natural swimming pool with a bar at the edge for you to relax, including a massage room on that side." The swimming pool was currently boiling with hot steam leaving every inch of it's waters. Obviously doing of the demon currently using it. "Good evening, Ragnar."

53926323_542343936259696_6498262154225909760_n.jpg68908127_2414700158798200_3050923962809712640_n.jpg Name: Ragnar - Side:Infernum - Race: Demon - Recurrent

His black eyes looked up when he heard someone else invading his peace. He growled in annoyance when that sickening good and peaceful feeling accompanied the visitors. Coelum. He could feel them easily and it annoyed him. What then surprised him was the Infernum walking besides the bastard. What was one of his kind holding a Coelum like that?

Ragnar stood up inside the pool and glared at them both. He ignored Kain and looked only at the woman. "You! What are you doing with a Coelum? I hope you plan on stabbing this pigeon on the back as soon as you have the chance." He growled with obvious dislike towards the man. He knew Kain, liked to came her as much as he did, but never cared to confront him. He was no one to bother, a cockroach that only annoyed him with his presence. Every Coelum did, not just him.
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Name: Nana - Side: Infernum - Race: Kitsune(Mischievous Fox Spirit) - New

Nana's body was overcome with relief as she heard the words, "As long as you desire, Miss Nana." She had never been treated this kindly and wondered if she even deserved it. However, when Kain lent her his arm to hold, a wide, genuine smile spread across her face and she grasped it willingly.

Once they approached the library, Nana peered inquisitively at the long and seemingly endless rows of bookshelves, stocked to the brim. "So this is where he spends his time..." The young kitsune felt somewhat ashamed, as she had once loved to read, but had lost touch with the world of literature as it distracted from the crafting of her persona. Most of her adolescent days were spent learning the arts of trickery and seduction, which never came easy. "Huh, if only I had known this inn would have welcomed my younger self just as she was... How bittersweet."

Nana's mind soon flashed to the image of Kain's welcoming smile as he held a book in hand. "Is the world not as cruel a place as I was made to believe, perhaps..?" She grinned and eagerly was led by her newfound acquaintance, toward what seemed to be a swimming area.

However, the swimming pool looked much like a larger version of the nearby hot tub, bubbling and steaming like a witch's cauldron. Inside lounged a towering, muscular figure with a not-so-pleasant expression across his face. "Demon..." Nana could recognize their kind from her many years spent in Infernum, mainly trying to avoid them. She had, however, developed a sufficient enough method of interacting with them, which mainly involved appeasement and smart decisions. Although, her current situation had already bypassed those elements entirely, as she was clinging to the arm of a Coelum creature; a demon's natural foe.

As Nana expected, the demon, now revealed to be named Ragnar, was not pleased with her behavior. "You! What are you doing with a Coelum? I hope you plan on stabbing this pigeon on the back as soon as you have the chance," he beckoned, voice thundering at a painful volume, considering a kitsune's enhanced sense of hearing.

Nana was suddenly put on the spot, which had not happened since she became a lone traveler. Thrown into an internal panic, she defaulted back to her haughty persona. The now shakily smirking kitsune flung Kain's arm away from her, crossing her arms in defiance. "My, my...! Ragnar, wouldn't you let a ravishing kitsune do her bidding in peace? Of course this Coelum means...nothing to me, but now you've gone and ruined my credibility... How might I swindle him now?" The words came out automatically, almost as if she'd learned and memorized them from a manual.

Although Nana knew the measly shove she gave Kain's arm could not possibly have physically hurt him, she was overcome by a stinging ache in her stomach just by the thought of disrespecting him. As she stood waiting for Ragnar's response, one could notice her eyes portrayed a pained demeanor.

Nana could not meet Kain's gaze in that moment, even if it would save her life.
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c60ae82a64a6c83f9331fb5c939650ca.jpgcea67bb79a580ca0091f34791dd3b993.jpg Name: Kain - Side: Coelum - Race: Charr - Recurrent

He took a step closer to the pool, his protective self coming forwards to stop this demon from trying anything against her. He was about to reply in behalf of his companion when the shove Nana gave him surprised him slightly making him close his mouth. He stood quiet as she spoke, dealing with this in a very different way he had imagined. He was no liar and never tried to trick someone, not even an enemy. Her words made him wonder how many of them were true.

Kain knew what he was going into when he made the choice to help an Infernum. He didn't regret it thou. Her company had been very welcomed and a nice change in his routine. He would have liked it to last a bit longer thou, but now he could see that it could bring her issues, and he didn't want that to happen. Others of his kind didn't mind what you did and with who you were, Infernums were different. They were jealous and possessive of their kind and she could be bothered because she was with him.

Ragnar watched Nana for a moment with a glare and then huffed. "A kitsune..." Well that explained why she was playing with her pray. "Very well. I would do it quickly, this cat isn't one to be playing with," Ragnar growled before he sat back leaning against the edge of the pool. He closed his eyes again and sipped on a dark red glass he had resting near by.

Kain watched him carefully for a moment until he was sure he was too lazy to step in any longer. He looked at Nana and smiled softly, motioning for them to continue as if anything that just happened had bothered him. "There are many other rooms and if you need to know where anything is, or if you ever need something to be delivered to you, you can always ask the staff. I should be on my way. I would hate myself if my presence caused you anymore inconveniences with your kind. I apologize for what just happened." He extended his hand slowly to take hers, never doing any suddenly to not startle her. "It had really being a pleasure being at the service of such a ravishing kitsune, Miss Nana." He bowed his head and kissed her hand very softly. "Be careful, we are in neutral lands but some here still like to fight and even kill."
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Name: Nana - Side: Infernum - Race: Kitsune(Mischievous Fox Spirit) - New

Nana relaxed slightly as Ragnar gave his partial approval, although her main source of worry was still with Kain. Expecting judgement, she braced for the worst. However, the kitsune was met with nothing more than a smile and a continuation of polite words.

"Huh?" she thought. "Not even so much as an acknowledgement of my dismissal of him? ...Does he even care?"

Nana faked a wobbly smile and followed the silver-eyed Coelum until he gave what seemed to be a farewell address.

"...I should be on my way. I would hate myself if my presence caused you anymore inconveniences with your kind. I apologize for what just happened...," he said, soon gently placing a kiss on her hand. However, this physical exchange did not cause Nana's body to flare up as it would have moments ago. There was a twisting feeling deep inside of her, as if something might be off about the gesture. Was this all he desired from her? Had she become a nuisance in his eyes? Could he, perhaps, treat all newcomers in this manner? Nana's stomach contorted and her thoughts spiraled. Could she be...angry with him?

As Kain's body began to turn away, Nana clenched her fists and furrowed her brow. "Kain Geist!" she exclaimed, his name a new feeling on her tongue. "You couldn't be so foolish to think I meant what I said earlier, right? You must know that! So what if you might cause me problems—so what if I'm put in danger—wouldn't you at least stop and ask for my opinion about it before leaving me behind? What fun might I have without your company?" Her cheeks had passed 'flushed' at this point, and had become a stark, vibrant crimson. She earnestly looked the man in his silver eyes. "...I've taken quite a liking to you, you know... As foolish it may sound, these past few minutes with you have enlightened me, a most ravishing kitsune, to many a wonderful spectacle. However, your actions suggest you are no longer interested in my company," the scatter-brained fox rambled on. "If that is so, a most radiantly ravishing, positively petrifying kitsune such as myself, believes she may deserve a direct verbal confirmation of that notion!"

Nana took a long, deep breath to regain her composure after her monologue. Another wave of embarrassment washed over her, although she figured it was far too late to alter any of her words. She frowned.
"...but if it isn't so...might we spend more time together?"
(By the way, totally let me know if you become uninterested in this roleplay, should it stay just the two of us! I'd completely understand! However, I'm enjoying it thus far and would love to continue if you feel the same. ^^)
(yes, I love it as well, I want to continue :) if you have any other plot you would like to RP let me know!)

c60ae82a64a6c83f9331fb5c939650ca.jpgcea67bb79a580ca0091f34791dd3b993.jpg Name: Kain - Side: Coelum - Race: Charr - Recurrent

He had turned around when he heard her voice. It was angry and upset. He frowned as he turned to look at her again and walked closer. He smiled a bit as she started to speak. "I know that, Miss. I never thought you did. I'm not upset, and less angry. But seeing the attitude of Ragnar towards you a moment ago, I didn't want that to escalate or to replay with another being."

He smiled softly looking at her blush. She looked so beautiful and cute like that, but he wouldn't dare say it. He kept quiet as she continued and he listened attentively. His smile widened when she said that she liked him, but then it disappeared when she implied that he no longer wanted her company. He couldn't believe he made her think that. He was an idiot. That was never his intention. Soon she grew angry as well and demanded him to be clear.

He allowed her to calm down and finish her speach, not wanting to interrupt her again. When she was done, her voice soft and unsure, he stepped closer and very gently moved a strand of her hair behind her ear to uncover her face. "Miss Nana... I apologize if my words made you feel like that. It was never my intention. With all honesty, I was disappointed that I wouldn't be in your company any longer. I wanted to prevent any future confrontations, but you were right. I should have asked and let you take your own decision to continue or leave. I'm truly sorry. I would love to continue spending my time with you."

Kain smiled and offered her his hand to take once more. "I've taken quite a liking to you too, ravishing kitsune."
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Name: Nana - Side: Infernum - Race: Kitsune(Mischievous Fox Spirit) - New

Nana could not hide the excitement in her eyes as Kain tucked her hair behind her ear, gently reassuring her of their bond. She could only imagine the wondrous joys she might experience alongside this man, and she couldn't help her craving to discover what beast lied beneath his human exterior. The kitsune tightly grasped his hand, her ear and tails appearing once more, and this time they were positively perky.

"Surely there's a saloon in this establishment where we might discover more about each other over some drinks, yes?" Nana inquired. "The more people around the better," she smirked, blue flames now rising from her tail tips. "Let's stir up some trouble together—you are dealing with a mischievous kitsune, after all."
c60ae82a64a6c83f9331fb5c939650ca.jpgcea67bb79a580ca0091f34791dd3b993.jpg Name: Kain - Side: Coelum - Race: Charr - Recurrent

She grabbed his hand and he could feel she was more confident and happy. At her suggestion he smiled and nodded. "There is. Do tell me which is your favorite drink, Miss." He looked at her ears and tails with a smile. She was astonishing in both forms.

Her next words made Kain smile. She was indeed mischievous. "I can see that. I'm not a troublemaker, but you never know, right?" He smirked and lead the way holding her hand firmly but gently.

They started walking to some stairs leading down to the lower floors. Soon music was heard and they slipped into a tavern. It was dark with only candles lighting up the place. Several tables with low chairs and sofas held several costumers of all sizes and forms. They went to sit on a couch against the wall and he soon asked for a waitress to bring them their drinks. "So, Miss Nana... From where is such a beautiful kitsune as yourself?"
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Name: Nana - Side: Infernum - Race: Kitsune(Mischievous Fox Spirit) - New

(This is a very long post lmao. I had a lot to say, I guess! Don't worry about matching the size if your response doesn't warrant that length!)

"I'll tell you this; some good cider puts me in a trance—and I do mean a trance, as I tend to be quite the wild drunk, I must admit," Nana grinned slyly. "Although you'll have to see for yourself, what I may do." Her tails swished excitedly, as she had not engaged in what one might call 'nightlife' in quite a while.

The kitsune was surprised to hear Kain propose he might engage in some mischief, but this most certainly drew her in, as it made her feel more accepted. Nana was an Infernum after all, and she had been a bit self conscious around a Coelum, even if he thrilled her to her core. "A troublesome Coelum, hmm~? I may have to pounce while I have the chance..." Nana lowered her voice toward the end of her sentence, her training in seduction reflexively bleeding through, although she had never put it into practice before.

Music filled Nana's ears, making the fluffy appendages twitch and stand upright. She could smell many creatures and refreshments; this was most certainly the atmosphere she'd been craving. The lone traveler would normally be skittish in such situations, but holding the hand of a trusted, strong, and protective being such as Kain gave her energy and confidence.

Kain's inquiry made Nana giggle a little, as she rarely even thought about where she came from anymore. In fact, she purposely drove that memory from her brain. "Alright," she rested her cheek on her hand, leaning against the back of the couch, "I'll tell you about my upbringing and matters of that nature, but I expect much more from you, Mr. Geist, as I have yet to discover your past, occupation, and most intriguingly...your true form." The kitsune inched closer to the large man before her, poking a clawed finger at his chest. "I'm itching to know what lies beneath that manly skin of yours." She giggled and sat back.

"I'm from...a mysterious forest in Infernum; home to many a mythical creature, it goes by the name of Kofuku. Kofuku Forest, in full. I was raised by my mother, a seasoned Kukan(Void)kitsune, and my hardened Kasai(Fire) kitsune of a father. I have many siblings, most following my parents' footsteps in terms of element."

Nana snapped her finger, summoning a small blue flame. "One might guess that I am a Kasai kitsune, since I tend to be surrounded by flames. That, however, is incorrect, as I only possess a limited fire ability, passed down from my father. Void magic, however, is a much trickier trade. I leave that to my mother." She paused with a grin. "I'm sure you're dying to know what I might be, then...and the answer to that question is...Ongaku. You see, my father and siblings badgered me day and night because I was not as fierce and troublesome as they. Because of this, I slaved and toiled to become...a better kitsune." Nana sighed, her tail wrapping around her waist. "Despite all of that effort, I still could not bear to become my tyrant of a father, so I chose the art of music. As soon as I reached adolescence, I set off on my own lonesome journey, humming my songs but never using them for anything other than self satisfaction. I was thriving for many years without my father, never even batting an eyelash at being alone, until I came here today...and met you."

The nine-tailed creature took a deep breath after her long tale. She smiled at the waitress and graciously accepted her mug of cider, then turned back to Kain. "That was absolutely enough about me," Nana held her mug up for a toast, "...now serve me up a plate of Kain, won't you?"
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c60ae82a64a6c83f9331fb5c939650ca.jpgcea67bb79a580ca0091f34791dd3b993.jpg Name: Kain - Side: Coelum - Race: Charr - Recurrent

He chuckled softly when she called him troublesome. He was honestly a bit boring, or that was what he thought compares to an Infernum. He was a good fighter but he usually avoided any confrontations if he could. Still, he hoped he was interesting enough for her. If not, well, he would still enjoy the time spent together.

When the waitress came he asked for a glass of brandy on the rocks. He usually didn't drank alcohol but today he might need it to loose himself a bit. Not too much as to get drunk but just enough. Smirking softly at her curiosity. "Are you sure you want to reveal every the first night? I must warn you, I might be a little boring at the end." She started her story and he listened attentively, occasionally nodding his head and smiling at some parts of her biography.

So she didn't want to be like her family. She was strong and decided, leaving her own blood just because she didn't agree with their teachings. He suspected she was different since they started talking but now he knew. She was indeed something else. He smiled and thanked the waitress when she brought their drinks. He reached forwards and laid a hand over Nana's. "There is no better kitsune, we are what we want to be. I'm glad you were able to choose your own path and I hope you don't regret anything."

Kain lifted his glass and toasted with a smile before taking a sip. He took a deep breath and thought for a moment. "Well, my race isn't very common, charrs, we are a feline type that can often use magic if we learn how. l focused on controlling minerals, from glass to iron." He covered his glass with his hand and took a part of it away to bend it into a very small glass fox. The glass was now shorter but held the same appearance.

The fox was slid towards her as he continued. "I have a brother, he uses light instead. My mother is always home. We live at the main city in Coelum. My father teaches magic while I teach combat skills to the warriors. I come here when I want to escape for a while. My family has never came here unless it's to fight. They were never very open with the Infernum kind. I instead, have always been curious to other races and knowledge. I spend most of my time reading, and Neuter has the biggest library of the three worlds."

"I have came here for many years now. I know some of the residents here a they know me, but I tend to keep a low profile to not be bothered by the rest. They know I'm not an issue they should bother about and they let me be."
He smiled and took another sip of his brandy. "Anything else would you like to know about me, Miss Nana?"
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