Looking for a gore experienced literate partner

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Original poster
I apologize if this is anything against the rules, I triple read them and I think its fine. But I am searching for a literate and mature roleplay partner who is open to the most devious and terrible of situations and plots related torture and gore. I do not want people who are inexperienced, who are dominant, or who want normal sexual roleplay. Gore, pain, and extreme sadism turns me on immensely as a dom. Female for Females or femboys only. There may be eventual NTR elements.
The reason I am posting this within the "Off-Site" thread is because it is easiest for me to contact via my discord. If you think you have any chance at being one of my... subjects, then you may send a DM to Bunny King#0666 on discord. No intent to invite to some server or group is here, this is 1x1. Please clarify you saw my ad on here in your first DM, and please, be shy. I adore it. I only use original characters.