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Focusing on/seeking characters over the age of 18.
  1. Panda3

    Lunio OOC and Sign Ups

    Setting in another Galaxy, there is another Planet almost parallel to heart. This Planet is called Lunio. The countries of Lunio are alternate versions of Earth's countries, only they have different names and there are a few changes from Earth's version of the culture, the geography is also...
  2. Kimberlyn

    The Queen's Hellhounds {IC}

    Lore || Sign-Ups || Discord || Forum ooc || Clang! Clang! Clang! The warning bell echoed throughout Garas Harbor, but it was already too late. With a terrifying roar, a great dragon ravaged the streets, its bloodthirst insatiable. The smell of smoke, blood, and salt water mixed in the air—a...
  3. Cactae_Mae

    Fandom Roleplay Requests [Video Games, Movies, Books, etc.]

    Hello! Before I get into it, I feel like I should say that I am looking for a more serious roleplay. So, I'll keep this short and sweet by making some basic lists. Some info regarding me: I am still a student and probably will get a summer job, but I will update this as I get a call back from...
  4. Captain Illiterate

    Medieval, Fantasy, Sandbox world RP.

    (First, let me preface by saying I am looking for intermediate to advanced writers with an expected post length of 3+ paragraphs. I'm not the best writer but I'm looking for players dedicated to character development and writing a rich story) In the beginning, there was only one god, the...
  5. Pahn

    When the Waves Come Crashing OOC

    Nothing You Could Do;East Sea Dokdo;Actor; Links & Character RosterWhen the Waves Come Crashing Interest Check In Character Discord Server Laws of the Realm Character Sheet Oshanlenor, A Pirate's Haven World Lore: Islamyria (Optional) World Lore: Farenthaes (Optional) Shipmates - Alive Figsi...
  6. Pahn

    When the Waves Come Crashing - A fantasy pirates RP

    Nothing You Could Do;East Sea Dokdo;Homemade Apple;Ahoy! Calling all Privateers!When the Waves Come Crashing Greetings, fellow Oshanlenorins! Let me first present myself, my name is Draynor Wynmaris, captain of the Wretched Siren. I'm currently looking for members to fill in my crew - are you...
  7. Midnight Rose

    Seeking Original & Fandom Partners [18+; MxF Only]

    Hello; please to meet you all! I'm here (again) to find a few partners-in-crime to roleplay with. I enjoy just about every genre/setting except realistic high school/college life, Steampunk, Anime, Furries/Anthros, Cartoons, and Video Games. I can play both male and female characters (preferably...
  8. ShayBear

    Crimson Peak - A Retold Tale

    C R I M S O N__P E A K . You think you know a story , But you only know how it ends.. To get to the heart of the story… One must travel back to the beginning to do so and learn the truth. all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad...
  9. Kimberlyn

    The Queen's Hellhounds {Interest Check}

    Lore || Sign-Ups || In-Character || Discord || Forum ooc The world of Eymia is in chaos. Monsters such as dragons, Cerberus, and even banshees ravage the eight kingdoms, and only the Queen's Hellhounds from Donnwick stand a real chance against them. They are an elite force, defeating one...
  10. Kimberlyn

    The Queen's Hellhounds {OOC}

    Lore || Sign-Ups || In-Character || Discord This is the official forum OOC for The Queen's Hellhounds. Feel free to chat, ask questions, etc.! Please keep all out-of-character talk in here or in the Discord.
  11. Kimberlyn

    CHARACTER INDEX The Queen's Hellhounds {Sign-Ups}

    Lore || In-Character || Discord || Forum ooc The official deadline for character sheets is June 3rd! Please see the Lore for rules about character creation! Also, please read all the lore before creating your character! Below I've put all the information that's needed. I've also included a...
  12. Kimberlyn

    WORLDBUILDING The Queen's Hellhounds {Lore}

    In a land known as Eymia, monsters roam wild, slaughtering their victims as they please. These terrible beings are a new phenomenon to this world, and there is no benevolent god to save the innocent. They must fight for their survival or watch the world around them burn. The world of Eymia is...
  13. ~Happily.Ever.After~

    Love Conquers All |<3| IC

    Character Index and OOC |<3| In Character {You are Here} |<3| Discord {AKA the other OOC} Setting ;; Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada Date & Time in RP [at start] ;; 1.30pm Tue, Mar. 20th, 2018 [first day of spring .. according to the calendar] Weather ;; High of 41, low of 26 -- current 30...
  14. ~Happily.Ever.After~

    Love Conquers All |<3| CI & OOC

    [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide]
  15. Midnight Rose

    Seeking Romantic Stories [MxF Only; Detailed]

    *Desperately craving for someone to play Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five-0 for me!!!* Welcome, welcome to my humble search thread! Please make yourself comfortable as you browse and scroll through my list of original and fandom pairings I have here! If by any chance you don't see a pairing...
  16. Jasper

    ✘ - jasper on the lookout - ✘

    gif credit hi! my name is jasper. i'm a 22 year old male from the u.s. (the good ol' midwest). i am currently a full-time student in human services/social work, but am currently in the process of dropping that to study english-creative writing and humanistic studies-ancient and medieval...
  17. MusicalT

    My Dear Student, My Dear Emily

    Hi! So though I have a list of roleplay ideas, I am currently craving the one below; it includes kidnapping, teacherxstudent relationship, plot as well as mature scenes, and possible dark themes. For now, because school causes me to take sudden hiatuses, I am only looking to only do this...
  18. Cactae_Mae

    Search with Samples

    *Big edit* I am obsessed with this game called Butterfly Soup, So I am looking for a similar roleplay. Basically an FxF highschool themed roleplay with memes. Thank you for your attention. Hello! So, since I suck at doing stuff right, I decided to try this again and in a slightly different...
  19. S

    1x1 Search! Fandom&Origal&Anthro plots! Romance/Drama/Action f inside

    Hello folks, as you can see, I'm looking to start some roleplays. Currently I'm only interested in fandom roleplays and original/anthro roleplays. So, here's what you need to know about me and the what I'm looking for ~ I'm Seraphim or Seraph ~ 25 years old and I prefer my partners be over...
  20. Cactae_Mae

    A Slightly Supernatural Mysterious Little Town (Also a desperate search)

    Hello! So, here I am with yet another partner search.. And a plot, but probably noone is going to reply, or they will and just ditch me without a word and never, ever reply to my messages. Fun stuff, but I am desperate, so at this point, even one liners are good to me. I just need a few things...