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  1. Uncle Legens Legentis

    Primal Rage: Wrath of the Old Gods

    {slide=Scroll #1}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #2}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #3}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #4}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #5}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #6}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #7}{/slide} One thousand years have passed since The Cataclysms. Humanity has been reduced to a primitive...
  2. Shiny

    Fists of the Goddess

    The materials needed to forge her mighty guardians was pulled from the lands she herself had created so long ago. Each blessed with a powerful magic no human could dream of summoning on their own. ...But not just anyone could be allowed to wield such power. The stone guardians would need capable...
  3. Shiny

    Fists of the Goddess (OOC)

    Fists of the Goddess (sakimichan on DeviantArt) Long ago, in a time long forgotten, the world was peaceful. Before darkness rained from the skies. Though the enemy was few in numbers, mankind stood no chance against the monstrous giants that laid waste to a world they once knew. Society...