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Red Leaves in Winter

This is an
roleplay. If you are interested in joining, please send me a private message and do NOT post in this thread.

Note: most of the invited players are not redstar roleplayers, so while sexual themes will be inevitably present, there should be no actual sexual scenes. If most players agree to add scenes of that nature, the roleplay will be moved to the redstar section.

Heavily inspired by Eastern history, this roleplay is based in a fantasy setting. Traditions, naming conventions, and landscape are inspired by the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese empires of over 1000 years ago.

Players & Characters:

Shinjou Zenghui, Soon-to-be Emperor of the Itoushao Empire
Wen-li Zenghui, Dowager Empress of the Itoushao Empire
Played by @Pahndora

Xi Eun Ginbo, Concubine, Sister of the Emperor's Bride
Qian Long Kyung, Friend to the Emperor
Hua-gun Hakabi, Concubine
Played by @firejay1

Janya Khan, Royal Guard
Nianzu Khan, Alchemist
Meifeng Ryu, Concubine
Played by @Greenie

Rong Zenghui, Uncle to the Emperor
Na Eun Ginbo, Bride-to-be of the Emperor
Played by @Nemopedia

Yao Ru Kyung, Concubine
Chao Wan, Friend to the Emperor
Played by @Jorick

Fan Kyo'dana, Concubine
Played by @Shizuochan

Ya Lei Jiang, Concubine
Played by @DayDreamer

Character Sheet

Players are welcome to bring along more than one character.

Here are just little tidbits of information important to creating a character.

Social Status:
Are they a noble lady, a servant, a friend of the young emperor, etc.
Given the nature of the historical setting of the roleplay (see next post), elves are the only race allowed. You can definitely make a human slave, but there needs to be a good reason for you to play one. Even if this is an Eastern-inspire setting, there is no need for Asian-looking elves - any elf is a good elf :D
Character Art:
Ideal but not required. Realistic art would be the preferred style, but anime-ish is fine as long as it's not too goofy.
Since I don't want to be writing all by myself, the roles of the betrothed woman is open for grabs. If no one picks her up though, I will gladly play her. My main character will be the young emperor and the dowager empress >:D

Other than that, you can include whatever you want: name, age, family line, history/bio, etc. Make a sheet as thicc or as plain as you want. All I ask is for you to provide me with little hooks I can play with :3

art source

History: Itoushao Empire

Built over two thousand years ago, the Itoushao Empire has sprawled its domination over the neighboring lands over the centuries until it became the dominant force of the continent. Where humans had lived peacefully now ruled the ruthless elves, enslaving the lesser race into subservience until not one human-populated village could be found. Breeding between them was of course forbidden, and so half-elves were often killed at birth or their bearing mother was slain before she could even give birth.

Many dynasties ruled over the years, but the bloodline that was considered the purest and strongest was that of the Zenghui family. For five hundred years the male Zenghuis spread their claws over the land and history books all say they are the sole responsible ones for the spike in technological advancement and the discovery of sciences. One even went ahead and claimed that their bloodline had been graced by the divine, and that any woman finding herself with a Zenghui male was being offered a taste from the gods themselves.

It was in the year 2215 that war with a foreign kingdom broke through the Itoushao Empire. Creatures like they'd never seen before ravaged villages, killing human slaves and elven nobles alike. Reduced to nothing more than a small, isolated region between mountains, the once great kingdom was forced to close off its walls to foreigners. An impenetrable wall was built, and rare were those who traveled beyond it. It was a mere streak of luck that they were surrounded by all types of natural landscapes to survive, from bountiful plains to rich rivers to thick forests.

It has been almost a hundred years now since the war, and the old emperor has but one legitimate son left who can rise to power after his death. His marriage has been arranged, but the fear of leaving no other heirs has made the emperor establish rather odd laws in regards to concubines. Women of noble birth from across the kingdom have been summoned to the royal palace, and some whisper that it is for the sole purpose of providing the emperor's only heir with plenty of women whose bloodline are pure enough to carry the royal line.

The emperor's wife, Wen-li, has taken over the imperial duties as her husband rots away in his private chambers. As the dowager empress, she has managed to rule the empire for many years and pushed back her son Shinjou's marriage until the timely death of the emperor. Left with no other choice but to unite Shinjou and the woman set to marry him, Wen-li has picked apart the noble ladies who'd been living in the palace and set some of them aside as possible concubines for the young emperor. Not many of them wish for such a fate, while others plot against her to earn a spot by the emperor's side, no matter the sacrifices that have to be made. As winter approaches, they are the remaining red leaves fallen to the ground under the Zenghui family tree.
Name: Shinjou Zenghui

Role / Social Status: Soon-to-be Emperor of the Itoushao Empire / Betrothed to a mysterious lady

Age / Race: 30 / Elf

Appearance: Standing at an impressive 6 feet 5 inches, Shinjou towers over most of those around him. His hair is thick and reaches the middle of his back, and during the summer season it takes a more auburn colour. He braids it according to whatever current trend, although he will almost always have decorative beads in them. He dresses in the finest of clothes, with a preferences for earthy colours, and rarely has he ever been seen in a full set of armour.

Bio: Born when his father was already falling to an incurable sickness, Shinjou has witnessed his siblings beat down the path of premature death. He was the only healthy son, free of the disease that ravaged the royal ranks over the years. Because of such terrible luck, his mother was extremely overprotective, to the point of forbidding anyone from coming close to him armed until he was old enough to excel at swordfighting and martial arts himself. His only friends were the men in the imperial guard, but even then they served him because it was their duty and not out of friendship.

It was a solitary life, but it allowed him to cultivate his interests in arts and literature. Libraries were his refuge and there he dreamed about the lands he could never travel to. As the day of his marriage approaches, he feels the anticipation build to uncomfortable levels. No matter how he threatens his mother, she will not reveal who the woman is. Even with the promise of a plethora of women to share his bed, fear and paranoia grips his heart a little harder every day.

Hexcode: #760

image source
Name: Wen-li Zenghui

Role / Social Status: Dowager Empress of the Itoushao Empire / Widow

Age / Race: 74 / Elf

Appearance: to be added

Bio: to be added

Hexcode: #E21

image source
Name: Rong Zenghui
Role / social status: One of the many uncles of the emperor, Nobleman
Age / Race: 36 / Elf

Appearance: Art by: Gu Ge Li
Like most elves Rong is tall and wispy looking, standing 6 feet 1 tall he is rather average for his kind. Fair skinned he has a mole right under the corner of his right eye, which is often remarked as a beauty mark. His most striking trait is, however his long dark hair that reaches all the way down to his back. Well maintained and healthy it is the symbol of Rong's good health as well as his social standing, as he fashions it in loose hanging styles that usually aren't suitable for combat or harsh labour. As expected Rong carries the same charisma and handsomeness in appearance as expected from a member of the royal family.

Rong fashions himself with simple styles, preferring the elegance of modesty and simplicity. Spending most of his times squinting over maps and scrolls the man has a magnifying monocle to better study which he often forgets on his face. While his hair styles are often loose and simple a bell is fastened in his hair to keep the bangs out of his face, but also to hear the man rounding the corner when his mind is stuck elsewhere again. Ever since the death of his first wife Rong has also been dressing in sober muted colours, as opposed to the rich colours that he can afford himself as a nobleman.

Biography: Within the courts the lines between generations are rather blurred. With as many wives as a rich man can hold over the course of his life, always expanding and adding into the household as wealth allows it, it happens that there are siblings born who are generations apart, but close in age. Such a thing happened to Rong. The late emperor was a brother of Rong, though not full and far apart in the age gap. With the late emperor already in position Rong was both too late and just in time. Too late for the plans of his mother and her family, but in time for himself for Rong would never have the personality of a man who wishes for politics.

From a young age Rong would dream of things that didn't exist within the world. He would dream of objects soaring through the sky, diving deep into the seas and watching the stars beyond the lights in the night sky. Things that others deemed impossible, but he dreamt. It filled his head and made him forget the world around him, eyes only seeing far ahead. It is what made poetry come so easily to him, why he prefered the abstract over the defined fact. It is what made him so unideal for the political schemes of his family as his mind couldn't focus on the present.

Yet they tried, for Rong was the best bet they had. Marrying him to a rich noble lady who had the fortune to back up the scene. It landed him a position within the courts as a minister, though Rong never had the potential to shine within the position.

Unfortunately his wife was of weak health and she perished four years after their marriage, succumbing to an illness that no one really understood. It was the first time Rong had been affected by the present. It was a rough awakening for the prince who only then realised how much he had cared for her and how he had taken her for granted. Two years later and the man still mourns his loss, with little change in his overall attitude in life. Life has come to a standstill for Rong, who throws himself into work and study much to the annoyance of his family.

Hexcode: #A8A
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Name: Na Eun Ginbo

Role / Social Status: Concubine, Noble - Future empress

Age / Race: 29, elf

Appearance: Standing 5'11 Na Eun grew to be tall even for a elven lady. Her family often describe Na Eun to be a 'horseface' and unsuitable to birth sons, for her long oval face and small hips, but despite the unflattering descriptions Na Eun can be described as a beauty in her own right. Fair skinned with no blemishes to be found, rosy lips and straight teeth she at least has it in herself to be decently pretty. Her thick long black hair and eyes to match do the rest for her appearance.

Being of a colder skin tone Na Eun often dresses herself in colder colours. Silver, blue and greens are often found in her wardrobe. Though all of them bright and vibrant, so that she doesn't look too dull. Her hair she usually styles in the appropriate styles of an unmarried woman, down with the decoration of themed fresh flowers to match her dress and ornaments to go along with.

Biography: Filial piety. That was drummed into Na Eun since young. As the eldest daughter of the main family there was little room for the elf to misstep. Especially as the Ginbo house realised that there was no heir to follow up from the main house. As a small noble family that was disastrous as there was little growth to be found if the daughters weren't married well. Especially Na Eun felt that pressure, as the eldest child she had to represent the hope her family carried.

Though knowing their place the Ginbo family groomed Na Eun as if she was to be the next empress, cultivating her in all subjects a wife was expected to be well-versed in, but also teaching her politics, so that she may be of use in a harsh world of men. Studious and diligent Na Eun picked up well in her lessons, but always found herself bored of her dull life of lessons and teachings. Na Eun longed for a simpler life, where she would have less obligations tied upon her.

These were all dreams, however. There was no way that Na Eun would be allowed to go into the life of a commoner. Ginbo wanted to climb and both she and her sister were expected to contribute. This meant that Na Eun had to endure her dull life and boring existence, turning her into a dull and muted character without much life in her. Accomplished as she was there was no genuinity and character inside of her, having groomed everything so carefully for her duty.

This changed when she turned 25. A crush on a guard, a first love, their talks... For four years Na Eun had to carefully hide her growing fondness over a particular person, a feeling that kept on growing until Na Eun knew that she could never carry out her filial duties. However, reality shook her once more when she and her sister were both sent to the palace, to woo the king, to finally fulfill their duty. To make matter worse she was even selected to become the prime wife of the emperor, the fiture empress, a sickening existence were she would be forever separated from what her heart longed for best. Finally Na Eun snapped, done with hiding, done with her dull life, done with everything forced upon her the elf has finally decided that she will for once fight and choose herself.

Hexcode: #79B
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Name: Xi Eun Ginbo

Role / Social Status: Concubine, Noble

Age / Race: 27, elf

Appearance: At 5'5, Xi Eun doesn't consider herself to be short or tall. She's the perfect height, thank you very much, and she doesn't need to be short to give off the impression that she is petite, not with her sister constantly towering by her side, providing the perfect contrast to her softer, more childlike features. Though just as pale and fair-skinned as her sister, with the same grey eyes, her skin gives off a slight glow of health and happiness, the result of having spent more time with some semblance of free will, and her hair seems to match, a dark brown instead of the cold black of her sister's hair.

She styles her hair playfully, and will dress in any color, though she likes best to mix deep reds with bright golds and blues. The only thing she will refuse to wear is purple and anything too colorless. Similar to her sister, she likes flowers as a motif, but likes to think that she has a more creative sense of style and panache.

Biography: Your sister. Those two words were both the cage and saving grace defining Xi Eun's life. Knowing her older sister was around meant the weight of the family rested on someone else's shoulders, but it also meant no one expected anything of her, no one cared that she was alive because they had her sister. Oh, they still expected her to comport herself properly and marry well, but really Xi Eun would never be the perfect daughter her sister was.

Some days it hurt, but Xi Eun found her quiet independence had its advantages. As long as she dutifully attended to her classes, no one minded if she wanted to go out some days and play with the village children, or stroll through the market streets or local festival without an attendant. Used to her little piece of freedom, Xi Eun quietly nurtured a love for embroidery and clothes-making. There were, of course, perfectly acceptable and useful skills for a lady to know, but she kept to herself the ambition to become an eccentric old maid and sell her wares as a seamstress. She just had to pass marriageable age without making too big of a splash.

It was somewhat to her surprise when her family sent her as a potential concubine to the king as well, but that was no matter. She could become a seamstress as an eccentric and ill-favored concubine, and her family would stop pestering her about getting married. The shock came when her beloved and very filial sister suddenly turned into... someone else, and decided she didn't want to be Empress, forcing her into the spotlight as often as possible. Xi Eun had no idea what had happened to change her mind, but elevating their family's fortunes was her sister's job. It always had been, and Xi Eun wasn't about to give up her tiny, harmless little dream just because her sister was suffering from some sort of temporary insanity. She'd thank her later.

Hexcode: #F0A
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Name: Janya Khan​

Role / Social Status: Royal Guard / Noble​

Age / Race: 25 / Elf​

Appearance: At 5'3 and weighing no more than 110 lbs, Janya is quite a lithe and dexterous girl. She is rather fair skinned with a touch of rose to her cheeks and normally smiling mouth. Her eyes are a light brownish grey, protected by thick dark eyelashes. Her long black hair is normally pulled up in a sensible ponytail that keep almost all of her hair away from her face, save a few stray strands that frame her face. As for her clothes, they are usually of demure colours as she does not wishing to garner any attention due to them. Above said clothes she dons armour.​

Hexcode: #FFDAB9


Name: Nianzu Khan​

Role / Social Status: Alchemist / Noble​

Age / Race: 32 / Elf​

Appearance: Unlike his sister shorter stature, Nianzi stands at 5'11 in height and has a rather lank frame. His skin has the slightest hint of tan, his visage normally sporting a calm and neutral expression with the slightest turn of his lips. His dark grey eyes are deep set beneath dark yet thin brows, giving him an air of being older than he actually is. His hair is dark, straight and rather long, falling past his shoulder blades; for the most part he keeps it open save for two plaits in the front and one in the back. As for his clothes, Nianzu usually wears demure shades like his sister, but he does enjoy the occasional gaudy colours as well as accessories.​

Hexcode: #329691

Joint Bio

The Khan were an old noble clan that were loyal to the Zenghui family for as long as their history is recorded. They were always a military family and loyal one too, so it was no surprise when they were at the forefront of the war in 2215, defending the Kingdom against the invading creature. It was unfortunate but many Khan sacrificed their lives for the Itoushou Empire. A hundred years after the war, the noble clan is still about but weak in numbers.​

Nianzu and Janya knew from childhood that they would be serving the Emperor and his family. Their father had passed away when they were younger in the line of duty, so their mother had to raise her two children by herself. As they lived at court, the two siblings grew up around politics and the inside drama it caused among others, causing the two siblings to try and distance themselves from such things as much as was possible.​

From the start it was obvious that Nianzu had no real interest in learning to fight like his father. Instead, he took to studying with the previous royal alchemist, which was no great feat as his mother used to were as the alchemist's maid. He was a quick study and enthusiastic in his own quiet way, and so it wasn't long before he was trusted and groomed to take over from the previous alchemist's duties. When his teacher did pass, the title of royal alchemist fell upon Nianzu, and he bore it with ease.​

As for Janya, she was in fact more like her father, preferring armour to beautiful clothes, and sword fighting to needlepoint. She enjoyed combat and using different weaponry, despite her small frame. Seeing her prowess and knowing the Khan were truly loyal subjects who would lay their lives down for their Kingdom, it was decided she would be assigned to the Royal Guard.​

Despite their obvious differences, the two have great lover for each other and are rather protective of their family. For the time being, both brother and sister are pleased with their current stations in life, and though their mother may still protest at times, they have no plans to change the way things are.​
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Name: Chao Wan

Social Status: Friend to the soon-to-be Emperor, Noble, Head of the illustrious Wan family

Age: 29

Race: Elf

Appearance: Chao is a man graced with striking features that makes ladies swoon and seethe with envy in equal measure. The first things most notice about him are his piercing but mismatched eyes: the right is a dark blue like the evening sky, and the left is a startlingly vivid purple. His smooth skin has been favorably compared to porcelain on many occasions, and his admirers argue whether or not is an insult to compare his hair to mere silk. He towers over most others at a height of 6 feet and 9 inches, and his slim build tends to make people surprised when they catch a glimpse of the well-defined muscles of his arms and abdomen. Chao is generally seen wearing lavish clothing, most often in layers, always with a particular shade of red featuring heavily in each outfit.

Bio: Chao Wan is the second most eligible bachelor in the empire, with only his friend and future liege Shinjou Zenghui currently surpassing him on that front. He had the mixed fortune to become the head of his family at the young age of 21 when his father passed away due to heart troubles and left nobody but his eldest son capable of taking the reins. The Wan family is arguably the most wealthy and powerful family in the empire, jostling for position with Zenghui and commonly considered second due to lacking control of the throne. Given that Chao remains unwed and unbetrothed, this has caused many ambitious men and women to offer their daughters' hands to him rather than taking the longer odds of offering them to the soon-to-be emperor. Thus far, he has declined all offers.

Aside from his looks and his status, Chao is well known as both a fine swordsman and a magnificent painter. There are odes to his skills that gleefully mix the terminology for the sake of vivid imagery, saying he slashes the canvas with a brush to carve beauty from nothing and that each brush of his sword creates spatters of red that form a deadly but beautiful work of art. It has been said that Chao is a man obsessed with beauty in all its forms, and such sayings are right: he strives to embody this ideal, and few can deny his success. There are at least a dozen marble statues carved in his image to capture his perfection, and only two of them were commissioned by Chao himself.

Recently Chao has been visiting the royal palace more often than usual. Many speculate that he is finally seeking a wife, but he has refused to confirm anything because, in his own words, the beauty of an enigma surpasses the beauty of knowledge.

Hexcode: #A00

Image apparently from this place, according to the Pinterest page I snagged it from. Artist unknown.
Name: Ya Lei Jiang
Role / social status: Noble Lady / Concubine
Age / Race: 28 / Elf

Appearance: Art: Ye Yu from Long Live Summons
Lithe looking and standing at 5' 8, Ya Lei can be considered average for an elf lady. Her flowing robes in various hues of blues and purple hide her well toned body, the result of daily Wudang practise with her father. While not with well defined muscles that would raise a lot of questions about what kind of training a noble lady has receieved, it is evident that Ya Lei hasn't neglected her body and is certainly not frail. Her body reminds to most that of a dancer instead of someone who has practised martial arts.

Her black hair are straight and reach just passed her waist. Ya Lei actively makes an effort to keep them lustrous and often keeps her front bangs up with various flower or watery swirled silver jewelry while the rest flow freely down her back, serving two different purposes: Elegance and keeping them out of her face in case more 'physical' activities are needed. If her hair are pulled back enough and her ears show, one can witness earrings that cover the tip and sometimes the entire lenght of her ears.

Almond shaped black eyes hide the thunder her father had been so insistent in adding to her name and look at everything and everyone with smart, critical glint.

Biography: Ya Lei comes from a well-known military family that has served the Imperial family faithfully for many a generation. They had been at the frontlines during the war against the creatures and sustained heavy losses like most families had during that period. Later charged with control of the garrisons at the Wall, the Jiang family was well-known for their good work at the Wall, but was mostly kept away from the politics of the court. At least until Ya Lei's father became Head of the Jiang family. His wife came from a rich merchant family that was well versed in the ways of the Capital and her family's wealth and Jiang's reputation allowed her to offer her daughter as a playing companion for the young Emperor at the time.

The two children were getting along quite nicely despite their two year age gap, until it was no longer appropriate for the young heir to have female playmates anymore. Around the age of eight, Ya Lei was no longer allowed to visit Shinjou Zenghui, due to his busy schedule, or so her mother told her. It was then that her father, missing terribly his wife and only child, called them to live with him at the Wall. Despite her mother's protests from being removed from the center of power and politics, her father was not a man to be questioned and so the two left the capital. Ya Lei had been excited and nervous to leave the life she knew for the unknown.

As it turned out, Ya Lei had nothing to be afraid of. Away from the strict rules of the Capital and with a loving father that had longed for a son but instead, after many tries, had been given a daughter, Ya Lei's time was spent into two seperate worldviews. Her father, wishing for that son bonding time would isolate himself and his daughter in the gardens, teaching her Wudang and Pai Sho when Ya Lei had proved to have a strategic mind and eagerness to learn the flowing, dancing like martial art her father practised.

Her mother on the other hand, fearing her daughter would grow to be feisty and unladylike, had made a point to educate her daughter in all the etiquette and qualities the daughter of a noble should posses. Dancing, finances, poetry, Ya Lei was soaking them all in to various degrees. She understood that the world was not forgiving of women walking in men's world with the same confidence and had learned to adapt to that. Her Wudang was masked as a dance or even meditating routine, though martial arts practitioners should be able to recognise the form. One of her mother's lessons Ya Lei had excelled at was music, her instrument of choice being a bamboo flute (Diji).

Life at the Capital seemed so far away to blossoming Ya Lei, but as she grew closer to marrying age, her mother arranged for her to return to the Palace. This time, she was to be considered the Emperor's concubine, a fate many would fear, but Ya Lei felt somewhat relieved. At least she knew her intended or rather she used to know him. She had no idea how he had grown to be and so she was nervous about seeing her childhood friend again. Nervous and kind of happy.

Hexcode: 2C7DB2
Name: Fan Kyo'dana
Age: 26
Role / Social Status: Concubine / Noble
Race: Elf

Appearance: Standing at around 5'6", her form is fairly average, though beset by a burgeoning, unhealthy soft pouch formed from both her penchant for sweets and her preference for sedentary 'activity'. Her complexion is fair, and her features childlike, perhaps best exemplified by her wide innocent eyes, held in a perpetual state of wonder and discovery. She holds herself in a rather ill-refined manner, lumbering around as if newly awoken when disinterested, bursting into excessive motion when something draws her eye.

While she is perhaps at her best garbed in whites and reds, with her hair straightened and worn simply, her tastes are rather more inconsistent and whimsical. She enjoys covering herself in gaudy baubles worn without a thought towards moderation or proper sense of accompaniment, and takes particularly pleasure in lining her hair with far too many flowers.

Biography: Fan Kyo'dana is a treasure. Of course she is.

She hails from a small prefecture of the Kingdom, governed by the most distinguished branch of the Fan bloodline. While their particular prefecture was relatively lacking in the natural resources that ensured the kingdom's survival, and thus their offerings middling even during the most bountiful of their harvests, the clan maintained repute thanks to their habitual production of classic beauties with which to marry off and peddle favor. Until, that is, when Kyo'dana's generation came along.

Perhaps someone should have been a tad more potent for the sake of the clan. Alas, Fan Kyo'dana was the lone daughter, and was treated as such, pampered, spoiled and coddled for the entirety of her upbringing. She did grow to become a beauty, much to the clan's relief, but also precocious, with a particularly refined taste for the finer offerings of her house. She was less greedy than she was ultimately ignorant of concepts like 'expenses' and 'frugality' -- she gorged herself on desserts, and draped herself in fine baubles, and giggled in thoughtless merriment at the wonder of it all.

She gorged and draped herself so thoroughly and exquisitely that her tastes quite nearly drove her family's coffers to emptiness. And so it was a great relief to her clan when she was at last summoned to the Royal Palace.

A lover of the various privileges (and delicious treats) her status affords her, but remarkably unseasoned in the ways of decorum, Fan Kyo'dana strives to act enticingly enough to maintain her position and hold on tasty, tasty palace food -- and she could use a little help from her fellow noble ladies in this endeavor, most likely.

Hexcode: Whatever 'mediumorchid' is, kiss my chrysanthemum-like butthole.

Image is the cover of a book in the 'Little Lady' series. Artist unknown.
Qian Long Kyung

Social Status:

Head of the Kyung Family



Though standing only at 6 foot 3 inches, just a little taller than the average, Qian Long exudes masculine grace. His strong features and muscular body ripple with barely-repressed power, and his every move speaks of complete confidence in his body. His hands are surprisingly rough and calloused, but his fingers are elegant and tapering. His skin is a bit more tanned than is fashionable. He keeps his rough black hair carelessly pulled back in a ponytail and dresses casually in loose, comfortable layers that are nonetheless of very good quality. His most striking feature, however, are the dark grey eyes and a devil-may-care grin that has gotten many a woman in some trouble.

Despite his reputation as a troublemaker, Qian Long rarely ever acts impetuously or out of turn. He is a friendly man with an easy charm and gentlemanly manners, nor does he often get outwardly angry. He doesn't seem to take much in life very seriously except for his sex drive, which he rather liberally indulges. That part of his reputation is true. He makes that no secret and will flirt outrageously with any woman he considers eligible, within the bounds of propriety. Despite his casual attitude, Qian Long sticks to a certain number of rules: he does not touch maidens, he does not form serious attachments, nor lets a woman think he does, he takes care of his responsibilities promptly, and he never ever forces himself (whether that be his sexual advances or just his company in general) on an unwilling partner. He cares deeply about his friends, and will do whatever he thinks necessary if they're in trouble, but grows to trust people slowly, preferring to stay mentally, though not socially isolated. He also developed something of a suspicion towards women, and the resentment and hurt they can glimpse in his eyes only makes him more attractive to the ladies, of course. He is an intensely physical individual, though he cares little for brawls or other such over-dramatic displays of emotion.

Qian Long never expected things to go so wrong. He grew up in a noble family with a father who doted on him, and made friends with many young nobles his own age, even fancying himself to have something of a friendship with the young prince. He had never had any trouble with his studies, and proved truly talented at swordplay and other physical pursuits. Nor did he think this state of affairs would ever really change. How wrong he was.

Four years ago, when he was 25, life was good. His father had passed a few years before, leaving him head of the family, and he was betrothed to one of the most prestigious young ladies in the land. He had his beautiful sister to think about, and his aging mother to care for, but he never felt weighed down by these responsibilities, treating them more as hobbies than obligations. In his pre-marital freedom, he took whatever women came to him, and there was no shortage of women who threw themselves at him. And then he made the terrible mistake of sleeping with a woman who had put some effort into seducing him - the mother of his soon-to-be bride. He had known it was a mistake. He had known he shouldn't do that, but she was very pretty and she wasn't the first married woman he'd slept with, though widows were preferable, of course. He had succumbed to the impulse with the determination that it just be once. Sadly, it only had to be once. Her husband caught them in the act, and though the Kyung family was of high status, he was an older, more established gentleman, with experience and power in court.

Although his crime was not so heinous that a man of his stature could be executed or anything, the man who was supposed to be his father-in-law broke off the engagement, stone-walled any chance he had had at a political career, and got him exiled from the capital. Living away from the comfort of his home, but still technically a noble and treated as such, Qian Long found himself quickly bored. He took to doing some chores instead of leaving them all to his couple servants, and spent most of the rest of his time keeping active with swimming or riding or practicing swordplay with the local guards. Nor was he exactly celibate, where he could help it. Finally, apparently, having been begrudgingly forgiven by the man who had gotten him exiled in the first place, he has been allowed to return. He came home expecting a warm welcome, but was greeted with a heavily ashamed mother and the news that his sister had gone into court as a concubine for the new emperor. Shocked, and feeling a little betrayed by his mother's conduct and his sister's decision to go into the palace, he decided not to announce his return to his sister, and finally locked away the last vestiges of fondness towards any women, even the ones in his family. He would one day have to marry to continue his line, and he'd enjoy the pleasures of the body, but no "affection" would be involved. Women were not to be trusted, not ever.


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  • Hua-gun Hakabi

    "It is through the ashes of our adversaries that we grow strong."

    Concubine | Noble | 26 | Female​

    Info: Slender and pale, with long, silky black hair, sharp, delicate features, thin lips, and the pale grey eyes that are the hallmark of her family, Hua-gun is a paragon of cold, aloof beauty. She moves with stately elegance befitting a queen, dresses simply without too much color, and rarely smiles. Despite this enigmatic and taciturn vibe she gives off, however, she takes pleasure in anything she considers beautiful. Despite being the fourth child in a well-to-do family of nine, with no real hardships in her life to speak of, Hua-gun has never felt relaxed about her duties to her family. She is a serious child, who has always acted precisely as she was expected to. She is not effusive with praise or affection, but loves her family deeply and would go to any lengths to protect them and their honor. She is also a clever girl, ruthless towards anyone she considers in her way, and hiding a keenly observant mind behind her eternally-proper behavior. When relaxed, a hint of a playful, almost sarcastic nature can peep through her normally-stoic face. She is 5'9," and stronger than she looks, having learned swordplay and dance.

    Su-hong - Eldest sister
    Jung-li - Elder brother
    Jian-wang - Elder twin brother
    Fen-guai - Younger brother
    Ming-shei - Younger sister
    Xiao-gin - Youngest sister
  • Jian-wang Hakabi

    "Honor is as water; it beats down the stone with a gentle flow."

    Royal Guard | Noble | 26 | Male

    Info: The twins are similar in more ways than Jian-wang would like to admit. Although much stronger and more tanned due to his regular intense physical activity, Jian-wang shares his sister's sharp, delicate features - obviously in a slightly more masculine bent (he hopes) - and pale grey eyes. He also has a similar, fluid style of movement and silky black hair. Staunchly loyal to both his family and his country, he is a serious and relatively quiet child, with the same sort of keen observation as Hua-gun, but he smiles more and is more friendly and openly mischievous. He has a strong sense of justice as well as duty, and is less conniving and ruthless than his sister. Although a skilled swordsman, it is very much to Jian-wang's disappointment that he does not bulk easily, and is only 5'11" and unlikely to grow more. He is always armed, dresses very simply and in muted colors as his sister does, but has a funny affinity for well-placed feather motifs, in moderation.

    Su-hong - Eldest sister
    Jung-li - Elder brother
    Hua-gun - Younger twin sister
    Fen-guai - Younger brother
    Ming-shei - Younger sister
    Xiao-gin - Youngest sister
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Name: Meifeng Ryu
Role / Social Status: Concubine / Noble​
Age / Race: 32 / Elf​
Appearance: At first glance Meifeng seems rather average and unassuming among the beautiful concubines at court. In fact, this is her preference. She is of average height and weight with pale skin, dark eyes and a demure rosy mouth. Her dark auburn hair is free of any ornaments, flowers or plaits, simply tied loosely so that it flows past her shoulders in a purposefully messy manner. Her style of dressing is just as simple and plain as the rest of her, with only the slightest hint of adornment. Perhaps it's this simple charm that will have a second glance sent her way.​
Bio: Born to the Ryu family, Meifeng was the first child of Shihui and Mai Ryu. Though of noble descent and loyal to the Emperor and their kingdom, the family had always been a little obscure, forgotten amongst the many other prominent families that frequented the capital. Like the much more famous Khan, the Ryu were talented in swordplay and were considered a military inclined family, though obviously on a much smaller pedestal. Unknown to most, they also took a great interest in music, especially in string instruments.​
Meifeng was taught both sword and song from childhood, as were her brothers and sisters. Since she was the eldest, there was extra pressure on her to bring the Ryu name to light and fame. It was no easy task, and especially for one like her. Having always been something of a loner, Meifeng was not fond of the idea of bringing attention to herself in fanciful ways and would often try to resist her parents ideas of what would make their name shine. If anything, she would wish to join the army, or perhaps be a guard to someone important and as such bring honour to her family.​
This however was not at all what her parents had in mind. They already had sons trained in the military field, and they were expected to excel in that path of live. As for Meifeng, she to go to court and present herself to the prince as a concubine.​
So it is with a heavy heart she finds herself at the Royal Palace amongst the other better suited ladies.​
Hexcode: #a5b6ce

Name: Yao Ru Kyung

Status: Concubine, Noble

Age: 27

Race: Elf

Appearance: Yao Ru is on the short side at 5 feet 4 inches tall, but she tends to give the impression of much greater stature through force of personality. She is petite and regarded by most as quite pretty, with her big brown eyes and her long and slender fingers standing as her most notable features. She tends to draw attention to both in different ways: careful use of cosmetics to highlight her eyes, and playing her pipa to let her fingers dance and delight her audiences. Yao Ru almost always wears traditionally modest clothing, but other than that general style preference her wardrobe is vast and quite diverse.

Bio: Yao Ru is the second child of the Kyung family, but she views herself as the superior sibling. While she has found good reason to think so in recent years, she in fact always thought herself better than Qian Long, and everyone else for that matter. Yao Ru is a prideful creature who is quick to point out the shame and failures of others in order to advance her own status. She is almost obsessively concerned with following traditions, which is why she made sure to learn to play an instrument, create beautiful embroidery, and everything else that was expected of a lady of high birth.

When her brother brought great shame to the family, Yao Ru bitterly wished he had at least had the good grace to do something bad enough to be executed; his death would do a great deal to expunge the dishonor from the Kyung name, but his continued life in exile was terribly shameful. After he left the capital, Yao Ru found her own life drastically changed. Some women who had been very friendly with her started to distance themselves, and the number of men courting her dropped to embarrassingly low numbers. It was a slow decline rather than a matter of everyone pulling away at once, and that made it worse. Every slight, every person who turned their back, every bad thing in life seemed to be caused by Qian Long's foolishness. She grew resentful and manipulative, seeking to bring others down so that her own declining status would not look so bad in comparison.

In an effort to restore some good standing to the Kyung name and to remove herself from all the unpleasantness that had come to dominate her life, Yao Ru arranged to become a concubine for the soon-to-be emperor. Her mother was not particularly fond of the idea, but Yao Ru was adamant about it being the best way to pull their family's reputation out of the mud, and so she got her way. More than anything else, she hopes to be able to attain enough status and power to be able to raise the Kyung name back to the lofty height it once held, and she is not at all opposed to destroying the lives and reputations of others to see it done.

Hexcode: #E59

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Name: Xuilan Zhao

Status: Concubine

Age: 23

Race: Elf

Appearance: Xuilan is rather short for someone for her age, standing just shy of 5'5 with an average build to boot. Her complexion is fair, if not slightly on the pale side though not enough to abolish color from her round face. Her hairs id a deep and dark brown, tied and braided in the back with locks long enough to reach her chest falling over either of her shoulders. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of gray that, without closer inspection, may appear to be blue, and are flecked with gold and brown. For the most part, Xiulan adorns modest clothing fitting of someone of her family's stature. But, given the chance, she will dress in more "common clothes".

Bio: Xuilan is the first girl and the seventh child to be born to the Yeung family, a family who came to power relatively recently through commerce and trade. After having six sons her father longed to have a daughter and was overjoyed when their seventh child was a girl. An emotive child, she was, for the most part, spoiled by her father as a child, leaving her mother to be the strict disciplinarian (though this was no different for the boys).

As she grew older she was allowed to go out more, most especially with her father. She was able to watch him negotiate trades and broker deals. He taught her how to read people and even situations and how to at least attempt a poker face, to put on when necessary. Unfortunately, she also picked up his bad habits such as his profanity.

With the Yeung family becoming more powerful as time went by, Xuilan's father begrudgingly offered his daughter to the Emporer in the hopes of showing solidarity and gaining good standing. Xuilan opposed the idea, but she understood what this could mean to her family, what it could do for them. As such, she intends to follow through and hope for the best.

Hex Code: #fc9869