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The last thing you can remember is that you had to plan to go somewhere. Nobody on the bus you are on seems to be able to remember where that somewhere was, but it was an important place. Of course, that didn't seem to matter. The bus you had been travelling to somewhere on had gotten caught in one of the worst blizzards the driver had ever encountered. He pulled the bus over in front of a smallish hotel called Chillington. near a town sign that says "Entering Nowhere." You and the other passengers manage to stream out and check into the hotel. The owner of the hotel managed to have enough room for the whole party, one room for everyone. You all turn in for the night.

As the violent winds beat against the windows from the raging blizzard that is canvasing outside your small quaint hotel room, you are awakened by a blood curdling scream from within. When you arrive at the source, you can see the blood stains across the room and the bloody corpse. You didn't know the guest who had died, just that they were your bus driver. And as the winds beat, you came to one slow chilling realization: The murderer had no way to escape and someone amongst the guests is one of them or are you perhaps the killer hiding amongst the other passengers? Nobody is sure. But one fact is true: The case needs to be solved before someone else dies.

Hopefully you can solve the murder in Chillington..... Before you join the dead.

Oh and don't worry if you die- Nowhere is a strange place and spirits can't rest until all of their unfinished business is done.

While originally this was going to be a solo OC idea, Also, for the character kills, I'm going to use a random number generator to pick the killer to be fair.

Character Sheet
Age ( 16+ since there will be some murder here):
History (Optional):
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Name: Justin Tanner
Nickname: N/A
Age ( 16+ since there will be some murder here): 23
Appearance: 1549775009156.png
Justin has pushed up, slightly spiked brown hair that he gels constantly to keeps it up. He also bluish-green eyes and the start of a beard, though very thin. He tends to wear a dress shirt, a gray sweater and a fancy brown long winter coat with heavy jeans along with a black set of combat boots. He is thin, but has some bit of muscle on him, though it isn't very obvious. He stands at 6'3 inches tall.
Occupation: Amateur Detective (PI)
Personality: Justin is not the hard boiled type of detective. He is more laid back in his approach, preferring to be friendly with everyone and getting to know everyone. That being said, he is especially guarded around strangers and murder scenes and he doesn't like to talk about his past and is cagey when he is asked about. He is especially loud, but also has an analytic mind that can put pieces together, but it takes a while. He's generally someone who prefers to not play his hand too close, but otherwise, he's a decent guy.
Skills: Perception- Justin is incredibly perceptive and can notice tiny details
Artist- Justin can sketch a crime scene perfectly
Photographic memory- Exactly what it saids.
Extra: He's bi. Despite being incredibly perceptive, he is easy to distract and has difficulty with recall if his photographic image isn't perfect.


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Name: Luer (Lu-air) Lastez

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, though he usually leans more towards men than women.

Species: Human-manakete hybrid

World and Universe they are from: Fire Emblem: Fates

Appearance: Luer has deep blue hair, most assume his hair is black in the dark. His hair is short, above the shoulders. The left side of his bangs are swept back while the rest of his hair is styled straight. Luer's eyes are a piercing aqua blue in contrast to his hair's darker color. Luer’s face is between a long and rounded one, with eyes that are medium in size, giving him a “younger” or more “innocent” look when he’s happy and smiling (opposite someone like Kain who has thinner eyes and would look more “handsome” or “manly”), with a small nose and medium lips (which can look bigger with lipstick and give him a more feminine appearance). Basically he’s a bishie. His most notable feature is the reverse star looking scar above his right eye, partially covered by his bangs. Luer is 5'7" tall and pretty pale to most people. He's a decent 134lbs. He's fit, but not ripped or overly defined.

Luer is currently wearing a dark blue, the same color as his hair, t-shirt that's cut off just above his stomach, black shorts that stop just above his mid-thighs. His right boot is above the knee, just below the mid-thigh, while the left is just above his ankle -both black. He wears black fingerless gloves, and silver metal wrist cuffs (the cuffs act as an arm guard for his bow). Wrapped around the right and left boot, his left thigh, his neck, and each glove are a number of small belts (all of which are purely fashion statements). Finishing off his outfit is a black long coat with sleeves that stop just above the elbow. All of this is flame resistant.


Dragon Luer (this is not yet known to him so it’s more for future reference and can be looked over for the time being until I get him a dragonstone):

Using a Fire Dragonstone, Luer is a darker red, and the skin lightens as it goes down to his stomach to a more orange-ish red. There are small horns on the top of his head that almost look like the spikes of a flame. As a dragon Luer stands about 10 feet tall, is 14 feet long with wings of blazing flame that come out to a wingspan of roughly 20 feet.

Picture ref, but darker and smaller in size.

Personality: Luer used to be carefree and cheerful at the castle. Most everyone loved him for it. After the raid though things changed drastically. Luer is quiet. Often times he only speaks when he is spoken to. While this aspect of him came from being taught to do that when his king was with another, it has become Luer's main personality. He will speak up if he feels he needs to, or he has a question about something he doesn't understand. He will speak up if he feels his friends are being insulted or a plan may end in death. He speaks up if he feels a death is meaningless.

He hesitates to get close to people, out of the fear he will lose another love. He only goes so far as good friends. He does this to try and protect himself from pain.

Luer will refer to Lastez as if it were another person. This is because Lastez was his name before he was taken in, and having been taught the way he was he chose to keep the life he lived as Lastez separate from his life as Luer. So he has multiple identities, in a way. Rarely, if not ever will he let Lastez have control back. Because Lastez is less level headed and much more of a flirt.

History/Bio: On February 8th, Lastez was born to Herta and Thyra. His parents worked at an orphanage in a small town just outside of the kingdom of Retora, where they met and fell in love. They both died shortly after their son was born (a month or so) though not without having entrusted him to their friends, the other caretakers of the orphanage. Both were very ill at the time Lastez was born and it caught up to them quickly.

He grew up in the orphanage, and was the eldest child there after turning 6 through the rest of his stay. He hated seeing so many kids sad and lonely as often as he did. He did his very best to become their friend and make them happy for as long as he could. Most of the time it was up until they were adopted. Lastez himself never was chosen to be adopted though. Around the time he turned 10 the caretakers were to give Lastez a family heirloom; a well cared for metal arm cuff. The arm cuff is engraved with what would be the chants he uses to heal. This power set him apart from the other kids though many of them loved the ability (The power is inherited from his ancestor, Verrow.). Although at the time the cuff was much too big for the small Lastez to wear, he merely kept it safe when he was not studying it at night.

Having been given the arm cuff and learning of his power to heal, Lastez also grew more curious about his parents. It wasn’t something he had thought much about before this happened, and now he wanted to know more about where he came from. Late one night after the other kids were put to bed for the night, Lastez took the opportunity to talk to one of the caretakers about his parents. Did they have this power too? How did they die? He had not even realized before this that he did not even know what their names were. He needed answers and he hoped his caretaker would give them to him. He was given the answers, too. Lastez was told that if his parents did have this power, the caretakers had never known of it. He was told they were sick, and died after he was born, as well as their names and what would have been his full name, Lastez Amari (this was dropped to Lastez when his parents died). It seemed to satisfy him, even if he still had questions it became apparent that the caretakers couldn’t answer them.

He spent 13 years in total at the orphanage before he was too old to stay and had to leave, the arm cuff going with him.

With nowhere to go Lastez was left alone in the cold. It was late that night and he had not even gotten the chance to eat. He was cold, he was hungry, he was tired, and he was alone. He had curled up in an alley between two buildings to try and stay warm and maybe even sleep. He was too tired to even try finding food at that point. It was here he was discovered by a couple of women. The two women had gotten him something warm to wrap up in and even fed him. They were not about to let him mooch off of them though. After the first day for him to rest up they set about training Lastez as a dancer. This, although a chance to earn a living, came to the young boy who was not even physically mature, as quite the life changing experience. Although it was overwhelming to him after his first time, Lastez took a day to come to terms with it and continue on to be a better dancer than he really needed to. Lastez had gone from an innocent orphaned child to a far too young male prostitute, and one that would experience nearly all of the sexual "firsts" any one person possibly could in their lifetime before he was even 15 (nearly, since he is from a world without toys lol).

Lastez lived this life for six years, until one night after a drunken man had finished with him and refused to pay him. Lastez had gotten into a fight with the man, and thanks to his inebriated condition, chased him off. Although he was rather angry that he had not only done his job, he did not get paid for it. His fight did catch the attention of a man clad in armor, who then proceeded to fight him too. Lastez was relieved when the armored man called the fight off shortly after, as he was thoroughly exhausted. Lastez was completely thrown off though when this man in armor asked that he come with him and train as a knight on the condition that he change his name. He was understandably hesitant, but after an urge from the two girls that had found him years ago, he agreed. From that night, he was known as Luer by everyone else.

He left his life of nowhere to live with the knight Kain in the small kingdom north of Hoshido, Retora. Admittedly getting used to the new name was difficult, and breaking his habits as a dancer was no easy task either. Often he found himself scolded for either flirting, making an inappropriate comment, or changing clothes/stripping out in the open. He had no sense of personal space, and he had no modesty. It took one year, however, of training with soldiers from the army in Retora, living with Kain and his wife, to change drastically. Luer had grown accustomed to his new name, and his new life. He had become mild mannered, not speaking up unless spoken to and to some timid, but he never changed his childish want to see everyone smile. This, along with what was believed to be an impressive performance as a soldier over the next two years, was what earned Luer his new position: he was now a royal guard for his king.

It wasn't long before Luer was friends with just about everyone in this little kingdom, even his own king liked him. Luer had come to, although never having out loud said so, cherish Kain and his wife as adoptive parents. He even had some hope that their late son would have accepted him as a brother, as he felt the dead man was one to him. He felt truly loved, a feeling he had not ever known before now. He loved his position too, standing at his king's side everyday. He found peace here, this was where he belonged and he couldn't be happier.

Luer's now seemingly perfect life only lasted a few short months after promoting to royal guard. One night, an entire army swarmed the kingdom. Luer had not seen anything like it before. Given the order to escort his king out of the kingdom whilst Kain and the other soldiers held off the raiders he reluctantly obeyed. He had no choice. Even then though, with both himself and his king injured, things did not look well. He failed to do the job he so loved to when his king was struck down while he tried to heal him. Before being shot with the fatal arrow, his king had insisted Luer do one thing if he did not survive: run. As much as Luer's heart ached at the idea, he obeyed that too, running and hiding away until the raiders had left.

He was luckily not found, and spared. He waited for silence before deciding to brave returning to the kingdom in hopes some of the others survived. He wasn't prepared to find the carnage that he did. The river ran red, bloodstained as he followed it to the castle. It was here he found one person still alive; Kain. Thoroughly beaten and bleeding, Kain was alive, but he was poisoned. Luer tried, and found his healing was incapable of curing poison. There was no time to find an antidote. With no way to save him Kain gave Luer one last request and order. Kill him, and leave the ruined kingdom. Much to his heartbreak, Luer obeyed. He didn’t leave right away though, he was desperate to find survivors. Through most of the kingdom (as much as he explored anyway), he found no one alive. He spent a good few days doing this before finally giving up and leaving.

Luer found himself homeless and alone once more, only this time it hurt much more than the last. Everyone he grew to love as a family were gone, the home he grew to love was gone… He didn't give up though. He sought out the only ally he could that was close by, the kingdom of Eclir. The kingdom was Retora’s main traders, and had been there before on errands for his king with Kain. But Luer was further tossed into hopelessness when he arrived to find Eclir had also been destroyed. He spent a day or so walking around here before coming to the conclusion that this had been done even before the attack on Retora. This came with another realization though. He had nowhere to go now…

Luer traveled aimlessly for a while, again hungry and without company. Many times coming to question if he even should keep going. He eventually found himself in the kingdom of Hoshido, where he used what money he did have left on him to get a room at an inn. He cleaned up here, ate and rested. He spent as much time as the money he had bought him here to try figuring out what to do. He was alone, he had no family or friends, and he had no home. He was out of money and he would not be able to stay here long. He again had questioned if it was worth it to keep going, if he should be done with this sudden darkness he was in. As he sat staring at the only thing he had left, his bow, he eventually came to a decision.

Taking the only things he knew how to do, guard and help people, he made a new life as a guard for hire. He began putting more focus to his healing powers as well. On top of his ability to heal, he noted (albeit the hard way) he could take a harder hit than most people and still survive.

Although Luer has no knowledge yet of it, he is the grandson to the last ruling king of Retora, the same king he served under, making Luer the prince of Retora. Luer has no knowledge of his manakete ancestor either, which is why it will come as a shock to him to learn he is a dragon.

The full history of Retora, if needed/wanted:
Retora (Iwaku)


  • Luer can take a more severe wound, one a normal person couldn't, and survive.
    • Although he hasn't tested it himself, there is a limit to how bad an injury can be to be considered as survivable to him.

  • Luer can heal.
    • He has to use a separate chant to heal himself, different from the one he uses to heal others.
    • If he's hurt too badly, he physically is incapable of healing himself or others (this probably goes without saying though).
    • He cannot heal something like poison or illness.

Powers when transformed (for future reference, he doesn’t have these yet):

  • He can fly
    • Of course he can only fly for so long before he gets tired.

  • Increased Physical Abilities:
    • He gains a lot of physical muscle, and his scales are much sturdier than his human flesh. While he is actually moving faster than he was as a human, his larger size means he has to move greater distances for physical attacks, thus making him effectively slower.

  • Breath Weapon
    • Each Dragonstone gives him a different breath weapon.
    • The Fire Dragonstone he was given allows him to breath fire. This fire is magical in nature, and ignores all defenses save resistance to the fire element.

Skills (D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

  • Archery - A
  • Hand to hand combat - D
  • Swordsmanship - C
  • Healing (provided he doesn't lose his mind) - S

Class Skills: Retora Noble class

  • Notice Me: Buffs the hit rate of enemies by 25, and increases the chance enemies will target him, whilst inflicting a stat penalty of 5 to each stat (a serious debuff for a human). Stat penalties are to recover by 1 each turn (10 seconds in rp).

  • Uncrowned Martial Arts: Arms competency that was not recognized by others due to unimpressive presence. Causes an enemy to automatically register his skill level as that of a beginner with his weapon and respond accordingly to that.

  • Shove: Allows to push an ally away (possibly out of harm’s way).

Personal skill:

  • Incantation healing: Healing cast through the use of incantations via inheritance from priest ancestor. There’s no limit to how many times it can be used, but there is a recasting period of 1-30 minutes (depending on how long he spent casting) between each use.

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:

  • Kain: Steel bow with a silver bow string, making it much more durable, a little heavier and more shiny than an average bow. The bow brands the Retora kingdom's crest on the grip, but this is usually hidden by his hand when Luer uses it.
    • Retora's Crest: 5CF6D3D8-26A7-44B0-A193-F4FEED8E3CE6.png

  • Arm cuff: Inherited from his great great grandfather Verrow. The silver metal arm cuff is engraved with the chants Luer uses to heal.

Strengths: Archery and denial

Weakness/ Fears: Luer's biggest weakness is his fighting skills. While he is decent in hand to hand combat, most of the time people fight with a weapon. An up close fight against a swordsman would not end well for Luer, even if his bow could deter a couple strikes of a sword. His fears are death and getting too close to people.

Other: Although mentioned in the history briefly and in his powers, I’ll add it here too. Luer isn’t aware that his ability to heal comes from his bloodline, being descendant of a priest and manakete, nor that he is the heir to the throne of Retora.

He was a prostitute, you know he has more than fighting skillz~ ;). He has taken a self oath of not having sex again; it has been four years since he last has. This is subject to change though.

He will run his hand through the left side of his hair thus displacing it from its pulled back style. This is his sign he's taking a break as a knight (letting Lastez out if you prefer to call it that) or he has lost himself, no longer feels he knows who he is. He does this unconsciously, he's not aware of the tell.

He's left handed, but as his right eye is dominant he uses a right handed bow.

Luer picked up Kain's speech pattern as he lived with him, even though he doesn't cuss as much, he does speak without contractions (I.e. do not instead of don't). If he uses contractions he should be considered more or less emotionally unstable, or something is bothering him. He’s not aware of this tell either.


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Name: Bobbie Riley
Nickname: Bob
Age ( 16+ since there will be some murder here): '18' ( She's like 200+years old)
Appearance: (Faceclaim: Emily Rudd)
Bobbie has long flowing brunette hair along with sparkling blue eyes. She tends to wear a blouse with flowers on it along with a pair of high heals. She also carries a sword bag with a katana on it. She stands at 5'8 inches tall and is somewhat muscular. She also has a pair of heels along with sneakers depending on the occasion along with a tattoo of a butterfly on her left wrist.
Occupation: World traveler
Personality: Bobbie is the type of the girl is quick with a quip or a joke on the tip of her tongue. She tends to take life easy and not too seriously at all. She much rather deal a quick one-liner than getting into a fight and often use unorthodox methods if she does get in one. She also is incredibly head-strong and acts on impulse.
Skills: Katana Wielding- Bobbie is a master of wielding a katana
Copycat- Bobbie has the ability to copy the moves and powers of an enemy in her own fighting to avoid them
Shape-shifting-Bobbie can turn into other people
Extra: If you ask her sign, expect to be punched in the face.
Name: Connor Blake
Age: '29' ( He's like 200 and a something, but he's been staying alive and staying young by "unique circumstances."
Appearance: 1554004677950.png
(Faceclaim: Sean O'Pry)
Connor has swooped back brown hair that he is constantly grooming and is incredibly greasy. He has light blue eyes and a light aftershadow on his face. He tends to wear a brown leather jacket and a pair of black jeans, having shifted from that and his cloaks to appear more modern He is somewhat well-built, looking somewhat opposing to thinner people. He stands at 6'6 inches tall and tends to wear sneakers.
Personality: Connor is incredibly hot-tempered and cocky, having been around the block a few times and has gotten arrogonant because of it. He is the type of a person you would suspect of murder or at least cursing a person. Honestly, he's just a terrible 'human' and should be avoiding to talk too. However, he hides under most of this under an air of charm for a while at least, only showing his true colors when someone blames him.
Skills: Life Magic- Connor can absorb the life force of people to keep himself young
Life force summoning- Connor can use his life force magic to summon a rock elf
Life force transformation- Connor can also use his life force magic to animate his book, turn an ice statue and fire into a human form to act as body guard or turn people into objects
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