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Elizabeth sat at a table near a river, gazing at the many people walking around the bazaar. She sips her tea and takes a bite of her croissant "mmm~ delicious as always" She hums to herself and keeps watching the small bazaar she sat near. after awhile she got up and started walking around the bazaar, holding her hands behind her back.

she looks both to her left and to her right, then takes a step out onto the street. unknowingly to her, a car turn onto the street, full of wonder of paris, Elizabeth didn't see the car approaching her quite fast

Quickly, Elizabeth sat up and held her chest, a light sweat trailed down her temples and cheeks. She got up to her feet and wiped down her face, looking around the war torn town
"Elizabeth!....Elizabeth!" a man shouted from above
a familiar voice. she look up at the ledge above her and smiled
"Booker!" she shouted
reaching up to him and grabbing his hand
"what happened?" she asked,
getting a little scared when she looked at where she was; a small ledge on the side of the floating city where could have fallen off.

She looked back at Booker, wanting to know what happened to her before she passed out on the ledge