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  1. A


    Astaliviel. A kingdom of peace and prosperity, where good men and women come to make an honest living amongst others of the same mindset. However, all is not as it seems in this idyllic cityscape, as beneath it's charming exterior lies a crime ring fracturing and splintering with each and every...
  2. I

    Cast A Spell On Me ( one x one request thread)

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  3. I

    Constantly Searching For New Rps

    "Don't let you smile, hide the feelings you feel inside, if your smile is fake, you'll loose your chance to shine" Hello everyone, I'm Vanessa Rangel and it's an honor to post another one of my fantastic roleplay searches for you guys. I'm a nineteen year old female from southern California...
  4. Diana

    Tortuga Station - Ongoing ChaRP

    TORTUGA CHARACTER REGULARS CHAT PAGE Even on the verge, the wild reaches of space near the galactic rim, there are places wilder than others. At the behest of the galactic council, humanity’s hand reached deeper into the region to bring peace and stability for all. The process of colonizing...