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Pretty much all of them
OPEN SIGNUPS - Isle of Sanctuary OOC

A dump for the characters in Isle of Sanctuary. Any characters posted here will be kept as NPCs and held in reserve in the event their owners no longer roleplay with them.


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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Magical, Mystery, Meta-Human/Super Powers, Futuristic, Dystopian.


“I didn’t mean to!”

Name: JoAnne “Jo”/”Anne” Jeanette Stephens

Age: 28

Date of Birth: January 24th

Skills: Whittling, Fishing, Plays the Harmonica, Baking.

Special Ability:
Dimensional Self-Storage/Dimensional Pocket – JoAnne is capable of storing objects within her own skin like storing within a dimensional pocket. She is only capable of using her own body as storage space, but thus far storage space appears to be limitless.

Peculiar traits:
JoAnne has no peculiar physical traits related to her ability. But she does have a knack of accidentally stealing things by slipping them into her dimensional pocket and forgetting about them. She’s become quite the kleptomaniac – without intending to, of course.

JoAnne was born in Hopewell, South Carolina to a biracial couple. In her mid-teens, she went through severe depressive spells caused by her power discovery, which shaped her much more reclusive nature to this day. The depressive episodes worsened further after her mother’s disappearance when JoAnne was twenty. Jo was left with her father who struggled to care for her while working. The man always seemed to be on edge since his wife’s disappearance.

JoAnne discovered her ability by accident when she was fourteen. The girl had tried to push a pen into her hair for momentary storage while doing homework. When searching for the pen again, it was nowhere to be found. That pen was gone for six days before something as simple as lazily leaning her head on her hand forced her hand to slip inside a dimensional pocket in her head where she was able to find her lost writing utensil. She was later able to discover that any part of her body could become a pocket of space in which she was capable of storing any object as long as it was equal to or smaller than the size of that body part in width (eg: she could not store a car in her body, but is capable of storing a crowbar in her hand).

After a few too many public slip-ups, and a strange show in front of an attempted purse-snatcher and dozens of witnesses, JoAnne's ability had been made a little too public. With the heat rising from the community about a woman who pulled part of another human into her body in broad daylight, Jo decided to pack up and disappear. One chance encounter later, she was on her way to Sancuary in hopes to be freer than ever.

Reserved but secretly passionate. She’s a bit of a push-over, but when she is pushed far enough JoAnne can turn into a spitfire – though that takes a lot of pushing. Normally, she keeps to herself and hesitates to speak up, constantly assuming that most everyone else knows better than she does. Since her mother’s disappearance, and the disappearance of many other people, Jo has started to come out of her shell a little bit, taking a bit of a firmer stance on things and standing up for herself a little bit more.

Likes: Sweets, Fishing, Blues&Jazz, Eating

Dislikes: Horror Movies, Hunting for Sport, Excessively Sparkly Things

Pet hate: Overbearing people​
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"The moss is particularly happy today, don't you think?"

A G E / D . O . B .
19, March 20th

⚘ Gardening
⚘ Listening
⚘ Fast-learner
⚘ Good with kids and animals
⚘ Swimming

S P E C I A L • A B I L I T Y
Senecio is capable of controlling/growing fungi and plant life, as well as producing flora from his own body. However, he is seemingly only limited to growing small to medium organisms such as vines and flowers. He is able to regain energy when in direct sunlight or freshwater.

P E C U L I A R • T R A I T S
Senecio has plants grow in place of scars and injuries, such as the moss over his eyes. Plant life also seem to perk up when in his presence, and a trail of moss and flowers often mark wherever he walks. Senecio holds an aversion towards fire, as he's easily burnt. When not in contact with sunlight over a course of few days, he will start to noticeably slow and grow sicker. As a side effect of his abilities, Senecio tends to have an entourage of insects--particularly butterflies and bees--following him around.

Born with flowers in his hair and ivy in his palms, Senecio was deemed different from the very moment he took his first breath. Though she was warned against it, Senecio's mother refused to give up her child, instead fleeing to a remote area to raise him in secret. It was there, in the four corners of a shambled little cabin with a roof of a thousand trees above his head, that Senecio spent his first sixteen years. He was never allowed to travel far--not that he minded--and read during the days when his mother was away for work. Though he dreamed of one day living a normal life, the warnings his mother drove into his head nailed Senecio into the safety of the cabin.

All of that changed the day he met his first friends. They were a group of kids, fueled by rumors of an allegedly haunted cabin in the woods. Instead of finding a ramshackle building full of ghosts and spooks, they found Senecio. Their first meeting was...rough, to say the least. The gang of kids ran home screaming at the sight of the plant-covered 'monster' boy, leaving Senecio more lonely than before. But the children returned. After clearing things up, they returned again. And again. And again. Over the next several years, they maintained this curious clandestine friendship.

But good things can only last for so long. One of the children accidentally let it slip that there was a boy in the woods. Their parents, thoroughly disturbed, contacted authorities to investigate. That night, Senecio's home was invaded by federal agents. His mother fought back to keep them away, but she could only do so much before she was shot and killed before her son's very eyes. In a fit of rage and sorrow, vines emerged from the windows and ground, constricting the agents to death. But Senecio did not come off unharmed. In a mad flurry of bullets, he was shot several times and permanently blinded. Hurt, terrified, and numb with shock, Senecio stumbled away from the scene before collapsing in the middle of the forest.

When Senecio awoke, he found himself, not in the forest, but an unfamiliar apartment building with an equally unfamiliar man. The man explained that, after hearing of an incident in the forest, came to investigate. He revealed that, like Senecio, he too had extraordinary powers and that he was working to help people like them flee to a haven where no one could hurt them. It seemed too good to be true. But, after having all he'd known torn away from him, Senecio had nothing to lose. After recovering, he was taken to the island, where he has stayed ever since.

Reserved and nervous, Senecio is a bundle of awkward smiles and stuttered replies. He's hesitant to act outright, preferring to ask and think through things more thoroughly. As careful as he is, however, Senecio does have an inquisitive side that's willing to do anything to get answers. Around strangers, he's quiet but kindly; around friends, he's more likely to crack jokes and even, surprisingly, flirt a bit. Senecio isn't exactly naive--he's seen far too much of the world to truly believe that anything is 'pure'--but he is an optimist. It's his belief that, no matter how bad things may seem, there's always something good out there to counteract.

Long walks

Cloudy days
Loud noises
Being the center of attention

Confined spaces

P E T • H A T E

Dreams of William - Daughter

⚘ Has impaired vision.
This color is quite nice.


Dakota K5

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I'm up for anything

“Well...ain't this fun.”

Name: Levi Black

Age: (30)

Date of Birth: (November, 5th)

Skills: (Guitar, singing, history buff, firearms and hunting)

Special Ability: Gestalt field. At the present time Levi knows only that the "Field" extends in a ten foot radius of his body, inside this ten foot radius around Levi anything he wants to be true becomes reality. An example would be, should he be wearing red and decides that red makes him faster then he will indeed be faster. A more extreme example is that if he decides that a man who walked inside his "field" was actually a woman they would become a woman but the caveat is that the effect stops once the person leaves the ten foot radius. Another example is if someone walks into the "field" and Levi decides they are dead then they will fall dead and anyone who checks the body inside the ten foot radius will find that the person is very much dead until they are outside the radius at which point they will come back to life as if they were revived, the only way something stays permanent outside the "field" is if it is true both inside the radius and outside of it, if Levi says someone is dead then walks up and stabs them in the heart with a knife then they will still be dead when their body is outside the "field". Though things that happen in the "field" have outside effects, if Levi says you're arm is broken in the "field" it breaks but of course when you walk out it isn't but your mind still registers the pain even though nothing is wrong.

Peculiar traits: Due to Levi being what amounts to god in this ten foot radius he's had to become very stoic and emotionally mute to things, if he gets to mad at someone and they step into the "field" he had to make sure not to react less he make them injured or in the worst case, dead. He doesn't show much outward affection of fear that if he wishes for someone's love they will be forced to love him if they are in the "field" but of course when they leave it won't be so. Through years of being this way he has kinda forgotten how to express his emotions in a sense.

History: Levi was born in the midwest to a middle income family and for the most part had a normal early childhood, until the Gestalt field appeared. It was simple at first, and was only just above his skin of course at the time he didn't know but was subconsciously using it to either learn faster, get better grades or the like. It wasn't until middle school that he realized he could affect things around him and that what he soon discovered to be the Gestalt field was growing at a slow but exponential rate when as a depressed teen he wished that a teacher who had given him a F on a test would break their legs instantly fell to the ground in terrible agony with her legs bent at odd angles. Later on he heard that at the hospital the teacher had been given a clean bill of health but he knew he had something to do with it. It took him a few years but he got a firm enough grasp on his power to know how to use and when to not use it, this helped him get into a good college as well as earn his job as a history professor in record time. Though all good things come to an end it seems, Levi had up to this point been his usual stoic self but had gained quite a bit of popularity with the faculty of the university he taught at this made the the dean of the university feel threatened. The dean made a point to humiliate Levi at a public event hosted by the school, that day had been bad for Levi so when the dean attempted to cause a scene Levi lashed out and wanted the man's neck broken but using the words "I want your neck broken" in a crowded area caused everyone in a (then) five foot radius to fall to the ground with their necks broken, needless to say Levi ran and had been running ever since until he found himself on the island.

Personality: Calm, cool and collected most of the time.

Likes: Lovely women
Lovely men

Dislikes: Loud noises
The smell of burnt toast
irritating people

Pet hate: Drunks

Theme Song:
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