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Brainstorm is an American 1983 science fiction film directed by Douglas Trumbull and starring Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Louise Fletcher and Cliff Robertson. It was Wood's final film appearance, as she died during production. It was also the second and final major motion picture to be directed by Trumbull.
The film follows a research team's efforts to perfect a system that directly records the sensory and emotional feelings of a subject, and the efforts by the company's management to exploit the device for military ends.

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  1. Apocalypse_Enjoyer

    Apocalypse_enjoyer's zombie scenario world building and rp request thread -- 1x1

    Hello, looking for a partner whose up for brainstorming and worldbuilding with me. My account is fairly straightforward so don't hesitate to click on it to learn my preferences and writing style. NOTE: The plot bellow is not set in stone nor do I expect to use the scenario in our RP, it's an...
  2. Xenotrix Metamorph

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Based Rp Brainstorm

    Hey, guys. Sorry for the informal and unorganized approach, I promise with some interest and discussion, if this picks up I will make a much more organized and professional OOC. So, I grew up playing card games with my brother, so they are a huge part of my childhood and hobbies, the main one...
  3. Novama

    An Abbott needs help and an RP needs some tuning

    I want to run an rp that includes the following things and would really appreciate feedback and interests: 1. The story would revolve around a group of original characters working together toward a common goal 2. There will need to be scenes of action and adventure encouraging or requiring...
  4. Esthalia

    Getting back into it

    I'm getting back into forum roleplaying from a long absence (I got married and had a baby, so i'm a little rusty!) I'd like to bounce ideas back and forth and come up with a fun, easygoing intro back into forum RP. I love romance plot lines, but that doesn't mean it has to be the main driving...
  5. K

    Group RP Partners

    Hello people, I'm just really bored ATM and looking for something to do. I'd like for there to be 4 or 5 more people first come first serve. As for the plot I was thinking fantasy or horror but I'm open to suggestions, I typically don't start actually planning until at least one person has...
  6. H

    The Mirrored Realms

    I want to put together a a futuristic sci/fi with a dystopian setting, the main idea behind this being humanity has ruined its home and with no definite solution has decided to go to extremes to keep itself alive. Currently humans are much different than they are now, they are twisted...