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Tony shivered as he tugged down his shirt, nervous about what could go wrong for him in the next few minutes. He skimmed over the multiple music sheets, surprised at what the teachers and school staff would let him play. He chuckled and elbowed his friend's shoulder, the senior looking away from his girlfriend to see what the junior had to say "hey...can you believe they let me play some of this crap?" he asked, pointing to one of his favorite songs 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' by Def Leppard.

Cory laughed "im surprised too...I hope you're not playing that for that girl you like in the crowd.." he grinned as Tony got cherry red "w..what!? she's here?!" he shouts, his anxiety kicking in, grabbing the older boy's collar "what if I screw this up!? what do I do then?!" he asked, obviously scared of what he could lose

Cory chuckled "you'll be fine...she probably listens to crap music anyways..." he pushes his shoulder "give it all you be up in a sec" he says and went back to the girl

"il never understand why I want this" Tony mumbled as he shook his head, walking up a small stair case to the stage looking at the crowd, some others joining him in seconds "ready guys?" he asks, wiping down his temples with his long sleeve, getting his music in the order he wanted

The Man Who Sold The World
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Stand By Me
and I'm Gonna Be