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  1. Mundane Monster

    The Travel Writers Club

    Red Poppy High School is truly the best school. The classes are fun and engaging. The cafeteria offers a wide variety of food (even American cuisine!). The uniforms look fashionable and classy all at once and the campus is big but no so big that you can get lost! The only real problem is the...
  2. Solunae

    Chronicles of PAGAN: Arc 1

    Chronicles of PAGAN IC THREAD This Reality is not the one you are accustomed; this reality - that reeks of death and of fear is slowly being consumed by things classified as SHADES. The Agents of PAGAN are all that stands between humanity and the Darkness that lurks around every corner, down...
  3. Solunae

    PAGAN Agents

    Agents of PAGAN A CHARACTER INDEX On this thread you will see all of our members and all of their Character creations for the Chronicles of PAGAN. For now member will run only one character - with limited NPCs if they so choose to. I will be running the Noteable NPCs and my own character as well...
  4. Solunae

    Chronicles of PAGAN

  5. C

    Looking for RP group

    Hey Iwaku! My name is Celeste, and I'm new to this site. As the title may suggest, I am looking for an RP group to join. I don't have many standards, likely because I have almost no experience with roleplay, but there are a few things I prefer: (not by any means necessary) THEMES/SETTINGS...
  6. Wannano

    Looking For Partners

    Hello! So I am once again looking for a few new partners to play with. I live in a lot of different fandomes and I do play oc's and own story ideas as well. I am pretty open minded and are okay with most stuff. I prefer to play M/M but I can play F/M and F/F as well. I dont do first person...
  7. KatherinWinter

    Guilty Pleasures

    So I am considering doing my first jump in RP. I've always tried to have RPS that had a certain goal in mind. But this time I have an idea that is alittle less organized. It will still have a plot but it will be less structured then most of my RPS in the past. The idea I have is based of the...
  8. YuriLucien

    Wild West Town of Deadwood

    Wild West Town of Deadwood OOC: OPEN SIGNUPS - Welcome to the Wild West General Store Saloon/Hotel Hotel Deadwood Jail Sheriff's Station Blacksmith's Workshop Avery (volunteer) has woken up just outside the saloon.
  9. YuriLucien

    Welcome to the Wild West

    Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned western? But this one has a twist. In the year 2031 a group of scientists created a machine that, in hope, could look into the past in order to record accurate historical documents. After a few test runs, it seemed to work fine so a group of volunteers was...
  10. LunaValentine

    Looking for partners

    I really need more rps to blow off some steam. Unfortunately I have no ideas. I've got a couple characters in the gallery and I've got at least two more I need to type up but I've got nothing but old ideas that rarely work out. I play females for main exclusively. The two male characters I have...
  11. OnI6470

    Task Force X = A Suicide Squad roleplay

    Before anything else... this wont be based in the movie, yes it was somewhat successful (for me it was a hit and miss, but thats mho) but I want this to be (more or less) based in the comics. Now, this will be my first GMastering adventure, at least here, so is likely to crash and burn (Im...
  12. KatherinWinter

    Demon Within(OOC & Characters)

    IC Long ago several Lords of the Underworld were locked away in a box made of the bones of a very powerful woman. These Lords were the most powerful demons and once locked away their influence on the world less impact on the world. The box was lost for many years. Humans and gods forgot that it...
  13. W

    New to Iwaku, Old to RP

    I'm looking for an RP to help get me back on my feet after a seemingly endless eternity without it. I'm completely new to forum style RP, but I've played a bit of tabletop RPGs here and there, as well RP'd back in ye olden days of Warcraft 3, as well as World of Warcraft (currently playing, not...
  14. Michale CS

    Epic Crossover IC - Prologue (Concluded)

    OOC/Signup Thread is here. Interest Check is here Several short scenarios and a general 'sandbox' to interact IC will be run on this thread, as we tread water at the time of this writing waiting for the updated Groups system. After that point, other than the casual threads, all IC...
  15. Michale CS

    Epic Crossover

    Interest Check is Here IC Prologue This campaign will offically "hard launch" after the new groups show up, but I'm going to run a casual thread or two for it beforehand. Info on the merged world: STAR Labs and Advanced Idea Mechanics were once a single legitimate above board...
  16. D

    1 x 1 Search

    Welcome to my search everyone, first I must humbly apologize to all my partners as of late because it seems that I have almost completely forgotten about my roleplay requests, I am really really sorry about the mishap and hope we can continue roleplaying if you aren’t too busy. That being said...
  17. D

    1 x 1 Search

    I am currently doing a roleplay for around 2 and a half years now which is impressive by my standards. I am currently looking for some more partners to satisfy my cravings till I return to school on the 15th of next month. My name is Kiko and I'm a twenty year old roleplay addict who attends...
  18. D

    Apples and Stars Are The Same (A one x one search)

    I have been not roleplaying for almost 3 and a half months due to health reasons and I'll also be starting college on August the 15th. I am looking to do either a romance. fantasy. pregnancy or fandom roleplay. I am not interested in doing bondage, gore, horror, rape roleplays. Hello...
  19. Diana

    The Endless Ball - Ongoing ChaRP Setting

    In character room is The Endless Ball ChaRP when viewing the Chatbox. We are using Iwaku's official 18+ OOC box for our OOC discussions! Once upon a time there was a Faerie King and he had many, many beautiful daughters. One by one he watched his daughters grow, fall in love, and flitter...
  20. I

    One x One Search (Open and Looking)

    Sample The flashing lights surrounded the young guitarist as she stepped onto the stage, she was around 5'6 with chopped brown hair that styled into a Mohawk with a few loose ends hanging to barely brush against the back of her neck. "Wow this place is incredible, isn't it Nat" a voice asked...