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Fantasy ,Yaoi, Romance, Supernatural, Fandom, Medieval ;
I'm a 25 year old, introverted, human mess who has had too much time on her hands as of late. Aside from RPing I enjoy anime, video games and other typical 'nerdy' pursuits in my spare time.
I'm an animal person and have had quite the menagerie throughout my life. Currently though I only have dogs and cats. I could babble about them for hours but now's not the time.

Anyways...with how the worlds been lately I could use some escapism. As such I've decided to dust off my search thread. I've been writing and roleplaying for at least fifteen years now. (I got my RPing start on Neopets, for perspective)

I can be awkward at first but hopefully we can become friends and have some awesome roleplays.

I'm happy to send a writing sample if desired.

Note: I use my phone to RP since it's my only source of reliable internet. This might result in the occasional typo or auto correct mistake.

Also sometimes colored text gets wonky.

Note 2: I’m only looking for maybe three partners because I don’t want to be overwhelmed. So, if I don’t think we’ll be a good fit it’s nothing personal.


I hope to reply at least twice a week but whatever you can manage is fine.

Third person is a must

I only roleplay through PMs right now. It's just what I'm familiar with.

Doubling isn’t required but I'm fine with it. I’ll also probably introduce multiple NPCs

If you can't post at least three paragraphs on average, we probably won't be a good fit. I prefer quality over quantity but I'm not asking for a novel, just a bit to go off of.

I'm cool with smut (assuming you're of age) but i'm equally fine without it.
(I do like a plot/smut balance though.)

Kinks: F-list - Warning

I play both male and female characters (Plus a handful not as easily defined)

Please feel free to contribute to and help build the plot. Throw in your own twists. It isn't nearly as fun otherwise.
A Stray Surprise:
Human X Shifter

Muse A has a bleeding heart and a habit of rescuing every stray they find. When they find a severely injured animal on their way home from work, they expected the expensive vet bills. They did not however expect to come home one day to find a human in the animal's place. Muse B credits Muse A for saving their life and is determined to repay their kindness..That is..as soon as they convince them they aren't a home invader.

Human x Werewolf

Muse A owns an apothecary shop across the street from Muse B's pub. They've known each other casually for years, with Muse A's hangover cure often being raved about by the pubs regulars.

One day, while deep in the woods gathering herbs, Muse A comes across Muse B laying next to a fresh kill, naked and smeared with blood. Perhaps understandably, they panic.

Muse B can't exactly have word of their secret getting out. Will they be able to convince Muse A to keep quiet or will they be forced to silence them, permanently?

Teacher's Pet:
Professor X Student
(Please indulge me in my cliches.)

M/C is a young student at a community college trying to get her gen eds out of the way and decide on a career path. She's always been a typical nerd. A studious, quiet girl trying to keep her head down and avoid being noticed. At first she's just another face in the crowd but when her grades start slipping and she reaches out for help Y/C gets to know her and realizes she's actually pretty cute.

Will they act on the growing attraction between them despite the taboo or will sparks fizzle out?

Will matters become even more complicated when Y/C isn't the only to develop feelings for M/C

Feel free to offer up your own as well

Thief X Prince/ss

Kidnapper X Kidnapped

Assassin X Target

Basically anything supernatural

I'm not super into RPs with canon characters.
I worry about doing them justice.
(You're still welcome to ask though)
However, I'd be willing to do something with OCs in these universes.


Fairy Tail
Black Clover
Bungo Stray Dogs

Tv Shows:

Monster High (but..like..Monster College.. XD)

Video games:

Monster Hunter ( I've played World, Rise and Stories 2 for reference)

The Black Jewels Trilogy
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Still searching.
Oh, these sound fun! I'd enjoy doing either Death Takes no Prisoners or A Stray Surprise if you're still searching for those :)
Still looking.
Plots updated.