supernatural (tv series)

Based on or borrowing elements from the Supernatural TV series or related media.
  1. RoseM

    Supernatural RP

    Rose is a young woman who bares with her a big dark secret. All her life she's been on the run. Hiding. Hoping not to be found. Because if the do find her they'd either kill her or worse. Sam and Dean Winchester was looking into a case related to angel kills. When he and his brother Sam find...
  2. Cricket

    Help Me Procrastinate

    I'm desperately trying to avoid the final projects that are coming up due in the next few weeks (yay, college) so of course I need some distraction and procrastination! If you look over my info here and feel like we'd work well together or you like an idea, feel free to message me! First...
  3. Waffur

    Apparently Doing One Of These Every Year Now

  4. amonxsila

    Seeking Long Term 1x1 Partners {Multi-Fandom}

    Heya! I'm Amon, new to this forum site, but I've been roleplaying for over 10 years and I'm looking for some specific things to help me come back to one of my most beloved hobbies! MxM or MxNB or NBxNB slow burn, long buildup adventure/action/mystery/horror romances are my passions, however I am...
  5. Wing

    Seeking partners

    I'm Wing and now that I have some free time I would like to find some roleplay partners. Please do not contact me unless you are over 18. There will be mature content. I am looking for Original roleplays but I don't really list pairings. I do have plot ideas and like most genres. If you have...
  6. winnie

    A search for partners

    — W E L C O M E hello! my name is winnie and i’m currently searching for some new roleplays. i’ve sort of been in and out of iwaku for a while and maintaining very few roleplays while some dropped — though that’s my fault and i have no other excuse except that life got in the way. and i can’t...
  7. M

    Searching! Fandoms, horror ad more!

    Hi! I'm looking for an also-active RP partner. We can do it here, on discord, or skype. I can mostly reply very fast. I'm interested in; The Last of Us- Specifically, a gay ship, Joel x OC. I'd rather play aforementioned OC, but OC x OC is aaalso fine. Vampires- Yep. Anything with em, though...
  8. Wing

    Currently looking

    I'm just looking for some partners to roleplay with. I enjoy both fandom and original roleplays. Original: I don't list pairings but I do have plot ideas and I'm always open to hearing yours. Fandom: (If something is not listed, please feel free to suggest it.) Supernatual Stargate...
  9. L

    Lulu's Partner Search

    Welcome Hello, my names Lulunopia, call me Lulu or Lu. I'm seventeen going to be 18 next month and have been rping for about 3 years now. My grammar and spelling depend on if I'm awake or not but, mostly it's good seeing as if I'm dead on my feet I stay away from the internet. Never know what...
  10. Wing

    Welcome to my search

    A few things you might want to know: - I will only roleplay with red-star members -One-liners are not ok. I expect one paragraph. I will never give less myself and I almost always give more. -I can play both male and female characters. I can also play any gender pairing. Just do not come to...
  11. Wing

    Just a few ideas

    Wing here! I have some original and fandom cravings. - Please only contact me if you are a red-star member. -I don't like putting a post requirement but I want at least one paragraph per post. If you can post more then one that's great. - Please be able to play both male and female...
  12. P

    My Partner Search

    Hey there everyone! I'm The Little Demon but you can call me Meg. My real name is Meggan, but I prefer Meg or Meggie. I'm a really big fan of supernatural and Harry Potter. I'm a Senior in high school, sometimes I get busy do I'll message you if this were to happen. What I'm looking for: 1. I...
  13. Casuna

    Fxm romance rp (anime, video games, fantasy,)

    Hello everyone I am looking for a long term male rp partner who is interested in a long term rp. I like using my own Oc's and characters already created and I have some ideas if you are interested or have your own ideas please feel free to pm me. Ideas Bleach Naruto RWBY Inuyasha You lie in...
  14. Wing

    Roleplay Search

    I will only roleplay with red-star members. I am looking for fandom and original roleplays. ------------------------------------ Original I have a few ideas that you can ask me about. I also have no problem if you throw your ideas at me. (Just please don't send me to your thread)...
  15. Jinx

    Old and New Plots

    Hello everyone, my name is Jinx! For a bit of background about me, here are a couple of facts about me! I’ve been roleplaying for seven years I’ve been writing for twelve years I first roleplayed on Chatzy! It was a town roleplay that I can no longer remember the name of! But I learned a lot...
  16. S

    1 on 1 roleplay partner

    Hello i'm looking for a roleplaying partner. I like to do Supernatural the show roleplay, legends of tommorow, the flash, x men, a superhero high type, and many more. Just ask me if i like a different role play you don't see here. I play only female roles. Where i roleplay: Private messages...
  17. Wing

    Not seeking

  18. T

    Plots, Pairings, Fandoms.. OH MY!

    | About Me | Hey everyone! *waves* I hope you all are having an amazing and fantastic day. :) I'm here once more looking for a few more partners. I have some plots I'd like to test the waters on (they're all still roughly thought out, so will need a little bit of work), I have a few pairings...
  19. TragicTrees

    Looking for Partners (MxM, MxF, FxF, etc)

    Ollie's Search Hey folks. I'm Ollie! I'm a 17-year-old senior student that lives in the EST time zone. A few things about me: Again, 17. That is my age I use they/them pronouns for myself, usually, but you can use whatever you like when referring to me. I'm very talkative and I like to joke...
  20. Wing

    A very Supernatural search

    Please PM me. Do not post on the thread. I'm Wing and I'm seeking roleplays based on the TV series Supernatural. You must be a red-star player to roleplay with me. I'm most comfortable roleplaying with adults. I can roleplay free-advanced. I'm looking for people who can keep up with at...