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Focusing on contrasting hopeful and anxious scenarios to create tension and a winding plot.
  1. Neobullseye

    Danganronpa: Ultimate Collapse - OOC

    ((OOC note: Daz has transferred the RP to @Aravhorn and me, making us the new GMs. That is, even though the original GM has retired, this RP is not dead. Please don't archive this thread anymore D: ))
  2. Daz

    Danganronpa: Ultimate Collapse! Interest Check

    Heya! If you don't know me already I'm Daz, a sparkly student with a love for psychology and gaming. After months of waiting to be finished with A-levels, I can finally say with confidence I have enough time to GM my very own RP- huzzah! If you hadn't figured it out from the title already, I'm...
  3. S

    My Senpai is a Terminator!? (Anime RP) (Co-GMs?)

    "My Senpai is a Terminator!?" takes place in Yokohama International High School, a school opened in the mid 20's to host alumni from all over the world alongside native Japanese students. You could imagine that throughout the years, even through the second world war, that the buildings and...
  4. Apollyon

    Halo: Legacy

    This roleplay will take place between games Halo 3 and Halo 4. It will begin just after the end of Halo 3 where the Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam, agreed to a concord of relations with those under his command, and sympathetic to his cause--those of the Human U.N.S.C forces--the Brute-Covenant forces...
  5. PhantomThief715

    Summer Get Away (oc)

    It's an annual event, every summer ever since his freshman year of high school.
  6. Turtle of Doom

    Hourglass [Turtle&Spidey] din of the crowd roared in his ears. A couple of burly Crebs had decided to cause a ruckus, but it was to be expected. Lorkpar's often attracted the rougher crowds, after all. Mel rolled his head back and forth, stretching out some of the tension and waved for...
  7. S

    TRANSMISSION LOST: GHOST CALLS [Retro-Futuristic Dark Sci-Fi]

    <<:[System Rebooting]:>> <<:[Restoring Online Connection]:>> <<:[System Connection is Unstable]:>> [Incoming Distress Signal] [Co-ordinates Received] <<:[Transmission Lost]:>> Y e a r: 2997 On the edge of the 21st century, human kind has finally evolved far enough to become a space-faring...
  8. 626Riot

    My damn search.

    Hey it's riot. I can play female and male. Although I prefer female. I can play any sexuality. I usually like a paragraph or at least a few sentences. Second row is what I want to play. Master x kitten College student x college freshman Musicians. Drug lord x gang member Gang leader x gang...
  9. S

    Guard Dog Society [Spy/Thriller/Suspense]

    [Debriefing] The Global Union of Anti-Terrorist and Reconnaissance Detectives, called Guard Dogs, is a secret organization dispersed around the globe in an effort to end mass organized crime and terror that could threaten planet Earth. The Guard Dog Society has been clamping down on global...
  10. S

    GROUP RP PLOTTING Guard Dog Society [Spy/Thriller/Suspense]

    [Debriefing] The Global Union of Anti-Terrorist and Reconnaissance Detectives, called Guard Dogs, is a secret organization dispersed around the globe in an effort to end mass organized crime and terror that could threaten planet Earth. The Guard Dog Society has been clamping down on global...
  11. junebug

    Otherworldly clashes with Modern day (Looking for one long term partner!)

    If you are interested in roleplaying this particular plot bunny I've listed, let me know in PMs! I will not respond to interest down below. Partner Request ☆ First things first, 18+ partners only, please. I prefer to write with those who are my age and while it's not a core requirement, it'd...
  12. Q

    Halo: Project Kindred

    Hello there, this is the IC thread for the Halo: Project Kindred roleplay! If you are interested please use the link for the OOC thread and sign-ups, and please take not that there's only room for about two-three ODSTs now. For those of you here from the sign-ups, welcome, and please also know...
  13. Munchkin

    Who would ever make an Outlast RP?

    Me. I would. Because I'm fucked up and kinky. Hey, there, errybody! I'm Munchkin, recently graduated college, but squeezing in a few online classes in last minute to get that crisp diploma! Cons of online classes--can't get a job, and I'm constantly worried about studying... Pros--I can't...
  14. Sen

    At the End of Wisteria

    [ steampunk // magipunk // gang wars // historical fantasy // @Levy and @Sen ] A city of prosperity and opportunities, where the greatest creations are invented, and the hottest location for one to finally achieve their dreams - become rich, become famous and become known in the whole world...
  15. Villamvihar

    Project Liberation Lore Thread

    Intro and Premise Rules Character Creation Character Index Lore (Recommended Reading) <---- YOU ARE HERE Discord Server
  16. rissa


    @BearEnthusiast & @rissa TWDAP CS & LORE
  17. TheColourlessRainbow

    The Guardians: The Fading Light

    The Guardians is the beginning of a series of interactive roleplays; where not only does your choices matter but death can hide behind every corner, where the story can change mid chapter and anything can happen. With that said I hope you enjoy your little read of my roleplay! Premise: A...
  18. Asuras

    Fate/Ichorum || フェイト / イコラム - OOC

    IC Master Slots Filled: 3/3 Servant Slots Filled: 3/3 ----------------------------------------------------- In the vein where magic pulses Chaos takes root in moments of order's mistakes. Where grandiosity is powered by pure things Error brings things of totality Unflinching in their...
  19. conman2163

    A New World, Humanity Rebuilds (Or Welcome to the E.I. (Eternally Immortal) Chapter 2)

    Navigation: A New World, Humanity Rebuilds (IC): Click Here A New World, Humanity Rebuilds (CS Archive): Click Here First off, please note that there is a minimum requirement of 5 complete sentences for every post in the IC. If this is too much, I would not recommend you join this RP. On...
  20. Sylvinar Cross

    Aegis Online

    Okay people this is something I really want to do! Not only to improve my literary prowess but because I have been in the mood to expand my horizons! Anyway here it is! I've got this idea to do a "World Building" Project and I'm looking for people who have done this to collaborate and co-gm on...