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Hello! I'm looking for a new RP partner or two. Brace yourselves for a long read. Apologies in advance

What I need from you:

Literacy - I need at least a good length paragraph or two from you, as I can't keep a roleplay going when I only have 3-6 sentences per post, if that. Also I need fluency in English grammar. I understand a typo here and there, but using the the wrong their/there/they're, to/two/too, or your/you're on a regular basis is something that sort of ruins RPs for me. In addition, I prefer to roleplay only in third person and past tense.

Activity - A couple posts a day or more is preferred, but I understand busy schedules. Just don't leave me hanging for days at a time without explanation and I'll try to do the same for you. I'll let you know when I will regularly be inactive if we decide to RP together.

Flexibility - Be open to playing either gender, please. I hate getting stuck playing just one gender through the course of an RP simply because my partner refuses to play a specific gender. If it ends up that way, that's one thing, but I like to have the option to play both genders. Going along with flexibility, I need openness for plot twists and things not going according to plan. I would prefer you to be okay with cursing, violence, and the like. There will be no sexual themes, however, and there will not be exceptions to that.

Contribution - This is quite possibly the biggest one for me. I NEED you to contribute. I can't be the only one coming up with plot elements and twists. I need you to help with that. When I write with someone who doesn't contribute, or just always goes along with exactly what I suggest without adding anything, I will very quickly lose interest in the RP.

Character building - Build them up, break them on the way if you have to in order to get there, but build them. Don't give me cookie cutter characters and expect my characters to be able to connect with them enough to make the roleplay fun. Give them personality! Give them likes, dislikes, fears, strengths, weaknesses. Do it! Don't hold back! Just not all at once lol Reveal them as we go along, I want to learn about them while my characters do. Also don't use the same character you use for everything else and expect them to fit perfectly into the rp we're doing. Use the same character, sure, but edit them so they fit. For example, someone who was designed for a sci-fi plot isn't going to fit in a fantasy plot without at least some touch ups. Romance is optional, though I prefer it, as long as it's not rushed. It needs to build. I'm a sucker for "hated each other at first but were forced to work/stick together and ended up liking each other" romances.

What you can expect from me:
~ 1-3 good length paragraphs per post, depending on what I have to work with. Exceptions include flashbacks/backstories, as I tend to end up making lengthy and detailed ones.
~ I'm literate, and am very finicky about my typos, so I try to keep them to an absolute minimum, but nobody's perfect.
~ I'm very flexible. I can do either gender and am comfortable with MxM and MxF pairings, though I'd also be willing to try FxF, but have never done them before.
~ I tend to be very active, as I'm a nanny and have a lot of time to RP while the kids are playing.
~ I'm fine with any mature themes other than explicit romance. Any scenes with sexual themes will be skipped over, and that's one of the only things I'm not flexible on.
~ I contribute quite a lot, to the point where it sometimes feels like I'm taking too much control over the RP, which is why I need contribution for you, because I don't like it when that happens.
~Roleplay through thread or discord.

At this moment in time, I am mainly looking for someone to play Muse B in the following MxM plot:
Muse A is a hybrid, part human, part animal. He is a subject of human experimentation, and held deep within a secret military facility. The program he belongs to is focused on creating living weapons by splicing humans with animal DNA to create creatures with superior strength, reflexes, and senses to a human and superior intelligence to other animals used in war, but that can still be easily controlled by their handlers. A is one of the first to survive the experiments, however his mind did not endure as well as the leads on the project had hoped for. He still possesses basic human intelligence, but it is overridden by the animal side of him that has been brought out by the DNA that was introduced to his system.

Muse B is the scientist assigned to handle Muse A, to tame and train him to become the weapon he was meant to be. But after years of abuse from previous handlers, Muse A is distrusting and aggressive, an obstacle which proves to be harder to overcome than initially thought, for A seems to be nothing more than a mindless monster at first. But, as B begins to gain A's trust, and as they become close, B begins to realize the true monsters are he and the other scientists that experiment on human beings and turn them into creatures like Muse A.

I would like to play Muse A in this plot. I'm looking for someone who is comfortable with an age gap here, as I am wanting A to be late teens/early 20s, and for B to be late 20s/early-mid 30s. Romance is preferred (but not at all required if it makes you uncomfortable) as Muse A begins to regain his human behavior, but as stated above, any sexual scenes will be skipped over.

Other plot styles that interest me if that one doesn't catch your fancy:
Supernatural (Genre)
>Vampires (Only when mixed with other elements and NOT the Twilight kind)
>Demons/Angels (Though not the traditional kind. I'll explain if you express interest)
>Human/Animal hybrids
>Human experimentation (usually tied in with the hybrid thing)
>Super powers/mutants/things like that
Romance - Only mixed with something else as well

I am not interested in realistic or many fandom based plots, as I tend to lose interest in them very quickly.

If you've made it all the way to the bottom and are still interested or want to know anything else, shoot me a message and tell me a bit about yourself and your roleplay experience! Just please don't be offended if I end up saying no.