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Hello!! I just joined and I'd like to find some friends/people to write with! Just know that I'd prefer a long-term roleplay and a patient partner. The following are some guidelines for roleplaying with me:
  • I'm not interested in playing out romance between our characters; you won't be able to change my mind on this!
    • I don't mind our characters having different romantic partners though, such as a second character (as in you could have a second character to be with your own character and I'd write a second character for mine)
  • I need a patient partner; I enjoy writing obviously, but I am a student and I also like taking time on other creative efforts
    • I'll give you the same patience! (Pokes are fine, but no rushing!)
  • I enjoy writing up character sheets and it'd be nice if my partner had the same passion, however it is not required that you make one
  • I personally think lots of brainstorming and discussion is necessary before and during writing the actual plot!
  • I love chatting with and becoming friends with my partners, but I understand if you're not super talkative or into sharing w/ me
  • Please be upfront with me, i.e. don't drop our roleplay out of nowhere or continue it mediocrely when you aren't interested
    • I understand if you become busy and cannot write for a while, but please let me know! If you become uninterested, let me know and we can either find ways to improve the plot or we can just drop it entirely. I promise I won't be offended!
  • I'm not very keen on writing/playing male characters and definitely prefer to play females but I'm not grossly opposed to playing a male (again, remember that I'm not open to romance)
All right, that's it for now! I don't have many plots in mind yet but I can give general ideas of what I'd be interested in.
  • Most fantasy plots will catch my attention! I'm really drawn to modern fantasy but high fantasy can also be interesting (just slightly intimidating)
  • I don't have much experience in writing sci-fi but I find some of it to be quite intriguing!
  • I enjoy college-based plots, modern/slice of life or not, but it's not all I'm willing to do
  • Like sci-fi, I don't have a lot of experience writing horror/psychological plots, but I'd love to do more
  • I love world-building and/or researching places for setting
    • I love doing research for roleplays in general, oops
  • To be honest, I find religion (pretty much any of them) to be an interesting addition to the writing (like other things, not necessary)
  • I DON'T enjoy fandom roleplays; I'm not really part of any fandoms anyway
  • I enjoy playing mythical/magical creatures
Thanks for reading! Feel free to PM me or comment on this thread if you're interested. Plot suggestions very welcome!
  • Thank You
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I think we may be a good match for somthing medieval fantasy.


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@elysian I may have a few old rp's you might like. there a little scuffed but it's small things
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