A Tale of Two Kingdoms


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Dragon Age, arranged marriage, slice of life, medieval fantasy
A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Two countries fight continuously, surrounded by rumors of war.
A prince and a princess are finally 21. Engagements
have been broken and new ones placed in hopes that war can be avoided.

The kingdom of Helios will offer their princess to help calm the storm.

When the assassination attempts continue and tempers continue to flare,
especially between the newlyweds. It is certainly a challenge, especially
since they are so different.

Not all assassination attempts are failed... neither are all kidnappings.
How will the royals deal with coming into the throne all the while suspecting
each others' kingdom for plotting?

And what if it isn't their kingdoms trying to ruin the chances of peace at all?

PM for more details and include a writing sample, please <3
Looking for a prince and a cast of characters.