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So my friend showed me some Persona 4 fangames, and after playing them, I'm once again obsessed. I wanted to do a RP with the themes from P4 (as well as some ideas from P3 and P5) with our own original setting and cast of characters. Here are some things I'm looking for in the RP and in my partner:

- Firstly, since we'd be making our own full cast of characters, we'd obviously need to play multiple characters.
- I'd like a diverse cast in terms of gender and personality, so I need a partner who can play males, females, and anything in between.
- I'm pretty gay, so I want a good amount of queer representation. My preference is mxm, although I'm not opposed to having other pairings, straight or not, as well.
- In terms of post length, my average post is 3 - 5 paragraphs depending on what is taking place. I don't need it matched as long as all the points made in my posts are acknowledged and there is something in your post to move the story along.
- In terms of post frequency, I can usually respond once or more daily. Some days are better than others. I don't need you to respond as frequently, but once every couple of days would be nice.
- I prefer to RP on PMs here or on Discord. I'm open to other options, though.
- I don't have any limits aside from I general prefer to keep things SFW. I'm not necessarily looking for this to have a lot of smut.

And I think that's the main gist of things. If you're interested, please post below or PM me, and we can discuss!