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Good day to you! I'm Ore (Tes is also acceptable). She/her pronouns only, please. Forums are an unfamiliar writing tool for me, but I've roleplayed off and on since Quizilla was a common fandom name, from Email to Tumblr to Twitter and a scattering of others. My hyper-fixations are Undertale - more so its abundance of AUs - and Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. The only roleplay(s) I would have an interest in would involve either or in some capacity, whether that be canon-compliant or lifting the characters off the page for use in an original idea. I'll unabashedly admit my interest lies in OC x CC plots but how that is portrayed is up for discussion; as much as I fancy a romance, it's a shame platonic pairings often fall by the wayside.

  • I'm looking to play a female OC against a male CC and am willing to double to do so. If doubling is the case, I can play any gender CC for you.
  • While I'll consider OC x OC, CC x CC is off the table.
  • FxM is where I'm most comfortable but I'm not opposed to giving different pairings a try.
  • A 21+ writing partner is preferred regardless of subject matter. I may make exceptions (never below the age of 18, however).
  • ERP is includable - can even be a focus - but is not a requirement by any means. Kinks and limits will be hashed out at length before anything sexual is to take place.
  • I default to 2-3 paragraphs per character or thereabouts and expect a similar effort. No one-liners of any sort. I'll mirror you where applicable and can write more if need be. Just please, no 1,000+ word replies. Mad respect to you lot but I just do not have that amount of energy anymore, good Lord.
  • Doubling is the expectation, yes? No? Is that how it's done here? I'd be happy to do so so we're both satisfied, at any rate. I will not play only a CC for you; if a CC is what you're looking for, you must be open to doubling so I can play my OC, too.
  • Depending on the length of a reply, expect a response every one to three days. Take as long as you need to get back to me; I'm unbothered if you need some personal time or have a busy life. Take a week or two—hell, a month. I've got a chock-full schedule myself.
  • DM RPs only, please. On here or Discord is fine.

My tastes are extensive. I love horror, thriller, survival, romance, slice of life, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort—suggest something and there'll likely be an angle I'd enjoy. More options are in my 'About' profile section. I'm very open to taking the characters into a completely unique AU far from their canon sources (mafia, mer, or cryptid storylines, anyone?). Expect to engage in some plotting and world-building!

  • Fnaf SB: I haven't gotten the opportunity to write for this yet. I'd be willing to try out most of the cast as long as wiggle room is given. As for who I want to write against, a Sundrop, Moondrop, or even an Eclipse are, well, it. They are responsible for 80% of my current brain rot.
  • Undertale: My experience here is spotty and with so many AUs and interpretations of those AUs, I'm not confident making a blanket statement. I'd be able to write one of the skeletons, particularly a Sans, far better than any of the other characters. Be mindful that I can't guarantee the portrayal you're seeking; fandom is vast and a lot of original canon has been lost before even touching upon my personal headcanons. Who I'm looking for in return is also a long list of skeletons (primarily Sanses). In no particular order: any of the Bad Sanses group (including the less accounted for Error (or Cross)), multiple -fell verses, multiple -echo verses, and any iteration of -swapfell or -fellswap. Other AU possibilities can be discussed.

If you have any interest or questions, you can contact me through DMs. I don't think I missed anything vital? I may revise with fresh eyes tomorrow. Please, please, please tell me something in your message. A plot, which fandom, what characters you're thinking—anything. "Hi" or "can we rp" doesn't inform me of any of your wants nor expectations.