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"All kids hold an egg in their soul. The egg of our hearts, our would-be selves, yet-unseen."

That is a line form Shugo Chara, a magical warrior manga and anime series about dreams and who you want to be. However, the series focuses more on children, considering that usually the Heart's Egg disappears as they grow up. But adults still have dreams and ideal selves too, and also I do really enjoy magical girls/boys/warriors. So, why not make an RP inspired by it? I'll be using the same terminology as the show, but there will be differences in things, such as everyone being able to have a Guardian Character born from their heart. If you are interested, please post in the thread, and remember: you don't need to know anything about Shugo Chara itself!

I'm thinking of this taking place at prestigious boarding school for students of any age from anywhere in the world, including college. However, incidents involving corrupted dreams begin to occur in the area. However, students who begin to focus on their dreams and ambitions wake up with an egg in their bed. Unsure of what this means, they end up taking the egg with them and undergoing a character change at some point in the day, which is around the time the egg hatches into their Guardian Character. Not long after that, these students receive a note from a mysterious person, telling them to meet at the fountain in the campus courtyard on a the next Saturday at 5 PM. This mysterious person will eventually be the group's leader, though their true identity will remain unknown to them for a while, and will organize the efforts to stop all the incidents and the mysterious organization that is causing them.
(Information taken from Shugo Chara Wiki)

The Heart's Egg, also known as a Guardian Egg, is an artifact that exists within everyone's heart but remains invisible from the naked eye. It contains a tiny fairy that is called a Guardian Character. It is preserved by the owner's confidence and hopes of fulfilling his or her dreams. If the owner's confidence and hopes are strong enough, it will turn into a Guardian Egg.

A Guardian Character (しゅごキャラ, Shugo Chara), also known as Guardian Chara is a tiny fairy born from the egg of a child's heart, called the Heart's Egg. The child's dreams and hopes is what preserves it. Sometimes, a strong emotion can trigger the egg to hatch into a Guardian Character in order to aid that person in becoming his or her would-be self and pursue his or her dreams. However, if a Heart's Egg's owner is burdened by worries and doubts, the egg will turn into an X-Egg and eventually hatch into an evil and aggressive X-Character, and go on a rampage with its powers. Their owner is usually their first target. These characters are usually much stronger than their egg incarnations. The X-Characters are enemies in Shugo Chara!. These creatures are invisible to normal people, and only owners of Guardian Characters and pure-hearted children can see them. [Note: In this RP, Guardian Characters can be born from anyone's heart, no matter their age]

Character Change (also known as Chara Change) is a Guardian Character's ability to grant his or her master special abilities and become a certain person that the Guardian Character was born from. Once a person Character Changes, something will appear on their bodies as an aspect to the change. Though Character Change is controlled by Guardian Characters, it has happened that the user can burst into a Character Change on his or her own when he or she is exposed to something that provokes his or her personality.

A Character Transformation is a special ability. It allows the Guardian Character to merge with their master and be granted special abilities. A character transformation simply sees someone combining powers with his or her Guardian character. The character goes into his or her egg, which then goes into the owner's heart. This ability surpasses the power of a Character Change by 120% of its normal power. This ability is rare, so there aren't many who can transform. The Humpty Lock and the Dumpty Key allow their owners to transform at will, though, as well as others who are near. During a transformation, the owner can use various magical abilities powered by the character. The character is still active, for he or she can still communicate and can force the owner to do some actions unwillingly. It is possible for the owner to switch transformations if he or she owns more than one character. It is possible to transform with other people's Guardian characters, (most likely with the power of the Humpty Lock or the Dumpty Key); however the power is not at its best and the transformation will last shorter and consume one's energy faster. [Note: In this RP, everyone will be able to transform on their own.]

In the second season of the anime, the new Easter worker Lulu De Morcerf uses a ruby necklace to help ordinary people character transform by turning their Heart's Eggs into Mystery Eggs. Should that person become provoked, he or she will character transform into a powerful character. [Note: In the RP, Character Transformations like this will be a bit more common and all the villains will have the ability to do this.]

- Be kind and courteous towards others! Don't leave anyone out when plotting.

- The standard 'don't powerplay or godmod, unless given explicit permission to do so'. Except for NPCs. You can do whatever you want with them TBH. Just like, no killing important characters. (...But why would you be killing in a light-hearted RP like this...?)

- Characters can have two Guardian Characters, but please don't overdo it, it's supposed to be rare!

- There isn't a limit to how many characters one can play otherwise. As many as you can handle is fine! You can also make villains or NPCs

- Characters must be in the age range of middle school to college.

- Romance is allowed, but between characters in a similar age range. 3-4 years is the range I'd be okay with.

- LGBT+ characters are allowed!

- Characters obviously must be approved before they can join in the role play.

- Characters can be from anywhere in the world, since the school will be an international academy!

- This RP is being developed as we go, so please bear with me as we develop this together :D

- Please use anime faceclaims for your human characters! If needed, I can help you find them! Guardian Characters can be described or made with a chibi maker. My go-to is CHARART CHOCO