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  • Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters...

    For decades, this small, private New York academy and research institute has stood as a bastion for the cause of human-mutant equality. People of all ages come and go on their lifelong journey to control amazing powers resulting from genetic mutations and build a future in which they are understood, accepted, and respected. Though most mutants are there simply to learn in peace, the school harbors an incredible secret.

    Beneath the sprawling Dutch mansion lies a high-tech underground complex with a special training room, an aircraft hangar, and an esoteric machine used to locate mutants across the globe. It is here that a handful of Professor Xavier's greatest students and allies congregate to hone their combat skill and embark on dangerous missions against forces that would threaten a more peaceful way of life. They are the X-Men, the original mutant superhero team!


    Of all the threats the X-Men have battled, few rival En Sabah Nur. Better known as Apocalypse, this immortal ancient warlord aims to usher in an age in which only the fittest survive. In his most recent attempt at world domination, the X-Men managed to banish him from this Earth. For several years, there was nary a sign of the first mutant. Little did they know this was only a temporary abatement precipitating an even greater nightmare...

    Unfortunately, a key figure in the X-Men's campaign is now absent—Professor X himself. After an anti-mutant extremist nearly killed Xavier, Empress Lilandra took him light-years from home to receive critical medical treatment among her Shi'ar people. Serving in his place is the heavy-handed Erik Lensherr—Magneto. In the past, Magneto nearly killed several members of the team in his fight for mutant supremacy, leaving many with good reason to fear his power and the ambitions he allegedly cast aside. Without the Professor to guide and protect them, the heroes seem more divided and vulnerable than ever. Equal numbers trust and doubt the former terrorist, while enemies circle them all like wolves.

    When frightening visions of a global catastrophe plague telepath Jean Grey, Magneto calls for the X-Men to investigate. The haunting premonitions herald the return of Apocalypse. When the moment arrives, Apocalypse will exact his revenge and launch his deadliest offensive ever. Backing him is an army of mutants from another Earth serving his every whim. Will the conflicted team be able to set aside their differences and prevent an impending doomsday scenario, or will the house divided fall and be crushed beneath the heel of Apocalypse?

    Hey, all! This roleplay will focus on the titular X-Men following events similar to those of the 1992-96 animated series finale. The Earth on which this takes place is not Earth-616 and is not related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in any way. This gives you, the collaborator, complete freedom to create an original character OR choose a canon character and take some creative liberties.

    I have purposely left the cast nebulous so we can have any roster you like. You may also play an ally of the X-Men or even a "villain", but this RP does not focus on PvP. In fact, some villains may think it wise to stand alongside the X-Men, as Apocalypse's plot involves the subjugation of the entire planet, regardless of whose agenda he foils.

    Ideally, we will have enough characters for two storylines running parallel to each other:
    1. The main plot, involving the X-Men investigating Jean's visions and thwarting Apocalypse's return.
    2. A simpler, semi-sandbox, slice-of-life side story about mutants living in and attending classes at the mansion. Just about anything can happen here!
    These stories will weave together at certain points, making it possible for anyone to separate from one group to join the other. Just be ready to collaborate on how and why.

    1. Obviously, all Site rules apply.
    2. Limit Two characters per collaborator. Faceclaims should be drawn, not a photograph.
    3. I require at least One solid paragraph (5-6 sentences) per reply per character. You'll be playing a key part in advancing the plot here. I have done away with post frequency requirements, but I expect you to have the drive to not keep others interaction-locked for a month at a time.
    4. I am not ghost-friendly. Speak up if you need extra time or must go on hiatus. You're out permanently if you vanish without a trace and I can't Reach you for two consecutive weeks.
    5. Less of a rule and More of a request, but I'd like to see some okay spelling and punctuation. We're all human and English is not everyone's first language, but everyone must be able to read and understand your post.
    6. Just use common sense and don't do anything regrettable just because it's not spelled out here.


    Since we are purposely leaving the timeline nebulous (A great suggestion contributed by @Camleen), we won't have to conform to any specific dates. Also think of this as a more condensed timeline with less need to de-age and resurrect characters. The following timeline has these landmarks, in this chronological order:
    • Obviously, we start with Magneto and his Brotherhood versus the X-Men. Magneto is ultimately de-aged, but not to a baby.
    • Xavier assembles a new team to rescue the original one. The team fluctuates from then on, with some members coming and going.
    • The Sentinel Program is created with Bolivar Trask at the helm.
    • Apocalypse comes out of the shadows to try and sway the strongest mutants to fight for him. He is defeated and banished with the very tech that gave him part of his power.
    • The X-Men are drawn into a Shi'ar conflict. They help Lilandra Neramani secure her throne and forge a close alliance with her.
    • Mystique attempts to assassinate Senator Kelly, but the X-Men rescue him.
    • Magneto, with his newly augmented powers, fries most of the electronics on Earth in retaliation for the Magneto Protocols. Xavier psychically attacks him, leaving the villain in a catatonic state and unwittingly spawning Onslaught.
    • The Sentinel program is halted and mutant prison camps on Genosha are shut down. Many Sentinels were still inactive in storage.
    • Onslaught reactivates the Sentinels and nearly succeeds in wiping out the X-Men, X-Factor, and the Avengers, along with other teams and a large portion of the New York City population.
    • Magneto recovers from the psychic damage and starts construction of a mutant safe haven on Genosha with the blessing of several international law enforcement organizations. In reality, they just want him to settle down or make a wrong move so they can take more severe action against him.
    • Xavier is shot and nearly killed with an anti-mutant beam weapon by Henry Peter Gyrich. With his own physical health already poor, the new instability of his power renders him comatose. Magneto boosts Xavier's power to call Lilandra for aid. She takes Xavier with her to receive Shi'ar medical care. Magneto becomes headmaster of the Xavier Institute.

  • CAST


    Be sure to remove my parentheticals on your finished sheet!

    Age: (No younger than 16, please.)
    Canonicity: (Canon or OC?)
    Text Color:



    (Please note:
    • I'm barring the Phoenix force from use because it has the power to destroy a star and kill billions in one fell swoop.
    • Most X-Men are trained in some form of martial arts, so feel free to make them an adept hand-to-hand combatant, too.
    • Also, please ask OOC if you are playing a telepath and wish to read someone's mind or manipulate them!)

    Weaknesses: (This includes shortcomings of their powers, physical vulnerabilities, and character flaws that could be detrimental to their safety!)

    History: (This does not have to be faithful to any particular timeline, as this is our own unique, original timeline.)

If interested, please read the rules in the "ABOUT" tab and find the bold capital letters to reveal the codename of one of my favorite X-Men! Type that name at the bottom of your first application to signify you have read, understand, and agree to my rules.

Feel free to also join our Discord Server! Here, you will also find additional resources as they become available.
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Name: Max Eisenhardt/Erik Magnus Lensherr
Codename: Magneto
Age: Physically approx. 40; mentally much older
Gender: Male
Affiliation: The X-Men
Canonicity: Canon
Text Color: Purple

The imposing Magneto stands at 6'2 and boasts a brawny build. He has pure white hair and blue eyes. His signature outfit consists of form-fitting red and purple garb with a flowing cape. Every fiber of the costume is interwoven with various alloys, which has turned it into a durable armor. However, for X-Men operations, he switches out the red and purple for a white outfit with silver and black accents and the "X" emblem on his belt.

Magneto harbors good intentions for mutantkind, but his actions are often violent, his attitude bitter and cynical. Violence is something he has known too well for most of his life; he believes war is necessary and all species will never truly coexist. He has a deep loathing for those who oppress and persecute others. He views mutants as superior, the next step in evolution. His will is indomitable; he does whatever it takes to accomplish his end goal. However, his end goal has softened over the decades; rather than his original plot of making humans bow to "homo superior", he has agreed to cease his warlike behavior so that he may care for the Xavier Institute he once opposed and simply see mutantkind flourish. Though usually a brooding figure, he does have a mischievous streak with a dash of dry humor, as well as a fiercely competitive side.

  • Magnetokinesis - Magneto's signature ability allows him to generate and manipulate magnetic fields, which help him manipulate metals (more than just the ferrous kind), create a force field, sustain flight, shoot electromagnetic rays, disarm opponents, and even bolster his armor to withstand hits from opponents such as Colossus.
  • Metal Manipulation - With his powers, he can combine metals at a molecular level, creating unique alloys that can't be made in significant quantities by other means.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation - He can affect the entire spectrum, which even affects visible light and radio waves. When using his powers in this way, he can jam or amplify radio frequencies, turn nearly invisible, or deflect lasers and other ray attacks.
  • Electromagnetic Sense - He can passively feel fluctuations in a planet's magnetic field, or he can concentrate to see them.
  • Genius-level intellect - Magneto has made strides forward in the fields of particle physics and genetic engineering. He has designed facilities on par with those of Tony Stark and Reed Richards. He is also fluent in English, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Yiddish, and Hebrew.
  • Hand-to-hand Combat - Magneto has over sixty years of experience with martial arts. He seldom uses common modern weapons... at least, not as intended.

  • There seems to be a direct connection between his health and his powers. Serious injuries and illness drastically diminish his ability to use his powers.
  • Though he has the power to destroy a city, the toll it takes to pull off such feats is immense. Side effects are exhaustion and debilitating headaches. Something even more grandiose in scale, such as flipping the magnetic poles of a planet, would kill him before he could even complete the act.
  • He cannot manipulate materials that have no significant metal content. Although plastics, woods, and average human bodies have faint traces of metal, it is not enough for him to manipulate the matter effectively.
  • Removing his helmet makes him more vulnerable to psychic attacks and probing.

Born to German Jews in the late 1920s, Max Eisenhardt was a victim of the atrocities of the Third Reich. All he knew was persecution—first for his Jewish heritage, and then for his mutant powers after World War II. It destroyed everything—his home, his first daughter, and his marriage.

While staying in Israel under the alias Erik Lensherr, he met and befriended Charles Xavier. Both discussed the changing world, without realizing the other was a mutant. After an encounter with Baron Strucker, the two revealed their true colors and realized they could not be allies. Xavier went on to found his school for mutant or "gifted" youngsters, while Erik became the terrorist (or liberator, depending on one's perspective) Magneto.

In reality, Magneto's actions were not simple villainy or terrorism; he was aiming to create a better world for mutantkind, but his means were reprehensible. Magneto and the X-Men clashed frequently over the years with no clear result overall. His age fluctuated drastically as he was aged and de-aged several times by various sources.

After forcefully purging the adamantium from Wolverine's body, Xavier telepathically shut down Magneto's mind, the psychic exchange causing the birth of Onslaught. Later, he was restored and worked to forge tentative alliances with the X-Men and other peacekeeping forces around the globe. His methods are still viewed as extreme, but in fact, the malice behind his actions has decreased as he started building up Genosha as a mutant haven.

More recently, the attempt on Xavier's life and his retreat to the Shi'ar Empire for life-saving medical treatment caused Magneto to honor his old friend's wishes, solidify his partnership with the X-Men, and step up as the Institute's new headmaster. It has not gone entirely well for him, as many still doubt his motives. As his outlook slowly shifts for the better, he is taking steps to improve his own image.
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Name: Ivan Petrovitch
Codename: Arcanum
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Affiliation: X-Men, Avengers (1,000,000 BC)
Canonicity: OC
Text Color: Byzantine Blue

Appearance: Ivan is most often quite scruffy in nature, with unkempt clothes and even wilder unkempt hair, though he does sometimes try to make an effort depending on the occasion. Not one for formalities much, or social cues for that matter, Ivan essentially doesn't care what someone else thinks of him or how he chooses to present himself. He's not there to please others. A baggy white shirt that has never seen an iron before? Sure, why not? Those jeans with holes of an unknown nature? Yeah, put them on.

In terms of stature, he stands at a respectable 6'1", and his frame can best be described as quite athletic, an impressively structured body with no overly large muscles nor lean muscles. His signiture look is usually him wearing a black leather trench coat or a jacket over his x-men uniform. Other than that he often wear dark clothing and always a black leather hoodie or jacket.


Personality: Ivan is defined by several overpowering personality traits, some of which are at direct odds with one another. What bridges all of it is his confidence. Ivan takes great pride in his ability to depend upon himself for just about anything, and never finds a situation too grim for hope. He's of the disposition to believe that anything can be overcome with sufficient know-how, and his wide variety of skills and resources only bolster this belief in himself. If Ivan can't kick his way through a problem, he can magic-powers his way through it, or throw money at it, or lean on the X-men at it, or... you get the idea. Nothing is ever impossible, and Ivan has very little time for anyone who disagrees.

Ivan is a very calm, determined individual when he wants something. He's not the type to explode into histrionics, or ever really let anyone get a good bead on how he's feeling -- stiff upper lip and all that. He can be stubborn, but only when he knows he's right, and frankly, he knows he's right 100 of the time. All the same, he's not the type to be goaded into a fight, what with cooler heads prevailing and all. Most attempts to bait him will fail.

Another trait he's quite known for is his eccentricity. He spends so much time in other dimensions and associating with magical beings that elements of normal human life escape or perplex him. He has trouble managing his finances or noticing when his clothes are out of place. He loves just getting a chance to stop and eat a hotdog, or Astral Project into a Mets game.

That said, while he may look unapproachable, dismissive, or have a rough demeanor, he is a very pleasant, empathetic, and compassionate man on the inside, and one who observes his actions carefully will notice. While he won't show it, he has a great fondness for meeting new people and learning their customs, observing their own odd quirks. As a result, he is often unflappable in the face of weirdness. Ivan's adaptability and ingenuity are also noteworthy. He has defeated vastly superior foes by means of his resolve and resourcefulness on many occasions.

Multiversal Empowered Physiology: Ivan's body and mind is naturally wired to the Multiverse itself. It grants him a unique connection to the multiverse. This ability allows him to tap into the vast energies present in other realities, enabling them to manipulate and harness these energies for various purposes. As a Nexus Being, he possess a singular existence across the multiverse, making him a pivotal and irreplaceable entity. With this power, he can access and channel the diverse forces and abilities found in different dimensions. He can even tap into the knowledge and skills of alternate versions of himself.
  • Nexus Gates: He has the mutant ability to mentally control "nexus gates", which allowed himself and others to teleport across interstellar distances, through time or the multiverse. The gateways appear as shattered holes or tears in reality and are part of a dimension known as the Nexus of All Realities. This dimension is specifically known alternately as "Omni-Point", "Gap Junction", Nexus of All Realities. However, when Ivan mentally calls for a Nexus Gate he must use the Nexus of All Realities as a midway point before he can teleport to an alternate location. It is not known if he was genetically predetermined to travel through the Nexus, or if he did so because, having been spirited there as a child, it was the alternate dimension he was instinctively aware of. Ivan has succeeded in teleporting himself across continents, from one continent to another, and even interplanetary and inter-dimensional distances on occasion. Apparently, he can mentally scan the Nexus of All Realities while on Earth in order to locate whoever he wishes to teleport from the Nexus down to him, on Earth.
    • Dimensio-Environmental Adaptation: Due to the unusual and reality bending environment of the various dimensions that exist, Ivan is naturally able to inhabit these realms without getting affected by their physical, mental and metaphysical hazards present within them.
  • Dimensional Awareness/Perception: Ivan can see through dimensional barriers, allowing him to sense what occurs in other dimensions, and see objects or persons that are in a state of dimensional flux between two worlds. It also enables him to view other times, dimensions, and physical planes. He has a reservoir of metaphysic knowledge, as he is described as "the repository of the knowledge of existence, the living index of existential information unaccessible to mortal minds."
Chrono-Shield: The unconscious emanation of a fourth dimensional pulse which creates a "chrono-shield" protecting him from changes in the timeline
  • Multiversal Anomaly: Ivan has no alternate versions in other timelines. Other offspring of his parents named "Ivan Petrovitch" in the multiverse are not variants of this Ivan. His uniqueness makes Ivan an unusually stable time traveler.
Sorcery: Ivan is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Nexus of All Realities and Guardian of the Mirror Dimension. The extent of his powers there are all-powerful and the extra-dimensional creatures there did not dare challenge him. Ivan has access to Agamotto's store of mystical knowledge. Ivan's sorcery is a unique mix of exocentric magic, that he learned from Agamotto, and white magic, taught by an alternative-reality Doctor Strange. He is considered as a possible Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, and as an adult has trained with Kaluu.
  • Spell-Casting: Ivan has a vast knowledge of mystical spells and incantations invoking names and aspects of various extra-dimensional objects and beings of power. Through these incantations he is able to call upon these extra-dimensional power sources for very specific effects without taxing his personal abilities.
  • Mirror Dimension Manipulation: Ivan has the power to manipulate and take control of the Mirror Dimension, it is used by Masters of the Mystic Arts to be able to access the Mirror Dimension and be able to practice dangerous spells without affecting the Earthly Plane.
It grants Ivan the power to open portals to the dimension, lead himself and/or others into the dimension and can also create traps that trap the enemy, who if they try to react will be threatened by sharp shards of glass coming out on all sides.​
Multilingual: Native Russian born Ivan was telepathically taught fluent English by Professor X over the course of a single night by programming it into his brain while he slept. He also speaks the demonic script, and many other alien languages from other realms.​

Expert Martial Artist (Oriental): Ivan is skilled in various martial arts with a particular specialization in Oriental Martial Arts. Achieving great mastery over it when he was tutored by Fan Fei, although he has rarely used them in recent years. Hence, he is able to overpower many adversaries, able to keep up with other master martial artists and peak-humans. These talents have assisted him from time to time when incapable of using his sorcery.​

Immense Wisdom: From being tutored by alternative-reality Doctor Strange and being bestowed the very knowledge of Agamotto himself, he is wise in his own measure, including great insight and intuition, the ability synthesize from knowledge proper problem solving, a gift for learning, and a profound strength of self, a mind highly resistant to manipulation or control of others. This does not make him immune to mind control or telepathic influence or sensory-alteration, but it does make him more likely than most to notice this and stronger than most in combatting the influence if noticed.​

  • Mystical Limitations: Ivan's magical abilities are far more limited in Earth's dimension. He did not formally train as a sorcerer on Earth when younger, so does not fully understand his powers and is ignorant of even some basic concepts of Earth magic.
  • Alternative-Reality Selves: Use of his magic or intense emotions can cause Ivan's alternate selves to collide with his existence, causing him great physical, mental and metaphysical anguish that almost always cause him to go unconscious. This is because Ivan has a stronger connection to the multiverse and is at the risk of dying from an interpersonal incursion.
  • Nexus Gates Burden: The farther he travels the less control he has. If he doesn't concentrate while teleporting he can inadvertently teleport through time as well as space. Going through time is far worse than simply traversing space; after such jaunts he is psychically drained and must regain his strength before attempting another great teleport.
  • Limited Control Over the Nexus: Ivan's ability to create nexus gates and manipulate the Mirror Dimension is a powerful asset, but it also poses risks. The Mirror Dimension is an unpredictable and dangerous dimension, filled with extra-dimensional entities and multiversal energies. If Ivan loses control over his connection to the Nexus of All Realities or if his powers are disrupted, it can leave him vulnerable to attacks or even trap him in the Mirror Dimension itself.

History: Growing up on a farm with his family, Ivan had a life any normal child would have and surrounded by parents who loved him dearly. He was born in the mid 1980's and was quite a percular child, always curious about the world around him. At the age of six, Ivan was kidnapped by Kx'ulthuum and taken to thousands of years in the past. The demon wanted to use Ivan's immense magical potential for his own gain and conquer all realities. While there, Ivan and Kx'ulthuum also ran into alternate versions of the Avengers of circa 1000000 BC, who was there to battle a mad Celestial that attempted to judge and destroy Earth. They rescued him from Kx'ulthuum after they defeated and banished him back to his realm. Lost in the past, the Avengers took him under their wing until they could find a way to return him to his universe and time period. For a while, Ivan was instructed in magic by Agamotto, the very first Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, and instructed in combat by Fan Fei, the first Iron Fist. Ivan had to constantly battle many threats such as Mephisto, N'Garai, the Fallen Celestial, Ymir, Surtur, Hyve and the Cult of Khonshu, etc, when with the Avengers.

At this time, Ivan's own mutant powers of accessing the Nexus of All Realities were discovered. The attempted use of his mutant ability went into fluctuation during a battle with the Avengers against Chthon, and was flung into the Multiverse. Returning to his home universe he was finally back home but he was no longer the little boy that had been taken so many years ago. The world around him had changed, and he was greeted with confused and suspicious glances from the townsfolk. Ivan struggled to acclimate to the world, feeling like an outsider in his own home.

His sudden arrival caught the attention of the X-Men and was brought to Xavier's School for the Gifted, where he would be tutored and trained to control his mutant powers. It took him time to get used to his life at the school and his dismissive demeanor didn't help in him making friends. As time went on, he's taking small steps into improving himself, accepting the things that happened in his life were out of his control.

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Name: Gwendolyn Poole
Codename: Gwenpool / Flatlander
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Affiliation: The X-Men
Canonicity: Canon
Text Color: Pink


An energetic girl with loose morals, and especially reckless, which stems primarily from her belief that she comes from the "real world" and is living inside a fictional one. Believing she is the protagonist of her own series, she has the belief that things will naturally fall into place for her and that she cannot die, leading to her jumping headlong into dangerous situations, and knowing she has to survive. This was particularly true in her early career as she "knew" that she couldn't be killed off that early. She also believes the world in general runs on typical fictional cliches and tropes. This gives her a disregard for the lives of "extras", particularly insisting that it doesn't matter what happens to certain people as they were just made up for the world to be padded out.

She does, however, want to do the right thing most of the time, and truly wants to be a hero, especially caring for her friends and the fellow characters that she admires. However, her total belief that the world around her is entirely fictitious, and the resulting mayhem and disregard for consequence, that results due to this fourth wall awareness, is constantly getting in the way of this. She often develops existential conflict over her place within the universe, and as the "main character" of her believed comic book series, particularly whenever something occurs that defies her expectations on how she believes a protagonist's life should be.

-Medium Perception and Interaction:
Holding a unique perception of the world allowing them to recognize and manipulate the world around her as if she exists within an artistic medium. She can see and physically interact with lettering and caption boxes, breakthrough panel gutters, and even interact with different instances of herself from multiple panels. She is capable of exiting into this Gutter Space, a white void decorated by the pages that may be delved back into that can be inhabited only by herself, with others deposited within the area seemingly falling in nothing. This ability also allows her to muffle or alter noises and sound effects produced by items to either remove or change the function of the item creating them.

These powers have evolved over time, including in select instances being able to retcon herself, draw items and events towards her by happenchance or luck, their awareness of this opening the possibilities further. As a product of the nature of her abilities, she has proven to be seemingly immune to mental interference or readings regardless of her wishes making proving or validating her beliefs all the more difficult with most assuming it to be some sort of mutation ability including some anti-detection method. This has resulted in her appearing human by all other metrics until she manifests more out-there effects.
  • Sound Effect Manipulation: Able to incorporate sound effects to remove sound from actions or add alternate ones which in turn have the item function differently mixing and matching for the desired effect.
  • Gutter Space: Capable of moving through and existing in an extra-dimension space, this can also be used to store items as needed
  • Perspective Manipulation: A confusing ability that allows her to create superliminal effects that change either herself or objects held through the use of perspective, as well as combing this with her space manipulation aspect to transport objects partial or hole for a variety of effects such as teleportation or size alteration.
  • External Viewing: They perceive the world differently, capable of seeing a still of upcoming scenes or previous ones like the panels of a comic, making minor edits and manipulations in order to give them an edge. She can also use this effect to translate spoken language via subtitles or receive brief glimpses into others.
Composite fighting skills:
A talent of mimicking and incorporating styles into her own, this has culminated in a highly unpredictable and fluid style with flashy attacks, acrobatics movements and misdirection in spades. She has seemingly shown a unique ability to quickly adapt as needed especially in her use of firearms and swords giving the impression of an incredibly competent fighter masked through the layers of insanity and repeated provocations to throw targets off balance.
Meta-Knowledge: Seemingly knowing far more than she should, the extent of what the girl knows behind the childish antics and crazy actions can only be glimpsed at moments when incorporated along with her use of the various tropes. Being far more intelligent than many give her credit for with creative planning, tricks and more rarely being discovered until it is already too late.
Natural Luck: Either my innate qualities or merely the nature of her medium she possesses a remarkably high degree of luck on how events seem to go her way. She has often managed to use this in order to achieve the incredible and unbelievable beyond what she should be physical, though this may also be combined with her sheer unpredictability as well.
Vehicle Operations: Capable of driving and riding a multitude of vehicles from base to more exotic design with a mix of intuition and trials, quickly becoming highly adept at manoeuvring such in a multitude of stunt-based operations.

Seemingly a girl without a past having just appeared a little under a year ago with all background searches both mystical and scientific only able to date back to her first appearance as if she did not exist previously. While it has been questioned she has shown a habit of recreating different stories each time from a somewhat plausible to outlandish yet unable to find any method of collaborating such. Xavier Institute may potentially simply be an effort to curb their more impulsive tendencies, learning more about them as well as keeping an eye upon them given her nature as an unpredictable wild card and unknown quantity.

The truth of the matter, however, at least in her mind, is she had originated from an alternate universe where the actions and events of the current world were documented as fictional tales, with the existence of the superhuman and supernatural being a fantasy. Growing up as an outsider even within this world due to her eccentric nature she would often find herself consumed by her hobbies to the detriment of lacking the motivation to other areas resulting in her dropping out of high school and attempting to make a living as an online journalist or writer to no success. She herself is not aware of just how she arrived within this new world but has chosen not to question it rather than live in the moment and pursue her goals in a world she believes fits her.

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New "Canon" tab has been added, along with our Discord link! Also @PlusUltra welcome aboard!!! We start on June 12th!
Name: Jean Elaine Grey
Codename: Marvel Girl
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Xavier
Canonicity: Canon(ish)
Text Color: Red

Appearance: Jean stands 5'5" and is in very good physical condition for a woman of her age and height. Hair is red, seeming to have many different styles depending on the day. Eyes of green, just like her mom. Jean's skin is usually a bit pale, as she doesn't get out enough sometimes.

JC006.pngPersonality: Jean is very friendly towards others around her, often (unconsciously) taking on the role of a sisterly sort. The kind of person that wants to take care of those around her when she can. Given the nature of her gifts, this can be often pretty easily accomplished.
Tends to be very gentle, very patient with those around her. And patient with situations she finds herself in. Once again, given the nature of her gifts, this sort of thing is easier for her than most others.
Jean will also speak out for what she believes to be right. This is one of the first lessons she learned from Charles Xavier. Even when it seems a very bad idea to do so, she will step up and call out a wrong. While she is a very powerful mutant, even if she didn't have those defenses she would still be unafraid to stand up for others with little thought as to what it would cost her.

Jean is a member of the race Homo Sapien Superior, more commonly known as Mutants. Her genetic build has genes that are divergent from Homo Sapien, this gene commonly called the 'X-Gene'. Being a mutant, she has been granted latent powers. Her gifts are in the realm of psychic. And it has been noted she has the potential to be one of the more powerful telepaths. She has a number of abilities:
Telepathy. The ability to use a psychic bridge to get a sense of the thoughts of those near her. She can also communicate through this bridge. Jean is able to communicate with many beings at once. The range of this communication hasn't been tested as yet, but it has been able to be used over many miles.
Psychic manipulation. Using her telepathy, she can perform a number of secondary feats upon a target. This can range from making them see something that isn't there, or 'convincing' them to do as she wishes them to do. These feats are usually always successful, save for those with extraordinarily strong wills.
Astral Projection. Jean can cast her will into the Astral Plane. She manifests in the Astral Plane as a personification of her physical form. But there are times when she needs to be more defensive on the Astral Plane, when there is a dangerous being there for example. In these instances she can add armor to herself, adding more defense to her Astral form.
Telekinesis. With her powers she can manipulate physical objects using only her will. Once again, the upper limits of this has yet to be tested. But she has been able to lift a large truck with little effort. She can also create barriers of telekinetic energy to act as a shield. For a limited time she is able to fly using telekinesis.

While Jean is potentially an Omega Level (or already is, depending on who you ask) mutant, she can still be vulnerable physically.
There are, of course, limits to her abilities. Both in range and duration. Depending on the strength of the acts, she can be wore down.
There is a factor of being self conscious about her looks.
In the opinion of some, she is far to merciful with her enemies. More than once she has tried to talk an enemy down rather than flat out defeat them.
And on that note, enemies can try to take advantage of this.

History: Jean was born into a fairly ordinary, living at a farmhouse in Annadale-on-Hudson in New York. Growing up, her family was able to give her all she could ever want. Not in terms of material things, but a healthy and nurturing environment. Instilled in her early in life were the values of hardwork, of respecting others, of serving others. Jean would absorb these lessons taught to her by her parents, both through their words and their deeds. She could have been on her way to be an activist or a politician, serving the greater good around her. But her life just wasn't meant for such a straightforward path.

Jean was ten, and it was the first week of summer vacation. Jean and her very best friend, Annie, would celebrate with a sleepover the night before. They woke up together, trudged downstairs and made cereal together, watched tv together (Jem, to be precise) and then they started their actual day together. They went outside, Jean's parents still asleep. In the front yard they played frisbee, oblivious to the world around them. Jean threw the frisbee, and the wind caught it. That wind carried the frisbee higher than Jean would have intended. And Annie, laughing and yelling at Jean to not throw it so hard, chased after it. Their eyes remain on the frisbee.

Neither of them saw the car speeding up the street.

Annie was struck, her body thrown out of the street and into the middle of Jean's front yard. Jean shrieked and ran to her friend. Kneeling next to her, Jean held her best friend to her. Annie was unable to communicate any further. She hang limply in Jean's arms, her small body fighting to stay alive. Jean screamed and shook Annie, begging her to wake. Tears poured down her cheeks as she desperately tried again and again to wake her. But Annie would never wake again. At that instant, something clicked in Jean's mind. She suddenly felt in a daze… her mind had connected to Annie's. Jean's mind was going through the same experience of death that Annie's mind was. She saw… everything… from Annie's mind. Old memories, feelings of joy, of love, of loss and of death. All of it hit little Jean like a tidal wave.

The next 6 weeks of her life was a living hell for Jean. Her 'gift' had been activated, triggered by the trauma of witnessing the death of her best friend. Of someone that was practically her sister. And now that 'gift' wouldn't turn off, or give her a moment of peace. But she, or anyone else, didn't realize that was happening.

Jean could barely sleep, barely ate. For nearly that whole time she heard voices around her. Distant voices, voices closer… voices taking the guise of those people in her vicinity. Voices of things unseen. Voices in languages she couldn't even identify. She couldn't shut them away. It was literally driving little Jean insane. And her parents, they had of course thought Jean had snapped mentally and emotionally after what she had experienced. And so they did what they thought best, they admitted her to a 24 hour care facility. One that was meant to 'help' her. In the old days, this sort of place was called an insane asylum. For 4 years that was her home. The voices did get softer, less frequent. But she still heard them. Towards the end of that 4 years.. there was a new voice speaking to her from the air. Unintrusive. Gentle. Genuinely caring. A man's voice. Tender, but a stern edge to it. His voice, over time, became the voice she would hear mostly. Not because he would be 'shouting' over all the other voices. But because, unknown to Jean, was slowly blocking connections in Jean's mind that would detect the thoughts of others. It was temporary, but needed to help Jean cope with her newfound power.

She was starting to feel better, less tortured. And soon, that soothing voice had a face to go along with it. Professor Charles Xavier came to visit Jean at the care facility. While she wasn't allowed visitors outside of her immediate family… and yet somehow he was welcomed in. He sat with Jean, talked with Jean. And he explained exactly what was happening to her. She was what the people on the news called a 'mutant'. A person with horrific powers (according to the news). But Xavier was quick to correct her… what she had was a gift. A gift that she could use to help others. To help other mutants. It, of course, did take some convincing… but eventually she agreed. Professor Xavier had met with Jean's family, and would 4 more times to convince them to allow Jean to come to his new School. A school specializing in helping people with certain… traits that made them unique. It would be a place Jean could learn to control her emerging abilites… a place where she would be safe.

Not long after Jean was admitted to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, she met her classmates. Scott Summers, Warren Worthington III, Hank McCoy and Bobby Drake. Each a mutant also. And it was also then that the Professor confessed to needing them for a special secondary purpose… and thus the X-Men were formed. A strike team of mutants meant to protect the human race from other mutants… and at first the mutant that was once a friend and close ally of Professor Xavier…

The children were trained to fight, to defend themselves and to use their powers to defend others. And it seemed to be enough at first. But when the X-Men challenged Magneto's Brotherhood, they were barely able to beat them. In fact, Magneto nearly killed Jean. For the students, that first encounter set the pace for every other encounter with the master of magnetism.

The next few years were filled with conflict.. the X-Men wanted to focus on mutant affairs with humans. To act as a bridge. But there was simply to much for the ideals of Professor Xavier to come to fruition. Others conflicts followed… The Sentinels… the Shi'ar… Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen…the attempted assassination of a senator… Onslaught… Arcade… the list seemed to go on and on.
But it all paled in comparison to Professor Xavier nearly being murdered by an anti-mutant extremist. He is only still alive thanks to Lilandra and her Shi'ar Empire. He is gone now, galaxies away. And in his place… the X-Men's first and most dangerous foe, Magneto. After all Magneto had done, seeing him as acting headmaster was a bridge to far.

Jean was one of the first ones to leave the School.

She moved to Greenwich, about an hour from the School. She got a 'real' job, and is active in mutant rights projects. She is a regular at protests in upper New York. Despite the fact she is there, none there know she is actually a mutant also..




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Name: Raven Darkhölme
Codename: Mystique
Age: Unknown (Presumably 150+)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: N/A
Canonicity: Canon
Text Color: Dark Red

Mystique in her supposed base form stands 5'10. She has a toned physique, blue skin, red hair, and yellow eyes. She is usually seen wearing what seems to be red lipstick, as well as a white leotard with a holster and a gold skull belt with a matching charm on her forehead.

Mystique walks a fine line between hero and villain, usually tipping towards the latter. She has no qualms with murder and deceit, but doesn't kill at random. She prefers to play the role of the classic femme fatale—seductive but strong, capable, and precise. She is a capable actress, very keen when observing and copying people's mannerisms and formulating small details to make her cover convincing. It's always hard to say if she's doing something for a specific cause or just for the money.

Though she is ruthless and amoral, Mystique doesn't typically try to influence allies to see and do things her way. She'll let them handle tasks their way if they do the same for her.

  • Shapeshifting - Mystique's flagship metamorph ability allows her to alter every atom of her body to mimic other creatures' forms, as small as a housecat and as large as a gorilla. She can copy articles of clothing, including texture, and even emulate retinal patterns. This also helps her maintain seemingly eternal youth and heal at an accelerated rate.
  • Scent Masking - More recent mutations gave her the ability to hide her scent. This helps avoid detection by enemies that would literally sniff out the impostor in their ranks.
  • Adept Martial Artist - Mystique has had over 100 years to master her technique with martial arts, primitive weapons, and all types of firearms from revolvers to laser cannons. She is infamous for her long-range marksmanship.
  • Technical Savvy - Her work has also required her to always be on the bleeding edge of tech. She can hack many computer systems and is fairly intuitive with vehicles and experimental weapons systems.
Mystique's cover can be blown very easily if the person she's mimicking is right next to her. She also can't copy other mutants' powers, raising suspicion if she's prompted to use such powers but can't. She relies on her skill in martial arts and marksmanship, as her powers are seldom helpful in direct combat.

Mystique's background is shrouded in mystery. It is known that she had two sons. Her first is Graydon Creed, made with Sabretooth while posing as another woman. Creed became a radical anti-mutant protestor. The other child was Kurt Wagner, whose father is Azazel. At the time, Mystique was married to a wealthy baron in a remote region of Germany. The strain of giving birth caused her to revert to her true form, making others in the room assume she and the newborn were demons. They relentlessly hunted her, so she abandoned Kurt to at least save herself; it is unknown whether she cared for his safety or not, with no clear consensus among those who speculate on it.

In the United States, Mystique adopted a runaway girl named Anna Marie. She called the girl Rogue and used her as a secret weapon against the Avengers and Ms. Marvel, all the while masquerading as the deputy director of DARPA. Though her plan to steal SHIELD technology was thwarted, she remained a prominent threat. Rogue soon rebelled and joined the X-Men, which led Mystique to believe Charles Xavier manipulated her. She attempted to infiltrate the mansion and kill him, but was sniffed out by Wolverine and forced to flee as the team gathered to capture her.

Later, Mystique plotted the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly—an act that would have initiated a dark timeline, had it not been for Lucas Bishop and the X-Men's intervention. Ignorant of what she almost caused and disgruntled over her failure, Mystique escaped and hasn't been seen since then. It is thought she has been doing freelance espionage work, but who can say for sure?
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Name:Hank Mccoy
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Xavier
Canonicity: Canonish
Text Color:Dark Blue

Appearance: Hank is a 5'11 and has a quite bulky look to him. Hes covered in blue fur with his hair a blackish blue colour styled with a smooth look with spiked points on either side of his head. He has blue eyes behind his glasses. Commonly wears a labcoat alongside his clothing.

Personality: Hank is a friendly and warm bloke often making sure his friends and teammates are alright emotionally and physically. He will gladly take time out of his day to help someone if asked or if it seems they need it. He once even spent a day just playing board games with someone to see them smile.
He tries to approach things logically but in a non rude way, given the world they live in he often will be open for discussions. He will even be willing to test anything as long as no ones hurt.
Hes a protective man for his friends or team, often he will jump in the way to protect one. Even if he gets hurt he will do so no matter what. However if he fails to do so he will either get upset or enraged at himself and the attacker.

Abilities: Beast is a mutant whos xgene origionally gave him a more ape like build making him equally dexterous with his hands and feet aswell as being more agile and stronger than normal. His mutation eventually mutated further covering him in blue fur and giving him razor sharp claws and fangs alongside furthering his strength and agility. His senses where increased aswell to above average levels.
He also has genius level intellect having two doctorates including one in biophysics.

He has no means of natural ranged weapons making him have to close the gap in a fight.
His senses while enhance can be overwhelmed easily, especially loud noises and smells can stun him potentially.
His beast mutation has made him occasionally go more feral if pushed further enough making him extremely cautious in a fight.

History: Hank was born a mutant having a strange appearance he wasnt treated well as a kid by his peers, often bullied for his appearance and occasionally for being a geek. He earned the nickname Beast from his bullies. However he didnt let this keep him down trying his best to keep a positive outlook. Helped by a few of the friends he met.
After entering his senior year he gained enhanced strength and agility, he became part of the football team but left to further focus on his education. He was eventually approached by Professor Xavier, he explained what he was. A mutant, a person with a gift that he could use to help others. He agreed gladly.
As part of the team called the xmen he worked alongside Jean, Scott, Bobby and Warren. He enjoyed his time despite all the struggles.
However after some time his mutation worsened covering him in blur fur and making his features more beast like. He tried to stay optimistic but the mutation made him worry on his future internally.
After Xavier was nearly killed and taken away to heal by Lilandra he tried to keep the team together. However after a while he left for a bit to stay in a small lonely cabin, a lab a friend set up for him if he ever felt upset.
Hes tried to keep in toucn with the school, if they needed his help...plus he missed his friends honestly

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We'll be starting a new scene within the next 2-3 weeks, so it's a great time to jump in!

Our new scene has started after much delay, and I have updated our rules so the post frequency requirements aren't as demanding.
Matthew Michael Volt


Formerly Brotherhood

Text Color


Matthew can be a pretty intimidating guy when he isn't mindful of himself. He has broad shoulders and a well muscled frame, strong enough to handle most everyday problems while still agile enough to dodge the oddball bullshit. His naturally tan skin has never seen a blemish or scar, quite unusual for someone that has a very rough and tumble look to himself. His eyes are an odd electric blue color, often hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. His long black hair is often tied back in some lazy manner, a silver streak sitting front and center in his bangs.

Typical Clothing
His 'style' is often rumpled shirts and stained jeans, nothing too fancy or expensive looking... Save for his signature leather jacket. Two other items that are always constant with him are a pair of black gloves and rubber-soled black combat boots. He also wears some sort of smart watch on his wrist, though it's often hidden by his jacket.


Matthew isn't exactly all together, mentally or physically, due to his odd mutation. You see, he is a being of electricity, he isn't exactly a solid thing. His body is more like a cloud of pixels, holding together a human shape and image. When those pixels get damaged, they revert back to their original black and white form, preventing blood loss and accelerating the healing process to an extent. Telepaths frequently struggle trying to get a read on him, his staticky nature present in his mind as well and allowing his thoughts to flicker through instantly, often appearing in abstracted images and flashing colors instead of actual words or sentences.

Matthew draws in electricity constantly, and has a couple options of releasing it. There's always the option of an indiscriminate discharge, but any people around him probably wouldn't be too keen on getting electrocuted. So that one is one of those last resort sort of moves. He much prefers shooting out small bursts of electricity, pointing his finger like a gun and letting it rip. But that's only good if his target's standing alone. No, his favorite move is letting that electricity surge through him and just punching someone in the face. Nice, simple and direct, that one. But punching people isn't always a frequent option and he's learned all sorts of other tricks to keep his voltage on the lower side. By making contact with technological devices, he is able to read through their information and dive into them as needed, easily hiding and escaping pursuit.


Water and electricity do not mix. Ever. You toss a bucket of water on him when he's running hot and you'll hear a big old crack followed immediately by him cursing up a storm and trying to dry himself off before he fully short circuits. That shit fucking hurts.

When he becomes pixelated from an injury, it makes a very clear target to aim for repeated attacks. The pixels in the injured area are also less responsive, slowing him down.

He can be trapped in sealed rooms, and powerful magnets can pull apart his solid form and bend his shots of electricity off course. Too much metal around often reduces his overall charge an nulls out his combative electrical abilities.

He's also just about terrified of accidentally hurting someone, making him much more hesitant to use his abilities with friendlies around. Or accidentally bumping into someone and shocking them. People existing in his general area give him some anxiety in regards to fully using his mutation.


Matt always has a knife on his person for when things get ugly.

Knows many languages, Spanish and Russian being his strongest.
Fighting dirty and the typical street-smarts that come from a few too many close calls.
Very good with computers and other technological devices.
Fast math and extremely good guesstimations.


Basic Personality
Matthew comes across as a youthful, happy go lucky kinda guy. He likes to have fun and relax and just enjoy the little things. He's quick to make friends, with his clever tongue and carefree attitude. He also has a sarcastic streak to him as well when the mood strikes. He has a way with people that either makes them love him or hate him, and rarely does one walk the middle road. There is one little fact that people tend to miss completely when they first meet him. He isn't all sunshine and rainbows. He's closer to that little spot of sunshine that warms up a thunderstorm. The way his X-gene developed, he could still pass as an everyday human and he frequently uses it to his advantage. He plays dumb enough that it's easy to miss his sharp and observant gaze keeping track of every little detail. He's smart about how he handles himself. He generally dislikes and distrusts people on principle, preferring the company of computers and other devices. He doesn't care about most holidays, since he wasn't raised to look forward to them, and doesn't bother to fake enthusiasm for them either.

He isn't so laid back when it comes to a fight though. Some of the X-men may remember crossing his path when he was working with the Brotherhood, though more often than not he wasn't particularly combative against Xavier's Gifted Youngsters. It was only when his brothers didn't have a safe way out that the loyal dog bared his fangs in a frighteningly ferocious display. Some might find it hard to reconcile his anger with his more lighthearted side, but they'll have to learn how to deal with it.

Mannerisms and Quirks
Matthew's always a bit twitchy, and usually has some kind of thing to play or mess around with in his hands. As socially engaging as he is, he always sets up clear and distinct boundaries, meaning absolutely no physical contact except for maybe a brief handshake when he's got his gloves on.


Matthew and his twin sister Maci were first generation Americans of Cuban decent, finding their first home in Brooklyn, NYC. Raised by a single mother with good intentions but limited means of care, the twins were often left to their own devices. And one fateful day at around eight years old, the two happened to be wrestling while their mother was fighting with a breaker that kept tripping for no good reason. She had left to go talk to the property manager about that and several other issues that hadn't been taken care of. And the breaker panel was left open.

Maci had climbed on the top of the back of the couch to go for a flying elbow since they were no longer loosely supervised and he went to tackle her in order to not get flying elbowed. Maci fell off the couch and nailed her head on the open breaker box, and the entire block blacked out from the surge of electricity. Maci was fine, if not a little dazed, but also... different, afterwards. Her X-gene had awoken and she seemed to be in tune with electronics, learning far too much in such a short period of time. Fearful of her kids getting taken from her, their mother called upon some of their more distant relatives to house the two children. It's rather doubtful if they were related at all, but mom seemed to trust them, so they traveled all over the country staying with different people in order to avoid Maci getting registered as a mutant.

At age thirteen, they were spending the summer in Detroit, Michigan. Mom had stopped traveling with them at that point, she'd picked up some kind of bug while they were on the road and needed to stay at the hospital, but people had started noticing Maci more often and they were running out of couches to surf on. Matt wasn't exactly getting along well with the locals either, and it eventually came to a head when he was heading home from a basketball court. Some of the local guys had followed him to the train station and started a fight. And, well, even back then Matthew wasn't one to back down from a stacked fight. He got his ass handed to him in a rather spectacular fashion, and the older brother of the boy who instigated it had something to prove. So he threw Matthew down onto the tracks. And that's where it all kicked off for Matthew, because when he hit that third rail, the entire city of Detroit went dark.

When he woke up, he and Maci were being held in a military facility. Twin mutants with the same capabilities were few and far between, so the opportunity for research couldn't be passed up. They had tried to wipe their memories, but their static headspaces proved too hostile for the telepath the base had on hand. Maci was kept as an experimental control, to see how effective the augmentations to Matthew's abilities were. And damn, if they weren't something. The teen was dangerous, capable of amassing enough electricity that even his own body couldn't keep together. When he was recovering from the voltage experiments and combat training, he was forced to use his pseudo-technopathy to hunt for secrets, other goodies for the program to use. Once he learned to mask his findings, he began to work on a way to free his sister and find a way to escape.

He just needed a little help from the outside world, it didn't matter what group it was, he knew that Xavier's school was out there and he knew there were other mutants mad at humanity. Whatever the cause, he could use it. So he planted the seeds, a digital trail that someone might be able to follow back to the facility.

The Brotherhood just happened to get there first.

When all hell broke loose, Matthew managed to get to his sister and the dangerous duo made their way to where the Brotherhood was combating the facility's defenses and gave them a hand in exchange for a safe place to escape to. Matthew joined up with the Brotherhood in order to ensure no human would ever harm his sister again, and the list of those he considered under his protection grew from there. The Brotherhood gave him a place to hone his anger and make all his struggles mean something.

Magneto finally secured a safe haven for mutants with Genosha, and gave his sister a place where she could enjoy a peaceful life. Matthew, on the otherhand... He wasn't so good at living a steady, peaceful life. When Magneto left to go take over Xavier's School, he asked to tag along. He mostly took up the groundskeeping at the school, something that let him patrol the borders of the grounds and keep guard over the man that had given him a chance.


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Name: Scott Summers
Codename: Cyclops
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Affiliation: X-Men
Canonicity: Canon(ish)
Text Color: Yellow


Scott Summers is a natural leader, possessing a strong sense of duty and honor. He's disciplined, focused, and always puts the safety of his team above all else. While he can come off as aloof or distant at times due to his intense dedication to the cause, he deeply cares for his fellow mutants and will go to great lengths to protect them. Scott struggles with the weight of responsibility that comes with his leadership role, often feeling the burden of making difficult decisions. Underneath his stoic exterior lies a compassionate soul with an open sense of humor, though he rarely lets it show, fearing it may make him appear weak in the eyes of his adversaries.

Scott's mutant power grants him the ability to emit powerful beams of concussive force from his eyes. These optic blasts are uncontrollable without the use of a specialized visor or sunglasses that he wears at all times. His mastery over his powers allows him to manipulate the intensity and direction of his optic blasts with pinpoint accuracy, making him a formidable combatant from a distance. Additionally, Scott is a skilled tactician and strategist, able to assess situations quickly and devise effective plans of action for his team. He's also proficient in hand-to-hand combat, having received extensive training from Professor Xavier and other skilled martial artists at the institute.

Scott's primary weakness stems from the uncontrollable nature of his optic blasts. Without his visor or glasses, his powers can inadvertently cause destruction and harm to those around him. This vulnerability leaves him reliant on his gear, making him susceptible to ambushes or situations where he's unable to access them. Furthermore, Scott's strong sense of responsibility can sometimes lead to him taking on too much, neglecting his own well-being in favor of protecting others. His reluctance to show vulnerability or seek help can also alienate him from his teammates, creating potential rifts within the team dynamic.

Scott Summers grew up in a world that feared and persecuted mutants, forcing him to conceal his powers from a young age. After accidentally injuring his foster parents with his optic blasts, he was taken in by Charles Xavier and enrolled in Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Under Xavier's guidance, Scott learned to control his abilities and honed his skills as a member of the X-Men. Throughout his time at the institute, Scott has faced numerous challenges, both personal and external, including clashes with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants, as well as confronting his own doubts and insecurities. As one of the original members of the X-Men, Scott has proven himself time and again as a dedicated defender of mutantkind, willing to sacrifice everything to ensure a safer future for his fellow mutants. However, things changed when the Brotherhood attacked the institute directly. The aftermath scattering them to the wind.

Cyclops had been living in Mutant Town since the attack, having been thinking about where the other have been. While he wishes he could've gone to find his fellow X-Men, there were pressing matters in Mutant Town that Cyclops couldn't help but get involved with such as corruption, street battles, and X-gene enhancers; doing his best to keep the district from collapsing in on itself. It's been a rough time fighting an uphill battle on his own, but he took it was his responsibility and his opportunity to hone his skills that he had learned from at the institute and grow into the leader the Professor always believed he could be. Maybe one day, he'll find his friends again and they can finally realize the Professor's dream. Together.

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Name: Ororo Munroe
Codename: Storm
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Affiliation: X-Men
Canonicity: Canon
Text Color: Silver

Storm is a 5'11 African woman with white hair and blue eyes. She has an athletic build that tells of years of training. She wears a white and silver uniform featuring a billowing cape and prominent "X" emblems on the shoulders.

Disciplined and responsible, Storm focuses on being a teacher and leader. She strongly emphasizes teamwork, self-control, and honesty. She has claustrophobia from a traumatic incident in her youth. She is especially forgiving and averse to killing, preferring to merely subdue her enemy. She often mentors mutants whose powers center around various types of energy projection and manipulation. Storm is also in-touch with nature, loving the rain and the outdoors. The one thing Storm tolerates least is intrusion—she respects people's privacy, and any act that would unnecessarily infringe on such discretion heavily disappoints and offends her.

  • Martial Arts - Storm was trained in hand-to-hand combat by her allies. She can fight toe-to-toe with other tough combatants such as Mystique. She can also use staff and club weapons with skill.
  • Weather Manipulation - Storm's mutant power allows her to psionically control the weather, giving her the potential to spawn lightning, precipitation, cloud cover, and powerful winds. She can also hover and fly. Her powers work on both larger and smaller scales.
  • Leadership - Storm acts as a co-leader and teacher to the X-Men. If the team has to split up, she often leads the second team. She is also a solid co-pilot for the Blackbird.
Storm is claustrophobic; squeezing her into a tight, stuffy, dark space will cause her to panic immediately. If incapacitated while flying, there is a risk of injury from a long fall.

Storm was born to a line of priestesses from Kenya. While staying in Egypt, her parents were killed in a terrorist attack that left her pinned in the rubble for a few hours. She was taken in by a thief and lived a life of crime before returning to Kenya, where the people revered her as a goddess incarnate due to her awakening powers. Charles Xavier visited her, hoping to gain her cooperation in rescuing his original team of X-Men from the sentient island Krakoa. She became a mainstay of the X-Men and a teacher at Xavier's school.

After Xavier departed, Storm continued to stay at the school, promising to monitor Magneto and ensure he stayed true to the school's teachings. In addition, she did what she could to bolster everyone's resolve and hold it all together, with the serenity to accept the things she couldn't change, the courage to change what she could, and the wisdom to know the difference. Still, even she needed a rest after several months of hard work, so she took a two-week vacation to Kenya and is thankfully returning when the team needs her most.
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