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Romance, Fandom
Hello everyone! My name is Junna! I've recently been really craving some Harry Potter Roleplay. Forever and a day ago I had a roleplay about a Slytherin Harry and have decided I'd like to pursue a story like that again. Let me go ahead and place some of the details below if I've caught your interest. If you want to talk turkey - please message me here or in a PM. I look forward to hearing from you. :D

THE PLOT (feel free to pitch other stuff):

Harry Potter ends up latching onto Draco Malfoy rather than Ron Weasley before Hogwarts. This leads him to be sorted into Slytherin. This would be a tale of him adapting to Slytherin. How they change him and how he changes them. I'd like to embrace the grey morals of the story that are black and white in canon and watch how the characters cope with them. This would span across all 7 years of Hogwarts and even beyond.

  • I'm looking to play HARRY POTTER.
    • Along with other side characters - like main characters and smaller side characters.

  • I would like my partner to play DRACO MALFOY.
    • I'd like you to be willing to play multiple characters as well but this is not a deal-breaker.

  • I would eventually like there to be some ROMANCE (preferably MxM) but not until the characters are OLD ENOUGH.
    • I don't mind if there's star content in this rp between old enough characters down the line - but only if my partner is old enough.

  • I'd like a POST ONCE A WEEK but I understand life gets in the way.