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This rp is about a alternate version of the hero academia world that involves new or alternate versions of various heroes and villains including the UA class 1-A. This class will be the focus of the rp as they go through their experiences at the school and dealing with various events. The classmates will also bond with eachother forming friendships, rivalries and even a couple of romances.
The students are going to have to deal with the countless threats old and new some of which are related to them personally. This is alongside having to learn and deal with their quirks, both the good and bad sides.
Hopefully that sounds alright, this is gonna be both for fun and thinking up cool plots and interactions between our characters.

Class 1-A
Moria West aka Monster Geneticist (cyberelite2k)

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Mutated Genes = Moria







Support gear:



My Form
Name: Moria West
Alias: Monster Geneticist
Nickname: Teeth, Mad scientist, Creepy Gal or Frankenstein
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Voice: Grey Griffin as Azula

Morality: Chaotic Good
Class: 1-A
Goal: To further improve her tests and experiments while helping the quirkless and ill
Idol: Adores David Shield for his smarts and Gang Orca because he looks cool.

Moria is a energetic individual that's often seems able to keep her energy at high levels. Known for rushing around quite a bit despite even when she hasnt rested in a few days.
Is surprisingly kind and sweet despite her appearance often trying her best to make people she likes smile. She just feels bad if someone is upset.
She is a naturally curious individual often trying her best to learn as many things as possible. Ranging from useful to useless she will usually be glad she learnt something.
Also if treated nicely enough will be loyal to someone and will offer to help them with whatever they want...to an extent

However she can come across as quite threatening or creepy both due to her fangs and excitement over her experiments. She is trying to control it but not to the best ability.
She is quite violent often clawing and biting villains or just throwing brutal haymakers during spars. Seems to just be how she fights.

Mutated Genes is the name she gives the mutations on her body she and her parents preformed on her through tests. These are all physical granting her various enhancements and skills.

Her mouth has formed multiple large fanged teeth that stab out fron her cheeks infact replacing her cheeks for the most part. To use them more efficiently she's able to seemingly tear her jaw open to become quite large and can bite down hard enough to break through steel. However if this is done she needs time to repair the torn bits of her mouth.
She's able to breathe out and spit acid or poisons. They often are used as a keep away tool and need time to be produced in her body. She's also vulnerable to her chemicals and is often left injured after use.
Has high strength that allow her to be a threat upclose. She's been able to tear through rock. However shes very fragile compared to her strength not being able to take too many hits. A glass cannon type.
Able to heal her injuries if given enough food mainly meat. It lets her regrow flesh but not bone meaning its more for surface wounds or muscle damage. Due to this she often carries meaty snacks on her.

Due to their artifical nature they dont have the best effect on her body and have obvious scars/damaging effects on her body as its trying to adapt.

Support gear: A series of syringes built akin to claws in order to allow her to 'gather samples' from things or inject paralysing poisons on people. Her gasmask (often on a belt) lets her funnel her gas poisons easier and fight inside it.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Crush/Relationship: Open
Family: Her parents Victor and Alice West, a pair of ex villains turned scientists, helped her create her mutations.
Friends: Due to her horrifying looks and creepy aura she really doesn't have any...despite wanting some more than anything.

-Will often preform various little tests during breaks or when in her room. She find it nice.
-Will usually wear facemasks as to not scare others with her teeth.
-Has been seen trying to sneakily read a book about gaining friends or socialising in general.
-If given the opportunity she will bring a few bits of her testing kit with her to class
-Seems to not really like being on camera often blocking her face with objects or hiding. Likely due to her nerves about how others view her mutations
-Has a really creepy or scary laugh which is shared by her parents. It's just genetic apparently.
-Her hair isn't dyed, due tonher father's use of his mutation serums it led to a few oddities in his dna leading to the hair colour.
-Her taste buds are quite bad not really being able to taste much.
-If flirted with will freeze up followed by her trying to cover up her nerves with a joke. If she likes the person expect a bad flirt back.
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