fate (type-moon)

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Based on or borrowing elements from Type-Moon's visual novel Fate/stay night and/or the related anime, manga, and light novels.
  1. Daedalus30185

    Fate/blood Assent

    If you heed the Grail's call, and abide by this will and reason, then answer me. The Fuyuki Grail War: a famous ritual in which mages summon heroic spirits of the past in an attempt to attain the omnipotent wish granter. But for generations the Tohsaka, Matou and Einzbern families have ruled...
  2. Daedalus30185

    Seeking Masters

    The Fuyuki Holy Grail War. An ancient ritual that three families ran for generations to control the omnipotent wish granter. And it is now obsolete: a Grail War is about to erupt in the northern American continent but there's an issue: all the servants summoned are the heroic ancestors of the...
  3. Shiki

    Shrouded Heir of the Seven Hills: Constantinople [Fate/Grand Order]

    HUMANITY FOUNDATION LEVEL: EX Welcome to Shrouded Heir of the Seven Hills: Constantinople! ———————— The deadline is closing in on Humanity, and the Human Order Foundation is still unstable. The Chaldea Security Organization is deploying to the seventh Singularity - Absolute Frontline in the...
  4. Shiki

    Shrouded Heir of the Seven Hills: Constantinople [Fate/Grand Order RP]

    Thou who art the Seven Heavens, bound in a trinity of words, Come forth from the Ring of Deterrence, thou, oh hand that preserves the balance! In the sixth century AD, Khosrau Anushirawan, Shahanshah of Sassanid Persia, and Justinian I, Emperor of Rome, fought back-and-forth over the Middle...
  5. VanceXentan

    Fate/Darkened Moon - A PVE Grand Holy Grail War

    The year is 2015 the next holy grail war was about to start once more with the church, and mage association preparing to take on new masters, and heroic spirits they were naively blinded by the fact that there were still people out there who were willing to exploit the grail. Many years have...
  6. Dmitry

    Seijin No Soushiki: Advent

    I don't remember much from those days. Or before that. Honestly, it's all kinda shot. But there is at least one thing that's still vivid, something at the start of it all. I remember the look on her face, looking down at me that day. Even through hazy, fading eyesight, her expression was...
  7. Dmitry

    Seijin No Soushiki - Nasuverse RP

    Plot: Misaki Town, 2015. On the surface a normal Japanese town, adjoining a bustling city. But to those aware of the true nature of the world around them, it is a place with a deep history steeped in the supernatural. While recent years have seen a decline in major thaumaturgical events, the...
  8. S

    FATE Series - Modified Holy Grail War

    Why, Hello there~ Okay, so for those who haven't already figured the title out, this is an interest check for a possible roleplay involving the anime "Fate" Series involving the main piece of the stories within the different parts of the series, the Holy Grail war. Holy Grail wars are always fun...
  9. Dmitry

    Anyone interested in a type moon/nasuverse style RP?

    Pretty much what it says on the tin. Looking for people to rp in the same universe as fate stay night, tsukihime, and Kara no Kyoukai. Not looking for a holy grail war, but a unique adventure in the world of type moon. Anyone interested?
  10. Epsir

    Fate/Vagabond Ardor

    OOC Thread Fate/Vagabond Ardor Day One: The Shortest Night December 21st, 2021 The sea of lights below looked to stretch on into infinity, the metropolitan sprawl edging up to the starless sky and blurring into the darkness at its dimly reflective boundary, a fabrication of smoke and night...
  11. Epsir

    Fate/Vagabond Ardor

    Fate/Vagabond Ardor IC Thread The Grail was thought lost. The Third War over the wish granting chalice lasted less than a week. The fledgling town of Fuyuki saw the arrival of troops from both the Imperial Japanese Army and the German Wehrmacht to do battle in place of the fragile magi who laid...
  12. Epsir

    Fate/Vagabond Ardor

    Fate/Vagabond Ardor Signups Hello everyone, I'm interested in running a Fate/Nasuverse RP centered around a Holy Grail War. The setup will be the one anyone familiar with the franchise is used to, with seven pairs of Masters and Servants competing to be the last team standing and claim the...
  13. cojemo

    Fate/Shattered Dogma

    Rome. Capital of Italy and home to one of the most documented and well known histories on the planet, many men and women have lost blood in the name of this one city. Discoveries were made, conquerors created, deceptions planned, and wars declared. Its rich culture and brutal leaders expanded...
  14. VanceXentan

    Fate/Grand Order - Worlds Made of Glass - IC

    Chapter 0 - Critical Mission Failure - Deploy Second Team! ==== Time: 3:50 - Location Chaldea HQ - Alps Mountains ===== OOC Link: OPEN SIGNUPS - Fate/Grand Order - Worlds Made of Glass - OOC ==== Chapters: ==== [Youtube] It all started as a standard day in the middle of a cold afternoon...
  15. VanceXentan

    Fate/Grand Order - Worlds Made of Glass - OOC

    Note: Any role currently not taken can be applied for and in the case of a reserved one already you can apply for it in case of a drop out. Link for Collaboration post site that may be helpful to some: TitanPad === In Character Link: OPEN SIGNUPS - Fate/Grand Order - Worlds Made of Glass - IC...
  16. M

    Fate Series/Slice of Life Comedy

    Simply put I would like to drive a comedy rp in the stylings of the fate series set up 7(+) Masters, and 7(+) Servants who live in the same city. Of course given this many hijinks occur along with hostile clashing of whose the best servant/master. Random non-existent love triangles, hilarious...
  17. VanceXentan

    Fate/Grand Order - Glass World - Intermediate Level

    The world is a fragile place....for hundreds of thousands of years humanity as struggled through the ages to keep peace, and prosperity always falling back on war. Mages, heroes, and normal humans have struggled to reach out to grasp at fame, fortune, and prosperity. Fear of failure, of defeat...
  18. D

    Fate/Shattered Gospel

    Fate/Shattered Gospel Hey everybody, so I'm interested in running a Fate/Nasuverse RP. I'm planning on running the standard 7 pairs set up, nothing too drastic, though there will be a few changes. I'm planning on setting the the Grail War in Paris, France in the year 2027, for one. The general...
  19. VanceXentan

    Type-Moon (Fate/Stay/Zero) - War of the Fourteen Magi - Intermediate Level - PVE Team RP

    The following roleplay is being rebooted once again. I have tried many many times in the past to work with this roleplay and it being ended due to a lack of dedicated roleplayers. So I will be looking for more motivated posters. I don't expect posts every day just a few per week if possible...
  20. VanceXentan

    Reboot: Fate/stay Night - War of the Fourteen Magi - High Intermediate - Alternate Universe

    The year is 2012 and the next holy grail war is set to begin with the last ending in a flat out no-contest with the death of one of the magi ending in two friends left forcing them to call it a draw as neither side wanted to end the other. Or at the very least that is what the church overseer...